The Orchid Seduction
Published Jan 19, 2021

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The Orchid Seduction

The Orchid Seduction It was just an ordinary late night in my office. The lamp that was part of my mother's inheritance, some kind of a heirloom, was providing me enough light to carry on solving the cases of my clients. While I was working, the rain drops were sliding on the windows in my office and making that monotonous noise you always hear when it's pouring rain. The ordinary day just turned unusual. While I was sleeping, probably crashed on the Linscott's case, somebody knocked on the front door. So with my sleepy eyes, I struggled to say just one "Come in", and not to give out the fact that I was sleeping. As the person entered, I couldn't belive my eyes, I thought that I was in some kind of a liquid dream. But as the lady came closer, I was sure that it was her. And believe me, she was stunning. Her delicate face was protected by the sinful eyes cast upon her, by means of a veil, attached carefully on the hat decorated with peacock feathers. She was a major part of the mosaic of my life, part that was fundamental to my sole existence. 7 Years Before Flamingo was the only night club in Paris, that was owned by an American. The neon lights were flooding Paris more than the constant rain in this period of the year. So it was Flamingo, the bright neon lights could be seen miles away from the place itself, but could not be recognized in the river of neon lights. It was that misty night that I decided to get out of the office and get a few drinks. Flamingo's interior was covered in smoke, usually made by the cigarettes in the mouth of the visitor. As I inhaled the smoke made by the others, I personally disliked tobacco, the only thing that was on my mind was to get out of the dimmed room. So I went outside on the terrace to catch breath in my breathless lungs. As I went out on the terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower, a certain person that will become significant in my life, was standing on the rain all by herself. I found that loneliness very attractive, so I decided to appoach the black-haired lady wearing white trench, that gave contrast to the rainy night. As I approached her, she turned round against my face. It was the only thing that she did that night while I was with her. She took a good glimpse of my soul, and ran towards the door that led in the club's main room. I often wonder why she ran like that, was is because of me or was there other issues beside myself? After Couple Of Years It seemed like ages since I saw the mysterious woman. At first I looked for her almost everywhere in Paris, but soon I gave up. As my time as bachelor was near it's limits, I starded to think about marrying. And like out of nowhere, my future-wife Lydia showed up in my life. We were invited to a lavish party in up-scale Paris. So as the night took the throne over day, we went to the party with no expectations of it. I often ask myself if Lydia was the right person for me. For me the right person will allways be the lady from Flamingo. I had feelings for Lydia, don't get me wrong, but only because I was obliged to be loving and carring husband of hers. I couldn't belive my eyes, she was here. Here, at the same party that I was invited, in the same lavish house where I was standing. She came near me, leant down on my shoulder and whispered on my ear - My name is Sylvanna. The white satin was all over my face as I stood on the black marble stairs. I wanted to be the pearls that were on her neck, pearls that were by her side anywhere she went. And, then she told me to follow her. As every fool in love, I bowed down to the rules she made me do. Like her shadow I followed her to the place she went. It was a private bathroom, black and white, as was she - white satin, raven hair. And then out of nowhere, she kissed me. Although I enjoyed the kiss, I knew that this was sinful. So I showed her my wedding ring, and in the black and white tiled bathroom, I told her that we shouldn't do this. I never imagined doing this, pushing away my true love. And I kept asking myself, was she my true love, was Sylvanna the true woman for me? I saw her starring at my gold ring, her reflection was upon it. As if she didn't understand the marriage issue. I never imagined using the ring as a weapon to avoid sins, but yet do never say never. Like she stared at my ring, I stared on her valuable pearls, and I asked myself again if I wanted to be those pearls again? Nevertheless, I left the room with second thoughts. Mean while, Sylvanna was standing in front of the mirror, resembling the Evil Queen of the Snowhite tale. And she was form of the Queen itself, making a fatal plan concerning Lydia. Beautiful, but cruel reflection was cast upon the mirror in the black and white harmony created by the tiles and Sylvanna's appearance. Sylvanna, the hostess of the party took Lydia on a tour round the mansion, taking her on the highest floor. She waited for Lydia to come close to the fence of the stairs, part of the plan she had made, while she was in the bath. While looking down, Lydia felt like someone was standing behind of her. And it was true, Sylvanna did stand behind her, so with her delicate arms, Sylvanna pushed Lydia down the fence. Lydia didn't even had the time to scream, but she remmembered Sylvanna's face. While Lydia was falling down, Sylvanna had the face of a content citizen. The echo of Lydia's scream scared the guests that were enjoying the wine and cheese made especially for the party. In a few seconds the body was found, she still had pulse. One of the guests had a car, and took Lydia to the hospital, certainly part that was not expected of Syvanna. Back to the present As she opened the door to my office, Sylvanna said these words - Meet me tonight at midnight at place where you first met me. As soon as she said these words, she left, slamming the door and breaking the monotony of the song of the night rain. Flamingo, was the only word that was in my mind. I knew I had to be there this midnight. I leaned on the window to see her precious face once again, but the black-leather heels were the only thing I saw. I stood there many seconds afterwards, but I was not standing still in my mind. I imagined myself chasing her in the dark alleys of Paris, not to lose her once again. At this point I didn't have any second thoughts, I was preapared to commit a sin. My wife Lydia survived the accident, but the accident left her paralysed and she couldn't speak no more. I still cared for her, although she was in wheelchair and haven't spoken a still word in ages. Nobody found out what happened to her, not even I. I came back home to change my clothes and take some money. It was certain that I was going out this night. I could see that my wife Lydia was expecting me, I really did get home late. I couldn't stand looking in her eyes, like she had known that I was not staying home this night. I told her that I was going out this night, and as quickly as I can I left the apartment. The Same Night The sky was crying, as the femme fatale was standing in the same place seven years ago. She looked upon the stars, and the grand Eiffel Tower, a marvelous piece of steel. Sylvanna finally got what she wanted, her love. Her greatest love of all. I came late, worring that she had already left. But here she was, standing in the same position as she stood seven years ago, bending over the same marble fence, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I knew that what was I going to do was a sin, but nothing in this world could've stopped me from doing this. The rain continued to drop, the sky continued to cry, and I wraped my arms around the only woman I had ever loved, Sylvanna. I wasn't the perfect creature, and sure not the purest. I was between the bad and the good, I was a sinner. Sylvanna dressed in the purest blue, looked like the perfect creature fallen from the sky, a some kind of a fallen angel. Was it the seduction of the orchid necklace, or was the glitter in her eyes, I said yes to her plan. A deadly plan such as a femme fatale would do, a plan to make our relationship legal. The plan was for her to become my wife's nurse and eventually kill my wife Lydia. It was the only way to make our relationship legal. I wish now that I said no to her fatal plan. The Next Morning Lydia looked at me with her sleepy eyes, as I told her that I hired a nurse to help her. She stood still and said nothing, but she looked at me like she knew what was I going to do. It was matter of seconds, when Sylvanna was supposed to enter the bedroom. And here she was dressed as a nurse, Sylvanna entered my wife's bedroom, Lydia and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms for several years. Sylvanna was a real orchid among the ordinary flowers, a pearl among the rough rocks. Deadly like the cobra's venom, she entered the room. The second Sylvanna entered, my wife Lydia, looked at my face as if she was frightened. Lydia was screaming, at that point I didn't know why, but I know the truth now. In matter of months Lydia's soul left the Earth, Sylvanna made the murder look like an accident. And I still question myself, was it the seduction of the orchid necklace or was it the glitter in Sylvanna's eyes, that made me agree to the fatal plan of my soul. The End

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lekunzeMar 9, 2019


fabrizioammolloOct 14, 2010

Great stry! very well written and the pics are absolutely lovely!

ParisleafAug 18, 2009

Fantastic Story \:\)

buffysmg81Apr 22, 2008

Well done! I don't usually comment on stories but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading yours. \:\)

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