Queen of Kings Ch. 7
Published Sep 18, 2012

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Queen of Kings, Chapter 7

The final straw.

Queen of Kings, Chapter 7

The final straw.
Mr Cain Darby, the longtime tailor of Lockheart town sang quietly to himself as he prepared to embark once more on a familiar journey.

It was one he took twelve times a year, or more simply put once per month when he travelled door to door visiting rich and poor alike accompanied by his red leather case.

His case contained the stock he hadn’t sold that month; hats, belts, shoes, never one to let monetary gain pass him by he and his horse travelled many miles in the hope of a sale.

Whatever the era, wherever the place, door-to-door sales men will all tell you the same thing; often they aren’t greeted with a particularly friendly reception.

For this particular tailor as he was about to find out, today would be no exception.
The face that met him at the door was full of distain and impatience, but that, sadly, was nothing new. “Greetings, Sir. How does this day find you? I, your humble subject, am....” the Tailor began.

“You? Again?" the Prince interupted, "how many times do I have to tell those dimwhits at the gates not to permit you entry into this Palace? How many times! Get out of here, and on your way back through those gates you can tell them if this happens again I....”
“I beg your pardon, young Sir, but you seem to have forgotten that it was you who requested me to return here. Last month, you said so, you asked me to return again today” the tailor said with a degree of caution.

Grantley stared at him. “Oh did I indeed? Did I? ....Oh. Wait, yes I did” he had to admit after some thought.
“Yes young man, you expressed interest in the rare Burkley’s Noir top hat that I told you about. It has taken me a fair amount of time to travel here so I would appreciate if you would spare me a moment, I am but an honest man trying to make a living” “Well? Where is it? Where is this hat?”

“That’s the thing, I sold it, but that is just a small matter, I’d like you take a look at my other stock. I have a wide range of wonderful hats this month”

“You sold it? To whom? Who in your sorry little town would be able to afford such a hat?” Grantley demanded.

“The man I sold it to was not from my town, I don’t know his name" Mr Darby replied honestly.

“What nonsense! There is no hat, is there?" Grantley laughed sarcastically in disbelief.

"You have made this up to gain access to the Royal Palace! There was no man who bought the hat because there was no hat to buy in the first place! What is your real reason for being here? You better have a good explanation, because if I feel you are a threat to the Royal family you can believe you will live to regret it!”
“No! No! No, like I said I am just a man trying to make an honest living! I certainly have not made this up!" the tailor insisted as he knelt down to open his case. "There was a man, a young man, about your age! A man easily able to afford that which was in the higher price range. I swear. I know you wanted that hat, my Sir, but so did he and a sale is a sale and it was too good to resist.

But rest assured if you'll just let me open my suitcase here, I have much more to offer you, better things to offer you in fact, why would you want an original Burkley’s hat when you can have an original Burkley’s coat, for example?

That’s right, here in my bag I have a genuine Burkley’s mans jacket, moss green suede, great condition. I'll show you”
“Where did you get this? Where?” Grantley screeched as he held the coat in front of him by the arms, examining it with a serious scrutiny. “I...well...that doesn’t matter, does it, really? Now, would you like to try it on? Of course I will give you a good deal considering who you are” the tailor answered.

“Tell me where you got it from! Tell me! Tell me now!” Grantley screeched again, this time with more urgency.

“Okay! Okay. The fellow who bought the hat from me, he wanted a coat too, and a woman’s coat and hat, he didn’t have enough money with him for all of those garments so I offered him to trade his expensive Burkley’s coat and he could have the rest. I know what you’re thinking! What would a Prince want with a second-hat coat, yes, I understand, but really Sir it’s in great condition. Look, it’s like new...”
“What did he look like? This fellow? What did he look like! Answer me!" “He had black hair and he was politely spoken, about your age, average height, that’s all I can remember. Why are you getting in such a fuss? Where are you going? Prince Grantley, where are you going?” “You! Has the Captain and his ship left yet? Have they gone?”

“Why no, I believe he is getting ready to leave though”

“Fetch him, fetch that Captain! Run and tell him to set sail onto the Lockheart River. I’ve got him, I’ve got Morris, I know where he is and I’m going to catch him. Gather my guards, we’re going after him. The ship must meet us there and be ready to take him away! I let him slip through my fingers yesterday but I assure you that will not happen again today, oh no, he won’t escape this time! This is it, my second chance!”
“It’s good news, my friends! The Parson has agreed. Yes, he will marry you. We must meet him at the Parish in two hours from now. That will give you some time to get ready, of course I have not told him who you are and I cannot assure you that he won’t recognise you”

“That’s okay, Morris has bought me a coat and hat to disguise myself, I will go and change into it now”

"No problem, my room is the first on the left"
"Is everything okay in here, Princess Vivienna? Do you need any help? Oh..." "I look ridiculous, don’t I? I will remember to never let Morris pick my clothes out again"

“Well, no. You don’t look ridiculous, don't worry. We can fix this. I have a very special dress here in my wardrobe. My own wedding dress, why don’t you wear it instead? It really is beautiful and I would be so humbled if you wore it” "Go!! Go! Come on, go! We need to move as fast as we possibly can!" "Oh, you look sensational"

"Thank you, the dress is beautiful, I love it"

"You're welcome, it certainly suits you. Oh, you're stunning"
"I have a veil to go with it, I will fetch it for you, it will assist with your disguise.

First of all though, would you like me to style your hair? If I push this part of your hair back like this...or perhaps you could tie it fact..."

"Oh no, no, please don't trouble yourself, it's fine, my hair is alright as it is"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't apologise, you were trying to help. I appreciate it, and this is nice- this being normal, hanging out, just us girls. I have always longed for such a life in fact, to enjoy the simple things"
“Yes it is nice indeed, isn’t it? I wonder is this what it’s like to have a sister?”

“I’d think so. Do you mind if I take a seat? I have always wished for a sister, instead I have a horrid twin brother who loathes me”
“Is he really that bad, Princess? Is Prince Grantley as cruel as everyone says he is?”

“Yes my dear, he is that bad. I fear the day he becomes King more than I fear anything else....but, this is the day of my wedding and the start of my new life, he will not spoil this for me like he spoils everything else. For now I won’t think about him or talk about him, for now he doesn’t exist, he is far away from me and he isn’t going to ruin this wonderful occasion”

“This is it. Every one of you listen carefully to my instructions. They are here – somewhere- within this vicinity- they have to be, I can feel it. Morris is done for, his game’s up. He got away once but he will not have the chance to make a fool of me again. Go to every house, search every room, you will leave no stone unturned!” “Okay, this is it, I’m ready. Let’s go. I can’t believe how long we have sat here chatting here for. Poor Morris must be bored out of his mind waiting on us”

“Don’t worry, he was asleep on the chair when I came in here, I suspect he is still there. He was sleeping like a baby”

“Oh that’s typical of Morris...."
"...Oh, oh wait. Do you think it’s bad luck for him to see me now?”

“There is no such thing as bad luck, and even if there was, I think you have had enough bad luck in the past few days to last for a lifetime. Surely you will catch a break, if anyone deserves to it’s you”

“Yes, I hope so”

“Oh, I almost forgot, the veil. It's in the top drawer of my cabinet. I’ll get it for you now”

“Alright, I’ll go out here and wake Morris. I'll see you in a second”
"Morris, honey, I know you shouldn't see the bride before the wedding but given the circumstances I..." "Morris? Morris! MORRIS where are you!?" "Whatever is the matter?"

"Morris, it's Morris. He's not here! Where has he gone? Oh no, Morris, something's happened to him!"
"Look here. The door's been left opened. Wide to the world" "Please, let me past. I have to find him, I have to get to him!"

"Princess, no! Do not go out there! You will be recognised!"

"I don't care. I have to find Morris, I have to!"
"Maybe I can help you?" A chilling voice rang out of the blue. "Where is Morris you ask? It would my great pleasure in answering that question for you" "You!"

"Yes, I. Don't you know I'm a man of my word? When I said Morris would be sent far away on a ship, I meant it. Don't worry, he didn't go off without a fight"
"You know Viv, he said the funniest thing. That you and he were about to get married. Isn't that hilarious? Oh you two are adorable. Needless to say I scuppered your little plans!" "Don't laugh, I'm warning you! DON'T you laugh at me!"

"Ah now sister, do calm down. Get out of this silly little fantasy of yours, what you and Morris had was puppy love, you'll get over him. You won't even remember his name next week! You always were so sensitive weren't you?"
"And DON'T you call me your sister!"

"I am not your sister. Not anymore. You are nothing to me now"

"Oh lovey, come here. Come here" "Go! Go away you wicked Prince! Get out of here, you are not welcome here. You're dispicable! I hope with my heart of hearts that you never our King!" "Very well. My job here is done" he announced with a sly smile, and with that he was gone.

"Oi, you there. I must say I've seen miserable faces in my life but yours has to top them all"

"You would be miserable too if you were in my situation, my friend!"

"I AM in your situation! Am I not being exiled to the middle of nowhere, too?"

"You haven't just lost the love of your life, though"
"And with her I have just lost my whole future. What is going to become of her, and I? What is going to become of this shambles that I call my life?" Thank you for reading Chapter 7 of Queen of Kings.

To be continued ...

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annarose16Sep 19, 2012

I waited for this for so long, and it was amazing! I love the way you just make me hate Grantley so much, that's how you know your story is great! Keep it up! \:D

pixi449Sep 19, 2012

Damn you Grantley!*shakes fist* Ooh, I hope the King gets back and puts him in his place! Keep up the good work! \:D

lish300Sep 19, 2012

UGGGHHH I absolutely HATE Grantley! He is just so mean!!! but you know what they say...what goes around comes around \;\) great job as usual!

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