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Starlight, Starbright - Chapter 10
Published Dec 10, 2012

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Not gonna bore you all, let's just get into it!


Not gonna bore you all, let's just get into it!
“WHAT?” Tessa yelled. She wasn’t sure she heard her friend right. She turned the television down.

Joanna just nodded. “That’s my song. He’s singing my song.”

“But how? Did you write it for him? I’m confused.” Tessa was looking at her best friend; Joanna stared blankly at the TV.

She shook her head, “No. I wrote the song and performed it at the track listing presentation for Miranda. This was one she didn’t pick.” There was no emotion in her voice.
Joanna felt numb. He had to have known the song was hers; Miranda was the only person who had copies of her song lyrics. Joanna hadn’t given it to Adonis or anyone else.

“Want me to turn it off?” Tessa asked quietly.

She shook her head no, “No, I want to see the end.” She stated.
By 12 am, Joanna had watched the man she was falling for sing 2 of her own original songs along with his own. Songs she sat down and wrote. Songs she loved and wanted to record. She couldn’t believe Adonis and Miranda could do this to her. She felt sick. She didn’t go to the studio the next day. She turned her phone off and didn’t leave the house. Joanna was hurt. She stayed in bed all day and cried. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact Adonis had betrayed her. She thought she knew him better than that. Tessa came home one day to find Joanna still in her pajamas, lying on the couch. She hated to see her best friend so upset after being so happy. The open call had changed her life, she hadn’t seen her so sad before, not even after all her rejections.

She had had enough. She wouldn’t let Miranda and Adonis get away with this.

“Joey, get up.” She said standing over her best friend.

“I am up. I’m just…laying here.” She mumbled.
Tessa sighed, “Enough is enough. We’ve got to do something. I’ve called a lawyer.”

Joanna sat up and looked at Tessa, “What do you mean? What can a lawyer do for me?”

“He’ll fight for you! He’ll make it so Adonis and Miranda pay for what they did. Literally! If he recorded those songs and didn’t give you credit, that’s stealing. Those are songs YOU wrote. You didn’t give any of them permission to use them, or record them, or perform them!” Tessa exclaimed.

Joanna was unsure. “What if they win? Miranda has a lot of connections. I don’t want to get embarrassed.”
Tessa rolled her eyes, “SO WHAT?! She’s a thief! Who knows how many times she’s done this. Maybe this was their plan all along! They knew from your song at the open call that you were an amazing song writer. Producers will do anything for their artist to succeed. Maybe Adonis was pursuing you just to get your music for his tour.” Joanna’s breath caught in her throat. Tessa’s words hurt. Could that really have been the truth? Could their whole relationship be a lie? Maybe that’s why he never made it official. If he had really cared about her, he would have asked her if it was okay. Maybe even refused to sing the songs at all. His betrayal saddened her deeply, but her sadness was quickly turning to anger.

“I’ll talk this guy. What’s his name?” she asked shortly.

“Demi Hardgrove. He’ll win us this case Joey. I won’t let these people hurt you like this.”
Joanna stood up and hugged Tessa, “Thank you Tess. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”

“You’ll never find out. I love you.” She replied.
Joanna never went back to the studio. Her voicemail and email were full of messages from DeClan, Miranda, even Adonis, all calling to see where she was and what was up with her. She ignored them all.

She had to hurry and get dressed. She had called the lawyer a week ago; her appointment with Demi was today.
She took Tessa's car and drove to the address Demi provided; he was working from home, and it was amazing. The house was beautiful despite the nasty weather. She parked the car and headed inside.

She walked up to the door nervously. What if he couldn’t help her? What if there was nothing they could do? She would have to let Adonis keep singing her songs, telling the world they were his. Making money and becoming even more famous for music he had no permission to use.
She found her way to his front door. She knocked and waited. She hoped this was the right thing for her to do. She had always trusted Tessa’s opinion. She was even more nervous about seeing the man on her own. She knew nothing about him. She begged Tessa to come with her, but she insisted Joanna go alone. She was lost in her thoughts, so she didn’t hear the door open and see the man in front of her. He cleared his throat and smiled, “Joanna I presume?” he said smoothly.

Joanna looked up. In front of her was one of the most handsome men she’d ever seen in her life. All she could do was nod. She hoped this wasn't going to be a problem.
They walked into his home and straight to his office. She looked around in awe as she followed the man down the hall and up the stairs. They sat down at his desk and he smiled again. Joanna made a mental note to kill Tessa as soon as she got home. She smiled politely back.

“So, your friend Contessa gave me the gist of your problem, but why don’t you tell me what happened in your own words.” He said, sounding very business-like.
She explained the whole story. The contest, working with Miranda, and dating Adonis. She told him about the EP she was offered, and the track listing presentation she had to do. She explained that Miranda asked for a copy of all the songs she had written to be considered, and not hearing anything about the music again. Finally, she told him about Adonis’ concert last week in Bridgeport, where he sang two of the songs that she had written and given to Miranda. Demi sat quietly and listened. He took notes at times, but mostly sat there and looked at Joanna as she told her story. When she was finished he sighed. “Well, that is quite a story. I think we have a case. Can you prove that the songs are indeed yours and that you alone wrote them?”

Joanna nodded, “My song book is in my house. I’ve been using it forever. I have tons in my house just like it.”
Demi smiled, “Good. And you’re absolutely sure you gave Miranda NO permission whatsoever to do what she pleased with the music once you handed the copies of the lyrics over?”

Joanna nodded again. She never even considered Miranda would do this to her, she never told her she could give the music away for anyone, not even Adonis whom she really cared for, to sing without her knowledge or permission.
“Well, then I think we can move forward. We can take it to court if you want to take it all the way. It may be messy, with your rising popularity and Adonis’ lucrative career, or we could try to settle out of court. Get you your money, and you can move on with your life. You didn’t sign a contract, and from what you’ve told me your EP isn’t finished; you can take the music and run. You’d have no ties to the label at all. The choice is yours.” Joanna didn’t know what she wanted to do. She was still angry, part of her wanted to make a scene, tell the world how Miranda and Adonis operate; but somehow she still cared for Adonis, and although she knew she would never be with him in the end, she didn’t think she could ruin his career. “If it’s going to be messier, we can settle out of court. I just want my music back, though now I won’t be able to sing the songs without someone thinking I’m just doing a cover.” She said sadly. Demi nodded, “You’re a nice girl. Too nice if you ask me. Don’t tell anyone, but if it were me, I’d drag them through the mud.” He winked at her. Joanna smiled.

“So about me paying you…I haven’t got the money at the moment, but I plan on moving out of my home, I have to trade my car in also, so…” she was stopped by Demi raising his hand.

“Don’t worry about paying me now. We’ll deal with that later. As for moving out of your house and trading in your car, I wouldn’t make those big moves just yet.”
Joanna shook her head, “Without the money from doing the EP, I won’t be able to afford the rent or car payments. With my winnings from the open call I paid for the next three months,I'll have to be out by the end of winter if I don't get my advance.”

Demi nodded, “Yes, but by the time this is all over, you’ll have enough money to keep paying for the loft and the car as long as you need. I’m going to make it so you get paid every time each of the songs is performed or played. On the radio, during concerts, even on movie soundtracks. I’ll take care of you Joanna.”
She smiled. She was thankful for this man, even though she could barely look him in the eyes. She just hoped he was as good a lawyer as he was good looking. She stopped the thought and quickly scolded herself.

It was dark by the time their meeting was over. They shook hands and Joanna went home, still nervous, but confident the man would do all he could to win her this case.
Hope you enjoyed!

See you next time!


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