Mental Love - Chapter 9
Published Jul 17, 2012

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Mental Love - Chapter 9

Heeeey guys! Wieeeh, chapter 9 already, isn't that exciting! And what an ending it was, huh?

Last time, Serena got sent away because of her behavior in the institution. Read this chapter to find out how she's been doing home. Enjoy reading ;-)!

Mental Love - Chapter 9

Heeeey guys! Wieeeh, chapter 9 already, isn't that exciting! And what an ending it was, huh?

Last time, Serena got sent away because of her behavior in the institution. Read this chapter to find out how she's been doing home. Enjoy reading ;-)!
There she stood, in front of her aunties house. With a heavy heart she rang the doorbell. Her arms were shaky, her fingers too. She breathed out and waited for the door to open. She didn't know what to expect. This all seemed like a nightmare to Serena. This couldn't be real, could it be? The door swung open and the musty smell of old women filled Serena's nostrils immediately.

"Serena, sweety, I've waited for you," her aunt exclaimed agitated.

"Hi auntie," Serena breathed out and cracked a smile.
After they put the baggage in her room they settled down on the big couch in the middle of the livingroom.

"How's mom doing in rehab?" Serena asked prompt.

"She's doing fine, she is in better condition than you are," her aunt joked, but she gained no response.

"You know, I was kind of shocked when I received that call this morning. Will you tell me what happened, sweety?" she asked friendly and touched Serena's arm curtly.
"I messed it up. That's what happened," she said with pain. She swallowed her grief, but the sorrow was stubborn and kept coming back. She cried. Her aunt gulped. "Maybe you should go outside. Fresh air. Come, you need it," she insisted. She dragged her niece off the couch and led her to the door. Politely, she opened the door for her and watched her, reluctantly, walking away. After a long walk Serena ended up in the park. The park where she received her first kiss from Trevor. She sighed heavily at the thought of it. She looked around, nostalgic memories flashed through her mind. Suddenly, something in the distance caught her eye. It was too far away to see it clearly, so she stood up and walked towards it. With every step she took, it became more clear. Eventually she was close enough to see what was going on.

"Are my eyes deceiving me?" she exclaimed. The couple's gaze turned towards Serena. Immediately, she swooped down.

"Are you kidding me? Brandy and Jake?" she whispered.
She stood up and walked towards the still kissing couple. When she was close enough she started to yell.

"What the heck, guys? What the heck! How can you guys do this to me?"

"Oh my god, Serena! What are you doing here?" Brandy asked startled. She pushed Jake away from her and gazed at her best friend.
"What do you care?" Serena answered angrily.

"I can explain.." Jake tried to defend himself but he rang afraid. He glared at Serena.

"Don't mind explaining to me anymore, I'm done," Serena said, her voice shaky, beaten. "You guys are my best friends.." she sobbed. "Why?"

Her eyes filled with tears. Without response, she turned around and ran away.
And she ran. She didn't know where she was heading to, she just ran away. Far away from everyone. Her tears kept flowing, but it didn't stop her. She was on her way to her escape. Eventually Serena was out of breath. She turned into an abandoned street, but it turned out to be a dead-end. The only thing standing there was an old, dilapidated house and a rusty car.

She stopped there for awhile to catch some breath.
To Serena's suprise, she noticed she wasn't all alone. Suddenly two men approached her. She looked around if there was anyone else they might be looking at, but there wasn't anyone. She turned around and tried to run away, but one of the men already got her. He grabbed her from behind and whispered the words in her ear: "Where are you going, lady?"

"N..nowhere," she stammered, still crying.

"I thought so too," he whispered again and laughed coarse.
Suddenly, Serena's vision blurred and everything became black. She passed out. The next the she knew, she was tied up to a chair. Slowly, Serena woke up. The inside of the house wasn't much better than the outside. It was old, dusty, creaky and dirty. It reminded her of the institution's basement, also known as Trevor's bedroom. "Did you have a good nap, princess?" the man asked sarcastic. He leaned over her shoulder and chuckled villainous.

"What do you want from me?" Serena asked desperately. She wriggled her hands, hoping it would help her escape. She freed her hands, but her feet were still tied up to the chair.

"Oh, nothing. Not yet," he laughed. He turned his voice to his varlet. "Hey Bradley, call Davids, will you?" he commanded.
"Sure," he answered curtly and pulled a phone from his pocket. He turned his back towards Serena and the man and waited. He sure was a man of few words, he didn't say much on the phone either. After a few seconds the man pulled the phone away again.

"It will only take a few minutes from now on. Can you hold on for so long?" the man behind Serena laughed. She ignored him.
And indeed, after 5 minutes Mr. Davids stepped into the building. The door made ​​a horrible noise while it closed.

"Well, hello, Mr. Davids. Good to see you. I've got something for you. I mean, someone. She happened to strand on our property. Isn't she cute? You can have her."
"Let her go," the voice spoke. He stepped forward. The wood cracked, it sounded like it could almost break. The man behind Serena looked surprised and snorted wildly.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked venomously. He stretched his back and looked with squinted eyes at Mr. Davids. He was damn serious.
"Oh my god, are you .. are you Mr. Davids?" Serena asked pretty suprised too while she lowered herself to the ground. She was still sobbing. She placed her hand for her mouth before she would say something stupid. "You know her?" he asked. Mr. Davids nodded. "Well, well," the man added. "The more fun for you, isn't it?" he chuckled. His laugh sounded hoarse. "I swear, let her go, now," Trevor Davids commanded. He looked serious. There was no emotion on his face to be seen nor in his voice to hear.

"Fine, alright, I'm out. You can do whatever the hell you want to do with her. I'm out. Come Bradley," the man said and walked right past Trevor. Bradley followed soon.
"Are you alright?" Trevor asked and swooped down to untie Serena from the chair. Serena was still wriggling with her hands to untie her feet.

"Stop it, Serena, you're not helping," he laughed. After a few minutes he finally untied her and helped her to stand up.
"Thank you," Serena whispered with a soft voice. She let herself fall into Trevor's open arms and sobbed. "Thank you," she repeated and wrapped her arms around him. "You're welcome, Serena," he said and squirmed loose from her. His hands stayed at her neck for a while. They looked into each others eyes and found themselves again. It remained silent for several minutes. Then, Serena started to fire all her unanswered questions.

"Trevor, what are you doing here, anyway? You're not supposed to be here. And who were those men? What was their intention?"
"Easy, Serena. These men are my friends, Iden and Bradley. I'm not really a good guy, Serena, I know. But it wasn't my plan abducting some kind of girl and have some fun with it, it was their idea. You just happened to strand here, like Iden said. And do you remember the first time I 'saved your life' in the Haunted School? Well, I'm allowed to leave the institution every now and then." "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.." Serena stammered. She placed her head on his shoulder and looked up at him. He wrapped his arms tight around her and kissed her forehead.

"I think it's time to leave. For you too, Serena. I hope I will see you soon," he said and placed her head in his hands. He kissed her lips and released himself from her arms.
He turned around and left the building. He looked for the last time behind and saw Serena standing there, with a sincere smile on her face. He chuckled and left.

For the first time it didn't hurt Serena to see Trevor walking away. No, this time was different.
And that night Serena slept like a top.

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helenabeatJul 23, 2012

Boooh, those two! How could they \:eek\:

babybaby12345Jul 20, 2012

Best chapter, the rest as always!

TheRedCortinaJul 19, 2012

This is so awesome, haha. Your characters feel like they have...character! Excellent \:D

fruitopia VIPJul 19, 2012

Good chapter.

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