Parasites - Epilogue
Published Feb 26, 2015

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Hi everyone!
This Epilogue is way over due so I apologize, but better late than never I say ;)
This chapter is set over a couple of years so that you can see how things turn out for everyone, also this chapter will be told from many of the characters point of view so I hope you enjoy that aspect of it! I also hope this chapter makes up for the sad ending of the last one that some of you may have been disappointed with :P

Also, I am finally putting all of these characters to rest and won't be writing any more stories with them, so I hope you have enjoyed all three stories they have starred in, I know I have enjoyed writing them. And finally thanks to everyone who has commented on all my stories, I have really enjoyed reading what everyone thinks!

Enjoy reading!!!

Hi everyone!
This Epilogue is way over due so I apologize, but better late than never I say ;)
This chapter is set over a couple of years so that you can see how things turn out for everyone, also this chapter will be told from many of the characters point of view so I hope you enjoy that aspect of it! I also hope this chapter makes up for the sad ending of the last one that some of you may have been disappointed with :P

Also, I am finally putting all of these characters to rest and won't be writing any more stories with them, so I hope you have enjoyed all three stories they have starred in, I know I have enjoyed writing them. And finally thanks to everyone who has commented on all my stories, I have really enjoyed reading what everyone thinks!

Enjoy reading!!!

1 year later

“What time are you coming home?” Cedric asked me over the phone, “Wait…your voice is different, what’s wrong?”
“…I got fired from work,” I answered as I walked through the town.
Cedric took me here, to Moonlight Falls, as soon as Natalie passed away. I had never been here until then, but somehow I felt like I belonged here. Everyone here was like me…well I suppose not exactly because I don’t have any special powers like the rest of them do, I am the result of someone’s power screwing up. But regardless, people here seem to understand me and treat me like I’m normal. Even though I try not to think about her, Natalie’s death is always somewhere in the back of my mind.
“Okay,” he chuckled, “What happened?”
“I was rude to one of the customers,” I told him, getting annoyed just thinking about it.
“Typical Allie behaviour,” he laughed, “Oh well, don’t worry about it. It’s not like we need the money.”
“I know, but it’s your money. I just don’t want to leech off you. I need to do something with my life. I need a decent job, maybe I should go to uni or something.”
“Maybe you should. What would you study?” he asked.
“I dunno…” I said annoyed as I kicked the dirt, “I’m not even good at anything.”
“Allie, you know that’s ridiculous. Now would you just come home so I can cheer you up?”
“Alright. I’ll see you soon. Love you,” I said as I hung up.
I closed the front door behind me as I entered the house.
“I’m home,” I called out.
He didn’t reply though. I walked through the house looking for him but couldn’t find him. Why did he even tell me to come home if he wasn’t going to be here?
I collapsed onto the couch and turned the TV on, Seinfeld was playing, I guess I would have to use George Costanza to cheer me up. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and realised it was from Cedric.
‘Try the back yard’ the message read.
What did he mean? I stood up and headed to the back door. When I got outside I realised the entire garden had been decorated, but still no Cedric. Then suddenly I felt his arms wrap around my waste. He spun me around quickly and kissed me, adoringly and urgent. It was never anything less with him.
“What do you think?” he said as he pulled back slightly, pointing to the decorations.
“Well the kiss was a bit short,” I teased.
He looked down at me with that smirk that I loved and then slowly lowered himself down onto one knee. I immediately knew what he was doing and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.
“Yes!” I squealed as I leant down and kissed him.
He fell backwards from the force of my embrace and started laughing.
“Yes? I didn’t even get to ask you,” he laughed, “I had this whole romantic speech prepared and everything.”
He rolled me off him and onto the ground and he looked down at me.
“Your smile is so beautiful,” he said as he stroked my hair away from my face, “This didn’t go anything like I imagined it would, but it never does with you does it?”

“I can’t believe that man had the nerve to do that Blake!” Chris shouted, “First he has the nerve to get involved with our daughter, then takes her away from us, and now he has proposed to her? I am not letting this happen.”
“I’m not exactly happy about it either Chris, but there’s not much we can do about,” I tried to reason with my husband, “It’s her life, and we don’t have any say in it. We haven’t even seen her since Natalie-”
We both went silent at the mention of Natalie. It had been just over a year since we had lost her and neither one of us were handling it well. We both knew that Allie was just as much our daughter as Natalie was, but we could never quite wrap our head around that fact. They were both such different people.

I walked into the nursery quietly as Tiffany put our baby girl Madison into her crib. I leant against the wall and smiled as Tiffany sang a lullaby. She had to most beautiful voice, which she claimed had nothing to do with her ability, but I always teased her about it. She was so beautiful, I had the most beautiful wife in the universe, literally. Although her ability had no affect over me I had loved her from the very first moment I saw her, although I never let her know that. It was my little secret. When she turned around to leave the room she jumped slightly, startled from my presence.
“Hayden, stop sneaking up on me,” she laughed softly.
“I’m sorry, I just love watching you and Madison together,” I grinned.
She walked over and hugged me, sinking into my arms. I stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead.
“She’s asleep?” I asked.
“Thankfully,” she sighed, “I’m so tired.”
“Let’s get you to bed then,” I told her as I swept her up into my arms and carried her to the bedroom.
She curled up into my arms and almost fell asleep there. I placed her down on our bed and pulled the covers over her.
“Wait,” she called out as I started walking out of the room, “Hug me.”
I smiled and walked back over to the bed and lay down beside her, wrapping my arms around her.
“How was work?” she asked sleepily.
“Boring,” I replied, “I did happen to hear something from Nic though.”
“Oh yeah? What was it?”
“Your sister is getting married to Cedric,” I answered.
I immediately felt her body stiffen and then she pulled herself out of my arms.
“My sister is dead,” she said bluntly, appearing to suddenly be wide awake from the news.
“Tiff…come on. You know I’m not a fan of Allie either, but she is your sister and you can’t ignore her forever. You can’t keeping blaming her, she had nothing to do with what happened to Natalie.”
“That’s debatable,” she snapped, “I don’t want to talk about her.”
1 year later


“You may now kiss your bride,” the marriage celebrant declared.
Allie looked so amazingly beautiful standing there in front of me, my heart skipped a beat when I realised she was now my wife. She was all mine. Words couldn’t even describe my love for Allie. I couldn’t believe I had lived my entire life without knowing this woman. Everything had been black and white until the first time I saw her, and then it was like I saw everything in colour. She was my savour, she was my everything. I pulled her into my arms and leant down to kiss her for the first time as her husband.
“Okay, I can only handle so much,” Nic laughed, “Enough kissing.”
Allie pulled back from me slightly and laughed at Nic, “Thanks for being here. You too grandma.”
“It’s our pleasure,” Nic smiled, “Your grandmother and I love you very much.”
It seemed they were the only ones in Allie’s family who did. It angered me how they all treated her like some out cast. I knew it upset her the way they treated her. She wanted them here today, but Nic and Jane were the only ones who supported us. I wasn’t going to let her family ruined this day for either of us though, so I pushed them out of my mind.
“Let’s go for a walk along the beach,” I leant down and whispered in Allie’s ear.
“Already?” she laughed, “We can’t abandon our two guests.”
“Hey, nothing about this wedding is traditional. And don’t worry about your grandparents, we’ll be back shortly,” I reassured her.
I held her hand as we walked along the beach. I looked across at her and could tell something was playing on her mind.
“I wish my family was more accepting of us,” she answered my thoughts.
“They’ll come around eventually,” I told her, not knowing if it was true.
She suddenly stopped walking and turned to face me with a smile on her face.
“You know what?” she said, “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want anything to spoil this day.”
She leant up and kissed me.
“I’m not going to let anything ruin us ever,” I reassured her, “It’s you and me forever.”

I could hear it raining outside. It was a gloomy day, just the way I liked it. I hated the sunlight, I hated the birds singing happily in the trees, I hated everything. I looked at my phone and realised it was 12 pm. I guess I better drag myself out of bed and do god knows what. Every day was just the same, a routine, just living, but living in black and white. I didn’t even want to be here, it wasn’t worth it without her. I sat down at my desk and opened Face Book on the internet to check if there was anything interesting happing in the world. There never was, even when there was, it didn’t matter to me. Nothing mattered.
For the first time something actually caught my attention. Nicolas had posted a photo of Cedric and Allie getting married. My blood immediately boiled under my skin and I punched the wall. I hated how Allie got to live but Natalie had to die. I hated how Allie got to live a happy life and married the man of her dreams, yet I had the love of my life ripped away from me. Allie was the reason everything was wrong in my life. And to make things worse she had now married my dad. Not that Cedric and I were close at all. I had only found out who he was after I had lost Natalie. I hated both of them for being happy. I hated everything! -----------------------------------------------

“They did what?” Chris yelled as I told him the news of Allie and Cedric’s elopement.
I laughed softly to myself and then replied, “Did you really think your opinion was going to stop them from being together?”
“You knew this whole time?” Blake asked, “You knew they were actually going through with the wedding and you didn’t tell us? You even went to the wedding yourself?”
“You know they wanted you to be a part of it,” Jane stepped in.
“They went behind our back!” Chris shouted.
“I would hardly say that,” I told him, “They told you about it, and like I said, your disapproval was not going to stop them. They love each other, can’t you be happy for your daughter?”
The mention of Allie being their daughter made them both tense even more. It sickened me that they were still hung up on that fact.
“I can’t believe this. That scum bag is actually our son in law now,” Chris sighed.
“Ironic isn’t it?” I laughed.
I only got glared in return though.
“This is so messed up,” Blake said as she rubbed he temples.
I could see what was happening, if not already had happened. I wasn’t normally one to step my foot in it, actually thinking about it, I always said inappropriate things, but this had to be said. I had to pull my daughter and her husband into line.
“No. What’s messed up is how insanely childish the two of you are acting,” I said firmly to Blake and Chris, “Allie is your daughter and is desperately wanting your love and approval. I understand the bizarre situation of which she came into our lives, believe me I do, but if you don’t wake up and snap out of it soon you’re going to lose another daughter.”
1 year later


“Hey, it’s okay, wake up,” someone said as they shook me gently.
My eyes suddenly opened and I realised I had tears pouring down my face. I looked up and realised Cedric was sitting beside me. I sat up and wrapped my arms around him as I cried into his chest.
“Another dream about Natalie?” he stated rather than asked and I gave him a nod.
He held me tight in his arms for several minutes until I composed myself.
“You’re the best,” I smiled and leant up to kiss him.
After all this time of us being together his kisses still managed to take my breath away. Soft at first, and then grew more fiery. I pushed him down onto the bed and he started laughing.
“Not that I don’t want to do what you’re thinking about, but everyone’s going to be arriving for the Christmas lunch any minute,” he chuckled.
“What? What time is it?”
“11.30,” he answered.
“You let me sleep till 11.30?” I asked annoyed.
“Well you looked so peaceful, up until the last bit there,” he explained, “And you need your rest.”
“12 hours of sleep. I think 8 would have done it,” I pushed him playfully, “Now everyone is going to arrive and lunch won’t be ready. I know we are all finally getting along, but things are still rocky. I just really wanted everything to go smoothly since my parents aren’t exactly the biggest supporters of or our relationship.”
“I took care of everything while you were sleeping so you don’t have to do anything.”
“Just because I’m-” I started, but he cut me off.
“Allie, you are my princess, nothing is too good for you,” he said as he kissed me.
Within the hour all of the family had arrived and we were sitting in the living room ready to open the Christmas presents when the doorbell rang.
“Who’s that?” dad asked.
“Oh…um, Cedric invited Zac…” I answered.
“Fair enough…this will be an interesting day then,” dad said under his breath.
“Chris, stop it,” mum shushed him.
I stood up and followed Cedric as he answered the door.
“I’m glad you came,” he smiled when he saw Zac on the other side of the door.
“Hey dad,” Zac said as he gave Cedric a quick hug.
“Come in,” Cedric gestured, “We’re just about to open the presents.”
“Hi honey, how are you?” mum asked Zac as he joined us.
“Ahh, okay,” he shrugged, “Been better.”
Zac finally turned and acknowledged me.
“Hey mum,” Zac said to me.
I was shocked that he had spoken to me, and in a calm way.
“That was a terrible joke. Never say that again,” I told, “But thanks for coming, it’s good to see you.”
“Lets not go as far as saying that,” he laughed, “I am still trying to get my head around this situation so just give me time.”
“Madison! Put your clothes back on!” Tiffany yelled out to her 3 year old daughter.
“I think it’s kind of funny,” mum laughed.
“Yeah? Why don’t you take her home then,” Tiffany joked, “She is driving me crazy.”
“It’s just a phase. Every mother goes through it,” mum reassured her.
Tiffany turned to me and sighed, “Be grateful you don’t have a baby sis. In fact, never have kids.”
I turned to Cedric and looked at him nervously. Neither of us had told anyone our big news yet except for grandad. We were both scared everyone would flip out like they did when we announced we were engaged, or when they found out we eloped.
Cedric looked at me knowing exactly what I was thinking and then whispered, “There won’t ever be a good time to tell them. Now is as good as ever.”
“You’re right,” I cringed.
“Um, there’s something we want to tell you all,” I announced.
Everyone looked at me and Cedric curiously then grandad and grandma entered the room.
“Did someone say baby?” grandad asked as he looked at the two of us, “Oh good, you told them. That secret was killing me.”
“What?” dad asked confused.
“Oh darn,” grandad said realising what he had done.
“Thanks Nic,” Cedric sighed.
“It’s not my fault. I thought you had told them,” grandad reasoned, “Besides, I kept it a secret when you two decided to run off and get married.”
Oh my gosh, this was not going at all to plan.
“Um…Cedric and I are having a child,” I said out loud.
Everyone stared at us in shock and in complete silence.
“A simple congratulations is all anyone needs to say,” Cedric told them, slightly annoyed from their response.
Still, no one spoke.
“Well I think it’s great!” Tiffany smiled as she stood up and gave us both a hug.
“You just told me never to have kids,” I half laughed.
“Don’t listen to her,” Storm said, “Kids are great. Congratulations. So I guess Zac and I are going to have a little brother or sister.”
“This has just gone beyond weird,” came Zac’s voice.
“But that’s what this family is all about, right?” grandad smiled, “Right? Chris, Blake, isn’t this great news?”
“Grandad, stop talking,” I told him as I saw the shock on my parents face, “Oh boy, this is rough.”
I held onto Cedric tighter as I waited for my parents to reply.
“What’s rough is that you didn’t feel comfortable telling us in the first place,” dad started, “Especially after you two got married without anyone knowing.”
“I knew,” grandad butted in but grandma shushed him.
“We’ve already lost Natalie. We don’t want to lose you too.” dad continued, “I know things have been hard between all of us since Natalie’s death, but you are our daughter and we love you. You’re mother and I are shocked, but any baby in this family is great news.”
“My thoughts exactly,” mum added.
Both Cedric and I sighed in relief and smiled at each other.
“So do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” mum asked.
“It’s a girl,” Cedric told her.
“Oooo! How exiting!” Tiffany said, “Do you have any names picked out?”
“Actually we do,” I said as Cedric and I smiled at each other, “We’re going to call her Natalie.”
Everyone went silent again and then mum started to cry.
“Oh, that is perfect Allie,” mum smiled through her tears.
“Okay! I think a family photo is in order,” grandad announced.
“Definitely,” dad agreed as he reached for the camera, “Everyone in, I’m setting the timer.”
“Everyone huddle around the couch,” mum smiled.
As Cedric and I walked over to the couch he leant down and whispered in my ear, “Well that went better than expected.”
“I know. Looks like things are going to be alright after all,” I smiled.
Cedric wrapped his arms around me and we waited with the rest of the family for our photo to be taken.

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#1behemoth_blueFeb 26, 2015

Oh, boy, it's sad to see this story end. But I'm happy that they got some sort of happy ending.
I say "some sort" because I'm still sad for poor Zac, although he did seem a little better towards the end.
Also, Nic is so awesomely inappropriate; "Did someone say baby?", of course, Nic, that's what you've heard. Sure. \:D
I'm really gonna miss this crazy family, lol!
I hope you write another story soon 'cause I really loved this series! \:\)

#2Jessie86Feb 26, 2015

I'm sad that Natalie died but i'm glad that Allie and Cedric had their happy endings

#3DrømFeb 27, 2015

So I didn't follow the story from the start, I read Parasites first. And it got me really interested in these characters and the universe you created. While waiting for the epilogue, I've read the other two stories, and I liked them as well. I think it had everything such stories should have, the plot kept me interested, the characters were likable enough.

It's quite weird family, Zac slept with his step-mom, his brother is married to her sister and he himself was engaged to another, while his dad was in love with the mother of the sisters... you can't really explain it in one sentence, but I like it, I do similar stuff to my sims ;D.

My two cents about the ending (though I don't say it's what you had in mind), is that Natalie didn't really die. Well, I see Allie as another version of Natalie, like from the future (I know she isn't). I got the impression that Natalie was sort of repressing herself, so Allie was the exact opposite until they learned to be their true selves. And in that case there was no point for the two of them to live. Because they were like one person living two lives. I dunno, I didn't really like Zac, so (maybe because of that) I imagine Natalie would have broken up with him sooner or later and maybe she too would have fallen in love with Cedric in the end had she embraced the part of herself that was Allie on her own (and if Allie never came to exist). Like during some time she would have grown to be the version that Allie is now. Well, something like that, at least that's how I'd like it to be, but by no means I say that it is \:\).

Anyway, I'll wait for more stories from you, though I must admit I'll miss these characters. I think Parasites is my favorite story of the three \:\) Good luck!

#4taj39759VIPMar 1, 2015

Love it. Can't wait to see what new characters are coming our way.

#5taj39759VIPMar 1, 2015

Love it. Can't wait to see what new characters are coming our way.

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