Starlight, Starbright - Chapter 4
Published Oct 25, 2012

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I'm back!

Sorry it took so long! I just have alot going on right now, I won't take so long with the next chapter I promise!!

I'm back!

Sorry it took so long! I just have alot going on right now, I won't take so long with the next chapter I promise!!
“What is taking you so long?!” Tessa shouted from the tiny living room.
“It’s already 8:15 and you STILL haven’t picked out a dress!”
Joanna was in her room, still in her towel, going through all the dresses her best friend brought over for her dinner with Adonis. She was already nervous; she was still in shock the date was even taking place.

“I don’t know which one to put on!” she shouted back at Tessa. She could hear her best friends' moan of exasperation from the other side of the door.
Tessa barged into the room, “We don’t have time for this. I still have to do your makeup and hair, and he’ll be here in less than 45 minutes.”

She grabbed the first dress she laid eyes on and shoved it at her friend, “Here. This is what you’ll be wearing, now let me do your hair.”
The girls were finished just in time. Joanna was giving herself one last look over. She liked the dress; she always liked Tessa’s clothes. She hoped Adonis liked it as well.

The doorbell rang and Tessa squealed in excitement. She looked at Joanna and went to go open the door for him. She looked at herself again in the mirror and took two deep breaths.
“Oh Joooo! Someone is here to take you ooooout!” she heard her friend shout. She rolled her eyes and laughed. She took one more calming breath and headed out to the front of the house. Adonis’ face lit up when he saw Joanna. She looked amazing. He smiled and presented her with a bouquet of white roses. Joanna blushed and went to find a vase to put them in.

“You two have fun now!” Tessa said with a laugh. The pair said their goodbyes and Adonis led her to his car.
Joanna was a nervous wreck. It was a beautiful night, so Adonis asked that they were seated outside. He couldn’t help but smile at her. She blushed and looked down. “What?” she asked quietly.

He shook his head, “Nothing. You look great tonight. Everyone’s eyes are on you.” He smiled back at her.
It was Joanna’s turn to shake her head, “No. They’re all looking at you. You’re the one that’s famous, I’m just with you, that’s all.”

“I’m pretty sure the valet wasn’t checkin’ me out. I don’t think I’m his type.” They both laughed. “You look beautiful in that dress, Joanna. Give yourself some credit.” She blushed at his compliment.
The rest on the night went by smoothly. Joanna really enjoyed herself with Adonis. They talked about what and who inspired them to sing, their favorite songs, movies, and food. The never ran out of things to say to each other. She couldn’t believe she was actually out with THE Adonis Alexander. Her life had changed so quickly in just a few short weeks. Dinner had ended way too soon for Joanna’s liking. Before she knew it they were on her front step saying their goodbyes.

“I really had a wonderful night. Thank you for asking me to dinner Adonis.” Joanna said shyly.

“Please, call me Don.” he smiled, “And it was my pleasure. I had a lot of fun. You’re a really cool person.”

Joanna’s smiled faltered; a cool person?
Like a friend? She tried not to let it show on her face.
Adonis hadn’t seemed to notice, “Well, I’ll see you at the studio. Goodnight.” He leaned in and Joanna’s hope spiked once more. Maybe he didn’t mean friend! The hug he gave her quickly stowed that hope, leaving Joanna disappointed as she walked inside her home. “A HUG?! He gave you a friggin’ hug?!” Tessa yelled from the other side of the phone. She had called her the instant she showered and dressed for bed.

Joanna sighed, “Yeah, I mean, maybe he asked me out just to be nice!” she tried to reason. Tessa was hearing none of it.
“No way, we’re talking about ADONIS ALEXANDER. He’s infamous for his dates! I’m sure he wouldn’t be if he was ended all his dates with a hug!” she said the word like a curse word.

“I don’t know. I was just hoping for too much I guess.” She conceded. She talked to her friend for a few more hours and headed for bed.
It had been little less than a month since her date with Adonis. Neither of them had spoken about it, or the way it ended, since. She was confused. She had thought he liked her, they talked every day, in the studio and out, but he had never made a move on her or asked her out on another date. She had been in the studio recording her single almost every day; and she was almost finished. Adonis had been right; Miranda did like Joanna, and quickly offered her an opportunity to make an EP. She would get a contract with Shooting Starlight Records depending on its success. After that, she could record an actual album and possibly go on tour. The label was in the works of planning a party to debut her new single and introduce her to the world. Joanna was beyond excited. She hadn’t quit her job after winning the contest. She had been looking for a new place to live and a new car, and the prize money she won would not keep her afloat after they were paid off.
The coffeehouse offered its usual busy day, this time it was filled with big tips and congratulations on her win. Joanna still disliked her job, although winning the contest made the day go by a bit easier; customers were much nicer to her.
It had slowed down around 5; nobody was in the shop, so Joanna took the time to clean up a few hours early. She started singing a new song she had made up in her spare time about Adonis.

“It feels so right now,
Hold me tight,
Tell me I’m the only one,
And then, I might..
Never be the lonely one..”

Hold Me Tight - The Beatles
She didn’t hear the bell chime on the door alerting her of a new customer; she just kept cleaning and singing her secret song to her secret crush…

“Hold me tight,
Let me go on loving you,
Tonight, tonight..
Making love to only you,
So hold, me tight,
Tonight, tonight,
It’s you, you, you you…”

Hold Me Tight - The Beatles
“Ahem. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting…” the voice said.

She froze. No. No, no, NO! She spun around to see Adonis standing there smirking at her, “Nice song…is that for someone special?”
She could punch herself in the face at that moment, “Um, no…just part of a song I just thought of one day…” she tried to explain calmly. “Can I get you anything?”

“Nope, I just came by to see when you got off; I wanted to hang out if you weren’t busy.” He offered. She smiled meekly at him.

“Well the shop closes at 8, you could come back around 8:30, it won’t take me long to close up if we stay slow like this.”
He smiled, “Nah, that’s okay, I’ll just stay here ‘til then,” he sat at a nearby table, “finish your song, I wanna hear it.”

“Oh no, no, that’s okay.” She laughed nervously, “that’s as far as I’ve gotten anyway.”

Adonis nodded and smiled, they chatted for the last remaining hours of her shift and set off to the city park.
They pair had walked around the park that night; it had been a hot day, so the evening cooled itself down to a warm temperature. They had walked awhile until they reached a bench and sat down. They had talked the entire evening and settled into a comfortable silence. Adonis sighed contently, “I like hanging out with you Joanna. Even though it hasn’t been that long since I met you.”

Joanna smiled, “I like hanging out with you too. I never really had a guy friend before, back home I always hung out with girls; I never really counted my brothers friends.” She had meant it, she really did like being with Adonis, she had just wished it were more on a romantic level than a friendship level. She had never brought the topic up, and since neither did he, they stayed just friends.
“Would you mind coming to a gig I got coming up? I usually only do the big venues, but I do a few bars and coffee shops here and there. I have a show coming up next week, I wrote a new song that I haven’t played for Miranda yet, I want you to be the first to hear it and tell me what you think.” Joanna was taken aback, “Really? I’d love to Don, thank you for asking me.”

He smiled and nodded. After about a half hour of more conversation, the duo headed to their cars and went their separate ways.
Adonis got in his car and sat with his hands on the steering wheel. He could barely contain his excitement. Joanna agreed to come to his gig. There, he would play the song he wrote for her and could finally tell her how he felt about her. He was tired of being just friends, he wasn’t sure how she felt about him, and he didn’t want to pressure her into anything she didn’t want. He had never felt this way before about a girl, Joanna was definitely different. He smiled, next week he would finally get his feelings out. He would see what happened from there. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!! Again, sorry it took so long to put out! I'll start working on chapter 5 right now! lol

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#1enid30Oct 26, 2012

cool chapter ^^

#2spladoumOct 26, 2012

It's really nice to see that he's serious about her. Disappointment on the first date or no, getting more than a hug then would have probably left Joanna a lot more unhappy in the future. Great chapter. \:\)

#3jadababy2003VIPOct 28, 2012

This story warms my heart as I too am an aspiring singer, working on my first solo al um. The realism effect is amazing...and the premise is one to be explored. Your writing talent is impeccable....I can't wait for more. Phenomenal!!

#4ZafaraOct 30, 2012

Love love LOVE! this story \:D Keep posting x

#5ExtremePIENov 2, 2012

You are so inspiring.I am a boy and I love this story.You have inspired me,though I will never be as good as you.I love your story.

#6baby121Nov 3, 2012

omfg chapter 5 soooooooooooon because it is just so amazing like i need it now.

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