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Hello Love! - CH 8 -
Published Jul 6, 2013

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This is Chapter 8,
Please enjoy ^^

PS : Sorry for the delay.. >.<

This is Chapter 8,
Please enjoy ^^

PS : Sorry for the delay.. >.<
The next morning.. Haru : Morning. Celo : M-morning.
I said as I looked at him.
Celo : Are you going for a date?
I smirked.
Haru : Yes.
He said as he smiled.
Haru : Are you going to stop me?

Celo : Should I?

He sighed.
Haru : Don't worry. I'm not going for a date. I just going to meet up with an old friend. She just came back from Bridgeport today.

Celo : Why did you tell me? I guess it's not my business.

Haru : Do you really reject me because I'm younger than you?

Celo : Yes.

Haru : Do you think I'll accept your reason?

Celo : What makes you not take that?

Haru : That was a childish reason I've ever heard.
He said as he smiled wryly.
Haru : I need a proper answer for my feeling. I'll give you some time to think.
He said as he walked towards the door.

Celo : ...
Around 3:45 pm.. Eleana : Welcome! Eleana : Ah, Celo? What's bring you here?

Celo : Uhm, Are you currently need employees?

Eleana : Huh?
Eleana : a second please.

Celo : Sure.

.... Celo : Well, I need a job. So..
I paused.
Celo : If you need an employee..
Eleana : Sure!
She said cheerfully.
Eleana : Actually my employee just work out yesterday. So, It will be a big help if you can help me here.
Celo : Thank you!

Eleana : The one must say thank you is me.

Celo : So, When do I start?

Eleana : You can start now. I'll go get your uniform.

Celo : Thank you.
Around 4:30.. Eleana : Ah! It's suit you!

Celo : Really?
Eleana : Ah! Celo, I've to going somewhere. Can you help me lock all the doors when you're leaving?
Celo : I will, but..
I paused.
Celo : Are you sure to leave your cafe to me?
I said carefully.
Eleana : What are you saying? Of course!

Celo : But..

Eleana : Make sure all doors are locked before you leave, OK?

Celo : OK.
Eleana : Eh!! Eleana : Maya?! You're back?

Maya : Hi, El. Long time no see.

Eleana : Why don't you let me know? And why are you with him?
She asked.
Eleana : Don't tell me you told him but not with me.

Maya : I'm sorry.
She sad as she chuckled.

Haru : See, She chose me to pick her up instead of you.
He chuckled.
Haru : Why is she here?
He said as he looked at me.

Eleana : She worked here starting today.

Haru : I see.
Haru : Are you going to leave?

Eleana : Yes. I need to get there before six or he'll mad at me.

Haru : Ah, this is your car's key.

Eleana : No, It's OK.

Haru : I'll drive you there then.

Eleana : But, how about Maya?
Maya : It's OK. I'll wait in here.

Eleana : OK then. Let's chat again later.

Maya : Sure.
Not long after they left.. Maya : So, you're Celo. Finally I meet you in person.

Celo : Huh?

Maya : I really want to meet the one who help Haru.

Celo : O-oh.

Maya : You're cute.
Celo : T-thanks.

Maya : Let's be friends!

Celo : F-friends?

Maya : You don't want to be my friend?

Celo : N-no..
I paused.
Celo : Of course.

Maya : I'm so happy I've got a new friend.
Maya : Can I ask something?

Celo : What is it?

Maya : Are you Haru's girlfriend?

Celo : What?
I paused.
Celo : No. Of course not.

Maya : Is he still single?

Celo : I think so..
I hesitate.
Maya : That guy..
She chuckled.

Celo : huh?

Maya : No, Nothing. I'm just..happy.

Celo : Happy?

Maya : I'm not sure, but I'm happy.

Celo : Why?

She silent a moment before she start to speak.
Maya : Since you're my friend, and you're not Haru's girlfriend. I'll tell you a secret.

Celo : Secret? You don't have to tell me. Really.

Maya : No, It's OK.
She paused.
Maya : I like Haru. Since before I moved to Brigeport.

I listened her story silently.

Maya : The day before I left, he told me he likes me.
She said as she recalled back.
Maya : But I said to him to tell me again when I'm back. Because I couldn't sure myself for how long I must asked him to wait. But, my feeling to him didn't change until now.
Celo : I-is he know about it yet?

Maya : I'm not telling him about my feeling yet.
She paused.
Maya : But, I'm glad. It's looks like he was waiting for me to come back.

Celo : Are you planning to tell him now?

Maya : Hmm..maybe..But, I'll wait until he tell me the same words that he said to me that time.
Celo : I see..
Maya : Do you want to hear me sing?

Celo : Huh? Sure.

Maya : I used to sing it for him. Back then he asked me to teach him to play that song.
She said as she rose from her seat.
Maya : Okay..
Then, she took a deep breath and start to sing.

♫ How gentle is the rain,
that falls softly on the meadow.
Birds high up on the trees,
serenade the clouds
with their melodies. Oh~
That song..
And her voice..
♫ See there beyond the hill,
the bright colors of the rainbow.
Some magic from above.
Made this day for us, just to fall in love.
You'll hold me in your arms,
and say once again you'll love me.
And that your love is true,
everything will be just as wonderful.

Haru : So, it was you who are singing.

Maya : Who else do you think besides me?
She said as she played the melody.

I know now..
Why he told me to sing..
And why he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Just because my singing voice same as hers.
I talked to myself.
But why do I feel disappointed?
Haru : Let's go home.

Maya : OK.

Haru looked at my direction and smiled.
Then, he walked towards me.
Haru : What time do you finish work?

Celo : on Eight.

Haru : I'll pick you up after I take Maya home.

Celo : You don't have to..
Haru : I said, I'll pick you up. So, wait for me. Don't leave before I came to get you.
He said with serious look.

Celo : O-ok.
Celo : Okaay. It was already past nine. And he didn't show up yet.
I muttered as I looked at my phone.
Celo : No call nor message.
I don't want to wait anymore like a fool.
I started walking home.
around 10pm.. That's..
I stopped.
Anya : Celo..

Celo : What are you doing here?
She rose from her seat and walked towards me.
Anya : I have to tell you something.
She said hesitantly.
Anya : Can we have a talk?

Celo : ....
To be continued =D

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BrooklyniloveutooJul 14, 2013

Celo and Haru are like perfect! I would love them as a couple

nekomeru(Spam) Jul 10, 2013

This is marked as spam

This chapter is so cool! Why can't Celo just admit that she likes Haru! Haha! Although I'm like her as well because I don't date younger guys but still!! >.<

Keep up the good work! ^^

mariacoraJul 10, 2013

Great job \:D ! i'm curious to know the rest \:rah\:\:rah\:

daisyclemeniaJul 8, 2013

GREAT! \:wub\: I am so happy that you continue it despite of the game crash.
I thought you will not finish the story, Other stories I read
were not finish because of that problem, well thank you for your effort \:\)

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