New Beginnings (Dilemma)
Published Oct 9, 2011

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In the 8th chapter, Choices,
Anton Durgess lost the fight with the Hunter but Asuna Nakamura managed to escape.
Unfortunately, she fell into the hands of Susanoo who offered her to be with him.
Adam Johansoon brought Lee Hui into safety, heard about Betsie being kidnapped by the Hunter and rushed off.
Only to find her... changed. Susanoo will only release her if Adam gives up Lee in exchange.
Adam found out that Lee was also known as the Black Sun...
So what is the Black Sun? How does it fit into the piling problems infront of Adam?
What happened to Betsie?

All this and more will be covered in this 2nd last chapter of New Beginnings, Dilemma.
Welcome to the 9th chapter, hope you enjoy ;-)

In the 8th chapter, Choices,
Anton Durgess lost the fight with the Hunter but Asuna Nakamura managed to escape.
Unfortunately, she fell into the hands of Susanoo who offered her to be with him.
Adam Johansoon brought Lee Hui into safety, heard about Betsie being kidnapped by the Hunter and rushed off.
Only to find her... changed. Susanoo will only release her if Adam gives up Lee in exchange.
Adam found out that Lee was also known as the Black Sun...
So what is the Black Sun? How does it fit into the piling problems infront of Adam?
What happened to Betsie?

All this and more will be covered in this 2nd last chapter of New Beginnings, Dilemma.
Welcome to the 9th chapter, hope you enjoy ;-)
“The Black Sun... also the Sol niger...
I never thought I would live to see the day that it happens...”
“Dear, you seem troubled. What is wrong?”
Ren turned around to the source of the voice and sees his wife, Hua, leaning against the beside table.

“Why... Nothing is wrong. I’m just thinking out to myself....”
“I know that troubled look of yours, Ren.” Hua came over and smiled longingly.
“But I also know that you only do this to protect the family.”

Pausing for a moment, she continued.
“Its Toji right? I saw him leaving the gates even before I had the chance to greet him...”
Holding her hands, Ren sighed.
“I am alright, Hua. There is nothing wrong and you shouldn’t worry yourself.”

Swaying her hands gently, he kissed her on the forehead.
“Now go prepare dinner, I’ll be right down to set the table.”
After Hua left, Ren spared one more glance at the city.

Maybe what he did before was a mistake.
Maybe he should have put in more faith in Lee.
Maybe he was not a good father...

But he was in a dilemma then, and he chose self-preservation.
Now, he will realise the consequences of his decision...
Adam Johansson sits quietly in the Isle of Seirenes, brooding over the events that came to pass...
Hours ago...

“Hi, Adam.”

“Betsie... What happened to you? Are you alright?” Adam was shaken by her appearance.
Her skin has a greyish hue and her eyes were... glowing...
As if they were emitting their own light.

“I’m feeling better than alright, I feel amazing... Though...” she took a step towards Adam.
“I’m always feeling hungry...”
Susanoo held her back.
“No, Betsie. He is our guest, not food.”

“... Susanoo... WHAT.DID.YOU.DO.TO.HER?!” Adam was on the verge of anger.

“I gave her a second life, Adam. I made her a vampire.”
“A-a vampire?!... But why?”

“She wanted it and I granted her wish...” Susanoo lets his hand linger to Betsie’s tummy.
“Isn’t she stunning?”

When he felt that she was stable, he let her go towards Adam.
“No... no... That is not possible. The Betsie I know is not like this...”
Adam’s knees felt weak and he fell to the floor.
“Betsie, tell me please. Tell me that he forced you...”

“Adam, I’ve always wanted you, always chased after you.
But after the Hunter told me about your background, I realised why you could never accept me...
Its because I’m ‘normal’, I could never live as long as you could...” Betsie bent down and stared at Adam.
“Now look at me, I will always remain beautiful and I’m given power Adam. I can fight by your side...”

“Betsie... It should not be like this...” Adam shook his head in denial.
Touching her arm, Susanoo whispered.
“I think we should give him some time to think, Betsie.
We still have some work to do...”

“Just give me another minute, Susanoo. I still want to say something to him.”
Bending down, Betsie hovered just above Adam’s ear and breathed.
“I love you, Adam. I will do anything to be by your side.
So please don’t feel so bad, I did this for us...”
Adam was too stunned to speak, or to even think through clearly.
Too lost in thought was Adam that he didn’t even realise that they had left.
Adam felt another heavy burden; Betsie was his responsibility and he totally blew it.
She was kidnapped from Barnacle Bay by the Hunter and morphed into a creature of the night by Susanoo...
He knows that he should get her recovered and return her to Mr. Blondie; it is not fair for outsiders to be involved in his matters.
But that means he has to give up the kid, Lee Hui, to Susanoo...
which is something he can’t do either...

Beating his head gently, Adam went through his dilemma over and over...
What should he do?
Adam came back to his senses when he felt a hand caressing his arm.

“Err... Hey... Nona...”

“I understand your dilemma, it must be hard on you.”

“W-what should I do, Nona? I can’t leave her like that...”
“I’m sure there are other ways to cure her, Adam.
That’s why we got Decima to help us...”

Adam sighs, “I hope she really does find a cure...”

Lee heard about the whole situation from Adam and couldn’t mask the frown on his face.
Adam was the one who saved him and he feels obliged to help him,
even if it does mean that he has to give up himself.
However, he is still afraid about his powers going wild and would probably end up to be more of a burden than of help Adam.
Nona was shocked about what her brother, Susanoo, had said.
“The Black Sun?! That is just impossible...
But if we consider the prophecy with it...
Could it be done?”
“Nona, what is impossible?” Adam asked.

“Adam, if what my brother said was true...
Then Lee is more important than I thought.
Could he have been planning this since that challenge over a millennia ago...?!”

“Sorry, I still don’t get you. Why is Lee being the Black Sun so important?”
“The Sol Niger, or the Black Sun, is the result of the first stage in alchemy.”

Although this isn’t the first time, Adam was still spooked by Aisa’s sudden appearances.
“Alchemy? What has it got to do with this, Aisa?”

“Alchemy is generally split into 4 stages as noted in the Opus Magnum:
Firstly, Nigredo the Blackening. Secondly, Albedo the Whitening.
Thirdly, Citrinitas the Yellowing. And lastly, Rubedo the Reddening (or Purpling).
In science, they call the stages melanosis, leucosis, canthosis and iosis respectively.
This young boy here has the power to trigger the Blackening.”
“I’m sorry, m’am. You are...” Lee asks nervously.

“I’m Aisa, Nona’s eldest sister, nice to meet you Lee. You have grown well, for that I’m glad.”

Lee blushed a little but continued to press for answers,
“Thank you, Aunt Aisa. I would like to know why I’m called the Black Sun?”
Aisa looks at Lee sadly and isn’t sure what to tell him, she thought he seems like such a nice boy...
But his fate right now seems so cruel.
“Lee, my nephew...
It is believed that the alchemical ingredients need to be cleansed and purified till they are a uniform black matter,
the result is the Black Sun. This process is known as the Blackening.”

“W-what do you mean by ‘cleansed’ or ‘purified’?” Lee was almost afraid to ask.

“... You know what your power can do, Lee...”
Lee then understood.
“So I’m actually here to burn... Is that my destiny?...” he asked no one in particular.

“No, having the power to do it doesn’t mean you have to.
You have people you want to protect too, right?” Aisa questioned Lee.

“Yes... yes, I do...” And he moved away from the group to get some space for himself.
“Eldest, I’m not sure if you should have told Lee...”

“He will have to know this sooner or later, Nona. Better to let him know about this before it is too late...”

“Alchemical materials... What could that be?” Adam asked.
“Anything, Adam. From animals, to trees, to the earth...
Even the whole World could be included...”

“Why bother with the 4 stages? How does Lee start the Blackening?”
Adam was getting tired with not knowing what is going on.
“He burns everything, he will call down the sun and the World will then fall into darkness. That’s when the new stage, Albedo, starts...” Aisa stares toward the sea.
“All this for the Philosopher’s Stone...
Even the prophecy has predicted the coming of these events.”
“But... But Lee doesn’t want to do it, right?”

“Who knows? As long as he still has feelings for this World...
He would be less inclined to start the Nigero...” Aisa looks back at Lee.
Aisa also knows that Adam plays a role in the alchemical stages too.
But it will still take awhile before it is Adam’s turn to make the choice.
Right now, they need to make sure that Lee does not start the events in motion.
Because, once it starts, there will be no going back...
After some time, Lee turned to Adam.
“Maybe you should’ve left me in the fire, Adam.
I’m just too dangerous and I don’t want to hurt any body.”

“Lee, stop. You are not going to hurt anybody and I will save you again if I have to.
Just relax... Now, what is it that you wanted to ask?”
“I want to see Toji.
To let him know that I’m alright and he needn’t worry about me.”

“... I’m not sure... With Susanoo and the Hunter out there...” Adam pondered about potential problems.

“It will just take a moment... I promise it wouldn’t take too long.” Lee pleaded.

In the car, both of them kept quiet.
There was just too much going on for both of them and they needed to reorganise their thoughts.

However, they cannot shirk a feeling that they are just pawns of a game,
role-playing as characters in a much bigger plot...
As Adam parked his car, an officer approached them.
“Who are you people?”

“I’m Lee Hui, sir. I stay here.” And gesturing to Adam.
“This is Adam Johansson, a... friend-”

“Adam Johansson?!” The officer gawked at him. “I-I watched your games and.... and-”

“Sorry, officer. But is there a reason why you are here?” Adam interrupted him.

“Err, why yes...” He turned to Lee again. “Do you know Toji Yamatomo?”
“Yes, sir. He’s my house mate. I came back to see him.”

The officer dropped his head slightly.
“Son, I have to inform you that he is gone.
There are some blood trails and mess in the house...
So the we will be doing a sweep about the area-”

Lee was not listening. Toji is gone. There was blood.
He panicked and started blaming himself for Toji’s disappearance.

“Hey, kid.” Adam put a hand on Lee’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault...”
“Well, what WOULD you know, huh?!
I never had a family, I never really had friends either!
Toji was the only one there for me and now he’s gone!!!
How would YOU know how I feel?!” Lee’s words burst out on Adam.

Adam knew that Lee was hurting badly inside and sighed.
“I understand, Lee. I really do. But you need to calm down and...”
“Arrrgghhh!!! All you people are the same...
Just because I’m the Black Sun, you cared for me... I knew it!” Lee roared.

“No... Lee. Please. You have to hear me out...” Adam realised the situation was getting out of control.

“There is nothing in the World left for me, Adam...” Lee’s hand started to glow again.
But this time, there were only black flames...
Susanoo reclines on his chair and looks at the events before him.
He knows that Adam is deeply trouble by Betsie’s situation, which was what he wanted.
He knows that the Fates are trying to maintain order, which provided him with some sort of entertainment.
He knows that Lee is awakening to his true purpose...

However, Susanoo is also in a dilemma.
The 4 beings of power, each will perform a stage of the Opus Magnum, need to listen to him.
If he doesn’t control them properly, he would very likely be destroyed as well.
Laughing to himself, he thought out loud.
“So what are you going to do now, sister?
Even we are just part of a bigger game, of a larger Fate than what you see...

There is no way a puppet could disobey its master.”
There you go, the 2nd last chapter of this series ;)
The next will be a long one.
Thanks for reading this far with me, I really appreciate the support.

Massive hugs for the cc creators! Couldn’t have created the scenes without their work and poses! :D

Only one more to go, hope to see you in the last chapter!
Stay chill ;-)

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#11orlovVIPOct 11, 2011

\:eek\: \:eek\: If Betsie ate Toji I'm going to be really pissed. . .poor Toji, just waiting for Lee to come home; WOW! Frank, this is intense and absorbing. . .(I have to google the opus magnum now, so thanks for giving me something new to learn today) very intriguing that even the Fates are locked into a greater Fate that they cannot themselves control. . . I am deeply troubled that Lee cannot see that Adam, Nona, etc. are all trying to help him, but perhaps he is just too caught up in the moment to see it. . .Betsie is well meaning and deeply misguided (she better not have eaten Toji) but people are capable of doing the strangest things for love. . .and it is relieving to know that Susanno realizes that even He may have bitten off more than he can chew. . .Love all of this, Frank! Thanks for the Great Story, Thanks for the Intense screenshots (LOVE THEM). . .Thanks the most for sharing it with us (with me especially, as I am in a ME frame of mind today. . .Thanks for writing ME a stunning story) :P

#12rosenoire87Oct 11, 2011

Really enjoying this series, can't believe the next chapter is the last \:\(

#13Aspen.LeighOct 11, 2011

This story is wonderful!\:\)

#14fabrizioammolloOct 11, 2011

First of all this is a great chapter: the plot and the screenshots are amazing! I love the way how you made everyone torn between the possible choices, even deities, even the plotting ones! I have the feeling that machination hasn't been fully exposed yet... I'm sure Lee's father played a role beyond what has been told so far, and let's not forget that Susano helds Asuna too.

#15ShokkyOct 16, 2011

The story is fantastic!

#16urm0mOct 16, 2011

Great installment as always Frank \:D

#17urm0mOct 16, 2011


#18weirdlingOct 18, 2011

 Great chapter! \:wub\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#19RatRaceRobOct 21, 2011

Have to agree with you, Adam... that old bat (Aisa) still spooks me every time she shows up, too \:eek\: (LOL) ... and now I'm adding that vamp Betsie to the creeptastic list \:ph34r\: ... brilliant screens again, and the series intrigue and suspense continue to rock me-- fantastic work, as always! \:cool\: \:rah\:

#20isarpgistaOct 22, 2011

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!!!! What a chapter!!! I'm sooooooooooo curious about what is going to happen now!!! I can't wait for more!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!! \o/ \:\)

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