The Bachelor - 3
Published Aug 3, 2012

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Keisha Feller.

CC Credits:

- Danielle's Pyjama: Asia FTE-002

- Danielle's black and purple dress: ( can't remember the Creator's name.. Ouch)

- Kim's red Undergarments: sexy lingerie by Redcat


Thanks for reading!

( I'll keep'em coming!)

Keisha Feller.

CC Credits:

- Danielle's Pyjama: Asia FTE-002

- Danielle's black and purple dress: ( can't remember the Creator's name.. Ouch)

- Kim's red Undergarments: sexy lingerie by Redcat

Today's going to be a wonderful day!

I didn't really type that though, I was just thinking it! In fact, today was my first day off ( well at least I considered it to be). I had the entire day free and only had to go by Kevin Rucker in the evening to assist for his Photoshoot.
So this gave me a little more time to work on the paper I was writing about him.

" Pretentious. Full of himself. Pretentious." Those were literally the first words that came to my mind when I thought of him. I prayed the day would come with more inspiration!
Today was Jackie's turn to do the laundry, but she missed it. Again. She was actually excused, because her new job( as a music Teacher at the community school for Gifted) required that she wakes up early every morning. This was actually the only job she managed to keep, and I had told her I was proud of her for that. She wouldn't have, if I hadn't insisted. Jackie is not really a job person, she wants to be " free". But as I told her, I love her a lot but the bills are not going to pay themselves. I really like these kind of days, because it gives me more time to do the things I enjoy the most! With my past job, I barely had time to go to the gym for exercise, not even for a simple morning jogging. And so today I was in a particularly good mood, delighting in the daily joys of the gym; such as realizing that you are not the only one falling from the treadmill! Though I reiterated my decision to come and exercise more often, I realized that I might need more " days off" to regain my perfect physical shape. Feeling kind of expensive, I indulged into some " spa time". Gosh, I had missed those days. Nothing compares to the pleasure of a mud bath and the feeling of daily grim, pressure or stress smoothly exiting your body following a Swedish massage... Though cooking wasn't the first activity I would think of getting involved in right after a 200 simeleons worth manicure, someone had to make sure we are fed every evening. And that someone wasn't Jackie. I wasn't the best of cooks, but I can tell you that I could come up with a breathtaking meal whenever I put my heart to it.

" Dinner is ready!" I shouted.
" What are we having?" Jackie asked, still in the bathroom.

I wonder what was taking her so long.
" Spaghetti with a veggie sauce! I replied. Hum... Nice... I auto-congratulated myself. But this could use some more pepper." I flew to my bedroom and started getting ready for work. I had had the whole day off, so there was no reason for me to be late. And even though Kevin wouldn't care, I still liked to stick to my principles. And there she appeared... Jackie: she stepped in the living room dressed in a fuchsia dress with african prints, and a marvelous egypt inspired necklace matching her earrings and complimenting her entire outfit.

" How do I look?" She asked, striking a timid pose.
" Waow Jackie, you look fabulous! She really was looking stunning. Is that a new dress?" I asked. " Yes it is! She replied, all excited. I am going out tonight with Duncan, so I thought of wearing something really special... We will first have Sushi by Charlotte, then we will head to "Los Suenos Private Club" and dance the night away!" " Ah, Jackie... I sighed. Will I ever be able to keep up with you? Just fill me in, you know, the old friend that I am. Who is Duncan?" " Oh, it's that African arts collector that I met the other day when I went to the Expo that I told you about... That night we had such a great time that he wanted to see me again!" Now let me fill you in before you get quickly lost in Jackie's little world:

Since we were in College, Jackie has always had this huge fantasy that she would marry an African Millionaire so she will never need to work; and she will enjoy breakfast everyday in her African Safari, watching the leopards walking around in the yard!"

Now don't ask me where this is coming from, because I met her with that!
" But what happened with the bartender from the other night? He seemed like a nice guy...

- Girl please! ( She replied) He has 4 kids! Who said I was interested in being a mother right now?

Aww... Poor little thing.. I thought.
" Don't wait uupp!!" She shouted, leaving the house. While Jackie was off to her exciting date with her african art collector,I was off to work with my puffed up Boss. Keeping the positive spirit that I had with me all day, I looked forward seeing what the night had in store for me... " Good night, Jared!" I greeted. " Oh my gosh, here she is! The woman of my dreams... So perfect, flawless... A real beauty coming from above.... No man can resist her, and at her sight... all tremble...Am I even worthy to be in her presence?"

" Jared?" I called, as he was strangely looking at me..
" You look beautiful tonight, he shyly complimented.

- Thank you, how nice of you to notice!" I politely replied.
Now what do I say.... The pressure is rising, she's looking at me.. and I'm looking at her.. I have to keep the conversation going.... I don't want her to think I'm boring...I need to say something smart to captivate her attention... " Do you like video games? ... Oh, what an Idiot am I.. is that the best I could come up with? What girl would want to play video games.... so stupid of me to say this...Am a loser.. " Oh yes, I do! I actually used to play it a lot with my twin sister when we were younger
" Wow, she actually likes it...I might have a shot at this here...I guess we could play it together sometimes!

- Yea, that would be cool! I replied."
" I'm going up to see if Kevin is ready for his Photoshoot!"

- I have a date... he kept telling himself.
... And look at those legs! S

he's so gorgeous...Like a goddess...
" Why don't you let me massage those beautiful shoulders of yours... A woman like you should not be going through any pain...

- Awww Kevin, you're such a gentleman...
" No, you are the gentlewoman... With a woman like you in my life, I feel complete. There's nothing else I could ask for... all my dreams become reality..." " Oh Kevin, where have you been all my life... you make me feel so special, so needed, so wanted!" " Hehehe... she bought it. So easily..." He then whispered something in her ears, and whatever it was she seemed to agree to it... Next thing you know, they started their making out session on the couch... " Oh my goodness!" I shouted, as I stepped in. I couldn't help myself. Why did I have to witness this scene?! The least they could have done is to get a room. Kevin Rucker was just one... carefree guy. And her to even agree to just be the " girl on the couch?" Urgh! As I unfortunately interrupted, they both suddenly lifted up their heads and I recognized her: she was the girl from the insurance company from the other day. Geez! Could she fall that low? Some women just.. don't have standards. Seems like she came back for that bottle of wine afterwards. I inwardly giggled. " Danielle! What are you doing here?" He asked, apparently surprised to see me there ( and I didn't understand why.)

- What do you mean " what am I doing here?" I work here, remember?
" What is she doing here? The blonde asked furious, clearly cheesed off because I was there. You told me she was the source of all your problems and the reason why you had made such poor decisions lately! And you said you had fired her, so why is she still here!

- Honey, just listen to me... I did fire her, but as you can clearly see she can't get enough of me and still doesn't want to let go! He replied, trying to sound innocent despite the guilty face.
I burst out laughing. He had just cracked me up one time! Really? He told her that? And she believed? Even from Kevin's face it was obvious that it was a lie. How couldn't she have seen that? Though it was hilarious, I had to say: either she was stupid, or Kevin was too good. " Seems like you too have some serious talking to do!" I said, making my exit, with still more laughter in my gut! Kevin: baby please, listen... He attempted a beg, trying to save his night.

The girl: oh just cut it out Kevin! You've been lying this whole time, and I trusted you! You're not any different from all the other guys, I really thought we had something!
The girl: is this even your house! She shouted, as she was leaving.

Though disappointed, he still pulled his head up high.
Meanwhile I had joined Jared downstairs for video games. I was quite surprised that I still had some moves in store, the last time I really played was when I was 12. And Jared was pretty good too. Kevin stepped in, and watched us play. I started laughing again, replaying the whole scene in my mind! This was just too funny to forget! He looked at me with his navy blue eyes:
" You enjoyed what you saw, huh?"

He still seemed quite embarrassed, but who cares. I dropped the Game remote and walked to him.

He tried to explain himself, but I cut him short.

" Save it, I don't need to hear. This is not the kind of scene I prepare myself for when I come to work here. So next time, make sure you are in your room with the door well locked, that way nobody gets to see too much."
I walked away, starting to tidy up the room for the Photoshoot. Gladly he didn't block my way this time.

Me: " And I might start charging you for using my name to get girls. What I pity you can't get them on your own, aren't you supposed to be Kevin Rucker? Hahaha! I mocked.
He chuckled.. ( I heard him fron behind) and kept looking in my direction. " Keep talking, Bella... Keep talking." ... And Geez... Those legs!"

To be continued.

Thanks for reading!

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I like the 7th picture, loled so hard xD

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Bella is giving Kevin grief, good for her.

Jared is sweet

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Kevin's such a dog! lol\:D

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