The Other World (Part 2)
Published Jul 18, 2010

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Just when Violet thought things couldn't get any stranger, her 'mother' declares that there will be an un-expected visitor...

Just when Violet thought things couldn't get any stranger, her 'mother' declares that there will be an un-expected visitor... "Well don't just stand there catching flies, Edgard and Mariam will be here soon,"
"Who's Edgard?" I asked, this was getting ridiculous! Was Mum doing this to teach me a lesson?
"Good lord, Anne! Has your mind gone? Edgard is your husband-to-be!"
"Anne! Do not act so dormant when Edgard arrives-"
"Why are you calling me Anne?" I asked,
"Oh dear! Your mind has indeed gone! Wear off your sleep quick and get your day clothes on,"
Deciding that I wouldn't get much out of her, I nodded and went back to the bedroom.
I opened the dresser and found only the plain brown dresses that Mum was wearing. Sighing, I hastily shoved it on.
I caught my reflection in the mirror, it looked better than the night dress, but not by much. I went back into the main room, Mum had laid bowls on the table.
"Come and eat," She said, "You will need not to have your stomach talking while with Edgard,"
"Err, okay," I said and sat down at the table. I took a spoonful, the food was brown and watery, I put it in my mouth. It tasted like card-board.
"Remember, Anne. Hold your tongue if you have the urge to say obscene things, Edgard will not take your idiocy,"
I fought the urge to retort, but I guess I deserved it.
When we'd finished, Mum took the plates to the sink and took the jug of water by the side and filled the basin.
She washed the bowls, humming to herself.
"Okay, Mum, jokes over. Why are you doing this? I've learnt my lesson, I'll get a job, just please be normal again." She looked at me confused, there was a knock at the door,
"Hold your tongue," She told me.
Mum opened the door and went outside to see the visitors, I followed her.
"Hello, Charlotte!" The silver haired woman said happily, "Edgard is very pleased to be seeing his soon wife for the first time!" The long haired man behind her nodded eagerly.
"And Anne is too, Mariam," She said, "But I must warn you, Anne is not feeling her best today," She led them both inside, the man who I supposed was Edgard, examined the main room in the house. "And this must be Anne!" The woman said walking up to me, "Good, rosy cheeks. A good child-bearer I can tell already!"
"Hello," I said quietly, maybe if I played along, Mum would end this madness.
"This is Edgard," She said, gesturing towards the long-haired man. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Anne," He took my hand and kissed it. I involuntarily blushed,
"Nmtyou" I mumbled
"You shall be married within the week!" Mariam exclaimed happily.

Something in my brain clicked. This was no joke, no way Mum could've gotten these people to act the way they did. It seemed like I'd gone back in time,
"But I don't want to get married," I said.
"Anne!" Mum hissed, "Please stop!"
But I couldn't stop, I couldn't help my mouth was opening and words coming out of it.
"No, Mum." I said, "I shouldn't have to get married to someone I don't even know," Mariam looked as if she would explode. "If you refuse, you will bring shame upon your family!" Mariam screamed at me so loud the house seemed to shake. "How is refusing to get married to someone shameful?" I asked,
"No, Anne, please" I heard Mum whimpering, Mariam shook with anger, I looked at Edgard, but his eyes were forward, not looking at me.
"YOU INSOLENT WENCH!" Mariam yelled, "YOU HAVE SHAMED YOUR FAMILY!" "Come Edgard," She told her son, "We have no business with these people any more."
Edgard nodded curtly.
And they promptly left the room. I turned to Mum for reassurance but she had a cold, hard expression on her face. "You have shamed me Anne." She said quietly, "The word will spread quickly and the only way I will have a bit of dignity is to leave you on the streets." She sighed heavily, "I told you to hold your tongue, Anne," "But I don't love him," I whined,
"It doesn't matter, Anne," She said, "I woman must do what she must to get by,"
"Please leave, Anne," She said. So, to spare her name, I left the house and went outside. I was shocked at seeing the outside. I was defiantly not in Sunset Valley any more. It looked like I'd gone back in time... So after many hours of walking through the streets, I settled down on a chair in the market square and stayed there until nightfall.

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bluesshoteyesFeb 18, 2011

Good chapter. The story is compelling!

isarpgistaDec 23, 2010

Awesome!!! \:D

mogan44Jul 28, 2010

Great chapter.  I'm half expecting her to get run over by a horse and cart or something :P

YrS92Jul 22, 2010

Nice work with this chapter, I'm off to read the next one\:P \:\)

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