Learning to Love - Part 7
Published Aug 19, 2009

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Welcome to Part 7 took a little longer than expected to finish due to computer problems (again!) but I hope it was worth the wait! :D

I have submitted this story again as it somehow disappeared from the site. Oh well! It's here now :)

Welcome to Part 7 took a little longer than expected to finish due to computer problems (again!) but I hope it was worth the wait! :D

I have submitted this story again as it somehow disappeared from the site. Oh well! It's here now :)
It had been a week or two since Nick and Adriana had caught up, so they had decided to get together for lunch at his place. It was a beautiful day, with only the slightest hint of the impending autumn season. It was a great time of year.
"Well, I guess you know about Jonas and I..." Adriana looked up at Nick.
He smiled. "No, actually. I know that he was interested in you and I was sure you were, but I haven't spoken to him. Is there something I should know?"
"Well...yes and no. We've been on a couple of dates and they were incredible," Adriana reminisced. "I think we both have strong feelings for each other. Nick, I just feel so good around him! Don't tell him anything about what we talk about, though, ok?"
"I won't," he laughed. "Though, I'm sure he'd love to know!"
"He'll know in time." Adriana winked. "Anyway, what about you? How's your love quest going?"
"It's not really going anywhere. I don't's just so hard when you don't know what the other person is thinking. Zak brought Candice over last weekend and we had a chat, but not about anything too deep."
Adriana knew from the start that what he wanted with Zak wasn't going to happen overnight, if at all. But she wasn't yet sure if it was impossible. She had learnt to expect the unexpected in some situations.
Nick brought Adriana's attention back to him. "Something else happened last week as well. You remember Miranda, my younger sister?"
"Yes, I only met her not long ago," Adriana reminded him.
"Well, her husband, Mitch, walked out on her and Jess. It's a sad situation for them to be in, and very selfish and cruel of Mitch. Last time I spoke to her, he still hadn't contacted them, but I'll be seeing her again tomorrow," Nick explained.
Adriana shook her head. "That's awful! Poor Miranda and little could he do that? I hope he contacts them soon. If there's anything I can do..."
"No, there's not much anyone can do. But thanks for offering, I just thought you should know. Hopefully things will get better for them," he replied.
Arriving at Miranda's the next day, he was glad to see she was holding up. With Jess in her arms, she seemed as good as she could be in her current situation.
Opening the door, she smiled. "Look Jess, look who's here!"
"Hey Jess! Aren't I glad to see you," Nick said, giving his niece a kiss.
"Come on in, Nick." Miranda held the door open for him. "We'll go through to the lounge room."

Nick watched as Miranda got Jess comfortable in her swing chair, so as they could keep an eye on her while they talked. It had been awhile since he had been over here, so he looked around the room. He noticed a picture of Mitch and Miranda sitting on the coffee table below the TV. In happier times, he thought to himself sadly.
They had been so great together, right from the start. Mitch was eight years older than Miranda, and when they got together she was just eighteen. Despite the age difference, they had a lot in common. He had treated her like a princess and she loved him more than anything. On their wedding day, there couldn't have been a more beautiful and perfect couple. Then when Jess came along...their world was complete. She was their pride and joy, their love child. But now their perfect world had been shattered...their little family broken apart. Why had it all gone wrong? Miranda sat down on the lounge with a sigh. Nick saw the exhaustion in her eyes.
"So, how's everything going?" he asked.
"Well, Mitch phoned me last night," Miranda replied. "He wants a divorce."
"Oh, Miranda. I'm so sorry. Did he tell you why?"
"Don't be sorry. He said he just can't do it anymore, the relationship is wearing him down. He said he still wants to see Jess, though. I just don't know how I could have prevented this...I was doing all I could to be the best wife and mother I could."
Nick shook his head. "No, Miranda. Don't go blaming yourself for this. This is something that's happened on his behalf, you were always so good to him."
Miranda gave a weak smile and looked over at Jess. "I really hope this doesn't affect Jess...she's so young."
"Jess has got the best mother she could have, and it sounds as though Mitch still wants to be a part of her life, so I think she'll get on just fine. Trust me. And I will always, always be here for you and for Jess, ok?" Nick squeezed her hand.
"Thanks, Nick. We were always able to count on you."

After spending some time with Jess, Nick left feeling positive for the first time about the situation. Miranda was a strong woman, and even though she was going through something very difficult, he felt confident she would pull through stronger than ever.
While Miranda was going through an emotionally difficult split, Adriana was falling more in love with Jonas as they spent more and more time together. He was perfect, every inch of him. And it wasn't just his body that got her begging for more. The way he looked at her, the way he listened, the trust he had in her, the oh-so-gentle way he wrapped his arms around her. All of these things made her feel like the luckiest woman in the world. People may have said her feelings were moving too fast, but she didn't think so at all.
That night, Jonas had taken her to see a fantastic movie, one that she had wanted to see for some time. He didn't seem to mind at all that it was a 'chick flick'. Upon returning to Adriana's home, they shared an intimate hour together, exploring each others bodies and making love. That hour could have lasted a lifetime for all Adriana knew. Time was lost to the both of them.
The full moon outside the bedroom was shining bright and the sound of a distant owl was the only noise which could be heard on an otherwise quiet night. Jonas smiled at Adriana with drowsy eyes and brought her close to him, almost as if he was claiming his territory. She felt secure and calm in his arms and came close to saying the three words she wanted to say so much. She knew it was too early, though, and didn't want to scare Jonas away. She didn't yet know if he felt as strongly about her as she did with him. The next morning, Adriana made a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs for Jonas and herself.
"Ada, you're spoiling me," Jonas said. "What did I do to deserve all of this?"
"You know what." She winked and laughed. "And now I'll expect breakfast next time."
They both laughed and Jonas gave her a soft kiss. He ate a mouthful of food then put his fork down. "By the way, why were you up last night? I heard you rustling around but I was too tired to get up."
"Me? I wasn't...." Adriana replied, confused. Then she remembered. "Oh, I just had to go to the bathroom and I needed a....drink, as well."

She didn't know why she felt she had to lie, but it was partly because she didn't want Jonas to worry, or think that it was all just in her mind. She desperately hoped all of these strange feelings, noises and images would disappear in time.
Back at Nick's, he was glad that he had been given a day off from work. He had a lot of catching up to do; sending important emails, filling out paperwork and sorting out various documents. Settling on his desk with his laptop, he had been at it for over an hour when he heard a knock at the door. Standing up and stretching, he was already glad for the interruption. Who it could be, he had no idea. Opening the door to Zak put a smile on Nick's face. There couldn't have been a better interruption!
"Zak, hi!" Nick greeted him.
"Hi Nick." Zak smiled. "I'm sorry for coming over without warning, it was just a spur of the moment decision. I hope you don't mind."
"Not at all. Come on in."
As Zak took a seat at the kitchen table, Nick went to go make them both a coffee. He was still surprised but very glad that Zak had come to visit him.
"So, what are you up to today?" Nick asked, his back to Zak.
"I was just running a few errands and was going to have some lunch at home before I decided to come here."
"Oh ok. I had the day off from work today which is a bonus," Nick replied.
Suddenly, Zak stood up so fast he almost knocked the chair backwards. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here. I have to go. I'm sorry."
Nick was startled and very confused. What had caused Zak to react like that? He had to catch up to Zak who was already heading for the door. "Zak! Wait...what's wrong?"
Blocking Zak's way, Nick stopped him from leaving before he got an explanation as to why. Before he could speak, something happened that surprised the both of them. Zak pulled Nick close, their faces inches apart until their lips met. Shocked as he was, Nick didn't resist. Neither of them pulled away until finally Zak pulled away. He didn't look Nick in the eyes, couldn't bring himself to. With his eyes lowered, he muttered "Sorry..." and rushed out.
Nick was left standing in the same spot, unable to move. His mind whirred, his lips still pulsed where Zak had just kissed him. He had just been kissed. ZAK had kissed HIM. This had just confused him all over was all too much.

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#16JillebethVIPAug 20, 2009

Absolutely loved it, but need more.  Glad one of them made a move, I just wasn't ready for the chapter to end.

#17barbara93Aug 20, 2009

omg...great and amazing...\:\)..I can't wait for another part....byee....=)))

#18YukosanAug 20, 2009

Wow... ! Why did it have to end there? \:D It's getting better and better! Can't wait for the next.

#19urm0mAug 20, 2009

Yay!!! You are still my fave writer \:wub\:

#20SerinValAug 21, 2009

YES!! They finally kissed! I really can't wait to see what happens next! It was a fantastic chapter, as always, and I really can't wait for the next one. Please keep them coming. You are definitely oje of the better writers here on TSR.

#21smiley00girlAug 22, 2009

Another great part! \:rah\:

#22charraySep 9, 2009

This is a wonderful part \:rah\:

#23TUTULAOct 13, 2009

Another brilliant chapter \:wub\: I can't wait for the next one.    

#24martoeleNov 11, 2009

I'm glad for Nick and Zac but puzzled about the nightly visitor at Adriana's. Could he be her father? \;\)

#25Jennifer_RDec 17, 2009

Yey, finally! I think Zak might be a little confused too, if only he hadn't rushed off. Fabulous part, loved it! \:D \:wub\:

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