Miss Rose's Home: Chapter 1
Published Mar 2, 2015

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Laughing Coon


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~Author's Note~
Behold, thy first chapter of Miss Rose's Home! (yaaayyy~) I hope you enjoy a little more background from the intro. In this chapter we follow Elliot's first week in the house. Enjoy! (:

The Estimated Release for this was actually on Friday(2/27), but I finished it Saturday night and then it had to be approved. Sorry for the extra wait guys!

~Author's Note~
Behold, thy first chapter of Miss Rose's Home! (yaaayyy~) I hope you enjoy a little more background from the intro. In this chapter we follow Elliot's first week in the house. Enjoy! (:

The Estimated Release for this was actually on Friday(2/27), but I finished it Saturday night and then it had to be approved. Sorry for the extra wait guys!
The sun's dusk light poked around the corner of a masonry wall, lighting up the shaded tunnel between two buildings where a young man sat. He flinched as the light inched closer to his dusty shoes, observing it closely as if it were something foreign. His pale skin ached for that light he once loved and rejoiced in; but now he reviled the thing as if it was a dirty sin. He sat with his back pressed against the cold stone wall, eyes cast down as he watched the shadows shift with the time. He sat alone, as he had for the past two months. The sound of laughter interrupted his quiet thoughts and pulled him away from his world of isolation. Looking to the plaza outside of the tunnel, he watched as a mother guided her child across the piazza. The woman looked gleefully at her son, his hair a dark red much like her own. They paused a moment to admire the center fountain's intricate design, a true work of art in a town built upon a history of craftsmanship. He looked away from the family, casting his eyes down and forcing himself to forget the memories that flooded his vision. He turned his attention to the crumpled paper next to him. He didn't quite recall when the paper arrived, or even how it arrived; but there was something about it that he kept going back to, even though he already promised himself he wouldn't follow the fanciful words that covered the parchment. He reread the letter again, reciting the words slowly as to not miss a single word.

"Dearest Afflicted,
We are deeply saddened to hear about your new affliction. As part of our gracious code here at Miss Rose's Home for the Supernaturally Afflicted, we invite you to join us at our estate on the shores of Monte Vista. Accommodations will be made if necessary to ensure your trip. It is here that you will learn about your affliction and ways to continue living as a renewed being. We look forward to your arrival.
Signed, Miss Rose."
His eyes darkened as he read the word "affliction" once again. The very thought of his affliction shook his world and shattered his walls. His corruption was seeded deep inside of him, the root to his existence. As much as he tried to deny it, to reject it, there was still that part deep inside of him that refused to let go of who he once was. His eyes burned bright behind his silvery-yellow irises, the sign of a near blackout. In the past two months, the blackouts came and went. Whenever he woke up from the seemingly horrid dream, he'd realized that it was in fact not a dream at all. In disgust with himself he'd often try to end his life, whether it be by blade or by bullet. In the end, it was to no avail. No matter the wound, he still stood alive; a creature with neither law nor purpose. He whipped his head up, shaking it to clear his mind. The blackout would come soon, and he didn't have time to think this much of his past. Glancing back at the faded words upon the letter, he leaned back against the wall. Perhaps it was time for a change, to stop rejecting his future and wishing for the past. As much as he grasped for the past, it was beyond his reach. This note, however, was the only chance of salvation he had. Breathing out slightly, he clenched the letter tight in his fist and found his way to his feet. He wobbled a bit, but quickly steadied himself against the wall. He braced himself and dared a step forward, out of the darkness and into the light. The light welcome him into its embrace, the warmth only lasting for a moment before his skin started prickling. He could never get used to the sensation. Daring a step forward, he shoved his hand into his pocket and began his long journey forward. "This has to be it..." He said in disbelief, marveling at the sight before him. A grand door welcome him inside a large foyer. The estate was a lot bigger than he had imagined, and the trip shorter than he had estimated as well. He seemed to move a lot faster than normal if he put his mind to it...

The estate was composed of a large chunk of land on the coast of Monte Vista, and the manor itself was ageless. Unlike the modern structures that surrounding the central city, this building was built in the older styles of the town. Careful masonry composed much of the manor, right down to the iron-woven windows. Further down the road on the estate was a beautiful park like area with a faded white gazebo next to a pond. The park probably once served as an event place once, but now it was a quiet and serene place.
Glancing back at the door, he observed that it had no doorbell. Figures. He stepped forward and reached his hand out. He was surprised to find that he was trembling. Staring in awe at his pale fingers in dusk's light, he hesitated to knock on the door. It was as if he was trying to pull away from the home itself. He gritted his teeth and forced his hand forward, it thumping against the hard wood. The feeling vanished instantly, and he sighed out in relief. He quickly knocked a few times on the door and stood back, leaning against one of the stone pillars. Inside the manor he heard the sound of thumping, presumably someone running down stairs. A loud voice yelled something, practically screaming. Elliot raised his eyebrow, both amused and intimidated by the sounds inside the home. He heard the footsteps getting closer, the sound of shoes clicking against tile. There was a clicking sound as the doors were unlocked, then swung wide open. He shielded his eyes with his hands as he saw the shadow of a figure in the doorway. Leaning against one of the doors, he saw the weirdest thing he'd seen in all of his life. A girl, appearing a little younger than him, looked confused as she eyed him. Her hair was what confused him the most, a color much like cotton candy.

"Who are you supposed to be...?" She said, her voice sounding as sweet as her cotton-candy hair looked.
Coughing a little, he dug the crumpled letter out of his pocket and held it out hesitantly. He marveled at her pinkish-purple eyes as she read the letter quickly.

The girl looked at the paper a few seconds before raising her brow. "Well..." She giggled, tossing it over her shoulder. "I wasn't expecting a creature of the night, especially such a wild-looking one."
Rage bubbled inside him as he watched the paper fall to the tile behind her. "What do you know about me?" He hissed between his teeth, his fangs digging into his lip in rage.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she laughed. "I'm just kidding!" She said between laughs. "Don't get so mad, 'kay?" She smoothed down her dress before holding out her hand. "Hiya'. I'm Lucari."

He looked at her hand uneasily for a few seconds before finally reaching out and shaking it.
"Elliot." He complied, her soft hand slipping out of his own and back to her side. She looked over his shoulder at the setting sun, brow furrowing in concern.

"You're not going to freak out after the moon goes down, right?" She asked innocently.

Taken back by the question, he looked shocked. "What..?"

"Okay, no? Nevermind then. Come on in." She stepped aside.
Gesturing for him to slip past her, Elliot pushed past her, glancing at her bright expression as he walked past her. Inside the home it was slightly warmer than it was outside, which wasn't at all warm. To his right there was a closed door, sealed so tight that he didn't even think there was a knob until he saw one.

"Where's that go?" He turned to Lucari, who was busy with the doors' locks them.

"Huh?" She turned to see where he was pointing. "Oh. That's the door to a basement. We don't go down there." She went back to her task, quietly finishing up the locks.

Elliot looked at her back as she finished up, pulling the doors closed. He glanced through the cracks of the door as they shut, his eyes burning again.
When those doors closed, he had no idea of what lied beyond the walls before him. After the front doors had been locked, Lucari dragged him through a complicated series of stairs before they reached an inner courtyard.

"This is the courtyard~!" She said cheerfully, spinning around and jumping gleefully as she showed him the fountains and little gardens that occupied the place.

He learned that the courtyard was the center of the home, while the real interior of the home surrounded the square plaza. Looking up, he noted that the manor was in fact massive in height. With roughly four stories plus attic space, the place was much like a tower.
Lucari kept jumping around and babbling nonsense about the estate's history in a child-like way, which Elliot found extremely amusing. He smirked to himself as he watched the cheeky girl frolic around a large central fountain. It was getting dark now, and his eyes cast a dim glow as it got darker. Suddenly, a flash of movement caught his luminous eyes and he quickly jerked his head up. There, on the top level of the manor, standing behind a tall window, stood the ghost of a very elegant old woman. Wait, no, an actual old woman. His skin prickled and chills ran up his spine as he saw the woman was staring at him. Her gaze petrified him, even from here her brilliant green eyes shined like spotlights down on him.

He quickly broke out of the trance and turned to Lucari, who was ranting about how "this little garden is the cutest one". "Lucari." He said suddenly, and she immediately stopped talking upon hearing such a serious tone from him. His gaze was fierce as she got the message and looked up.
"Oh." She clapped her hands together, the worry washing off of her face. "That's just the room above Miss Rose's office." She said quickly. "I'm sure what you saw must have been her. After all, the others aren't here right now."

"Miss Rose? Is she the owner of the estate?" Elliot said, a feeling of unease growing inside him.

"Yes, she's the one that sends the letters as well." She smiled at him. "She may seem scary at first, but I promise as long as you're on her good side there's nothing to be scared about."
'What's that supposed to mean...?' He thought to himself, looking at Lucari suspiciously. She turned around and started walking at a brisk pace. The chill of the old woman's gaze still haunted him; the only thing he could compare that gaze to was.... He felt his fingernails dig into his neck as he thought of those eyes. How he wished he could forget them, to erase the pain that those eyes caused him. Lucari was well ahead of him now, almost reaching the door at the far end of the courtyard that she was striding for. Before he went after her, he took one last glance up at that window. Much to his expectations, he found that the ghost no longer haunted him from the window above. With his newly attained speed, catching up to Lucari was a task easily completed. Now, they walked down a lavish hallway with statues of heads lining the left side.

"This place has been a home to many generations of supernaturals and their successors for centuries." Lucari explained as they walked forward.
"Not only has this home stood here since the founding of this town, but it may as well have founded the city itself." She glanced over her shoulder at him, making sure he was listening. "Of the many guardians of the home, they each held an important role in the towns' social order. For example, Miss Rose is named the Chairman of the Supernatural Population Representatives." "All of these rooms and halls contain more than just our history, but the history of Monte Vista." Lucari smiled over her shoulder at him.

"If I do recall, you said something earlier about 'others'?" Elliot asked, the words suddenly popping back into his mind.

"Oh!" Lucari chirped. "Yes, the other supernaturals in the home are off on a little trip." She giggled at something he didn't understand. "Let's see, they're supposed to be back in about, um, three days? Yes, three!" She smiled over her shoulder at him. "I think they'll love you."
At that point, Lucari's speech became background noise to Elliot's thoughts. If there were more like him living here, he assumed that they all must of come here after accidents like his... Perhaps that's what this place was all about. Contain the supernaturals, teach them how to act, and prevent more accidents from happening. It probably was the best idea. 'After all, look at what happened to me..' He looked down at his feet as he walked. The memory of the day it happened was as vivid and real as possible. He could recall every detail, every terrible moment as if it had happened not even an hour ago. If everyone in this home was turned like he was, he could tell why it seemed to have a vague atmosphere of survival rather than adaptation. He looked ahead at Lucari, wondering how she ended up here. Seeing as she was touring him around the house, she must have come here a long time ago when she was a kid. That must have been terrible; a kid being sent off to some home away from home. He was about to ask her when and how she came here when she stopped. She stopped in front of a door and twirled around, shushing him before he could say anything.

"Be quiet, you don't want to wake Kyus." She said, winking and turning around to fiddle with the doorknob. She seemed to be mumbling under her breath as she worked.
"Who's Kyus..?" Elliot asked quietly. "And why are we going into his room..?" The only reply he got was another quick "shush".

The door clicked and Lucari swung the door wide open, nearly blinding Elliot.
The amount of pink in the room was astounding. Never in his life before did he think it was possible for anyone to like such a sickening amount of pink in one room. Not only was her hair pink, but her entire life was.

"Welcome to my room!" Lucari giggled as she jumped onto her bed.

"God, it's so bright.." Elliot said, fearing he was going to need glasses after this experience.
Lucari hummed to herself a joyful toon as Elliot walked around, looking at her cheery decorations and furniture. In one corner, a large dressed and mirror took up most of the room. Thankfully, both were white in color. On the opposite side, two chairs sat opposite each other with a small table in-between. He briskly walked over to the table, seeing something that caught his eye. A picture of a beautiful older woman sat on top the table. Her hair was a beautiful blonde and her eyes were a pinkish-purple like the carpet in the room. He immediately recognized the home behind the woman, the garden roses in full bloom. "Who is this?" He asked, peeling his gaze from the picture.

He heard the rustling of blankets as Lucari sat up, looking by him at the picture.

"Oh. That's my mother." She said without her normal cheery tone. She looked at the picture distantly.

"Looks like you." He laughed to himself, mocking himself for not noticing it earlier. The woman had eyes like Lucari, and even their hair looked alike. When he didn't hear a reply he looked back at Lucari.
He was more than surprised to see that Lucari looked out the window, a dismal expression on her face. Outside thunder crackled and the rain started coming down in soft raindrops. Elliot looked back at the picture, finally understanding. That look on Lucari's face wasn't for the rain, but for her mother. He knew it all too well. It was the look of loss and remorse. "Well, this is as far as I'll take you. Since I already showed how to get to your room upstairs, you should be fine." She smiled weakly and stepped aside to allow him access to the grand doors.

"Miss Rose will see you now." She nodded.
"My room...?" He looked up, but Lucari was gone.

He looked around, but the hallways were empty. 'Well, she's fast.. I'll give her that..' He thought.
The proud double doors towered over him. Two of the doors were all that decorated the wall. Elliot took a deep breath and reached out to grasp one of the handles on the door. He pulled the door open, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room. Inside the room, the shadow of a woman was all that was visible in the dim fire's light. Large windows mirrored each side of the fireplace, showing the now clear night sky. Behind the woman was a tall chair and a heavy wooden desk, both looking as regal as the woman herself. Her hair was a clear silver and she wore a black coat embroidered designs over white tights and gloves. He saw her gaze lift in the mirror to look at him. Her voice rang out clearly and stately, sounding much like a scolding school-teacher.

"Welcome, Elliot."
His heart nearly stopped, well, figuratively, seeing as his heart was technically already stopped.

"How do you know my name..?" His eyes widened a bit as he asked quietly, not wanting to raise his voice to more than a whisper.
The fire crackled and burned brighter than it had before, lighting up the room a little more.

"Dear, I know all that step foot in this town. Specifically those involving my field of.... involvement." She turned around, her piercing green eyes seeing right through Elliot.
"Now, let us discuss your new home." Miss Rose said, pushing her chair back towards her desk and sitting down.

Elliot moved forward from the door towards the dark desk Miss Rose sat behind.
Even as she was sitting down, the older woman looked menacing and tenacious.

"Elliot Mansfield. 20 years of age. Born to a poor woman in the central city, who's husband left her when their only child, Elliot, was only three years old." She said, her words cutting like knives into his skin.
"Even as a poor woman, your mother would sacrifice all she had to keep you warm and fed. It was due to this that she died when you were a mere 11 years old." Miss Rose looked up at him momentarily, noticing that there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"I already know all this." He said quietly, looking away. "Why bring it up now?" He murmured.

"Why, you say? With all this, you must realize that this affliction is not the end of you. Rather, think of it as a rebirth." She said very stately.
"Continuing on with your paperwork.." She said, reaching into her desk and bringing out a heavy portfolio with a picture of him clipped to one side.

"You were afflicted sixty-three days ago when a vampire mistress attacked you, a homeless beggar, on the streets of Monte Vista. Due to the fact that a vampire's curse is a delayed process, you continued life as normal." She glanced up at him, her gaze cold. "Is this information correct?"

Elliot hesitated a bit, the memory causing fear to swirl in his eyes. "Y..Yes.." He muttered.

The woman continued, oblivious to his desire for her to stop at once. "After a month, the curse finally took action and you had your first blackout." Elliot cringed, wishing for her to stop.

"You went on a rampage." She said quietly, narrowing her eyes at him.
"Another blackout followed soon, another rampage." She continued, listing off each and every documented blackout. "Oblivious to your new needs as a new blood vampire, you endangered those around you. Even when you learned of your curse, you refused to accept it." Miss Rose looked absolutely disgusted with him. "It's filth like you that causes innocent lives to be lost. Especially coming from a family of poor filth like your mother." Elliot finally snapped. He'd had enough.

"Say what you will about me.. But don't you ever.. EVER talk about my mother like that." His fangs dug into his lip in rage and he leaned forward.
He slammed his hands onto her desk, it splintering with his supernatural strength. Miss Rose's eyes narrowed at him, daring him to continue on. "I don't know who you think you are, but trust me when I say that there is no going back from this." He clenched his jaw in rage, refraining from lashing out at the woman in front of him.

Suddenly, Miss Rose stood up with incredible speed, throwing her chair back behind her.
She flicked her hand out in front of her, and Elliot felt an intense pain fall upon his chest. He breathed out, eyes widening as he stumbled backwards. It felt as if something huge had rammed into him and knocked him backwards. He hit the wall hard, gasping out as the pain washed over him like cold water. His eyes glowed brightly as his vampire instincts kicked in, changing the world around him and slowing it down. The wall behind him was dented with the force that he hit it with. He felt quite literally crushed, pain lacing through every nerve in his body. He choked back the pain, forcing himself to look up. His lips were parted, his fangs cutting into his lips. He bit his lip to try to curb the pain, but there was nothing he could do ease the hell he was suffering.

"I will not tolerate such rash behavior in my home. You are in my house now, Elliot Mansfield, and I suggest you follow my rules or you will suffer pain unlike anything you have ever felt before." Miss Rose said, her eyes glowing bright with rage as well. Her fingertips glowed with power, eager to unleash another wave of destruction.
He quickly got to his feet, staggering to the door. The walls spun dizzily in his vision, and the pain was slowly receding. He kicked open the doors to the point where they almost fell off their hinges. Steadying himself against the door frame, he looked over his shoulder back into the room. The fire roared behind Miss Rose, but she looked utterly contained. She stood before her chair, her hands intertwined together in front of her.

"You don't own me." He said in a brash tone, breathing heavily. "No one does."

With that, he slammed the doors shut.
When he could finally withstand the pain, he ended up wandering the halls of the home while he thought. For the most part, he debated whether or not to leave. After enduring just a fraction of Miss Rose's wrath, he figure it wasn't worth it starting up anything else. Then again, if he left, he'd just prove her right. After a while of looking for his room, he ended up in a dark room that seemed to be empty besides a few boxes. Dust covered the storage, so he figured it probably served no use to anything. Just as he was about to turn around, he noticed a strange light emanating from a ladder in the far corner of the room. The ladder was almost unnoticeable at first, it shielded in darkness. But, a white glow was what gave it away. Elliot walked over, wiping off dust from its old steps and peering up. He couldn't see much, but the glow was definitely coming from up there. Sucking in a breath, he hesitantly started descending up the ladder. The moment he reached the top of the ladder he had to shield his eyes from the blinding light. When he could actually see, he was astounded by what he'd found. A moondial stood proudly in the center of the room, every object scooted away from the ancient sculpture. The dial was entrancing, like a beautiful siren calling out for him to come closer and get lost in its depths. He stepped forward, reaching his hand into the light with his eyes wide. The light pulled him closer and practically begged him to touch the luminous sphere. His fingers, mere inches away from the globe, ached to touch the sphere. The reflection of the moon in the strange glass was whispering in Elliot's ear, serenading him for his touch. Suddenly, the sound of a loud bell broke the trance, and Elliot whipped his head up to stare at the grand clock. It struck twelve times, each chime a deep and loud gong. He stared at the globe, suddenly very uneasy with the object. At the far end of the room, a box tumbled over from its place and fell to the floor. He moved towards the dark end of the room and was surprised, and slightly haunted, by what he found. In front of him was the most supernatural cat he'd ever seen. Its pelt was a shade lighter than snow, perhaps lighter than the moon itself. He got a bad feeling as he neared the animal, its gaze almost stone-like. Elliot quickly stepped backwards, wanting nothing to do with the odd creature. He quickly left the attic, suddenly wanting nothing more than to find his own little attic room. Eventually, he did find his attic room. Apparently, Lucari had explained as they walked by it earlier, but of course he had zoned out from her boring talk by then. It was a very dark and musty attic-space, with only a bookshelf, desk, and bed in the room. An old lantern that no longer worked sat on top of the desk, so the only light he had was from the window by his old bed. This was always his favorite part of the night, the lonely hours staring at the stars. Moonlight filtered through the window and stars were his salvation throughout the night. Perhaps it was this love for the night sky that kept him up, but maybe that was his vampire instincts.

For the first time in a while, he felt alone. In his time in the city, he'd never quite felt so alone as he did now. He'd had his memories then, but after that "talk" with Miss Rose, he felt as if it was all a lie.
But, even with his haunting past, the possibility of a future was a light in his bleak darkness. He thought of this home and those inside of it and wished for it to never end. Now, for once, he felt like he belonged somewhere. That somewhere was here, with everyone like him. He spent the night peering out the window, the stars dancing in the sky. Perhaps, he thought, this was the start of something new. Loud chimes echoed throughout the home, loud enough that Elliot could hear it in his attic room. He stirred from his nocturnal sleep, holding his head groggily as the bells echoed.

"What is that...?" He murmured sleepily, looking around.
Below, Lucari tilted her head up at the sound of the bells. A look of surprise crossed her face, then wonder.

"I don't believe it..." She said, pausing.
"...Another one...?" So yeah, that was Chapter 1. Sorry it was a little boring, Chapter 1 is more of an intro chapter rather than anything containing useful bits of story~

Tell me what you guys think so far! I'm excited for the next few chapters (CH2 <3), so I look forward to continuing with this!

Chapter 2: "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" - Estimated: 3/9 - 3/11

Tell me about grammar/spelling issues so I can fix them! Thanks!
[Noticed Issues] Slide w/ Cat Window Issue, Tons of clothing/pose errors

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loving the start!!! Can't wait for the next ones

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I'm loving this story already! Can't wait for the next chapter! \:\)

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Hey have you writen the next chapters? I used to love this and now after a long time i came back but can't find the next episodes

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