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Published Aug 31, 2016

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Peaches stood in the kitchen mixing the ingredients for breakfast. She was humming sweetly to herself. Every now and then she would look back to Nobuo who was scribbling in his notebook. It had been almost a month since he moved out of the apartment to live with Peaches. He was doing the right thing to save their relationship. Or at least that is what he kept telling himself. Peaches: So have you thought about what we talked about last night?
Nobuo: You talked about a lot of things. Which one?
Peaches: Quit playing. You know I'm talking about the engagement.
Nobuo went back to his notebook.
Peaches: I know you heard me. We've been dating for months and now that we live together it's the next step.
She kept talking more and more and he began to tune her out. He wanted to finish at least a paragraph in his story. His mind drifted. And he began smiling foolishly.
Peaches: Nobuo? Nobuo? Did you hear me?
Nobuo: What?
Peaches: Let's go out?
Nobuo: Fine. When?
Peaches: Tonight. There is this new club that opened last week and my friends and I want to check it out.
Nobuo: I thought you were talking about just us?
Peaches: Well that would be boring. Besides, we have plenty of time for that. You know....once we get married.
Nobuo: Speaking of friends. I was going to go visit Kait and Jack at the apartments.
Peaches: Just Jack and Kait?
Nobuo: Come on Peaches. We're not getting on that again. You have to trust me at some time.
Peaches: Some day I will.
She kissed him on the head and went back into the kitchen.
Gia: So how long has it been since you seen Nobuo?
Dia: Weeks. Since the witch got ahold of him.
Shane: Dia! (she spat) We kissed and so she doesn't want him to come around anymore. He obviously loves her and being my friend messes that up.
Gia: Sounds a little insecure to me. If he really loves her then she wouldn't have to give her an ultimatum.
Shane: Well what would you do if you caught your boyfriend kissing another woman.
Dia: Dump him. Right there. Then I would punch her in the face.
Shane: So besides the violence, she made him choose.
Dia: And he freely chose her?
Shane: I guess. What was I thinking anyway. We crossed the line. We were friends. It would have never worked.
Gia: It would if you took her out of the picture.
Shane: You two are relentless. It's over okay. End of story.
Dia: Well the best thing to do to get over a man is get under another one.
Shane: No. I'm swearing off men for a minute.
Gia: Then women?
Shane: GIA!!
Shane couldn't stop laughing at her friends. They were trying to console her but all she could do was listen as they went on giving her love advice.
Dia: Well there is the new club that I want to go to. Let's make it a date and go out. Just the girls.
Gia: That would be great. I haven't gone out in so long. What do you say Shane?
Shane: I haven't been in the mood to party lately. Besides I have finals and with the move, I need to get some more studying done.
Dia: Oh c'mon. It's just one night and a break from the books.
Shane: You two go and have fun.
Gia: Never thought someone would have such an effect on you Shane.
Shane: It's not Nobuo. I have to study okay.
Gia: I never said it was Nobuo.
The Razzle Dazzle had only been open for the past two weeks and it's popularity was growing. Shane reluctantly agreed to join her friends at the club after they kept calling. She wasn't in the mood but committed to one hour just to get them to stop calling.
She had to admit it was nice to get out with friends and not think about everything that was troubling her. School, work, and Nobuo.
Peaches: Didn't I tell you this would be great?
Nobuo: Yeah. Yes you did. This is fun!
Peaches: Can you go get me a drink from the bar?
Nobuo: No problem.
Peaches and Nobuo. Of course she would be here. Shane noticed him as he walked across the dance floor to the bar. With Peaches and friends near the entrance she knew it would be trouble if she was seen. She had to get away. Shane panicked and walked quickly to the balcony area. There was no one else there and she would be able to collect herself. She couldn't figure why she was so nervous. She was doing nothing wrong. She was free to go about as she pleased. And who cares if she saw Peaches and Nobuo. She took a deep breath of the night air and decided to walk back inside.
Shane: This is silly.
Nobuo: Shane.
She jumped at his voice.
Nobuo: Sorry. I thought I saw you. Gia said you came up here.
Shane rolled her eyes. Gia! She refused to look at him. Instead she kept her eyes on the stars.
Shane: Long time.
Nobuo: Yes. It has been. I wanted to hi.
Shane: Hi.
Nobuo walked closer to her.
Nobuo: Are you still mad at me?
Shane: I never was. You and Peaches are a great couple and what we did that night was wrong.
Nobuo: But
Shane: And you chose her. That's who you love and want to be with....
Nobuo: Right.
Nobuo: Well I at least wanted to invite you to our housewarming party?
Shane: Are you sure she is okay with that?
Nobuo: Suprised. I know. It was her idea. We're having it at the end of the month. Say you'll come.
Shane: I will have to see. I have a lot of things to do in the next weeks but I will try to stop by.
Nobuo: Great. Well I have to go. Peaches might be looking for me. It was great seeing you again.
Shane stayed outside for a few moments longer before returning back to the rest of the partying outside. Why should she go and celebrate Peaches and Nobuo. To be the better person, to show that their relationship did not phase her. I guess. Everyone from Nobuo's old apartment and Peaches friends were at their party. Sometime during the socializing Peaches stood in the living room with Nobuo.
Peaches: I am so happy that all of you could come and share in this joyous moment with Nobuo and I. It's been an....experience this past month.
Nobuo stood close to Peaches. His eyes kept flashing at Shane from time to time throughout her speech. He wondered what she was thinking but thankful that she came.
Peaches: I guess it's time that Nobuo and I share the good news with everyone.
There was a small pause. Nobuo was still looking at Shane, he wasn't paying attention to Peaches until she gave him a small nudge with her elbow.
Peaches: Nobuo and I are getting MARRIED!
Nobuo: uh
Peaches: After talking about it for so long we have finally decided that it's time to take the next step and we will be getting married... in two weeks
All of her friends clapped and congratulated the couple. Nobuo was still in shock that she would announce something like that. It wasn't the right time to talk to her so he let everyone shake his hand and hug them.
Shane tried to keep a good face. She was not going to show how horrible she felt that Nobuo was going to marry Peaches. She kept trying to tell herself that this is what he wants. But inside she was hurting. Nobuo was finally gone. The party continued and Nobuo was finally able to get Peaches alone.
Nobuo: What are you doing? We didn't agree.
Peaches: You love me don't you. Why prolong this. We are meant to be.
Nobuo: Peaches -
They were interrupted again by more friends.
The next day Nobuo arrived at his old apartment complex. He knocked on Shane's door. But there was no answer. He couldn't really see in the inside but there was light on so he knew she had to be home.
He called her name. Nothing.
Kait: It's no use. She's not home.
Nobuo: Kait. Well when will she be home.
Kait: I don't know. She doesn't live there anymore.
Nobuo: What? When?
Kait: About a week ago. She moved after she finished school.
Nobuo: I wanted to talk to her about last night.
Kait: Congratulations. Sorry we didn't tell you. There seemed to be too many people for us to talk to you personally.
Nobuo: Yeah, thanks.
Kait: Two week huh? Pretty soon.
Nobuo: Yeah well...
Kait: How do you feel?
Nobuo: To be honest I don't know how I should feel.
Kait: Well as long as you love her then everything will be fine. Love makes everything better. You love her don't you.
Nobuo: You know. I....I don't really know.
Kait: Don't know? Well you better find out before it's too late.
Nobuo: I know. Maybe it's just jitters.
Kait sat on the bench and patted the seat next to her.
Kait: Nobuo, I love you like you're one of my own. At times I feel like you are. So please take this as motherly advise. When you marriage is a big step. It is the step you take when you see yourself spending the rest of your life with someone because you can't see spending the rest of your life without them in it. It's more than just a piece of paper. It's a promise and a commitment to that person. If you're not there, then you really need to think about what you are doing.
Nobuo: Thanks Kait. I really care about Peaches. And she is the first girlfriend I've had...ever had. She is pretty and caring and brings out the things in me that I cannot.
Kait: But do you love her.
Nobuo: I do....I think...I don't really know what love feels like.
Kait: When you feel it you know. Well it's late and I have to volunteer in the morning.
Kait raised from the bench and gave Nobuo a hug before walking away.
Kait: By the way, Jack and my anniversary is coming up. We decided to celebrate it at The Cottage Place. It's going to be really nice with all our family and friends. We would like it if you can come.
Nobuo: I'd be delighted.
Kait: Great. And you can bring your fiance as well.
Nobuo: Fiance..right.
Peaches: Next weekend. I can't do that.
Nobuo: Why not?
Peaches: Well we don't have time to plan for the wedding. I know I said simple and small but even that takes time to plan.
Nobuo: Well we can always postpone the wedding Peaches.
Peaches: You MUST be kidding.
Nobuo: Well then I will go.
Peaches: NO! I mean...we would miss so much. There are still the invitations, dress, cake, reception. I was thinking good courthouse wedding would do just fine. It's the party that really matters.
Nobuo listened she wouldn't stop talking. And the more she talked the more his stomach began to ache.
The Cottage Place was an old mansion that was turned into a bed and breakfast and banquet all in one. It was Jack and Kait's favorite place to go for Saturday brunch. They had a beautiful hall that held small celebrations and it was perfect for the couple. Jack: I am so happy that 40 years ago you decided to give this old boy a chance at love and happiness. I give my love to you again, as I did all those years ago on our first date until our last.
Kait: You always know how to sweet talk me.
Jack and Kait hosted an intimate dinner party with all their friends and family. But they stayed close together always kissing and doting on one another. Shane sat on the edge of the fountain. At first dipping her fingers inside the water, letting the water ripple in the other direction. There was a lot of love in the hall and she just needed room to breath. She needed to be alone and away from all the celebrating. Lately she just hadn't been in the mood to be happy with everyone else. The sound of footsteps made her look up in it's direction.
Shane: Nobuo!
Nobuo: Hi. I was looking for you.
Shane: Are you just now getting here?
Nobuo: Yeah. Peaches decided she wasn't feeling well at the last minute so I made sure she was okay before I left. Why are you out here?
Shane: To be alone.
Nobuo: Oh.
Shane: But you can stay.
Nobuo sat next to her on the fountain. They were silent, nervous, and not knowing what to say first.
Nobuo: So you moved?
Shane: Yes. A few weeks ago.
Nobuo: I came looking for you.
Shane: Why?
Nobuo: To talk.
Shane: But I thought
Nobuo: I didn't like you hearing about the engagement at the party. It was a surprise to me as well.
Shane: A surprise.
Nobuo: Never mind. So how is school and everything?
Shane: I graduate in a week.
Nobuo: Well congrats.
Shane: And your book?
Nobuo: I've put it away for now. I haven't gone anywhere with it in months.
Shane: Well, don't worry. You are going to get some great ideas.
Nobuo: Thanks. So why the move?
Shane: I needed a fresh start. Something new.
Nobuo: I understand.
They were silent again.
Nobuo began making little splashes in the water. He paused then flicked a little at Shane. She flinched and laughed.
Shane: Nobuo!
Nobuo: Remember the last time we went splashing in a fountain.
He tilted his head towards the fountain and smiled childishly at Shane.
Shane: No. No I can't
Nobuo: What? You are the one that say to just take a leap. Now you are stopping?
Shane: But what if we get caught?
Nobuo: We won't.
Shane: And when we get wet how will we dry off for the party.
Nobuo: Don't worry.
Nobuo took off his shoes and socks and leaped in the water. Shane rolled her eyes and joined him. She let out a big laugh as her feet touched the bottom.
Shane: I can't believe You convinced me to do this.
Nobuo: Come on. Are you afraid of ruining your makeup or your hair.
Shane: Absolutely not!
She kicked the water in his direction.
There was a burst of laughter outside the cottage. No one heard them splashing or Shane screaming each time the water got in her face.
Nobuo: You are going to be drenched.
Shane: I'm staying in a room upstairs. I'll be okay. Which is more than I can say for you.
She cupped her arms and threw a large helping of water at him.
All those moments together came right back to them. There was a euphoric feeling that came over Nobuo. It felt at easy in the water with her.

After calling a truce, Nobuo walked over to Shane to help her out of the pool. But as he grabbed her hand he found himself within inches of her face. Both of their heavy breathing matched and their breaths danced between them.
Shane: Nobuo.
Nobuo: Shane.
The morning after

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