Life's Like That...
Published Jul 3, 2011

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I'll first like to thank the creative composers of TSR for giving me the "inspired" moodlet after reading your work. Simply amazing and stunning.

My first attempt at a story chapter, hope you enjoy ;-)

I'll first like to thank the creative composers of TSR for giving me the "inspired" moodlet after reading your work. Simply amazing and stunning.

My first attempt at a story chapter, hope you enjoy ;-)
“Hey Adam, you guys were DYNAMITE tonight! The Red Tigers were just pussy cats next to the Green Llamas.”

Adam waved away Frank’s compliment dismissively, “Well, they did put up some fight back there…”
Frank cut in, “Not when you guys trashed them 20 to 0? I hate to wonder if they could be easier back there…”

Adam grinned, “Heh. I get your drift Frank, and appreciate it.”

“You sure you don’t want to crash with the guys for a victory bash at Betsie’s? You know why she has a party there…”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Kinda beat."

Frank shrugged his shoulders in resignation, “Stay chill, Adam.”

"See you at practice on Thursday. Stay chill.”

A beep of the car and Frank was off to Betsie’s.
What was her name again? Blond… Blondie… Blondie Betsie!
Yeah, vaguely remembering some girl that stalks around the practice stadium and tries too hard for attention with the paparazzi.

For some time, they humored her.
Well, they are just content to leave her to play her guitar.
Adam Johansson doesn’t blame them.
Wouldn’t want to be caught up with her knowing that there is more work back home, he will be dead tired when the chores were done with him.

Life of a pro-athlete has been enough for him to keep up with bills and to live in a cozy house.
But he was never really ready for the attention that he would get…

Some are positively ecstatic.

“Adam Johansson!!!”, screamed a fan. “Could I have your autograph? Or if it is even possible… some pointers? I want to be just like you!!”
He remembered that day, he clenched his teeth in a grimace before turning around to meet this fan, and that was after 8 hours of solid gym-work.
Some were cute, Adam admitted as he thought about Lizzy.

“Adam!!! Please date me!!!”, she squealed in a house party. Though she is 14, its flattering. Didn’t she know he’s 24?
Some are not so cute.

“I think you could have been better with your game last… blah blah blah… And you made a mistake two days ago… blah blah…” Donna, a local sports critic, drones on and on…

Breaking away from his thoughts, Adam turned back to the tasks at hand.
Okay, so maybe he wasn’t getting paid enough for all this unnecessary publicity, but at least he has his own joint. He has his own space and was content with living on the way it is.

After fixing the dishwasher and mopping up the mess, he struggled off his sweat-soaked jersey and rummaged through the fridge to find some unevenly cooked pancakes leftover this morning.

“Just great,” he didn’t even had the strength to heat up his pancakes and just gobbled them down.

The bathroom, he needed some serious washing up…
...until the bowl quit on him.

Damn. He could really use that break tomorrow.

Wednesday morning, Adam got up bright and early for a casual jog around town. He looks forward to these morning jogs where fans wouldn't be mobbing him.

The empty road was a welcomed sight as compared to the smog-infested traffic during morning or evening rush hours. Breathed in deeply and jogged on.

After some time, the sea is in view. It mesmerises him every time he jogged past. The unending stretches of blue and lush green hills…

He jogged slower.
Jogged past the Baxter sisters… as usual, bumming around at the park. Although they were sisters, no one could tell how they were related…
Saw the Grendal Family… Hmmm…

Yes. Many interesting sights…
After the jog, Adam washed up at Joe’s Swimming pool. Joe is a swell guy who lets Adam use his bathroom after jogs. Of course, Joe being a fan of the Green Llamas may have something to do with it.

At times, Adam with a guitar at hand, will start playing anywhere. Not that anyone really notices...
Almost no one...
“THERE YOU ARE!!! Adam! Why weren’t you at my party last night?” Betsie sound a little annoyed.

“Er… hey Bets… how was the party last night?” Adam attempted to dodge the question, not masking his disappointment to see her.
“Weeeellll…. It went pretty alright…” shuffling her feet, her flushed cheeks gave away that she and one of the guys last night must had gone more than just “pretty alright”.
“But it was never really a party without you…” slurring softly and winked.

“Yii… er… yeah… well. I’m glad the party ended up well. Hey, guess what? I have a phone call I need to pick up, we will catch up some time later Bets.”

“I was hoping lunch, Adam. Call me.” Betsie blew a kiss and drove off.

Adam sighed, relieved that she is gone. Betsie is a beautiful girl, but for some reason, she scares him. He thought about Mei...
He had some “sleep-overs” with some of the neighbour’s daughters, he remembered none were too memorable except one in particular, Mei.

Graduated from LeFromage Art School, Mei is aspiring to be actress. She lives with her mother and has a butler to do all their daily needs, as a result they are seldom seen in town.

Adam had no idea Mei existed until he took up a photo shoot to help advertise some jewellery, he was after all, just after some extra bucks.
When they first met, every thought in his head melted away except for one...

She's stunning.
The photo shoot was a success and most importantly...

She is fun to be with.
Though he could do without the awkward moments the next morning when the neighbours are screaming and banging at his front door.

" Is that your mother at the door or... am I just having a brain tumour?" Adam pressed his temples.

"It is just your brain tumour", Mei giggled while pulling up her dress.

Usually the girls just sneak off from the back door and go home, and usually things would simmer down.
Betsie, on the other hand, stays around for the next day and maybe more… Being the daughter of a powerful father in the political field, it just means Adam and his job would be dead meat if Mr. Blondie ever caught Adam with her.

Remembering what Betsie's father said to him...
"My daughter is too good for you!" hissed Mr Blondie.
Yeah, tell that to all the other dudes in the stadium she slept with.
Adam was probably the only one she missed out.

With a sigh, he answered the phone.

“Adam here.”

A call full of static greeted his ears, “bzzz… meet… me… bzzz… a… junkyard….bzzz….bzzzz… 1400…”


and then all he heard was a dial tone.

“What the…” must be a prank call, and the number was not even registered on his phone.
“Bah, screw this.” Why would he bother to meet some random caller anyway?
Adam checked his clock, its 1300. Time to head to town for a drink or watch a movie, maybe take up Betsie’s offer…
It doesn’t matter what he does, he just wants to relax on his day off.

“The junkyard is not that way, young man”

“JEEZ LADY!!!” Adam jumped and spun around so fast that he almost lost his balance.
“You almost gave me a heart-attack! Were you that prank-caller a moment ago?”
Where did she appear from anyway? He was sure that no one was around when he was walking to town.


“ Please give me a good reason why I should go to the junkyard with someone that I have never met before?”
Adam paused and added, “And not hand you to the police for stalking?”

“… You don’t have to go, young man…”

“The name’s Adam.”

“Adam, forgive my rude intrusion. I have no intention of causing you discomfort. Whether you go to the junkyard or not, you have a choice…”

“Yeah, and I intend to skip on it. It has nothing to do with me.” Adam turned his back to leave.

Before he went out of earshot, the mysterious lady with funny marks on her face smiled.
And said softly, “This is all about you actually… We know who you really are…”

Adam widened his eyes and turned around once more, but as quickly as she appeared, she vanished without a trace.

“Dammit,” he cursed under his breath.
Sighing, he went back home and changed into his sports attire which made him more confident, somehow. Maybe it showed that he is a pro-athlete, that he is important, that he… is doing what he wants…

After that talk with the mysterious lady, she rattled him loose and unstable.

How much does she know? What does she want?

Adam squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. The jersey was all he could think of that gave him the admiration of the townsfolk, it made him feel indispensable, to feel needed. Regardless, he felt only little comfort from it.

"Maybe she's just crazy...", Adam thought. But he knows, he can tell by her eyes that the lady knows something.

Is it possible that she could undo what he has done in town for the past 10 years? Does she know.... he's an Old One? Adam shuddered at the thought and slammed the table.

No, he has to meet this lady and get the truth.
Adam made his way to the car and gripped the steering wheel with sweaty palms.
“And I thought this day was going great, even with Betsie.”

Kick starts the engine.

“Well, I guess life’s like that… It just gets more interesting…”

With a nervous grin, he drove off to the junkyard.
To peggy for her amazing hair.
To tum tum for Adam’s eyebrows and poses.
Tummy Za for his model and skin.
To all other content creators that I have missed out, please let me know so that I could add to the list!

And most of all, to you readers for your time.


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#8AyuJul 5, 2011

very nice! love the story, and Adam of course! hee~ congrats on the feature!

#9fabrizioammolloJul 5, 2011

Interesting beginning. Congrats on having the story featured!

#10sisterkkJul 6, 2011

Very good beginning. Nice story and good screenshots. congrats on the feature

#11fruitopiaVIPJul 6, 2011

Congrats on your story being featured.  Cannot wait to read the rest of the story.

#12RatRaceRobJul 11, 2011

Well now... this was quite a mysterious intro to the hero(?) Adam... and holy craptastic cowplant \:eek\: --I'd say stay away from the creepy woman ((with the interesting skin diseases(?) \:confused\: )) babbling the cryptic words, but it sounds like Adam has no choice... eeexcellent \:cool\:

#13fredbrennyJul 12, 2011

\:rah\:  Great start! Lucky me! I get to read the next parts too!

#14spitzmagicJul 13, 2011

Like Freddy I get to move on to the other chapters. Nice start. That Adam sure is a hottie that's for sure. An old one? Going to go read the next one. \:rah\:

#15weirdlingJul 18, 2011

Can't wait for the next chapter! A great beginning!\:rah\:

#16ascended.heroAug 3, 2011

finally started on it \:\) great stuff! you plan on sketching panels for these later?

#17KilhianOct 4, 2011

You got me interested, I will come back for part two \;\)

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