The Kirby Twins- Chapter 11
Published Feb 16, 2015

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The Kirby Twins are B.A.C.K!!!
I have a great explanation for this LONG absence! I temporary lost my flask drive containing ALL data for ALL my stories, but I finally found it! But there's no need for a LONG explanation, so let me cut to the chase. To ALL newbies- You know the drill for ALL stories posted on this site, read the previous chapters FIRST (Chapters 1-10), before you press the next page button!

As for non-newbies of this story- This is chapter 11, sorry for the long wait, if you don't remember much of what happened here, reread chapters 1-10. OR you could read this...

The Kirby Twins are B.A.C.K!!!
I have a great explanation for this LONG absence! I temporary lost my flask drive containing ALL data for ALL my stories, but I finally found it! But there's no need for a LONG explanation, so let me cut to the chase. To ALL newbies- You know the drill for ALL stories posted on this site, read the previous chapters FIRST (Chapters 1-10), before you press the next page button!

As for non-newbies of this story- This is chapter 11, sorry for the long wait, if you don't remember much of what happened here, reread chapters 1-10. OR you could read this...
Last Time On The Kirby Twins... The Twins and friends were in a dark room below one of the public parks after coming from a pool party that ended quickly by police showing up. They expected to hear police cars since they were hiding from them, but instead they heard wolf noises, which was far worse. When their friend Harmony Burchett volunteered to go and check the area, she never came back and was declared missing the next day. After their best friend disappeared, Stella and Becky have been going through more drama. Stella's bad break up and Becky getting in more trouble. BOTH having nightmares about their missing friend, which was also a warning. Not to mention, being in a dangerous situation like being kidnapped by people in black who want energy from BOTH girls. The dream warned them about The P-Team more than once. David Lampe, Harmony's former boyfriend, has had a thing for Stella for a while. He's also the one who rescued her and Becky from danger of being trapped by the dark creeps and were led home surprisingly quickly by the twins' spirit guardians. Stella accepted David's offer to go on a date with him as a “thank you gift” for rescuing her. Which gets them closer because they had a great time together. Brea Nooks, David's friend/admirer is not very happy with the friendship between him and Stella. Her problem with Stella is that she's Harmony's friend AND finds pretty girls a threat. She also believes because Harmony broke David's heart that Stella will do the same thing. So she tells her to stay away from him. Becky met her first love in Twinbrook, and had her first kiss with this boy. Which is this guy, Julius Franco. Becky encountered him at a ranch and declared him as her other rival after being humiliated by him. Making her uneasy as well because he's also the Twinbrook boy that gave her first kiss. But as always, the twins are still the same. Stella, The Heavenly Diva, and Becky, The Wild Child. That concludes the recap part and back to the continuation of this story, starting with Stella as the first narrator. Enjoy Reading! Today is the first day of winter, these days go by so quickly. Even so, I had my worries ever since my world fell apart from drama involving me! But I'm over it, it's a new season and I'm just warming up! Literally! I mean, it's cold out there! Right now I'm just sitting in the living room watching my favorite football team kick butt. It was Saturday, meaning no school. Which was of course, a relief! Then the game was cut by a breaking news cast.

News reporter: We interrupt this program to announce urgent news about two missing teenage girls from this town. This teen girl, Dona Ketterer is our most recent case, she was last seen this past Thursday at 8:00 in the evening.
“Dang! She's gone too?” Becky said walking up behind the couch I was sitting in.

I sighed and answered, “I afraid so.”

I couldn't believe we have another missing person in this town, and Dona just hosted a party on Spooky Day and we had a great time. Too bad I never gotten a chance to thank her for inviting us.

“That is the same girl who hosted the Spooky Day party! This is bad,” Becky frowned at the TV.
As soon as we saw Harmony's picture pop on the TV, we both jumped in shock.

News reporter: There's also another teen girl who disappeared in the middle of the fall season, she was last seen around 6:00 in the afternoon, friends say she was last seen at a pool party.
This breaks my heart, I still can't believe they haven't found her yet, or at least found any CLUES to where she might be. I just stood there as the news lady said Harmony disappeared without a trace!

“I'm pissed off!” Becky muttered.

“Me too, Becky, do you think we should go to the police station to see if they found anything out about her?” I asked.
“That wouldn't be bright, the cops around here are lazy quitters,” She answered in annoyance.

“We can't let this go, this is our friend, it's not like her to disappear like this,” I replied turning to her.

I'm still a bit upset that nobody has any word on Harmony! It's obvious that the P-Team has her, I just know it! They probably captured Dona too. But we don't want the others to know about these creeps because we don't want to put them in danger.
Just then the doorbell rang.

“I'll get it!” Andrew yelled out walking towards the door.

When I hear Andrew opening the door I asked, “I wonder who that could be.”
“It's probably my rebel buddy,” Becky smirked.

“Hey Becky, Randy's here!” Andrew called out from the main entrance as Becky chuckles, “Bingo!”

“How's it going squirt?” He greeted our brother with a smirk.

Andrew chuckles and replies, “I'm good! I got that new Call of Duty game, wanna play?”

“Maybe later kid, let me chill with your sister first.”
Once Andrew rushes upstairs, Randy comes in the living room. Becky gave him a smirk while I just had a small frown. Why the heck is HE here?

“How's it goin Beck?” He greeted Becky.
Becky walked up to him and greeted, “ What's up Sundy! Did you freeze out there?”

He chuckled, “Not yet!”

“What you mean NOT YET?! You're too much of a fire head to freeze!” She snickered.

“Look whose talking!” He smirked.

“Whatever, your head still the color of the sun!” She said arrogantly.
He rolls his eyes and says, “Anyways, didn't you tell me to come by here to plan revenge on your boyfriend?”

This stunned me, Becky has a boyfriend?

“He's NOT my boyfriend idiot boy!” Becky growled.

“Boyfriend or not, that Julius guy seems to be getting to you. You NEVER let us guys intimidate you,” Randy gave my sister a smug look.

“I'm not afraid of that punk!” Becky barked.

Randy laughed and replied, “Whatever, sissy! You got a crush!”

“Shut up!” Becky glaring at him.

I just stood there listening to them without saying a word. I seemed amused by this, especially at Becky's facial expression. She has a CRUSH? On the new guy?
Becky then gives the rebel a smirk with a raising eyebrow and says, “And what about YOU?!”

“What are you talking about sissy chick?” He asked with a frown.

“You know what I'm talking about!” Becky had this small evil grin on her face, which confused me.

Randy Spurlock of all people actually has a CRUSH? All the girls he flirted with at that school of ours? The skirt-chasing bad boy?! No way!

I broke my silence with an “Ahem!” Loud and rough!
“Oh sorry, pretty cat I didn't know you were still here,” she smirked at me as I turned to growl at her.

Becky turned back to Randy with a playful scold, “Shame on you, Sundy! You never said hello to my sister yet! Bad boy!”

Randy turned to me and greeted me with a flat tone, “Hey.”
I forced a smile and greeted him back, “Hello Randy, how are you?”

“Good,” He answered while turning away from me, which annoys me, Becky had a smirk on her face that I chose to ignore.

What's with this guy? He never makes eye contact whenever I say something to him. When I was in detention for fighting Debra, Randy of course was there, and then I asked him a simple question and he replied without looking at me. The jerk KNOWS it's rude to not look at the person that's talking to you! He never does that with others, so why me?
“Well I'll be right back guys, I'm going to the bathroom, make yourself at home Sundy!” Becky said walking out of the living room.

I gotten a bit upset with my sister now for leaving me alone with this criminal!
I growled and glared at Randy while he was facing towards the main hall to our house, just standing there. One time I complained to my sister about her hanging around this guy, because he's just a typical wild troublemaker! But our friends didn't mind Becky and him being friends. In fact, this guy had a one-time fling with Harmony, but you'll hear about THAT later it was CRAZY! Plus, it was WAY before she and David started dating. But me personally, I don't get this guy at all! Because of this.... FLASHBACK TIME! (Childhood Days)

Back in grade school, Randy used to tease and scare me and I never knew why. He would also stare at me a lot, and look away whenever I look back. One time I told my sister about it, then her and Harmony charged and attacked him. Then the other kids teased him for getting jumped by girls, and since that day he never picked on me again.
His natural hair color is definitely NOT yellow and red! His hair was like a mocha color. Even so, this little boy was a BRAT! A little jerk! And a weirdo too, even though he didn't tease me anymore, he still kept staring at me, even if he THINKS I don't notice! But now he's a high school delinquent.

He turns around and we just stared at each other for 10 seconds, in silence. Randy was the first to look away when I gave him a small frown.

“Did you give Becky a cheat sheet for that exam?” I asked which is why I frowned.

“Yeah...,” Randy answered still looking away.

“Why Randy?” My voice was full of irritation.
“Why not? Doesn't seem like a big deal to me,” He asked and he sounded annoyed himself.

I got from being annoyed to angry when he told me that.

“It is if you want to succeed in life! CHEATING your way to the top is NEVER gonna get you there! Of course YOU wouldn't get it!” I barked out as his eyes were on me as my angry expression was still there. He then chuckles.

“I don't see anything funny!” I was still glaring at him.

The delinquent boy turned back to look at me with a small smile saying, “Wow...”

My anger turned to confusion as I replied, “Wow what?”

He didn't answer, just walked pass me to sit down on one of the sofas. That's the first time in a while that he actually looked at me while talking.
Just then, my phone rang. I looked at the ID and I was happy to see who it was.

I answered the phone, “Hi David!”

“Hey Stella, how's it going?” David greeted on the other line.

“It's all good! What are you doing today?” I asked.

David and I have been talking for some time now, but NOT lovey-dove wise! Just friends, as I said a while back. Ever since he saved me from the P-Team prison, that date we went on, AND the day he brushed off my ex-boyfriend for me, we've became good friends. I know he used to date my best friend Harmony, but it's good to have a guy friend to feel better. While I'm on the phone with him, he told me he was bored at the moment and I asked if I could come over to just, hang out! And he was hoping I would by the tone of his voice.
Before I headed out the door to David's house, I turned to Randy and said, “Hey, will you tell Becky I'm going to David's house, in case she asks for me?”

Randy looks away and replies, “Sure, whatever.”

I became annoyed again by this.
I decided to address this “problem” with Randy and ask, “Why do you do that?”

“What are you talking about?” He asks still not looking at me.

I put my hands on my hips with a frown, “You do know it's rude to look away from the person you're talking to right?!”

Just then he had this nervous expression on his face even though he still looked away. Suddenly, he sighed and turned to look at me this time and replies, “I never noticed how cuter you are when you're mad.”

Randy's words surprised me as I said, “What did you-,”

He looked away AGAIN, interrupting me looking at the TV, “WOOOO! TOUCHDOWN! YEAH! GO LLAMAS!!”

I smirked at Randy crossing my arms, shaking my head and thinking “Typical bad boy wannabe” You know that situation when you were little and a boy teases you all the time and the reason is that he likes you? That's probably what this guy's case is! Him pretending I'm not here at the moment? Now I see what Becky meant. He flirted with all the girls that attract him except me. So Randy had a thing for me this whole time?
Putting the Randy issue aside, I arrived at my friend's house. David lives in a penthouse which was pretty interesting, I never been to his place before. I always assumed that he lived in a regular neighborhood house. Once I came inside the main entrance area, the first thing I see is the doors of the elevator. Once the elevators took me up, I quickly got off and walked towards the door that led to David's apartment. When I knocked on the door I heard David saying, “Who's there?”

“Hey David! It's Stella,” I answered.
David answered the door and once he saw me, he gave me a warm smile.

“Hey,” I greeted him.

“How's it going?” He greeted back.
I usually get uneasy and look away to hide my blushing face because of his beautiful smile. Instead, I just smiled back once I came inside his home. I don't know why, but I became relaxed being around him, more confident. Why you think I was the first to ask to come by? When I walked up towards the window, I was shocked and amazed at the view of the city. It's been a long time since I've seen the city up high.

“Wow...” Is all I said.

David chuckles and says, “Bet you can see your house from here.”

“I'm surprised that I don't! It's beautiful up here!” I replied still looking at the big city.
An hour later after watching TV, me and David were just chatting it up, like the endless Saturday! Even though I was less nervous around him, I still wanted to know what his deal was and when I asked him he gave me a smirk and called me a “question stealer.” I laughed at that, but I should be the one to call him that!

“We both have problems, Stella. But it wouldn't be fair to talk about it to friends right?” David said.

“Good point,” I agreed.

“Besides, you'll feel better!” He smiled.

Since David brought that up, I've been wanting to spill this out.
“Brea creeps me out!” I said arrogantly.

“What?” David gave me a confused tone.

“I've been wanting to tell you this for a while, but I didn't want you to be mad. I know she's your friend, but I'm thinking about keeping my distance from her.”

Last chapter she gave me a creepy glare telling me to leave David alone. I personally did nothing to her, but apparently she's taking her anger out on me because of her hatred towards my friend Harmony.
“Why are you bad mouthing Brea?” David said with a displeased tone and look.

“Because she gave me a reason to! And you're proving my point right now by getting upset about it! I'm sorry David, but your friend is a beady-eyed creep,” I reasoned.

“You're wrong about Brea! I know she has jealousy issues, but once you get to know her she's FAR different from that.” He gave me a small frown.

“I TRIED to be nice to her David, I really wanted to get to know her better, but she just flat out hates me for no reason!” I replied with a sad look.

He sighed and turned away from me.
I also looked away from him to just face the television screen. I was just going through my thoughts of David and his “chick friend.” Why is he so blind? That girl told me to stay away from him and I refuse to do that! Brea needs to accept the fact that David will never share her feelings. He even said so himself that he doesn't “love” her. I'm saying this because of Brea's attitude problem towards me. And David did say it's good to talk about your problems to friends, but not ALL the time. I still have doubts about revealing the P-Team to the others, since that will scare them or worse. Today is Monday, first school day of the week, YAWN! Becky and I were just walking into the school building and once we did, things started to get badly weird. Both of us were walking through the halls and a lot of students were staring at us with smirks and glares. “What is going on?” Becky whispered to me.

I couldn't reply because I froze at the picture between the lockers. Then I looked around and saw another picture, the same one. I got a feeling I know why these people are putting unwanted stares at us.
We walked over to the near by picture and saw SOMEONE kissing popular guy Kenny Varson. Yet, it says “Kenny and KIRBY! It looked like this girl with OUR hair color forced herself on him.

“What the hell is THIS?!” Becky said in anger. I was saying the exact same thing in my head!

I don't EVER recall even interacting with Kenny Varson in my years of high school! Or even Becky! We couldn't see the girl's face on here! So how can someone put our last name below this picture?!
We both heard whispers and snickering coming from our schoolmates as we glared at the picture. What kind of chick would frame us like this?

“Someone's trying to make us look bad,” Becky said coldly.

Once we even came into the school building seeing people glaring at us AND discover the reason for it, I just couldn't say anything. I just stayed mute the whole time looking at the ground while walking to class and Becky just growled.
My sister and I went our separate ways to our first class and while I was walking, I noticed that popular girl Savannah Richmond turned around giving me a cold-heart glare. She's also the girl I mentioned in the first chapter. Kenny, who was in the picture is Savannah's boyfriend. Those two girls who are with her are Reagan (brunette girl) and Marlo (blonde girl). They're like high school royalty but the MOST popular girl is Savannah. Her and Kenny are the leaders of their circle. My day was not going well at all. In the three classes I finished today, my classmates were whispering and giggling and I keep hearing them mention me. All because of that stupid picture around the school halls! That picture has got to be a fraud! Someone's trying to trash me and my reputation! I met up with Amelia as we walk to my fourth class and I was in no mood to talk much.

“I can't believe someone would do that to you guys!” Amelia frowned.

“We never even spoke to the guy before,” I looked at the ground.
“Don't you find it odd that the girl in that picture has the same hair color as you and Becky?” Amelia asked.

“I noticed that,” I said with a frown.

“AND that her face was never shown in the picture?”

My friend is right, I think someone in this school is trying to make me and Becky look bad and make us outcast of the school. Why? Because they would think we're boyfriend stealers, which is 100% FALSE!

“How can people view ME as a boyfriend stealer, when someone stole MINE?!” I barked.

“You have every right to be mad about this Stella, but don't lose your mind okay,” Amelia assured.
We both turned around to see a familiar face in our presence. And the guy stopped and greeted us but there was no smile on his face, “Hey girls.”

“Hey,” Amelia greeted.

“How are you today, David?” I asked him.
“I'm feeling bad Stella, please don't ask again,” He replied in a tone of irritation.

I was surprised by David's words and the tone of his voice. What was his deal today?

“Why not? I just asked you a simple question,” I replied.

David's glares at me and says, “I don't need to answer YOU about anything! Simple or not!”

David just told me to be open with my problems, and him being hypocritical right now angers me. So I asked, “What's with you today? Why are you being-,”
I was interrupted by Brea walking over to where we were and she says, “David, let's go! We're gonna be late.”

Brea Nooks, David's childhood friend, once I saw her, I knew it was going to be drama. I don't like this girl at all. I tried to be friendly with her, I USED to like her but, she just treats me like a demon. That's strange to me, because she acts like one ever since we first started talking. She's a creepo!

Once she noticed me, I greeted her with a cold tone saying, “Brea.”
“Why don't you just leave David alone, Kirby! You're nothing but a heartless playgirl, just like your sister AND Harmony!” Brea hissed.

Me and Amelia growled at her.

“Who do you think you are Brea? You don't know me at ALL!” I barked.

“Or Harmony, she's the greatest girl we ever known and you're just jealous! I suggest YOU walk away right now!” Amelia growled.

Brea turns to Amelia and tells her, “Shut up four-eyes! Your friends are heart breakers and boyfriend stealers and I don't want my best friend being around their kind!” She then walks away and says to David, “Let's go David!”

David gave me a sad look and turned away and went after his creep “jelly” friend.
“Since when did Brea Nooks have the guts to hate on US?!” Amelia said in a disgusted tone and then sighs and continues, “Those fake pictures around school is causing trouble for you guys.”

“It's not the picture Amelia. Brea NEVER liked us especially Harmony, ever since David and her started dating.” I corrected Amelia. I had a painful look as I watch David walk away.

The way he spoke to me AND for letting Brea trash talk me to my face? I mean, he just stood there looking painful himself. As me and Amelia walked towards our class, I noticed half the eyes at me were never stopping until I was preparing for the worse as ALL eyes in the classroom were on me with smirks and glares.
Hey Readers! Here's Becky! She'll be the narrator for the rest of this chapter! Enjoy! What a relief for me! The school day is OVER! I couldn't take another hour of the painfulness I had today! Some chick kissed Kenny and took pictures ALL over the school and try to pin it on us. Me and Stella were called to the principle's office for it and just like them, we wanted ANSWERS! I believe that someone's trying to trash me, Stella or BOTH of us! I really don't know who would do this, but if I ever find out who, I'm going to give them the underworld treatment!

“Becky wait!” I heard a familiar guy's voice.
I stopped to turn around and see Ronny and Marlo from the popular group.

“How's it going?” Ronny greeted me.

“Hey Ronny,” I greeted smiling at him.

I'm not surprised to see Ronny since we flirted a few times. But what does Marlo want? The popular girls don't talk to us twins. Well, until now when Marlo says, “Can we talk for a minute Becky?”

“You know my name?” I asked.

“Ronny talked about you once,” She replied.
I began I ask, “So, what do you guys want?”

“You know that picture that's around the school, where 'You or your sister' kissing Kenny?” She asked.

I knew it, it was about that stupid big picture! Why do these people have to believe ANYTHING they see.
“Look Marlo, I don't even pay attention to Kenny-,” I said in annoyance but Marlo interrupted me.

“I know!” She said which surprises me when she believes me.

“What do you mean you know?” I said giving her a wary look.

“I believe that NEITHER of you were in that picture with Kenny, because we haven't seen OR heard from him since yesterday,” She looked concerned.

“Really?” I sounded confused.
“Last time we seen him was when he left early from this party we were at, he said he had a family emergency at the hospital involving his sister,” Ronny explained.

“But then yesterday came and his parents asked ALL his friends where he was, he never came to the hospital,” Marlo added.

“Oh no! Please tell me we don't have ANOTHER missing person case!” I said painfully.

“I hope not,” She said looking sad.

This is crazy! First Harmony, then Dona, and now Kenny?! Where the hell are these people?! Another reason why these two also believe that the pictures were frauds is that they tell me that Kenny and Savannah are also childhood sweethearts, and they would never stab each other in the back. Puppy love, LAME!
That's all they had to say to me at this point, while Marlo left, Ronny wasn't done talking to me. He mostly wanted to flirt.

“How was your weekend twin?” Ronny said grinning.

“How was YOURS?” I asked.

“I asked you first, besides I already told you,” He smirked.
“You did not, you let your bimbo friend do the talking,” I smirked.

He chuckled and said, “We should go out again.”

“When and where?” I asked.

“I don't know! And why are you so irresistible!” Ronny fake pouted.

“That's a secret, Ronny Boy! The same reason why you're cute and popular,” I grinned as he chuckled and replied, “You really are something Becky.”

“Yo Prom King!” I head some girl's voice behind me.
We both turned around to see the girl is my punk friend Michelle Sharp. She looked at Ronny with a smug and says, “I KNOW you're not hitting on my girl.”

I laughed at her comment as Ronny says, “YOUR girl?”
“Hey there punk girlie!” I smiled at her.

“How you feeling gorgeous?” She greeted.

“Actually you two made me feel a BIT better, just keeping me entertained!” I chuckled.

The two laughed at what came out my mouth. Remember the chapter that I said I dated one of the popular guys? I dated this guy once, but I'm not all lovey-dove! He's just on my list of cute guys. As for Michelle, I kissed her once. Don't get me wrong, I don't roll that way. I was curious. Ronny and Michelle aren't the only ones keeping me in spirits! I don't have a boyfriend, love sucks!
Ronny said his goodbyes and headed to his home leaving Michelle and I to chat.

“Are you sure you're okay, Becky?” Michelle asked seroiusly.

“No I'm not! I don't know what you heard but those pictures are frauds!” I frowned.

“The pictures are not the only things that are causing trouble for you and your sister Stella,” She replied with an uneasy tone.

“What is it?” I got wary again.

“There's some rumors going around that you and Stella double teamed on Clover Viles,” She answered.

“WHAT?! She's our friend! What happened to her?!” I was shocked and angry at once.

“She's in the hospital.”
“I'm going to find the person who's trashing us and give them hell!” I growled.

Michelle took both my hands as I looked up and frowned with my lips sticking out. I was feeling a bit fine minutes ago, but now she's told me this I was in no mood for her “lovely” words.

“Becky, you gotta calm down okay?” She smiled warmly.

“How so?! This unknown jerk or chick is trashing me and Stella and,-” I stopped as Michelle kissed my left hand.

She said, “If I find them for you, will you smile for me again?”

“Quit flirting Michelle! I'm in no mood for this!” I sounded very irritated.

“I mean it Becky. I'll find the person who's trashing you guys and you can LITERALLY take him or her down!” She said

“You don't gotta get involved,” I objected, but she nodded no. She's also smart enough to believe those picture are frauds. Amelia, Sara and Randy didn't believe that the rumors about were true either. That's what you call true friends.
Once I said my goodbyes to Michelle, my grouchy mood just stayed the same one I saw Julius.

“Hey, you,” Julius greeted me with a smirk.

“Why are YOU still here?” I grumbled.

“I could ask you the same thing,” He smirked.
“I'm surprised you didn't come out of that building with your girlfriend,” I chuckled.

He frowned at me saying, “Paige is not my girlfriend, you snoot.”

“What happened to calling me Buggie eh?” I raised my eyebrow.

“I go both ways, but not the way YOU do. I saw you out there with Michelle so don't you dare try to deny it!” He said with an arrogant smirk.

“I don't like her like that, you turkey,” I frowned at him.

“I know that, Becky. I also know you're a confused girl about your “preferences,” He replied and then approaches me and saying, “I heard you attacked Clover.”
I sighed heavily and looked away and said, “I didn't even know she was attacked.”

“There's also a lot of people at school bad mouthing you Stella because of that AND those pictures around the halls,” Julius said.

I glared at the ground and didn't say anything.

Since this guy's gonna be at my school, I mind as well make small talk and try to get along with him. I just might have another frenemy. So I decided to change the subject of the ultimate test of memory, “You remember the last day you saw me in Twinbrook? We rode on your bike and played tag at the park and played drivers?”

“Yes I do BUGGIE! I sure do,” He smirked as I rolled my eyes at the back and forth nicknames. He continued with a devilish look, “We also did this.”
“Did wha-,” I was interrupted as this idiot got closer to me, grabbed my arm and KISSED me!

My heart was pounding in full speed as his lips were on mine, the same lips I felt being young! I was even more shocked at how good he was. The way he gotten close to me and FAST. Once he let me go and broke his lips off mine, he gave me a look of amusement and chuckled because I just froze, with a petrification look.
Just look at me, that's the look I made after he unexpectedly kissed me like that. Before he walked off his chuckle turned to hard laughter and sighed telling me “Later Buggie.” THEN he walked off. I was still frozen up with this shocked expression on my face, and started to shake a little. It is cold out here, yeah I was shaking.

And then I heard laughter, not Julius, it was some girl. She started giggling at first and then she began to laugh which startles me. Then she had a fruity tone in her voice and said, “Go get your man, lover girl!” She giggles again.
I turned to see who the girl was and then I growled and glared at her saying, “Who the heck are YOU?!”

“Feisty as always, aren't you?” The girl smirked, then she continued, “Then again the boy's got a point about your sexuality,” The giggles again saying one more thing, “You're so adorable when you're in love!”

“Shut your trap! You don't know me, dumb girl!” I was still wary of the chick.

“Actually I DO, Becky Kirby,” She said which gets me confused and surprised at her reply.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I'm Pricilla and I've known who you were ever since you came to this world as a newborn baby!” She said.

“WHAT?! You stalking me?!!” I accused.

She laughed and answered me in that same annoying fruity tone in her voice, “No you silly girl, I'm your spirit guardian!”

To Be Continued...

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#1behemoth_blueFeb 20, 2015

Great chapter!
Ha, poor Randy in love with Stella the whole time. \:\)
AND, poor Stella, that Brea is one nasty girl.
Love that moment between Becky and Julius. \:wub\:
So, why does the P-team kidnap people? To steal their spiritual energies? Will Becky's spirit guardian help the girls to stop the P-team?
Looking forward to more!

#2NisukiJul 31, 2015

Thanks for the recap =) Everything was still as I remember hihih.
Oh no.. what, someone else disappeared too? This is quite alarming... I hope both of them are alive and well though... =[

Ho wait! Andrew's still a little kid, why's he playing COD? ahahaha xD Cute kid :x Randy got Becky figured out! Just admit it little Becky, you love Julius, don't you?
Looks like Becky knows some stuff about Randy too.. Oh my, he's crushing on Stella? That does explain his behavior towards her! \:P Oh I see! They are all childhood friends as well! How cute =).

Ah... Brea's still an important to friend to David huh? Honestly though, she did creep me out as well when she was like: "stay away from David". to Stella.. o_O

Oh no David.. is he in that mood because of the picture? I really wonder, does Brea have something to do with it? I can't think of anyone else, but then again, why would she involve Becky in it as well.. Otherwise the picture would have said Stella instead of Kirby.

I love the interaction between Becky, Ronny and Michelle. Ah, I forgot to mention.. What happened wit Kenny? I wonder of that person in the picture has something to do with him missing, but how the hell was that picture taken then? It's still a mystery..

OMG JULIUS. HAHAHHAHA I LOVE HIM. WELL NOT AS IN "LOVE" BUT HE IS AMAZING! AWESOME MOVE JULIUS! Well played xD! AH! THat, Pricilla is Becky's spirit guardian? I see, didn't we meet Stella's before? I wonder why Pricilla turns up now.. She's really pretty!
Anyways, I agree with Pricilla, go get him Becky!

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