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Published Jun 14, 2016

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The hot tub was warm but it seemed hotter as they sat staring into each other's eyes. He took his free hand and stroked her hair.
Shane: Nobuo....
But Nobuo covered her lips with a finger. He didn't want any words to spoil this moment. There was tension in the air. Good tension. Every ounce of his body wanted to resist the urge to touch her lips again.
He traced her face with his fingers. She closed her eyes allowing herself to become vulnerable to his touch. He ran his fingers down her face to her neck and along her arms.
Under the water his hands continued to her waist and hips.
In one motion he lifted her onto him. She let out a soft moan as she rested herself on his lap. Without hesitation she kissed him. He wrapped his arms tighter around her. They were deeply into each other.
He began to hear a faint sound in his ear. The sound continued and the more he paid attention to it the louder it became.
Nobuo woke up and turned off his alarm on his nightstand.
Nobuo: What a night? No more experimental food late at night.
He took one long stretch before finally getting out of bed. It was time to start the day.
But Nobuo couldn't get the dream out of his head. Was it wrong for him to dream about Shane like that. He sat down one last time on the bed.
Nobuo: No. It means nothing.
Jack: So how is the story coming along? I haven't seen you around in months.
Nobuo: Well I've been with Peaches a lot. I have been going through a dry spell with my writing. I look at the computer but nothing comes out.
Jack: Maybe you need a change of scenery or a muse. Whatever you did in the past to get those writing mojos going, do that.
Nobuo: Easier said than done. A few months ago I was writing nonstop. Now I can't figure out what to write about next. I keep starting the same page over.
Jack: Have you talked to Peache? Maybe get some space so you can get your head straight.
Nobuo: Again, easier said than done. She can be a little dramatic at times. So I like to keep the peace in our relationship.
Jack: What is it about her that you like again?
Nobuo: Jack!? How can you ask that? She's pretty, energetic. She's everything I'm not.
Jack: Sorry if I offended you. I just was curious. One moment you are just regular Nobuo and I blink my eye and you're talking about having a girlfriend and getting engaged.
Nobuo: Well she is really about getting married.
Jack: Have you told Shane yet?
Nobuo: No. I didn't think I had to. It's only talk. I mean Shane knows I care about Peaches.
Nobuo: Besides. Peaches is leaving for one of her annual trips with the girls. That will give me ample time to talk to Shane and let her know.
Jack: Well I feel for you my boy.
Nobuo: Why?
Jack laughed: If you don't know by now you will never know.
Meanwhile on the other side of the patio..........
Kait: He hasn't been home in a while. Always over the girl house.
Dia: It is his life Ms. Kait.
Kait: I just don't like her. She is just not right for him. He needs a nice girl. You know he makes an excuse every time I try to invite them over for dinner. He says she isn't that kind of girl. Now what does that mean? She doesn't eat?
Dia: I still think Shane should have told him how she felt about him. Then we wouldn't still be talking about this months later.
Kait: Everyone knows about it but him. And that you broke up with what's his face months ago.
Dia: Earth to Shane.....Shane? Are you hearing us or ignoring us.
Shane: A little of both.
Kait: We care about you dear. The both of you. But you have to tell him.
Shane: It's not worth it Ms. Kait. He's happy with her. Besides I haven't really talked to him in weeks. Not since we went out camping. She's been at his side everytime I try to say hi.
Dia: Then you find a time to tell him. They can't be that serious. They've only been dating for what...2 months at most. No one moves that fast.
Shane: No. He's fine. I don't want to ruin our friendship. If it's meant to be it will be.
Ms. Kait: Worst cliche ever.
Shane looked up but her eyes caught the two figures walking towards them. Her jaws clinched and she took a deep breath before putting on a fake smile.
Shane: hello.
Nobuo: Hello everyone. I want you all to meet Peaches.
Kait: So she is real.
Nobuo laughed nervously.
Nobuo: Peaches, this is Ms. Kait, Jack's wife. They live upstairs. This is Dia and you know Shane already.
The three ladies smiled at Peaches.
Peaches: Charmed.
After dinner Nobuo and Peaches went back to his apartment.
Peaches: Well that was nice. I was so happy when you were ready to go. The bugs were biting and it was so hot out there. I just don't know if I could stay out there a minute longer.
She took another sip of her drink and watched the television.
Peaches: Are you ready yet?
Nobuo: I will be. I'm just looking at this.
Peaches: Is it that story again? I told you to just scrap it and start over. You haven't written anything since we started dating.
Nobuo: I know. I just want to see if something happens. I feel like I may have something.
Peaches rolled her eyes.
Peaches: Fine. Just don't make it long. We have to see my friends after this.
Nobuo stared at the screen again. Peaches, annoyed, began playing the television louder as he started to type.
Nobuo: Honey, please.
Peaches: Your typing is just too loud. If you do it softer than I can hear the tv.
Peaches turned off the tv and turned to Nobuo.
Peaches: Have you thought about what we talked about. Living together, getting married.
Nobuo: I thought about it.
Peaches: And....
Nobuo: And...I'm still thinking about it. Marriage is a big step and I just don't want to rush it.
Peaches: You care about me don't you.
Nobuo: Of course I do Shane.
Peaches jerked. Shane? She was not Shane. Week later__________________________________________________

Nobuo: Table for 2 please.
Nobuo invited Shane out to dinner. It had been the first time in weeks the two had been alone. She wasn't sure what to think of the invite but went along.
Nobuo: I'm glad you agreed to come out. I feel like we haven't seen each other in awhile. I wanted to catch up with you. How is school?
Shane: Fine. I'm taking most of them online now so I can work.
Nobuo: How long before you finish?
Shane: One more semester. What about you? How is the book?
Nobuo: Not good. I've been suffering from writer's block for a month now. I get to the computer and nothing.
Shane: Have you tried changing up your routine?
Nobuo: If you mean stop hanging out with Peaches then no.
Shane: I wasn't talking about her. Just go back to what you did before.
Nobuo: That's exactly what Jack said.
Shane: Well read me what you last have.
Nobuo: Really?
Shane: Sure. Maybe I can help.
Nobuo took out his notebook and began reciting a few passages from the last chapter.
Nobuo: It's still a working process. So what do you think?
Shane: Well.......
Nobuo: You don't like it huh?
Shane: It's not that. It just changed a lot from what you starting writing.
Nobuo: Yeah I know. I thought about what Peaches said and just went with something more interesting. More lively and upbeat.
Shane: But it was interesting.'!
Nobuo: Okay. Okay. I get it.
Nobuo: I miss this. You and I. I mean us talking like this.
Shane: Yeah well you have Peaches and I have classes.
Nobuo: Let's not stop just here.
Shane: What do you mean?
For the next few weeks Nobuo and Shane began hanging out with each other as they had done before. With Peaches gone on her annual trip, there was more time Nobuo had to reconnect with Shane. Nobuo: Have I finally found something I can beat you in?
Shane: Whatever. I let you win.
Nobuo: Best out of 3?
Shane: You're on.
They even made the best duo at the table games with friends. Nobuo: So when do you want to go on another trip under the stars again. There is another shower happening in a month from now.
Shane: I don't know.
Nobuo: Oh come on. You know you liked it the last time.
But that was not what Shane was thinking about. She was thinking of what almost happened that night with him.
After the movies they headed to the local pub for drinks. It was a group outing with friends from the complex. They indulged in the drinks, ate bar food, and sang karaoke throughout the night. And when it became late Shane and Nobuo stayed behind as the others decided to go home.
Nobuo recognized the song playing on the jukebox. It was the song they danced when she taught him.
Nobuo: Shall we.
Shane hesitated a little but agreed to join him.
Shane: You've improved.
Nobuo: I had a good teacher.
They adjusted their embrace. Nobuo rested his forehead against hers. They were silent again.
Nobuo: I miss this.
Shane: What?
Nobuo: Being close to you.
He leaned over to kiss her cheek.
She could feel his mouth move across her cheek to the middle of her face.
Shane: Nobuo! It's getting late. I think we should be heading back.
Nobuo: Right.
They didn't speak on the way back to the complex. Shane had never walked faster. Nobuo walked her to her door. Before unlocking it she turned to him.
Shane: Nobuo. I had a really good time.
Nobuo: And so did I. How about movies tomorrow night my place.
Shane: I have something to do.
Nobuo brought her hand to his face.
Nobuo: Change it.
She sat her purse on the table as she entered the apartment. She didn't turn on the lights. Instead she stood in the middle of her living room trying to stop her heart from beating. Shane: I can't believe I let you talk me into watching this. Who's idea was scarey movies tonight.
Nobuo: Yours.
Shane: Well I must have been drinking. This is gruesome.
Nobuo: After this we'll watch a few disney movies.
Shane and Nobuo fell asleep while watching the last dvd. He awoke to find Shane laying on top of him. He leaned closer to kiss her forehead. She muffled at his motion.
Nobuo: Shane....Shane?
She raised her face to him.
He leaned forward to kiss her again. Only this time it was her lips. And this time she did not reject him. Peaches: NOBUO!
Nobuo jumped up from his couch.
Nobuo: Peaches. You're here.
Peaches: I left the trip early. And it's a good thing I did.
Nobuo: Honey.
Peaches: Honey? I can't believe you. I need to get out of here.
Nobuo rushed out to the courtyard to stop her from leaving.
Peaches: Get out of my way Nobuo
Nobuo: I'm sorry.
Peaches: You are so right. You are sorry. I thought you cared about me.
Nobuo: I do. I do.
Peaches: Then what was that?
Nobuo: I don't know.
Peaches: You don't know. Well let me tell you what I boyfriend kissing his neighbor. How long has this been going on behind my back?
Nobuo: It hasn't. It was just one kiss.
Peaches: It didn't look like just one kiss to me.
Nobuo: I'm sorry Peaches. I didn't mean to. It just happened.
Peaches: That's the lamest excuse ever. Nothing just happens. I can't believe you Nobuo.
Nobuo: I'm sorry Peaches. I really am. I care about you. I really want this to work. I don't know why I did it.
Peaches: Do you love her?
Nobuo: What?
Peaches: Do you love her?
Nobuo: She's my friend. That's it.
Peaches: Prove it. Don't see her anymore
Nobuo: Peaches.
Peaches: If you care about me then you will no longer see her again. You'll move in with me.
Nobuo: Peaches I can't just up and leave my home.
Peaches: If you care about me the way you say you do then you will.
Nobuo: Can I at least think about this?
Peaches: What's there to think about? It's either her or me.
Nobuo hung his head in defeat. He hurt Peaches and wanted to do anything to make it right.
Nobuo: Okay.
Peaches: Okay what?
Nobuo: I want this to work. So I will no longer be friends with Shane.
Shane knocked on Nobuo's door. Things felt awkward after that day. She kept her distance. But this time she received a text from him. She knocked on the door again.
Shane: Nobuo?
The door opened. Shane stepped back.
Peaches: Come in.
Her smile was big but seemed overly done.
Peaches: Come in.
Shane: I was just...
Peaches: I messaged you to come over.
Shane: You.
Peaches: Yes. I wanted to talk to you. Woman to woman. Please sit down.
Shane slowly joined Peaches onto the couch. She was cautious. She didn't know what to think and did not want to overestimate Peaches.
Peaches: I know you must be wondering how I feel finding my boyfriend with his friend kissing.
Shane: Well...
Peaches: I have to admit I was really angry at first. I wanted to slap you both. But I decided to take the high road. Nobuo and I are going to take the next step in our relationship. We're going to be living together in a few days.
Shane: Moving in?
Peaches: Yep. And he has promised me that he is going to no longer be friends with you.
Shane: What?
Peaches: Oh you don't expect me to turn a blind eye to what I saw. So to ensure that nothing will happen between you two again, he will be moving in with me.
Shane: But nothing will happen.
Peaches: Exactly. Nobuo's my man and I know what's best for him. And don't worry about calling him. I've blocked your number from his cellphone.
Shane wanted to cry. But she wasn't going to let Peaches see her do it. Instead she gathered her things.
Peaches: Leaving?
Peaches followed her to the door.
Peaches: Goodbye. Have a good evening.

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#1Bo0GeRBELLJul 27, 2016

I absolutely LOVE this story! Can't wait to see what's going to happen next. If Peaches has to do all that to keep Nobuo on a leash, then she's already lost. As for Nobuo, hopefully he'll learn that love doesn't have to be oppressive; besides he says that he "cares" for Peaches but never has said love. As I've always said, better than TV! \:rah\:

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