Message in a Bottle- Chapter 2
Published Sep 12, 2013

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-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 2-
~A Helping Hand~

Hey guys! Thank you for reading my first story, 'Message in a Bottle.'

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter.

Their meeting was a bit odd and uncomfortable but Jasper managed to earn a little bit of her trust.
They went to an Island to help her fix herself up...

-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 2-
~A Helping Hand~

Hey guys! Thank you for reading my first story, 'Message in a Bottle.'

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter.

Their meeting was a bit odd and uncomfortable but Jasper managed to earn a little bit of her trust.
They went to an Island to help her fix herself up...
They arrived at a small tourist island and they immediately went inside a small store, got all the basic needs they could get there because it was originally a trinket store, it has pretty limited stocks of clothes but they managed to get some decent clothes (without ‘Welcome to Isla Paradiso!’ print), soap, a towel and a comb.
“Here’s the public bathroom. Have you already gotten what you need?”

Jasper said.

“Yes, Thanks a lot but I need to sell my jewelries first to pay you up.”

She muttered embarrassed.

“No, don’t mention it. Where do you stay anyway? I will escort you home.”

Erin fidgeted her eyes stares from afar and whispered.

“Um, I… I don’t have a… er, place to go to.”

She whispered sadly and absent-mindedly. She kept on staring at the blank air.

Jasper nodded and she realizes what she'd just said.

Jasper was opening his mouth to talk but the embarrassed Erin talked first.

“Um, I can stay at a hotel or something. Can you help me? I’m sorry for asking too much.”

She said blushing and shifting her foot anxiously at the other side.

“Hotel? I don’t think so. It was dangerous to stay alone at a random place, especially when it was your first time here without anyone with you. You should stay with me. Well, if you’re okay with having an air-head guy like me around.”

He smiles and Erin gaped at him, a thousand and one questions came to her mind but can’t find a proper way to ask ‘why?’.

That’s all she can say and bit her lip.

“I know it sounds… um, unusual but I can see you have a problem going on with your life…”

Erin lifted her head quickly and looked at him with shock and fear in her eyes.

“…and when you are having a problem with your life, everything messed up. You can’t think straight.
And when you can’t think straight, you most probably make the wrong decisions.”

Erin opens her mouth to talk but Jasper lifted his hands with his index finger pointing up and continued talking.

“What I’m telling is…”

His hands start snapping at the beat of his words.

“You should calm down, take deep breaths and think hard.”
After he talked, he puts down his hand and grins playfully at her with wide smiling eyes and brows up. His face was funny and it was like saying ‘tada~!’ and Erin lets go a choking giggle.

“That’s more like it. Now, do you want to come with me?”

He said with a smile on his lips and eyes.
“I-I don’t want to trouble you. I—“

She starts to panic. She wanted to come but it wasn't right to bother him too much.

She’s just no one.

“Erin, Breathe.”

Jasper titled his head at the side with a calm playful smile.


She asked confused and knotted her eyebrows.


Jasper said imitating a monk-like-calm voice and gestures his open palms in front of his face, snapping into a circular looping motion with his head nodding up and his eyes closing, it was like he was taking a deep calm breath with a funny exaggeration. Erin stares at him with wide eyes, she wanted to laugh at him but instead, she closes her eyes and took a deep breath… and wow, she really does feel… calmed.

Her panic fades away and her mind was clearer.

“Now, do you want to come with me? Yes or no?”

Jasper asked softly.

She answered after a few seconds of delay.


Erin whispered keeping her eyes closed.
“Good. Okay, now go cleaned up.”

Jasper’s happy voice was clear and Erin flew her eyes open. He was smiling a jaw-dropping guy-next-door smile at her, it made her knees go weak.


She asked distracted at his smile and keeps on staring at his lips.

“Uh, well... you don’t wanna go walking around looking like that, right?”

He said amusingly with a raised eyebrow at her. She snapped her eyes away from his lips and looks at his eyes to see a humor dancing through his eyes. She blushed.

‘What are you doing, idiot!’
She scolds secretly at herself.

‘How embarrassing!’

She wanted to hit her head with a stone.

“Oh, right. Um… I-I’ll go cleaned up.”

She stammered at Jasper tries hard to stifle a chuckle.

“You got it. I’ll wait you here.”

He said chuckling quietly. Erin was so embarrassed and moved swiftly to hide her blushing face that she didn’t see a stone on the ground and fell clumsily on the sand.

Jasper tries to get to her but she quickly got up.

“I’m okay.”

She said without looking back with a shaking and embarrassed voice, her back was straight and stiff.

Then she checked for possible stones that would repeat the same situation before storming inside the restroom.

‘How, mortifying!’

She screamed in her head and leaving a laughing Jasper outside.
She tries to remove the sand out from her hair and remembers her extremely not-so-elegant-fall.


She said stomping her feet, then stopped when she saw a woman looking at her suspiciously before going out from the restroom. She blushes, is this day going to get worse?

She shakes her head and held her had to her hair looking at the mirror.

“Ugh, my hair’s all sticky from the sea water and my eyes are hurting from my contact lenses--- OH MY GOD!!!”

She gasps when she finally took a better look at her face. Jasper made his descriptions about her face mild. He was completely a gentleman.

But in reality, her face was covered with mixed of smeared makeup and some dried sand-like-seaweed. Her lips are both pale and dry with lipstick smeared all over her mouth. Her mascara isn’t just ‘all-smeared up’.

She looks like a zombie!

“I look horrible!”

Her face was crumpled with shock and disapproval.
Thinking about the long hours she and Jasper took together looking like that made her feel worse.

“Holy rock of all the blessings---! Eat me now!”

Her thoughts were filled with things that would embarrass herself once again.
After 30 minutes…
“I forgot how girls spend their time in the bathroom… well, I can’t blame her for taking a long time cleaning up, she really looked messy. I wonder where she came from?”

He shrugged his shoulders and gets his cellphone from his pocket.

‘I might as well watch some video from youtube while waiting.’

He was curious but it was clearly she was in deep situation right now and it was not in his personality to judge a person because of being quiet about it. He respects her privacy and would gladly wait for her to open up, he just don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

‘Giving space to that girl is the best thing to do. He knows it. Just one glance at her lonely eyes…

“Oh, there you are Jasper.”
“I’ve been looking for you, why are you hiding behind the leaves?”

He was stunned by a woman that came to him. It was the girl from before… right?

Well, she was speaking a formal British accent. The sweet voice was really her… right?

“Sorry for waiting, it took most of my time to pull out the pins out of my hair and--- ... err, what?”

The woman in front of him looked confused. He blinked and his mind came back.
“Oh, um... sorry about that, I haven't realized it's you. Oh, your eyes are silver-colored?”

Wow, she was beautiful. I mean, even when she was dirty she still looked pretty but with all that dirt gone… no way it was near the word ‘pretty.’

She was breathtaking.

“Uhh, yes. I was wearing contact lenses.”

She gave him a shy small smile. He blinked again.

Whoa, I’m dazzled… am I?

It was normal, I think…

Those eyes are pretty unique. The color was so beautiful. It was silver with a hint of green and blue.

“Why are you hiding your eyes, it's beautiful.”

He said trying to make his voice steady and he succeeded.

Erin’s eyes were suddenly clouded with sadness.

“Something personal, um but thanks anyway. Oh, and... You look nice.”

The clouds in her eyes fades and a curiosity with um, admiration? Filled her eyes.

His hearts starts pounding. Uh, ohh... am I smitten?

‘Whoa! No way! It’s rude to think about that with her.’

He was shocked at the things that were running inside his mind. He shakes his head disapprovingly and silently but finds his reaction funny.

He chuckled.

"'Nice?' look at 'YOU'. I didn't realize your hair was that long. You look beautiful, very much refreshed.”
“Umm, thanks I guess...”

She said looking at her toes blushing.

“Oh, you're such a shy girl. Stop blushing ‘cause I'm a kinda happy-go-lucky idiot type of guy, so you don't have to be self-conscious in front of me.”

He joked and for the first time, she smiled a not-so-lonely-small smile but blushes more.

It was a good progress.

“'c'mon, if you're being shy... I'll blush too.”

He joked, imitating her shy look.

And with that, her timid smile became a grin and she giggled happily for the first time.

Wow. I should call myself an idiot more.

He chuckled at his thoughts.
“Alrighty, Let’s go to my home. It was a boathouse and still on construction so… be ready.”

He smirked and gets on his boat, offered his hands at her. She smiles and grabs his hands to get on the boat too.

The warmth of his helping hand was the most wonderful thing she’d felt in her whole life.


He said smiling while starting the engine.

Erin nods enthusiastically.
Then off they go to a new world.

-To be continued-
Thank you for reading Chapter 2!

Chapter 3 coming up.

-Jasper offered her a home. It sounds odd to follow a complete stranger but because she doesn’t have anywhere to go, it was a blessing.
They will be staying together at the same roof. What will happen?
Will their first impression from each other last or not?

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FiyaaSep 17, 2013

Seriously love this story!\:wub\:

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hahaha~ happy-go-lucky-idiot type guy~ I like that \:D

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This was amazing! The little flame of love. I feel it growing!!! \:wub\: I wonder A LOT about miss Erin \:eek\: Need the next chapter!! \:D

Katherine1091 VIPSep 14, 2013

What a great chapter again! \:\) She's pretty and he is a cutie. I really want to know what kind of past she's hiding. I hope we'll find out soon! \:D Keep up the good work \:wub\:

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