Mental Love - Chapter 5
Published Jun 24, 2012

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Mental Love - Chapter 5

Yaay, chapter 5! Sorry it took quite a long time. I'm just really busy lately with school. I'm so sorry :(.

Okay, back to the story. Last time you got to know a little bit more about Trevor. And it seems like Serena is getting attached to Trevor. Today's gonna be a lazy day :-)!

Mental Love - Chapter 5

Yaay, chapter 5! Sorry it took quite a long time. I'm just really busy lately with school. I'm so sorry :(.

Okay, back to the story. Last time you got to know a little bit more about Trevor. And it seems like Serena is getting attached to Trevor. Today's gonna be a lazy day :-)!
It was still quite early in the morning when the group was settled down around the table, sitting there like zombies. No-one dared to say a word, no-one dared to sever the silence that kept their mouths shut for over more than 10 minutes. "Group," Mrs. Hunt said, interrupting the silence harshly. 'You all know what day it is today. Sunday. That means no chores. And two of you can ride the horses. According to how all of you have been doing the last few days, I would say Trevor and Serena can ride them. The rest of you can entertain themselves today." "Great. Now I don't have anyone to do something with or have anyone to irritate. Absolutely great," Abigail said. Tilting her head, she sighed, bored-looking. After Serena had dressed into something more comfortable, she made her way to the stable. The ground was still wet from the heavy raining from yesterday. She just arrived when she saw Abigail coming out of the large wooden building. There was something odd about her. Normally she wouldn't go to the horsestable, in fact, she was kind of afraid coming close to the horses. "Oh well, if that isn't Serena," Abigail spitted. "You must be so proud of yourself." She raised her eyebrow and pulled a despised face. "You are here just a few days and already are Mrs. Hunt's favorite."

"But I .. " Serena stammered. "I haven't done anything!"

"Tell it to the marines."
"Geez, what is wrong with her.." Serena whispered.

Then, she walked into the stable, picked up an old brush and brushed the horse gently. Putting the brush away, Serena saddled up her horse and led her out of the stable. Just a meter away from her, Trevor already sat on his horse.
"Ready to go?" Trevor asked, holding the reins of his horse tight. The white fairytale looking horse whinnied in return.

"Sure," Serena answered. With some struggling she hoisted herself up in the saddle, gently landing on the horses' broad back.

"Well then, let's go."
"How do I ride this thing?" Whatever Serena did, she didn't got her horse forward.

"Just lean a little bit forwards, like this," Trevor said and showed Serena what to do.

"Alright, I get it, I think." Serena pushed her upperbody slighty forwards and held her reins tight. Suddenly, the horse began to snort angrily and began to trot.
"T.. T.. Trevor! What do I do?!" she asked desperately. The ground beneath her moved quickly, loose grains of sand were tossed into the air. Her legs swung dangerously back and forth along the body of the horse. "Sit still!" Trevor yelled. The hooves of the horses made ​​a tremendous noise. The wind whizzing past their ears made it even worse. Serena's voice was barely audible. "W.. what are you saying?" Serena yelled back. With pulling hard on the reins she tried to hold back her horse. The horse tossed her head angrily.

"Just go with the flow. You are sitting too strained on your horse, just relax a bit, will you?" Trevor yelled back.
After a bumpy ride Serena and Trevor arrived at a secluded spot, beautifully situated high in the mountains.

"Your riding is terrible," Trevor noticed, while he jumped off from the his horse.

"Don't tell me you are a professional in riding horses," Serena laughed.

"Actuallu, I am. I've got two horses at home," Trevor winked.
"Are you kidding me? You don't seem to be the type that rides horses, to be honest."

"Well, you don't seem to be such a badass type."

"True. We're even."
After a short walk in the woods behind the spot the two searched for a nice place to settle down. The creaky iron bench made a terrible sound when Trevor plopped onto it.

"Hey, Trevor .. erhm .. is it true you sold your liver?" Her voice quivered as she tried to pull the words out of her mouth.

Trevor sighed. Him rolling with his eyes made it clear to Serena. He obviously heard this question alot.
"You actually believe that nonsense?" He cleared his voice and tried not to sound angry.

"It could be!" Serena exclaimed. She didn't want to make him mad. Not now. Not when they are having such a good time.
Trevor laughed and moved slowly to the left. When he was just an inch away from Serena he lifted his arm and placed it on her shoulder. In return, Serena shoved closer to him and pressed her head against his chest.

"Never thought I would say this but .. remember when I said you were different?"

Serena mumbled. It sounded like a yes.

"Well, I meant what I said, Serena."
Serena shoved somewhat forward. She turned her head slightly to the right to watch him straight in the eyes.

"You really think I am different from the other girls?" she asked feebly with a small smile on her face.
"I do," he said and pushed Serena closer. He moved his left hand to her back and with his right one he grabbed her arm. He bent his head over hers. He looked her into the eyes and pressed his lips against hers. He expected her to push him away, to slap him in the face. But she didn't. She kissed him back. "Should we consider this as our first date?" Serena giggled. The two had been talking and smooching for hours. The sun was already half gone and the evening air blew a cool breeze.

"First date? No," Trevor laughed and turned his gaze towards her. He saw the look in her eyes, disappointment. "If I had to take you on a date, I would take you to something more classy, Serena," he added.

Her face lighted up.
After another bumpy ride they came home safely. Alicia was already waiting for them at the frontdoor.

"Hi Alicia," Trevor said. The smile from just an hour ago wouldn't leave his face.
"Wow, you guys seem way too happy. What's going on? You guys had your first date?" Alicia winked at Serena. With eyes wide open she shook her head.

"I was just joking, guys. Even if you had your first date I'd be happy. You guys are cute together. Okay, I digress. If you need me, you can find me in my room. Cya later!"
"Hey, Serena, you wanna go to my room? I mean, we still have a few hours before we've got to go to our own rooms. What do you say?"

"Am I even alowed to go into 'your room'?"

"I insist," Trevor laughed and grabbed her by the hands.
"I think I must apologize for my behavior the past few days. I .. " Trevor faltered. "I don't know."

"It's okay," Serena said, accepting his apologize. She took his hand in hers and crawled up against him. "I understand. You've got some bad experiences with being attached to people. But that's okay."

She smiled.
Trevor released himself from her hand and bent his upperbody over her. He placed his slightly sweaty hands next to her while Serena wrapped her arms around his neck with a big smile on her face.

"You know, you really gotta stop seducing me with your irresistible smile," he chuckled. His bed was warm, his body warmer. He sighed softly as he stared at her smile, his warm breath against her face. Then, after a moment, he moved just so, allowing his lips to meet hers.
After long moments, Trevor pulled back, his green eyes opening to fix on her lovely face. She was smiling up at him, her light green eyes shining with love.

She closed her eyes, tired for some reason. She rested her head against his chest and then proceeded to fall asleep.
After 15 minutes staring at the girl that just fell asleep on his chest, Trevor fell asleep too. "Well, well, well.." Abigail said. Apparently, she came in, noiseless. For several minutes she stared at the couple that slept on the creaky bed.

Whatever it would take, she would betray them. She would take evidence and would show it to the groupleader.
"Good evening, Abigail. You said there was an emergency. What was so important that you had to call us over here?" Dr. Difalli spoke. His eyes were heavy, tired.

Without a word, Abigail stood up and placed a photoframe on the desk.
"Well, Abigail, you really got here some good evidence. Mrs. Hunt and I will discuss what to do with it. Thank you, Abigail, you can go now." Dr. Difalli pointed to the door and cracked a smile. An almost inaudible laugh escaped from her mouth. She waited a few seconds to stand up and walk to the door. "What should we do, Mrs. Hunt?" Dr. Difalli asked. He reached over, grabbed the pictureframe and took a good look. "It's against our rules."

"I know," Mrs. Hunt sighed. She stared at the picture. "But I know exactly what to do. Don't you worry, Dr. Difalli, I'll handle this."

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#2Senti88VIPJun 25, 2012

OMG FINALLY! I have been waiting for them to get together!!! UGGh Abigail why does she have to be such a jerk?? Well, another awesome installment of Mental Love! Keep writing!!!!

#3Ritamonteiro47Jun 25, 2012

Abigail ruins everything all the time \:mad\:

#4keishafellerJun 25, 2012

Screenshot 25 just made me... Wow... Lol. Nice! Wonder what will happen next! I think the Dr and Mrs Diffalli should appreciate the fact that Trevor finally got attached, but then since his issues probably have been resolved, they should send him home!

#5fruitopiaVIPJun 25, 2012

Abigail it will all backfire in your face. Great chapter\:rah\:

#6helenabeatJun 25, 2012

Team Trevor and Serena! More like .. Trevena or something \:D. Anyway, I love them being together! What Alicia said, they're cute together. I hope they can stay like this, good job! \:D

#7jumpgirl_64Jun 26, 2012

What a witch Abigail is! Why does she always do this to Serena?

#8crazylove13Jun 26, 2012

OOOOH. please hurry with the next chapter! i wanna read it soooo bad! awesome job!

#9cat1999Jul 2, 2012

i love your story but you should publish it faster \:D

#10cat1999Jul 2, 2012

i like the idea of made the trevena team hahahah its great !!

#11sanja018Jul 15, 2012

The minute Mrs Hunt sad:" Trevor and Serena can ride them." I knew something would happend.I waited for them to get together. Great chapter. The best one.. \:D

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