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Life of Elisa (Part2)
Published Apr 6, 2009

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This is the 2nd part of Life of Elisa, hopefully this part will be as good as the 1st part.Takes awhile to create a story,to brainstorm,to create,snap pictures ,write the story and send it for all of you to enjoy.So hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I created it :)

This is the 2nd part of Life of Elisa, hopefully this part will be as good as the 1st part.Takes awhile to create a story,to brainstorm,to create,snap pictures ,write the story and send it for all of you to enjoy.So hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I created it :) "Wow my new house.I cant believe I own my own home now" As Elisa drops her bag in front of her house and looks at her new home.Though ever since she got here, the weather has been rain more then a week,so said the weather man. Sadly Elisa was stuck inside for a different reason this time.The rain was so tense that some areas it was flooding and her house was starting to get leaks due to it was an older house. The only area of the house that was dry was the downstairs bathroom.Wasn't the comfiest but at least it was dry for the most part.Elisa sat in her tub,bored out of her mind as she listened to the rain outside slowly calming down. Deciding to adventure out,Elisa takes a chance of the calm rain to at least to get to see her new town in person instead of waiting in her house all day.She drives her rental car which is an conferable so all the rain was coming it due to the roof was broken and wouldn't release.Elisa drove only a few blocks away when she came along what seem to be a club open in the day time.She got out of her car half soaking wet and sat down at a bar in the corner. "One drink over here please."Waving to a bartender across the counter for a drink.As she sit there she looked around with her cranberry fizz drink in one hand.Then something catch her eye, she spotted a karaoke area that seemed very interesting to her due to she only saw them on tv.Her old town never had one so she never had the chance to sing at one. She was so busy looking at someone singing at the karaoke area.She didn't notice a guy pulled up a seat next to her.Until she turned her head to get her drink. When she finally notice this handsome stranger sitting right next to her.She couldn't but help blushing and smiling at him.Almost falling off her seat,she tried not to make a scene.She was to nervous to say anything to him. For some reason she was very attracted to him and yet she didn't even know his name.Don't know if it was his smooth black hair or his charming good looks.She felt in love with him right there.She wanted to say hi but was afraid to in case she might make an idiot out of her self. As soon as the karaoke area was open,Elisa took a chance and got up.She walked to it and picked up the microphone.Looking in club there was only a few drunken guys at the bar that wouldn't care if she was singing bad or not.Plus there was the handsome stranger in the corner which was what matter most to impress.A little shaking at first when the song started,she pulled herself together and followed along with the song. When the song was over,the bar was even quieter then when she walked in.Thinking to herself that she must had been really singing badly.Assuming no one liked her singing and perhaps lost interest to the handsome stranger.She slowly walked to the door,but before she was half way toward it.The handsome stranger was walking toward her,she was nervous and could hardly keep herself together."Hi there,you aren't leaving so soon,are you?" Elisa felt like she had a frog in her throat and could hardly say something right away."um....yeah kinda of"He came closer to her."aww stay,I thought your performance was great"he said in a calm voice"you must be new here huh?'Trying to hold her self together she answered as calm as she could"Yeah I just moved in today."He smiled"Cool,welcome to our town.I'm Zack"Elisa was thinking to herself what a great name for him"Hi Zack...I'm Elisa."Zack shook her hand then glimpsed over to the karaoke. "Most people that just move in hardly use the karaoke.If you wouldn't mind,I haven't been on it for awhile.Would you like to sing with me?'Elisa had only one word for him "Sure" Zack and Elisa walked backed toward the karaoke.Zack picked the song,which was a slow love song,don't know why he picked it.Elisa gulped as she was more nervous then ever.She never sang a love song to anyone but seen it so many times in love movies,when the people sing they always move close and gaze in one an others eyes while they sang.When the song started,Elisa could hardly even hum to the song let alone sing to it,but Zack he was so good that it seemed that the whole bar came alive.It took a little push from half drunks and Zack to get Elisa to sing along.When she finally did she could hear for the first time people where noticing her and cheering her on.Zack smiled at her and she smiled at him as they sang together. Another thing led to another and before you could say true love.They had went to one of the back rooms and made out for 20 mins so it was said by one of the older drunks. "Thanks for the ride back,dont know what I do with a flooded rental car in a new town.Why don't you come in Zack?" As Elisa smirked at him with wet hair draping over her face"Thanks but I should really be going." She started to get her puppy dog eyes at him"Pretty please?Beside I have a fireplace to dry us up in no time."Zack stood there grinning all soaking wet."Alright,I am soaked to the bone from all this rain." Elise lit the fire and they both dried themselves by the fire.It wasn't long after till Zack and Elisa started talking about some personal stuff."So Elisa,how come you wanted to live here of all places?"Elisa looked at the fire for a moment"Well its kind of a long story and I mean really long"Zack looked at her getting all comfie."Oh?Well I got all night." She relaxed a bit tried to anyways,She started to tell him about her past.On the fact her bf cheated on her,on how she was an outcast.She even told him she was a vampire once but wanted to change her life around.Zack listened and nodded through out her whole story.Elisa was surprised Zack didn't get upset or scared that he knew someone that was totally different once.His eyes lighted up,it seemed he was more interested now then he was when he meet her 5 hours ago. It was mid fall and both Elisa and Zack spend everyday together ever since they first meet in that bar about 13 weeks back now.They would play in the leaves when it stopped raining... They would even enjoy outside while it was raining. "Stay with me Zack,I love you so much"said Elisa knowing Zack had to go soon for his job."Move in with me hun,its very lonely here without you."Zack was really running late and had almost no time to answer her questions"Babe I'm really running late.Tell you what,how about I make dinner for us tonight just for the two of us." Even though he avoided her question completely.Elisa nodded and before Zack could turn around,Elisa jumped in his arms and held him tight."Love you Zack"..."I love you too Elisa"He kissed her and head toward work. That night,Zack kept to his promise.He had made a tasty salmon to perfection and even did the dishes for Elisa.After their meal they sat back down at the dinner table with the candle still lit and they held hands romantically like you have seen in a movie. "Elisa,I have something to tell you"Elisa ponders a bit as Zack messes with his one pocket"What is it Zack?" He slowly put his hands down to his sides."I known you for over a year now and I'm sorry I didn't answer your question earlier.Its due to cause I wanted to give you this..." Zack suddenly took out a black velvet box out from his side and sets it in front of Elisa."Oh Zack."She gasped in excitement."Elisa... will you marry me?" "Oh Zack....yes of course I'll marry you."Elisa cried for joy as she held the 16k diamond ring up then slowly put it on her ring finger.Zack was so happy as well as was Elisa.They Kissed and held one an others hand through rest of the night. "Check mate Zack" as Elisa wins another game of chess"Arg,you beat me again"Elisa giggled seeing how cute Zack gets when hes frustrated."Don't worry hun,if you win the next one I'll give you a surprise gift"Elisa teasing Zack now."Your on" Zack grinning and putting his game face back on."I hope the weather will be nice for our wedding day babe,I heard the weather suppose to be cold and raining.You sure you want it on that day?" As Zack moves his chess piece first"Of course I do hun.its special to me and to you." waiting for her turn still."Alright babe whatever makes you happy makes me happy as well." Well their Wedding day was November 2nd a year later after they 1st meet. Their wedding was under the old willow trees behind their house.They both shared their vows to one another then put rings one one an others fingers.It was a small wedding with a few of their Friends there.Zack's parents lived in England so couldn't make it and Elisa's parents past away.Her dad about 9months ago and her mom 4 months ago.Both lived up to their 80s.Sadly they could not make it to their daughters wedding. "Hey not the face"Elisa laughs as Zack forces a piece of wedding cake in her face.She threw a piece back at him giggling as almost half their cake was all over and all over them before they realized the guest didn't get to eat it yet. "So Elisa what you and Zack going to do for your honeymoon?"Elisa's friend spoke up after they all had the cake"We aren't sure yet.Money has been short lately to consider one at the moment." They all nodded due to they all wherein the same boat as well. "Well you gotta at least consider to have some kids soon."Zack friend chimed in,Zack and Elisa chuckled a little."Well...we haven't consider that yet"Zack's friends grinned" come on,I could be the uncle"Zack laughed"Yeah the hairy uncle that's for sure."They all pitched in and laughed. "To a toast to my beautiful bride"As Zack holds up his wine glass up to everyone for a toast."May a healthy and hopefully good fortune stay our way for the present and for the future." One Night 7 months later,Elisa wakes up with a sick stomach suddenly.She slowly got out of bed quietly so not to wake Zack up and walked toward the window.The wind was blowing hard that it made the house creek. Elisa went downstairs to get a drink of water,but before she could reach the kitchen.She started to feel lightheaded and sick to her stomach again. She ran toward the bathroom and closed the door behind her.She was sick for about a hour before she could get up from the bathroom floor without her stomach turning. She lit a fire in their old fireplace after being it the bathroom for awhile and layed next to it.It made her feel better and slowly forget about her upset stomach. Zack was woken up due to he heard sounds coming downstairs.When he was walking down the stair he noticed that Elisa was laying alone by the fireplace. "Hun?you alright?" Zack walking closer near the fire,a little worried about her. "I'm alright hun,just couldn't sleep due to the wind"As Zack sits near her"Are you sure?I heard you in the bathroom.You know I get worried if I start to think something is wrong."Elisa gazed at Zack for she knew he would die for her if anything did happen"Don't worry hun,everything is fine"She smiled at him to comfort him."Alright babe,you know I love you so much and always will" As he rubbed her shoulder softly. "Oh hun...I have some good new to tell you"As she gets up."I think I'm pregnant" While she hugged Zack close crying happily onto his shoulder. For the first time Elisa had witness stomach aches ,morning sickness and headaches for several weeks later. Zack was so excited especially when Elisa started showing.He would rub his hands along her stomach and softly talk to the baby."hello little fellow in there mommy and daddy cant wait to see you soon"As Zack smiled at her stomach. Now that Elisa is pregnant and Zack soon to be a father.A big leap has started in their life to come.Stay toon for the longest and biggest twist ending in Part 3

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Sims2CrazeApr 4, 2012

Really good story! :P

coolprinsses123May 31, 2009

skylanerose u are amazing plz can we be friends we are alot alike and i think we will make perfect friends.\:D

MangioApr 15, 2009

<p>i love it. \:wub\: Its so romantic. What ever might happen...?</p>

MizLuv2005Apr 12, 2009

<p><strong>Beautiful Story! I loved it! I know it takes a lot of work to put these stories together, You're doing a great job! I'm going to read part lll now.&nbsp; </strong>\:wub\:</p>

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