Love Blog/Andrea
Published Aug 15, 2008

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Love Blogs/Andrea
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Hey, I have a lot of things to download as well so go download crazy. Just remember to have fun and enjoy life!

Love Blogs/Andrea
***Please, don't forget to rate high. It kinda means alot to me. And sign my guestbook, she wants to talk to you so much.)**
Hey, I have a lot of things to download as well so go download crazy. Just remember to have fun and enjoy life!
This story will be made up of mostly blog entries from Andrea's Blog. It is a story of Andrea's love life, her fears, her worries, and how she lives her life. In the story you will hear about "the man of her dreams", the guy who watches her sleep. She can't figure out if she is sleeping or if something else is going on. She see's herself sleeping but someone else is there...who is that? As well as learning her big secret. What made her move to StonerVille.
Andreas parents are very rich, sending her money to live on from a distant town. But what happend back there in her old town? Why did she have to run away and hid in StonerVille? And who is she hiding from? Find out in Love Blogs
Meet Andrea Love. She has come to live in StonerVille because she is running from her past. Or rather someone in her past. Andrea rides in the taxi her best friend Ashly called for her, with her head held down. She was going to miss all her friends and her old life. Everything was going to change now. Her father doesn't look at her the same anymore, her mother wants to hide her away. And she will never see the two people she loves the most ever again. Could her life still be complete or would she take drastic measures? Andrea's Blog: "The new home. My new address; 77 My Place. I guess it is a pretty nice place. Mom set me up here, dad wanted to send me away to a home. I guess I'm glade mom always did win the arguments. Could you see me living in some home for crazy people, I'm not crazy. I just loved him, that's all and her. Mom said she would send me $50,000.00 a month to live on, that's should be plenty. I plan on geting a job too. I don't want to live off of my parents forever just because they are rich. I want to be a Media Magnet." Andrea watches a little TV in her new house, wondering what to do, where to go.
"How will I meet new people? I usually have alot of people around me at all times. I'm not use to being alone." Andrea thought outloud.
Andrea's Blog: Today Gloriana Horne called me out of the blue ( I don't even know her), and she asked if I wanted to go downtown with her and hang out. I said yes because I need a way to meet people. I was lonely and I kept hear weird noises coming from my room, outside the window. I was totally freaked out by it. I have to sleep there tonight. Andreas Blog: We arived in downtown at a Garden Dining Hall. For some reason five other people came with Gloriana; Thames(red head,closest to left), girl in brown I never caught her name. She left early, Gloriana is sitting next to me. While the other two are using the bubble blower behind my table, (Abhijeet Deppiesse is the guy in black, and Ferdinando White is the other guy.) I guess they didn't want to eat. Andrea asks, "Hey Gloriana, can I ask you about how you knew my number and why you have asked me to hang out?"
Gloriana keeps eating but casually says, "Well, that's not really important is it?"
"Oh." Andrea says, "So my mom paid you to hang out with me because she is worried."
"No no." Gloriana tells her. "I didn't take any money, but your mom did ask me to check up on you. I am not just anyone you know."
"Really, then who are you?" Andrea askes puzzled.
"Well, we went to school together when we were, sixth grade. I even think you came to my birthday party." Gloriana points out.
Andrea gasped, "Oh really. Wow. Sorry," Andrea started to turn a little red. "I guess I do remember it a little. Well here's to old friends." Andrea picked up her glass to toast with Gloriana. They toast to their new friendship and their old one.
After eating her meal, Andrea decided to join in the fun with the bubble blower.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Andrea couldn't stop laughing.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!, this is so funny, I don't even Ha! HA! no what it is, Ha! Ha! but I can't stop laughing. Ha! Ha!"
So she had some more.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Andrea giggled some more and didn't stop for half an hour. This will break the ice. Everyone seemed to enjoy it alot.
After breaking the ice with the fantastic bubble blower the outing group sat in a circle and just hung out together talking about nothing.
Thames said, "So Andrea, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" Lifting his eyebrows.
"Oh my goodness Thames, what is wrong with you?" Gloriana yells.
"What?" Thames responds. Andrea just laughs a little, (the bubbles haven't worn off yet.)
Abhijeet says, " I want to know too, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Ha! Ha! Ha!," everyone laughs.
"Well," Andrea starts to answer. "I don't have anyone in particular anymore. But I'm not so sure I am looking either. I don't think I am ready for another relationship right now."
"Darn," Fredinando said.
Andrea's Blog: I guess I am still popular with the guys but I know right now is not the time. Mom says it's a bad idea to date right now too, so maybe I should listen to them. But I am an hiding. I don't know what to do. Can I even get over..thim? Just forget. Should I even be talking about thim?, thinking about them? A few hours went by and most of the group has left. Andrea has brought a few of the boys with her to a new place she wanted to eat at.
Andrea says, "I hope we can all become friends, I need some good friends here in StonerVille."
"Yeah we heard you just moved here." Ferdinando says.
Abhijeet just sat quietly and drank his water.
It started to rain and Andrea desided that she should probably call it a night and said good bye to the fellas.
"Night you guys, thanks for showing me a good time tonight." Andrea shook both their hands.
Both guys shook her hand and said, "We had a great time."

After Abhijeet walked away Ferdinando whispers something into Andreas ear pulling her in close with his hand shake., "If you change your mind about wanting to date here's my number." He passes Andrea a small white paper with some scrible on it. "Call me 555-7654."
Andrea got really tired from staying out to long. She almost past out on the floor.
"I think it is time for bed." Andrea thinks out loud as she stumbles to the bed and pulls the blankets up to her neck.
In the middle of the night a man in-cased in dark shadows was looking through Andreas window. Is Andrea dreaming, how does she know someone is watching her even though she is sleeping. "I'm asleep, aren't I. That's me in the window. Why am I outside looking in? Who is this guy? I can't see who he is. Everything is to dark. I'm afraid." Andrea whispers to her self as she watched frightened. "Wake-up, Andrea." She screamed at herself. The next morning when Andrea woke up from her dark and frightening dream she went out and got new curtains. She had to cover those windows. The image of the shadow man will haunt her forever, and he was watching her through the window, she must cover those windows.
"I can't get the image (of that guy watching me) out of my head." Andrea shivered.
"My first breakfast cooked intirely by me!" Andrea seemed proud.
Andrea didn't burn the kitchen down and that's a good sign. Maybe she can handle living by herself without servants after all.
"I'm kinda good at this." She tells herself.
Andrea's Blog: I made Caramel-Apple Pecan Waffles( all credit to actual food goes to eris3000 at modthesims2) today, all by myself. Just the way daddy used to make me when ever I was afraid. I guess that dream I had last night is still fresh in my memory. I was outside my window watching myself sleep, and there was this man, he was all shadow. I couldn't see his face, I don't know who he is or what he wants. I bought new curtains this morning, got up early to get them. And now I am eating my comfort food. That dream...was it a dream? Here is a close up shot of Andrea Love. After that big breakfast Andrea thought that a little exercise might clear her mind and burn some of those caleries. "I didn't have to look for that job I wanted. Mom set something up for me with out telling daddy. For now I am just a Year Book Club Supervisor. It's $115.00 a day and I only work untill 3:00 p.m. I just know that if I make a new friend I will be promoted." Andrea started her first day at wotk with a smile on her face and a little hope in her heart. So Andrea didn't get that promotion she wanted but she still needs a friend.
"Randy Deadwood sure is good looking and he seems really nice." Andrea thought to herself. "I will ask him to come hang out at my place."
Randy said yes, and came home with Andrea from work.
Andrea's Blog: "I am starting to get good at cooking and I enjoy doing it. Tonight I will be making Tom Yum Kung for Randy and myself while Randy watches TV." (eris3000 at MTS2 for food.) "I hope he is hungry!" Andrea smiled. Tom Yum Kung (all credit to this food goes to eris3000 from MTS2.)
"I really like Randy. He's really nice and he doesn't ask to many question." Andrea thought.
"This food is great." Randy managed to get out between bites.
Andrea's Blog: I look really good today, I wanted to add that in. And my food was a big hit. Andrea's Blog: My outfit, I just love it. It's comfortable, and easy to wear. I can do anything in it. Randy goes on, "I have always enjoyed asain food but this is amazing. You really are a good cook."
"Oh you, I am only starting out. You really don't need to complament me so much." Andrea tells him. "You are going to give me the wrong idea, you are so cute."
Randy straightens up and says, "No No, I am happily married. I am just a nice guy."
"Oh, I didn't mean anything by it." Andrea looks away. "Oops."
Andreas Blog: "Even though we are now friends, Randy desided to leave after eating. I guess he still felt uncomfortable because of what I said...I said something about him being cute and he's married, well he took it the wrong way and now I think he thinks I want him or something..Hee, Hee, I guess I was flirting. But I didn't mean I wanted him to cheat on his family with me. :( I hope we can still keep our friendship. I really need it for my job! Andrea's Blog: He was there again tonight in my dreams, The shadowed man. At least I think I am dreaming. I am not in my body because I am outside looking in as well. Is he trying to hurt me? I don't know, I just get afraid when I see him there. The curtains blocked most of the view but he was still there. Andrea's Blog: I woke up feeling a little out of it. I had that dream again. Even with the curtains there he could still watch me sleep through the cracks. Why am I having these dreams if that is what they are? I have noticed it started when I moved in this house. Maybe theres a spirit here or something and it is haunting me. What ever it is....maybe I will just start my day. Andreas Blog: I got up and took my shower as always, I have to get ready for work. I need to stay on top of things and show them all that I can do this. I wont tell mom about the dreams. I don't want her to drag me back to the house, I can't go back there. I will make it. Just push these bad things aside...Just ignore it! English Muffin (thanks to eris3000 from MTS2.) "I just know I will get promoted today." Andrea bosted to herself. "My boss is really starting to like me." Andreas Blog: I got that promotion today. I just knew it. **Blog Writer**. I get paid to blog....That's great! But if I want to "keep moving on up" then I will need another friend, along with that I need better charisma and creativity. Anyway, Randy came home with me agian from work, he taught me how to Hula. For a married man who freak out on me the other night he sure is confusing me. We danced all night long. I think I need to stop thinking about him. Andrea's Blog: Last night I woke up terrified. The man was in my room. In the corner of my room where I keep the excise bike, there was a chair and the dark man figure was sitting in it. I was again behind the man as if I was looking through his eyes. Who are you? Should I be worried about this or is it just a dream? What was Andrea thinking about while she was sleeping? Or Who? Kiss Kiss. Andrea's Blog: I haven't had the dream in a few days, not since the one where he was in my room. But sometimes I feel like I am being watched. I was talking to mother on the phone the other day and I swear I saw someone in the bushes. I called the police and they fined me for making it up. "I would never" I told them. But they didn't believe me. What do I do.
Mother told me Daddy wanted to see me. I didn't respond. I didn't know what to say. I thought he never wanted to see me again. Maybe I don't ever want to see him again, after what he did.He made me give them up. I don't think I should be talking about it.
After a quick makeover Gloriana looks better than ever.
"I'm glad you invited me over, I have been wanting to see your new house." Gloriana said while she shoveled a spoon full of Tom Yum Kung leftoversinto her mouth. "This is great, Andrea."
Andrea smiles, "Thanks so much, I worked hard on it."
Andrea and Gloriana became good friends in no time at all. They are sure to become best friend soon enough. (Do you see Randy's Head?, he's on the crapper. Ha! Ha!)
Everything seemed to be going well, untill that morning, it was raining and the phone rang.
"Hello." Andrea answered
"I know who you are, I know your secret." The voice told her.
Scared to run away Andrea asked a question, "Who is this?"
"You'll never know, okay!" the voice replied.
Then the phone went silent.
"Hello, Hello." Andrea yelled into the phone. "Who is this?"
"They hung up." Andrea told herself looking down at the phone as she hung it up.
"Who could that have been, how could they secret?"
Andrea's Blog: I got a call this morning from a stranger. I couldn't tell if it was a male or not...It was strange, I can't explain it. They said they knew my secret. How could that be...
Thai-Style Fried Rice (all credit to food goes to eris3000 from MTS2.)
Ahhh! While Andrea was at work it was raining, then lighting started a fire on a bush in her garden and poof, just like that everything lite up. As soon as Andrea got home like six hours later she called the emergency numbers and asked for help.
"Oh no, why is this happing?" Andrea screamed. "I have to put it out."
Another fire man showed up to lend then a hand, but I don't think Andrea's butt needs to be sprayed:) Ha! Ha! "Look at this mess." Andrea says to herself. "It's gonna take me all night to clean this mess up." The next morning while Andrea was out shopping for new plants and things for her new garden she is to rebuild, she tried on some new clothes.
"I wonder if they have this in my size?" Andrea wondered.
"Hmm, I wonder if this is really me?." Andrea thought while checking herself out in the mirror. Andrea thought that while she was out she might as well get some new clothes.
"I don't think this is the outfit for me, better keep looking." Andrea thought to herself.
So many new games to choose from.
"I'll get this one." Andrea grabs one and goes for the cash register.
Andrea's Blog: A horrible fire broke out somehow in my garden while I was at work. I was excited coming home because I was promoted to Internet Movie Critic. Then I got home and everything was ruined. I did get to plant a hole new garden, and I do love it. Hopefully it will not burn down again.:) Andrea's Blog: I have been promoted to Fact Checker. I am making $385.00 a day. I think I am doing well. Not counting the huge fire, it wasn't my fault. I was at work.... I told mother I just wanted to re decorate the garden. She doesn't even know about the fire. If she knew...she would rush me home saying "your just not ready darling, maybe next year." But I am 24 years old and I can take care of myself here in StonerVille. They wont control my life anymore. And daddy wont take another one from me. If I want to have a baby I will. I don't care anymore.
(Andrea cries to her self for a while as she sits at her computer writing in her journal.)
Andrea slips into bed and closes her eyes.
"I'm not going to have a bad dream tonight." She tells herself. "I will dream of a man of my own, someone atractive, kind, gentle, someone I can trust and love." Andrea went on a few minutes thinking of her "perfect man" before falling into a deep sleep.
The End of this Chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. I worked really hard on this story!
***Please rate high, it means alot to me. And my guestbook wants to hear from you.** I was wondering if I would get some help from you simmers, I am kinda new to the story making if you couldn't tell.:) and I need to know something. I know you can only write one story for each lot, but I tried to move a family to another lot so I could keep going with a different story, but the first story followed the family to the new lot. How can I write two stories or chapters about the same family? Please sign my guestbook and let me know. Thanks so much!:)

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#1alicia7tommyAug 16, 2008

\:D Hey everyone. I hope you like my story. I work really hard on it.\:P Well hard enough. Please don't be mean cause you will make me cry...\:\( but please remember, if you like it, don't forget to rate it high and leave a comment. I do enjoy reading them and signing everyones guestbook. There's a promis...if you leave a comment I will come to you page rate everything high, sign your guestbook and what ever else...just please help me out here...! Thanks.

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#3Hunter_13Aug 16, 2008

it was really good \:D

#4maryashAug 16, 2008


#5ginsimAug 16, 2008

I Really Loved it \:wub\: So mysterious! 5.0
My Story Is -Determined In The Heart-
Cant wait for the next chapter of your story! \:rah\:

#6PollyPlummerAug 16, 2008

If you say you're not good at making stories, I'll have to disagree \;\), 'cause it was good. Only... Perhaps you'd like to give credits at the beginning instead of thanking everyone during the story \;\). Good one \:\)! Let's hope the next chapter's up soon...

#7alicia7tommyAug 18, 2008

Love Blog the second chapter will be coming soon!\:P

#8DiddakoiGirlAug 18, 2008

It was brilliant, though the pictures were a bit blurry. Maybe you could try pausing the game before snapping a picture- it works for me but I've never uploaded a story, so I can't be sure! Anyway, 5.0! Good job!\:rah\:

#9charrayNov 5, 2008

Great story \:rah\: \:\) \:\)

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