Nikkie's Story...Ch. 6
Published Sep 12, 2011

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Hey i know it's been awhile but trying to get my classroom ready, lesson plans and dealing with a hurricane aint easy. Anyway thanks to all for the great comments i really do appreciate it. I promise to answer back as soon as my stress levels go down :-)

Anyway enjoy chapter 6.

Hey i know it's been awhile but trying to get my classroom ready, lesson plans and dealing with a hurricane aint easy. Anyway thanks to all for the great comments i really do appreciate it. I promise to answer back as soon as my stress levels go down :-)

Anyway enjoy chapter 6.
WALKING BACK TOWARD the house, Nikki slowly made her way to the kitchen. Eric was still there, reading the sports section of the paper Harrison left behind. She grabbed a plate of pancakes and added some maple syrup to them and ate in silence, sulking.

“So…Gabe huh?” Eric said from behind the paper.

“Yep,” Nikki said in between bites.

“How is he?”

“Ok. I think he hates me, though.”

“Did he say anything to you?”


“Want to talk about it?”

Putting the paper down, he watched her. It didn’t take a telepathic to know that she was sulking. “You ok,” he asked getting up to get a cup of coffee.

“Yeah,” she said in a long breath. “I guess it’s for the best, considering.”

“Harrison thinks he knows more then he’s saying.” Eric said contemplating her mood.

“Yeah I got that impression too, but I doubt he’ll talk,” looking up from her plate, she fixed her eyes on him, “unless we tell him about us.”

“How do you know?”
“I don’t know. Just a feeling I guess.” She said shrugging and rubbing her temples from the headache that was slowly making its way back.

“Yeah, well, we can’t do that.” Eric said simply taking another sip of his coffee.

“Right.” She said using the same word and tone Gabe had used a few moments ago. Getting up she put her dish in the sink and grabbed a mug from the cabinet. She was pouring herself coffee when the door bell rang. For a moment she thought it was Gabe, but that would be impossible. Why would he come back? He hated her guts. But maybe—
*It’s not him*, Eric sent telepathically.

Glaring at Eric, she made her way to the front door and sent back, *Get out of my head.*

While she opened the door she received a teasing message from him, Dork, and she smiled.

The smile widened when she saw the UPS guy standing there with a package. Finally, the laptop was here. Signing the release form, she took the box, closed the door and said in a loud voice so everyone in the house could hear, “Laptop’s here.”

When she got to the kitchen, she said to herself, “Let’s get this baby up and running.”
It took about thirty minutes to set it up. With all the programming they had to install it took longer than normal. Once everything was installed, she took the disk from behind the picture that they found. Huddle around the screen they all waited to see what was on it.

“A video?” Nikki asked to no one in particular.

“Looks like,” Eric said.

“Shh,” Harrison said over them.

Someone was fixing the camera angle, but they still couldn’t see who it was. The camera showed a dark room. It kind of looked like the basement but she couldn’t really make it out. After a few seconds the camera stopped zooming and a figure came into view.
“Eli!” Nikki gasped.

He looked tired. Dark circles were under his brown eyes. It looked like he hadn’t shaved in days either. As he started to talk his eyes kept shifting around him. But the first words out of his mouth weren’t exactly what Nikki hoped to hear. “I don’t have time… There is something going on in this town... I suspect we’re dealing with a demon. We’ve never dealt with them before, but we have known of their existence. I sent April undercover, but she never came back. Sam too has disappeared. I don’t know what’s happen to them. I went looking for them and found something very disturbing. This demon has a companion. It appears King Thutmose and this demon are working together.” He paused and looked behind the camera when a big bang was heard.
“Dam,” Eric said.

“I don’t have much time.” Eli continued, “The pharaoh and this demon are looking for an archeologist who lives in the area. They believe he knows where the Queen Kepi Tomb is. I don’t have time to explain why.” He said as another bang was heard in the back ground. “Nikki, if you’re watching this, protect—” Eli moved so fast that they didn’t see it coming. In a sudden the camera went dark and the video came to an end.
“Oh my god,” Nikki said looking at the screen hoping that Eli would come back on. When he didn’t she looked at Harrison who had moved toward the middle of the room. “You don’t think...” she couldn’t say it. He couldn’t be dead.

“We don’t know. He was able to hide the disk, so he could have gotten away.” Eric said.

“It’s a possibility,” Harrison said looking at them. “For now we need to find some answers and start up where he left off.”

“But what about Eli. We have to find him.” Nikki said desperately.
“We will. But we need to start getting some information so we could find him.” He said calmly. “Ok?”

She nodded. She didn’t know what else to say. The only way they would find him was to find out who this demon was.

“We also need to find the archeologist,” Eric said.

“I think we already know who that is.” Harrison responded not quite meeting Nikki’s eyes.
“No it can’t be him. That’s impossible.” It couldn’t be Gabe. But then again, a mummy was after him and he was an archeologist. Dam it, she thought as the realization it her.

“Well, it’s a possibility. It might not be him.” Eric said concerned not only for his sister but also for Gabe, who had once been his friend.

“Well, that’s another thing we have to find out. Now we know what we’re looking for, so let’s do what we do best.” Harrison said, dismissing them in his not so subtle way.
Eric rolled his eyes. “Yeah I’ll go start asking some questions from the locals.”

“I’ll call Jared and give him an update and email him the video.” Harrison said.

It was Nikki’s turn to roll her eyes at the mention of Jared. She had work to do too. The sooner they found answers the sooner they could find Eli. “I’m going to the library to do some research on this town. Be back later.”

Not waiting for a response, she got her jacket and keys and was out the door.
BEFORE SHE WENT TO THE LIBRARY though, she decided to stop at the local diner to get a cup of coffee.

Making her way to the counter, Nikki ordered what she wanted from the waitress at the counter. With coffee in hand, Nikki made her way to the phone booth that she had spotted on her way in. Grabbing the yellow book, she saw that it was the latest edition. Flipping through the pages she looked up Gabe’s name, but she didn’t find it. Either unlisted or he hasn’t lived here long. Taking a sip from her coffee, she left the diner and went outside.
From the diner it was only a few short blocks to the library. Enjoying the day, and having no desire to be indoors for hours, which she knew she would, she decided to walk there. As she walked several people smiled and nodded. She liked the feel of small towns. Everyone knew each other and everyone was loyal to one another, which also made it harder to get information out of them.

But would they be loyal to Gabe. He was an outsider, so would they willing to gossip about him? She wasn’t sure how long he’d been here. For all she knew he could be living here for years…with a wife and kids.
She hadn’t thought of that, until now. Had he mentioned someone? But no, she would have remembered. Surly he would have called someone close to him considering he was hurt. Even if he couldn’t he would have asked her to call them on his behalf, right? This morning he hadn’t been in much of a hurry to tell someone he was alright after being gone all night, either.

No, she something told her that he was hiding out, she didn’t know how but she sensed he knew something, he just wouldn’t tell her. Remembering yesterday, he didn’t seem all that surprised about a mummy was after him, and that unsettled her.
But those where questions for another time. Now she had research to do. With a long sigh, she walked into the library. She enjoyed libraries; she just hated being there for hours, researching. She made her way towards the receptionist desk and saw an old lady with readying glasses at the tip of her nose behind the desk. Nikki had to smile at that. She looked like a typical old lady you would expect running the library.

“Hi, Mrs….Green,” Nikki said reading her name tag.

She looked at Nikki over her glasses with a frown. “May I help you?”
“Sure hope so.” Guess she wasn’t going to get any answers from her either. “Can you tell me where I could find the town’s history section?”

“Why?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

Nope, not going to be easy. “I’m doing research on the town for a story I’m writing. I, ah…need some back ground information so it seems more real, you know.” Nikki was lying through her teeth, but she couldn’t tell this old woman the truth. If she did, she would probably call the police on her.
“What kind of book?”

“Oh, umm…a romance novel. Not sure what to name it yet.” Nikki said cautiously. Hopefully Mrs. Green enjoyed reading romance novels.
“Oh,” she said brightly. “How nice! I do love romance novels. You’ll find everything you need on the second floor on your right.” She said pointing to the stairs. “Please let me know if you need anything else.

*Yes!* It was easier than she thought. “I will. Thanks, Mrs. Green.” She said cheerfully before walking towards the stairs.
When she got to the top of the stairs, she made a low whistle. Wow. There were a lot of books. The room was filled with it from top to bottom. No desks and no chairs on this floor, only rows and rows of books. “Well, time to get to work,” she said to herself. Making a right she looked for any sign of the town’s history books.

HOURS LATER SHE WAS sitting at the only desk on the second floor. It was a good spot to have one since it was nestled in a quite corner againt a huge window. Looking at the notes she had scribbled down in her note pad, she realized that there weren’t many. This place was the top of the mill small town, nothing interesting ever happing here, unless of course you considered a few allegedly hunted mansions here and there. But other than that, nothing special that would make a demon and a pharaoh come here and terrorize the town. When the light became dim, she looked up and noticed that it was already twilight. Exhausted, she rubbed her neck and looked at her watch. When she saw the time, she was surprised she had been there for nine hours. Realizing that she hadn’t eaten anything, her stomach started growling. *Time to go*, she told herself.

Putting her note pad in her bag, she started putting the library books that she had taken out back on the selves.
“What are you doing here?”

Nikki jumped, making her drop the book she had been putting on back. She was surprised to see Gabe glaring at her.

“Doing a hoe down…What does it look like I’m doing?” She asked sarcastically. Picking up the book, she took a moment to compose herself. “We’re in a library, what do you think I’m doing?” She put the book back on the shelf and finally looked t him.
“I don’t know, hunting for mummy’s maybe?” he said crossly. He hadn’t expected her to be here. He actually thought that she had left town with her brother and that Harrison guy. When he saw her, he was both surprised and relieved that she hadn’t gone. It was that feeling of relief that got under his skin.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Actually, there aren’t any mummies here. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.” She said taking a step forward.
“What? To do that precious job you keep mentioning and not tell me anything about?” he asked stepping in front of her so she couldn’t leave. He took a quick look at the book she had put back on the shelf. Oakley, MI: 1900s. She was researching the town. “Why are you so interested in the town?”

He was trying to get her riled up, and he was doing a good job at it. But she didn’t have time for this. She was hungry and now he was making her cranky. Taking a deep breath she looked straight in his eye. “It’s none of your business what I do with my life Gabe, not anymore.”
“Yeah you made that perfectly clear when you left.” He said bitterly.

So he was going to take the conversation in that direction. “Guess you’re still angry.”

He grunted and crossed his arms across his chest. “No, not angry. It was never anger, Nikki.”

When he didn’t say anything farther she nodded and looked at him. He was still angry; she could see it, even if he couldn’t. But there was sadness there too. “What do you want from me?” she asked him softly.
“An explanation would be nice.”

Shaking her head she broke eye contact. “I’m sorry Gabe. I really am. But I had to leave and I can’t explain why.” She said taking a step forward him to get by, but he continued to block her way.

“Can’t or won’t?”

It was the same question he had asked her this morning. And again not knowing what to say she remained silent. Seconds passed without them saying anything. She sighed. They couldn’t stay here all night arguing with each other.
“I’m sorry, I can’t.” she said silently. It felt like they were talking in circles. Him throwing questions, she refusing to answer them. “I have to go.”

When he refused to get out of the way again, she shoved him against the book case with her shoulder. “You can be a real jerk sometimes.” She mumbled under her breath.
But he heard and it pissed him off. She was calling him a jerk after everything. “Fine! Don’t tell me. Walk away like you always do. I don’t care!” He half shouted at her back. As soon at the words were out of his mouth, he regretted them, because the truth was he did care. He just hated that she was able to get to him so easily after so many years.

Walking down the stairs, Nikki ignored him. He was trying to hurt her, and succeeding. She thought she had closed her heart when it came to him. But hearing his angry words brought back all those feelings she had for him back to the surface.
Passing the receptionist desk, she saw that Mrs. Green was still working. “Did you find everything you needed, dear?” she asked when she saw Nikki.

“More than I expected. Thanks for the help. Goodnight.” The headache that had been gone all day decided to come back even stronger. What was with these headaches?

“Goodnight, dear.” She replied with a kind smile.
By the time she walked outside, the sun had gone down and the night sky was dark. She stayed there taking in deep breaths to calm herself. But when she heard the library doors open, she took her eyes from the view and saw Gabe coming through them. Not wanting to get hurt by of his words anymore, she headed towards her car.

“Nikki, wait up.”

At his words, she picked up her pace. She didn’t want to deal with him if he was going to be a jerk. When he fell in step with her, she refused to acknowledge him.

“I didn’t mean what I said.”

Se didn’t say anything to that. For some reason her instincts were telling her that he was telling her the truth. Still she wasn’t about to tell him that. Instead she said flatly, “Sorry for calling you a jerk.”
“I probably deserved it.”

“Probably.” She said smiling to herself but kept walking not saying anything else.

He fell silent but kept pace with her. It was nice walking with him again. She just wished it was under different circumstances. She took a took a quick peek in his direction. He walking besides her with his hands shoved into his jacket. Even though it was early October, it was a bit chillier in this part of the country.
Considering what he went through last night he seemed fine now. He had mentioned that he was sore that morning. When she entered the room she had noticed that he looked pale, but his color started to return once he eaten something. When he left he had been frustrated, but he still moved a tad slow. Whatever Harrison had given him there was no trace of it now. But just in case she slowed down and followed suit.

His headed tilted upwards while his eyes studied the sky.

“The stars are out.” He said sensing her eyes on him. “You can see some constellations.”
Intrigued she stopped and looked at the sky. “Really? Can you see Orion?” Searching the sky, her headache seemed to vanish, like it was never there. But looking up at the sky, she didn’t even realize it.

Gabe smiled to himself while he looked at Nikki searching the stars. Back home they used to walk around at night together hand in hand talking about the stars. It was sweet and fun and he enjoyed them.

Now they walked under those same stars, strangers to one another. A feeling of sadness washed over him and the smile quickly faded.
“Umm, no. He’s only visible around January.” He replied.

“Oh,” she said searching the sky. Meeting his gaze she asked, “How are you feeling? After yesterday I mean.”

“Fine. Just have a small headache that comes and goes, but the doctor I went to take Advil for it.”

“You went to the doctor?” She wasn’t surprised he had gone to the doctor. If she was in his place she would have done the same thing.
“Yeah, he said whoever stitched me up did a good job.”

“So, does that mean your not pressing charges?” she teased.

“Should I?” he asked seriously.

Taking a deep breath she studied him. “Believe it or not Gabe, we are the good guys.” She said and started walking again in silence.
She knew what would come next and for that reason she prepared herself for probing questions. But he surprised her by the question he asked instead.

“So…nice night, huh?” he said falling in step with her.

“Yeah, it is.” She said looking around her. As they walked night seemed to come in a rush. She didn’t like to be out at night. After knowing many what came out of the shadows at night, she to staying inside a bright lit house. There were too many dark places for someone or something to hide and jump out at them.
“Were you headed?” Gabe asked interrupting her thoughts.

“Back to the house.”

“Cool…cool.” He didn’t know what to say. He was trying to make conversation but she didn’t seem to be paying attention. She kept looking behind her and chewing on her lower lip, which meant she was worried about something. He just didn’t know why.
They kept walking in silence. After a few minutes of walking they were in front of her car. Taking her keys from her bag, she opened the car door. “Well…umm…this is me. You want a ride?”

“No, my car is just down the block.”

“Ok then,” she said looking at the car. Turning her gaze back to his she added, “Goodnight, Gabe. Be safe.”
Standing there with his hands in his pockets he watched her open the door and get in the car. But before she could close her door he stopped her. “Have dinner with me.” He said on impulse.

She looked at his hand on the door for a couple of seconds. Then shifting her eyes toward him she responded, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Why not? Where in front of the diner. I’m starving, and for the last few minutes your stomach’s been growling none stop.”
Right on cue her stomach gave a big growl. Putting her hand on it, she tried to quite it down to no avail.

“See,” he said with a smile.

“I don’t know,” she said turning her head towards the diner. The smells coming from there were so good it was making her mouth water. It almost made her want to get out of the car and go with him. Having Gabe sitting across from her would be harder to dodge questions that she knew she couldn’t answer. It always came back to that. But then again, she could ask him questions, too. After all it seemed like this demon was after him. “I—”

He cut her off before she could refuse. “I promise not to ask you anything about your job or what you’ve been up too for the last six years.”
With that said it was easier to give in to the hunger. “Ok, but no questions.” She said pointing her index finger at him like he was a child. Getting out of the car, she followed him into the diner.

It was packed. Every booth seemed filled and the counter was packed with people eating or waiting for their take out orders.

“Hey cutie, looking for a booth?” It was the waitress that gave her the coffee that morning. She was looking at Gabe with eyes that told anyone that she clearly found him attractive. She looked at Nikki standing behind Gabe and gave her a once over. She gave a small smile and returned her eyes to Gabe.
“Yeah, you got anything open, Sam?” he asked looking around at the crowded place.

“Umm.” She looked around the dinner. “Yeah, that table is about to leave in a few minutes. Mind waiting?”


“Ok, I’ll come get you in a few.” She gave a little wave with her fingers and went to check on her other tables.
Nikki snickered from behind him. She was amused. It was clear that the waitress was attracted to him, but Gabe had no clue. It was funny how some men didn’t notice certain things.

When he heard her snicker he turned to her and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Nothing,” she responded to it. If it wasn’t for the wedding band on the waitress left hand, Nikki might have been a bit jealous. She shouldn’t be, she knew. It’s not like she had the right. After all, he was allowed to be with anyone he wanted. She had made sure of that, hadn’t she?
After a couple of minutes Sam led them to one of the tables. After taking there drink orders she left them to decided what they wanted to eat. Not saying much, Nikki busied herself with the menu.

“Do you know what you’re getting?” Gabe asked from across the table.

“Hotdog. You?”

“Same.” he said closing his menu, but she still kept looking at hers.
Closing her own after a few seconds, she looked at anything but him. It was officially dark out. There were less people walking on the sidewalk and less cars on the streets. On the other side of the street, the park was cast in shadows by the setting sun. Inside, families, couples, and friends ate together peacefully probably discussing the days events.

Nikki looked at the people around her. She liked this town. It was small and quaint and people seemed to enjoy life. None of them knew that there was something strange going on. If they did, they sure didn’t act like it. They were smiling and laughing with each other, not hiding in doors from danger.
“Penny for your thoughts.”

“Huh?” she said turning back to Gabe.

“Why so think-a-tive?” He asked.

“It’s nothing.” She said it with a smile, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I was just remembering about the diner back in Sunny View.”

“Oh,” he said. “Have you ever gone back…to Sunny View I mean?”
“Yeah. We were in Florida once and I went to visit my parent’s grave.”


“A little over a year after I left, I guess.” She looked out the window again.

“Did you go anywhere else, besides the grave yard?”

Uncomfortable in the direction the conversation was going she shifted in her seat. She knew what he was really asking, did you come visit me?

“Um, no,” she lied, because she had gone to visit him. But she had sat in her car for a good hour in front of his house trying to convince herself to walk up and ring the doorbell. But, in the end she had chickened out and driven away.
“So,” she said turning back to him to change the subject before he asked another question, “You’re an archeologist now. Must be exciting.”

Leaning back against the booth, he picked up his fork and started playing with it. “Yeah, it has its moments.” He said letting her change the subject even though he had more questions to ask. But he had promised.

“You don’t sound to convincing,” she said.

Taking his eyes from the fork, he gave her a quick glance. Shrugging, he turned his attention back to the fork. “Sometimes you discover things that you wish you hadn’t.”

“Like what?”
Stopping the fork in mid spin, Gabe sat a little straighter in his chair and looked out the window. “There are people out there who will do anything to get their hands on it no matter what the cost.”

She fell silent, waiting for him to elaborate. Looking out the window he looked lost in his own thoughts. Had something happened to him to put that haunted look in his eyes? She was about to ask, but before she could, the waitress appeared with their drinks.

*Worst timing ever!* Nikki though leaning back against the booth.
“You guys ready to order?” she asked taking a small pad from her apron around her waist.

“Two hotdogs with fries.” Gabe said turning to her with a smile.

“Coming right up.” She replied taking the menus from the table and left.

By the time she left, the moment had passed. Gabe was back to his self and the haunted look that was on his face a moment ago had vanished. She looked out the window again towards the park. Instead of asking the question she had wanted to ask before the waitress came she decided to go in a different route. Maybe he knew something about this Queen Kepi that Eli had mentioned in the video. After all, she was here to do a job, but she couldn’t just come out and ask. It would be too obvious.
She turned towards him. He was looking around the diner. “Do you like it, though? Archeology I mean, even with the bad parts.”

He thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, I like discovering new things. Discovering something new that other people haven’t found or over looked. Studying ways how people used to live, fight, and survive. Plus, the travel is always nice.” He said with a smile. “Going to different places to discover or study a new tomb or ruin is pretty cool. Its better then sitting in front of a computer all day, you know.”
She knew. In her line of work she did almost the same thing during every case. Instead of finding the tombs with dead mummies though, she usually discovered them with live ones that usually wanted to turn her into one of them. But she couldn’t tell him that. Instead she said, “Must be nice.”


“Being able to do what you want. Following your dreams instead of what destiny has designed for you.”

“So you’re following destiny?” He tilted his head to the side, contemplating her.
“You could say that.”

“What destiny is that?”

“The one that took me away from everything.” She said softly. This was not the direction she had wanted the conversation to go. But yet here they were again, taking about their past.

“Then why’d you leave?” he asked softly. He knew he had promised her not to ask, but she had turned the conversation in that direction. He would be stupid if he didn’t take the opportunity when it presented itself.
She looked at him and said truthfully. “I didn’t want to, but Eric—”

Sam decided to appear at that moment with their food. “Here you are,” she said oblivious to the fact that she just interrupted his chance of possibly getting answers.

Gabe glanced at Nikki. She was looking at the plate of food that Sam was putting in front of her. *Dam it.* At least now he knew she hadn’t wanted to leave but somehow Eric had something to do with it. He wanted to know more, but she wasn’t talking so gently he prompted, “What about Eric?”
“Nothing. You promised to not ask questions.” She added when disappointment appeared on his features.

“Right.” Grabbing his hotdog he took a bite into it so he wouldn’t say anything else.

While they ate, they remained silent. She ate her hotdog and he ate his, both looking at anything but each other. Around them, happy chatter filled the air. It seemed that everyone had something to say besides the two of them.

When had she become such a mystery? She used to talk his ears off and now she was as silent as a dead mouse.
He had promised himself that if he ever ran into her he wouldn’t care, he would act like nothing happened. But now, he was acting like a heart broken teenager who wanted closure from the person who had broken it. The more he taught about it the angrier he became. He wanted answers dam it and the one person who could give it to him was sitting in front of him with her lips sealed.

But he had promised not to ask anything. But dinner would soon be over, and then what? He couldn’t just demand them. She never responded to anger or demands from anyone, and he doubted she did now. So he would have to wait. But waiting could be trouble. She could leave at any moment.
“Man, I haven’t had a hotdog that good in the longest.” Nikki said snapping him back to reality.

“When was the last time?” he asked biting into the last piece of his hotdog..

“About a year ago.” She said leaning back against her chair.

“Wow, that long?”

“Yeah. It’s really hard to find a good hotdog in china.”

“China? You were in China?” he asked.
Realizing that she had given him more information then she cared to give, her only reply she gave was a “Yep.” Subject closed. Juts like that.

“It’s getting late. I need to get back to the house.” She said looking at her wrist watch.

When Sam came around to clear up their table, he asked for the check. Nikki insisted on paying for her half, but Gabe refused and paid it all himself. Once outside, they walked toward her car, but she didn’t climb inside like she did the last time.

“Thanks for dinner.” She was playing with her car keys.

“Thanks for not asking questions.”

“Technically I did.”

She smiled and looked up at him from lowered lashes. “Yeah but I kind of lead the conversation in that direction without realizing it.”

She looked like she was about to say something else, but instead settled for an “Alright then, goodnight Gabe.”
He didn’t know what came over him. Maybe it was the innocent look that she had given him; maybe it was the bent up frustration from lack of answers. He didn’t know. All he knew was that one minute he was saying goodnight the next he was crushing his lips against hers. She didn’t pull away, put she didn’t kiss him back either.

She had been denying him answers but he wouldn’t let her deny him this. Putting his arms around her, he pushed her against him and deepened the kiss.

Her hands were between them, and when they came around to hug hi tighter and she started kissing him back, he lost all thought and became lost in her taste.
He could hear the denial in that one syllable, but she didn’t retreat. Running his hands up her torso, she gave a little moan and yielded more against him. Smiling to himself he left his hands at her sides, just under her bra. He had forgotten how hot she made him and now was no exception.

Moving his thumbs up and down she gave a little moan and arched her back toward him. He needed little encouragement to move his hand under her shirt and place his hands around her for just a little feel... But before he could he stopped himself. They were in front of the diner, giving the whole town something to talk about he was sure. So instead of moving his hands under her shirt, he moved them upward to her neck. There he could feel her pulse racing as fast as his was.
Breaking the kiss, he rested his forehead on hers with closed eyes. “We need to talk,” he said through heavy breathing.

Her hands that were clutching his shirt were now around his wrists next to her neck, but she didn’t pull away. Swallowing hard she nodded her head against his. “I know.”

“You need to tell me.” He opened his eyes to look at her. Her eyes were still closed and her breathing was coming more slowly.

“I know.” She whispered.
Pulling her away slightly he waited until she opened her eyes to look at him. They were unfocused looking up at him. “Then tell me.”

At those words, her eyes focused and searched his, for what he wasn’t sure. All he knew was the sadness came back into her eyes and he could feel her retreating from him again. Taking a deep breath, she let go off his wrist and stepped back, forcing his hands to fall to his side. “It’s complicated.”
“And?” he asked in frustration.

With keys in hand again, she unlocked the car door, but instead of getting in, she turned to look at him. “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.”

“Don’t you think I have a right to make that decision for myself?”

She didn’t say anything. Instead she looked at his lips and said “I have to go.”

She was always running from confrontations. At least that hadn’t changed. She was always doing that when they were younger, except when it came to him. She always told him what was on her mind whether he wanted to hear it or not.
Now every time he confronted her with her past she seemed to withdraw and change the subject. Nevertheless she had agreed with him that they needed to talk, that she needed to tell him.

So he would give her time. He just hoped that she wouldn’t disappear before she did come around to it.

“Nikki,” he said knocking on her window. “Just promise me one thing,” he said when she rolled her window down. “Promise that you won’t leave without telling me.”
Staring straight ahead she felt silent for the longest time it seemed. He had just given up on an answer when she looked up at him with those same violet eyes that had once looked at him with affection.

“I can’t promise you that, Gabe.” She said truthfully.

Before he could say anything else, she got in the car and drove away as he watched her go.
hope you chapter coming soon.

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#1ShelleyBSep 13, 2011

\:wub\: Aaaw! Nikki and Gabe were able to spend some quality time together, finally! Maybe they are tied together by more than mere circumstance. I'm excited to hear more about the mysterious demon, pharaoh, and the archaeologist, too. (I hope it's Gabe and they can work together.) I'm cheering for them already. \:D

#2fabrizioammolloSep 14, 2011

Great chapter! The intensity of the feelings and the passion between them is palpable. Destiny and years can turn them apart, but seem that they can do very little about the deepness of Nikki and Gabe's bound.

#3eviSep 14, 2011

Very strong chapter! Good work!\:rah\:

#4martoeleSep 17, 2011

A very good chapter! I wonder how these two will be able to get together 'knowing'... \;\)  Congratulations for having had the story featured. \:cool\:

#5urm0mSep 17, 2011

Excellent part as usual! Full of lots of sexual tension \;\)

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