The Wicked Entice-CH 34
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So get ready because a lot is going to be happening in this chapter. :)

XOXO Alessa


So get ready because a lot is going to be happening in this chapter. :)

XOXO Alessa
Ezra was sleeping (or whatever vampires do) in Lydia's bedroom, while I took a shower and tried to think of a way to explain why a vampire was in her bed. Because her room didn't have a window and mine did? That I didn't want to risk burning the one who had held me and comforted me last night when I had felt the most destructive and alone I had ever been? Ezra hadn't ran away or looked at me in fear or even accused me of everything that had clearly been my fault when I admitted to him what I was. I had to first explain what one of The Wicked even was since he had never heard of such a thing before, but still, he stayed. More than that, he held me, patiently stroking my hair as I struggled to get the words out. We had stayed up the remainder of the night, and I had smiled when I finally managed to stop shaking and crying. When he asked what was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. It was that I felt accepted by a vampire who I had just met, when the one I had fallen in love with hated everything I was.

I hadn't realized I had begun crying again until I stepped out of the shower.
Lydia dropped her overnight bag, and shook out of her jacket when she saw me. She asked what happened, and crushed me in her arms. I hugged her tightly and apologized for how horrible I had been lately. She only released me when I mentioned there was a vampire asleep in her room. "So you just lent out my bed to an actual vampire?"
"He'll be out of here as soon as the sun goes down," I promise, but her eyes began curiously looking towards her closed bedroom door.
"Don't even think about it. You're not offering him your blood. It's addicting."
"I wasn't going to do anything but peek in!" She says. "Meena, I haven't washed those sheets in like a really long time! He has super smell doesn't he? I bet it really stinks in there!"
"You're worried that you're offending him? He's dead to the world right now. Er, I just mean that he won't be woken up by anything while the sun is out."
I was making breakfast, looking at the cat clock on the wall every few minutes, counting down the hours until Ezra would be up. I was serving myself and Lydia a plate, as she fired away a million questions about last night. I had told her what happened, as much as I could, without knowing exactly what had happened to me or the guy I left behind. I felt terrible about everything, and realized that at the second I had sent the soul back into the man, I had vowed to stop looking for anymore. I never wanted to feel that again. I shudder, and Lydia finally drops the subject. "You're not speaking to him ever again?" She asks as I ignore Theo's calls for the fifth time that morning.
"Don't know," I answer between bites. "And if he ever shows up here, you don't answer, okay? Promise?"
"Okay, but you have to tell me what happened with him."
So, I did. I told her about James, Theo's witch dad that had obviously told him about the supernaturals. James knew what my dad had been, and it's why he hated me just as much. It'd make sense to tell Theo, and have him hate me too.
"Which reminds me. I have something else to tell you. I might as well get everything out," I say as I wash the dishes.
"You're kidding. There's more?"
"Just what I've really been up to all this time," I concentrate on scrubbing a plate to avoid looking at her reaction. "You know I've been hanging out with the vampires and werewolves, and I told you it was to make friends. That's kinda true."
I exhale, and attempt to gather all my thoughts. "Where to start? Umm...I've gotten their trust. The vampires and werewolves. The mermaids are tricky to get friendly with, so I gave up on that, and no way did I get in contact with a Light Child. I did make friends with some witches, and found out James is actually shunned by them. He apparently has been doing black magic, and that's frowned upon. Anyway, I pretended I had no idea what I was, and they're attempting to help me with that. I figured that this way, when the inevitable happens and they find out, they might take pity on me and not come after me along with those I couldn't appeal to. This is what I've been doing most nights. I'm not just sleeping around with the whole city. I've been making allies. I'm different, and I need to fit in with the supernaturals. I've been showing them they have no reason to fear me. I'm just like they are, somewhat. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't want to get the that's-dangerous-and-stupid speech. I'm just looking out for myself."
"From what? What are you so scared of that you want everyone on your side?"
"Besides them coming after me because of what The Wicked are? I'm supposed to be something that only exist in scary stories. When they realize what I am..." I stop, and ask her if she remembers Dominic.
"Well, since he's kissed me, I keep having these memory flashes. Mostly about him, when we were kids, but there's some new ones too. About the Shadow Man. Remember I told you about him? I don't know who he is yet, but I know I'll find out soon at the rate I keep remembering things. I mean it's been happening a lot more since I started accepting my demon side. I haven't mentioned this to my parents because I don't want them to worry, but I have a theory that demons can't exactly have their mind messed with. Somehow by accepting what I am, my mind has opened up. Either that, or it's been opened up by Dominic. Only he'd have to be some pretty big hot stuff to be able to do that to a demon."
"Wow, so what do you think he is? You're freaking me out even more than usual, buddy."
"I'm sorry. It's scaring me too. Especially because I can't shake the feeling that he's here for me. He's been with me since I was a kid, training me or brainwashing or testing me or something, and if he has the power to mess with one of The Wicked, I want every supernatural that I can get, on my side."
"How the hell have you not told anybody about this?"
"Because I don't know if I'm even right, or if I should trust anyone else! Besides, there's more."
"What more can there possibly be?" She sounds as exhausted as I should be feeling, but just by getting everything out, there was a weight off my shoulders. I immediately regretted mentioning anything. Had I seriously just put my only friend in danger?
"Just say it. Don't make that face. I want to know. So, spill."
"It's about Theo. There's something wrong with him. I don't think it's really him in there."
"He's a demon? No freakin way." She drops her jaw.
The phone rings again, startling us both.
"It's him again," I tell her, and she asks me what I'm planning to do about him.
"I'm going to play the lost girl I've been playing these past weeks," I say before taking a deep breath and answering whatever was on the other end of the line.
Bree had given up on trying to reach me around the time I had given up on the idea of going to Will's and dragging Meena out by the hair, demanding to know what she had said about me. I knew the demon was the reason Bree had been calling me non stop. I had tried reaching Meena for what must've been the tenth time, and just as I was about to hang up, she answered.
"What the hell did you do?" I yell at her, and to my surprise, there was a muffled cry.
"I'm so sorry..I don't...I haven't been...I'm so sorry."
It was hard to make out the words when she couldn't control her crying. Maybe if I had actually understood her, I would've known what to say, but I wasn't prepared to hear her like that.
"What are-"
She stopped sobbing long enough to ask me if she could come over and explain. I stared at the phone for too long, expecting it to explain what was going on. She had hung up before I placed it back in my ear. Theo was as useless as always and didn't offer any thoughts on what we had just witnessed.
"Oh, damn. Look at you. Where did you get all the energy from you?" Alec asks me as I do another pull up.
"Stop. Checking. Me. Out."
"You know I love it when you're all sweaty like that." He makes a sound I never want to hear him do again, and laughs as I struggle to keep my form. "Seriously. Did Meena get extra hot or something? Or do you just feel extra ugly?"
Noticing he struck a nerve, he keeps asking what happened between her and I, but I tell him to drop it.
I didn't want to talk about her.
I didn't even want to think about her.
About them.
Meena and Ezra.
Whatever she had been doing, she had been doing it with him.
A vampire.
"Dude, slow down," Alec advices, but I can't stop to listen. I had too much anger pent up. Meena and the vampire I had helped? I should've killed him when there had been a reason to do it. Not now when the worst thing he had done was sleeping with her. Maybe digging deeper I'd find the "humane" vampire guilty of something that required shoving him into the sun. Something that wouldn't have to be how he was the one who had helped Meena flee the crime scene. Not that the poor guy had died, but he was in a coma. I do another pull up, ignore Alec again, and try to stop from acknowledging what I already know. Meena was responsible for what happened to him. Whatever she did to him, I had never seen anything like it. No visible mark or wound anywhere. What had she done to him anyway? Try to possess him? At that startling thought, I land on my feet and wipe the sweat off my forehead.
"I need to tell you something," I say between breaths.
"About her?"
"What is it?"
"You can't tell Blythe. I'm serious, Alec. She'll kill her for sure. I don't know. Maybe that's what Meena deserves, but you can't say anything about it to anyone. Not yet."
"Damn. Yeah, you have my word. What's going on man?"
"I told her. I warned her." I still hadn't been able to catch my breath, and lowering my voice was difficult to do. "She's one of The Wicked. She has to be stopped."
I had practiced my speech in front of Lydia, and again in my car, but that was all forgotten once I was sitting in front of Theo, or whatever he was, because he was beyond angry. I just prayed he'd believe me enough to calm down a bit.
"I'm sorry. I wasn't, I haven't been myself. I can't control it. I can't take it anymore, Theo." Just saying his name, knowing there was a chance that I wasn't even speaking to the Theo I once knew, disturbed me, but I had to keep up the charade that I was more scared of myself.
"I want to know what you said about me," he demanded to know.
"I, I told the wolves we dated," I sobbed. "I told Bree to stay away from you because you were dangerous. I'm sorry! I don't know what's been going on with me! I keep doing things I don't understand!"
"You did what?!" He yells.
"Please just help me."
"How the hell do you expect me to do that? Why would I help you?"
"Because you know what I am!" I cry out and he leans back on the couch.
"What did you say?"
"I know your dad is a witch. I know he told you about me and my family. That's why you were avoiding me for so long, right? Because I'm a demon and you hate what I am. I don't blame you. I hate what I am too."
I had to stand up. I didn't know what else to say. Theo didn't even know what to think. Why would she be telling anyone this?
"You have every right to hate me," she continues. "I've heard the stories about what things like me do, and I don't want to be like that. I don't know who else to turn to. I'm so scared-" she stops to sob again. "I can't control what I am. Something just takes over me, and I can't, I'm scared I'll hurt someone. Please, please help me. You're the only one I can trust with this."

She was trusting me?

Isn't this what you wanted?

Theo sounds so defeated and sad. I hadn't realized how much faith he had placed in Meena, that she would figure out that something was wrong. That it wasn't him controlling his body anymore. Poor Theo, but he was right. I finally had her where I wanted.
"Meena, please stop crying. How could you think I won't help you with something like this? I'm just glad you chose to trust me, and not the hunter. He wouldn't understand." He pulls me into him, and I couldn't help but be amazed at how good he really was. I almost believed in him.
"You're right. I know you're the only one I can depend on."
His body shakes as he struggles not to laugh. "I've got you. Everything's going to be okay now."
Since I had been the one to call for an ambulance, I wasn't looked at so suspiciously when I asked the hospital staff if Meena's victim was doing any better. I was told his condition hadn't changed, and asked a few more questions that might help figure out what had happened, but I couldn't help them. I grip the steering wheel tighter as my mind flipped images from seeing the way he looked in the hospital bed, hooked up to all those machines, to how Meena had fled off in the vampire's arms. They had just left him there. She had just left. I didn't expect much from a vampire, and I guess it was about time I'd learn not to expect much good from a demon either.
Shade's thoughts were loud as he pulled into the driveway. I hadn't been seeing much of him lately, and although I had once had suspicions that he was no longer my Shade, I wanted to slap myself for ever thinking something like that. He was hurting far too much to be more than the little boy I watched grow up. He was apologizing for being gone too long but said that he needed to talk to me. I told him every time he called that he didn't need to worry so much about me, but I should've realized he was the one who needed the help.
He greets with me with a kiss on the cheek, and I didn't have to read his thoughts to know something terrible was on his mind.
It was about Meena.
I follow him into the kitchen as he follows the smell of the baking chicken, wondering if I should reveal what Meena had been up to. How to do that when I dreaded telling him what lay in his future? It's not like I had spoken to Meena in a month. The last time had been over the phone, and she had asked me if Shade's future still looked the same. She wouldn't accept that he wouldn't be with us for much longer, even if they had already broken up. I didn't want to accept anything either, and I constantly prayed I was wrong. I listened to her patiently as she said she had been making friends with witches who might help. I already knew what she'd learn soon enough. There was no spell that could help Shade from his approaching death. "Can you get a read on her?" He asks, peeking into the oven.
"Why are you asking me this, Shade? What happened?" He sighed, and I looked into his mind. It said he was worried, and that he hated he was worried. He wanted to hate her, knew he should hate her. He didn't want to hurt her, and be hurt by her. He refused to acknowledge that he loved her. I wanted to shake him and reassure him that she felt the same way. I heard it in her voice the last time she called, and cried that she couldn't imagine a world without him in it. I wanted him to know this, but would it do any good? I wanted to protect him, and protect her as well. When he'd (I couldn't bare to even think this) but when he'd die, what would happen then? Tell him, have them share the last weeks of his life, even if it meant they'd both suffer much more at the end?
"I just want to know what she's been up to. If she' Never mind. I don't care. I don't want to know. I made up my mind."
"-I have something I need to do. I'll visit you again soon. I promise."
Ezra looked more pale than usual, and that had seemed impossible. He hadn't ate in a while, and since Lydia was on the verge of offering him her neck, I needed to get her out of there. "Lydia, can you go to Benny's or something?"
"Uh, what?" She snaps out of her trance of admiring Ezra, and widens her eyes at me. I knew that look meant I was going to get yelled at as soon as the hot vampire was out of sight.
"Sorry," I say, "but this is one hungry vampire. It's not really safe right now."
If he could blush, I'm sure he would've. He stammers out how he'd never drink from someone unwilling. If only he'd realize how willing she really was.
"I would never feed on your friend," he reassures me once Lydia leaves.
"How come? I mean, thanks, but why is that?"
"It'd feel like cheating. Wait, not that we're dating, but I wouldn't just...uhm. I should go. The thirst is making me say things out loud."
"Trust me. I know the feeling," I grin, but it was time to get serious. "Thanks again for last night. I know you promised to check on the guy, but you've done enough. I'm sorry for everything I did to you. You're one of the sweetest guys I've met, and didn't deserve any of that."
"You do realize you're talking to a vampire?" He teases.
He embraces me before he leaves, and for the millionth time in a few hours, I can't believe how accepted and appreciative I feel in a vampire's arms.
It was freakin weird.
As I call hospitals, looking for someone matching the description of the man from last night, I watch my hands intently, waiting for them to move on their own. What else are they capable of?
I wasn't told anything without verifying who I was, so I hung up. Maybe he was okay after all? They wouldn't ask me who I was if they didn't know who I was talking about right? He had to be okay.
I look around the lonely apartment and curse myself for sending Lydia away. I couldn't handle being alone with a demon. It was another day where he hated me. I couldn't even say his name without feeling guilt and shame. I was the reason he left.
So here I am alone again. The emptiness was going to come crashing in.
I can feel it.
I need a distraction.
I need to get out.
I was done doing my makeup when there was a tap on the balcony door.
What the hell?
Everyone normal comes in through the lobby like a normal person. The only one who ever came in through the fire escape had been...
My heart lunges with a sort of painfully, sweet shock.
I swallow once I see her figure approaching. It's been so long since I had seen her so close. She looked at me from behind the glass before she opened the door, and my stomach actually fluttered. Man, she was beautiful. With her right in front of me, my skin tingled. I longed to feel her. I wanted to reach out for her, but I didn't. She waited for me to say something, but I couldn't think past the mental fuzziness.
"Shade?" She said my name so hesitantly, and I automatically reached out for her. She exhaled loudly, and met my hand.
She led me inside, towards her, and carefully leaned into me. I slowly put my arms around her, shut my eyes, and squeezed, feeling absurdly happy. I missed her. So much, but having her so close, I feared her. I didn't care what she was or what she had done, and it terrified me. I greedily took in her scent and the feel of her body in my arms, before I said her name. She looked up at me with her breathtaking blue eyes, and my heart sank. I had wanted her to miss me even if it was selfish. She smiles, her eyes sad now. I turn away and slowly release her. I can't smile back, or even look at her. I want to tell her I'm sorry for all the horrible things I said, but I don't. I was going to hurt her. She was going to hate me. Would she ever forgive me for what I had to do? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I knew the second he turned away that the moment was over. I should've held on tighter, maybe refused to let go. It was sad really, acting like we had never given ourselves to one another. When our eyes met, I didn't see the tiniest hint of longing, the way I'm sure my eyes were screaming that I wanted him. How could it all have just come to an end?
He walked further into the room, and those gray eyes that I now realized my memory did no justice to, have now looked away and I glance down at my shaking hands. It's better to forget the way he had held me, the way his lips felt on mine, but that was far easier said than done. Especially when my body was deliciously aware of how close he was.
"Are you going to say something?" I ask him. I hadn't meant for my voice to sound so small and afraid. I hadn't meant for him to think I was deceiving him, but that's exactly what he thought.
"What the hell do you want me to say? I've been fighting these things! Trying to keep regular humans from finding out about them, and I've lost friends and family-"
"-yeah, and here you are in a demon's apartment," I remind him. Why was he even here then if just to yell at me? Hadn't he done that already? Hadn't he had enough? He only narrowed his eyes in reply. "What are you doing here, Shade?"
"See! Just the fact that you can say my name like everything's okay," he runs his hand through his hair, "I hate this, and I hate.."
He lets his voice trail off, but I know exactly what he had been about to say. "Me? You hate me? That's what you were going to say, wasn't it? Then, just say it then!"
"I hate you," he pronounces every word slowly through clenched teeth and after what he had just said I should've been heartbroken, but I was furious.
"You're such a coward."
"What?" He spat.
"You heard me. You're too scared to feel anything for me. Because of something I have no control over?" I was in dangerous territory, but I was dying to cross the line between pleasure and pain. I needed to have him. I didn't want to feel empty or broken again.
"I saw you last night," he says, and I drop my scowl.
"You were following me?"
"You left him in a coma. Did you know that? Do you even care? What the hell did you and that vampire do to him?"
"Ezra didn't do anything!"
"You're defending him?"
"The guy came at me! I don't know what happened! He said he wanted to meet me and-"
"-why am I not surprised? This is exactly what I expected from something like you. To play the victim. I'm taking you to the Light Children. They're dying to get their hands on you. Once they figure out what exactly you can do-"
"-for what?! I don't know what to do about you anymore, Meena! I told you! I freakin warned you not to mess up! The day I actually follow you, you put some guy in the hospital, and you say you don't know what happened? What else have you done that I don't know about?"
"Nothing! Shade, I swear-"
"-just stop."
"Then, don't take me to them! How, no! I'm not going anywhere with you! Get the hell out!"
He makes a move towards me, and I shut my mouth. What else can I say? How do I even open my mouth when I'm choking up, and he's just there, he's okay as if nothing happened. Before, I hadn't been sure if I was relieved to see him or not. I was careful to not make any sudden movements. I was scared he'd leave, but tears were threatening to pour down my face. I was actually scared of him.
He was going to have me killed.
His broad chest was expanding with each forceful breath. His gray eyes were burning every inch of my skin that they pierced. I sigh his name, hating that I had done that. I was betraying myself, but I was unable to take it back. Not when every inch of me was yearning for him. He didn't say anything as he closed the distance between us, and I took in a shaking breath, ready for him to kiss me. My heart stopped, but his lips never came down. Instead, he slammed me against the wall, his chest pressing against mine, his hot breath against my ear sending a wave of pleasure through me. "I want you to leave," I whisper hoarsely, delicious unwanted chills going down my spine as his hand on my hip, pushes me further back.
"I told you I'm taking you with me," his rough voice answers. His fingers are digging into my hips, the other hand slowly trailing up my leg. "But first, kiss me," he commands, and I tremble under him, under his piercing eyes. I want him. I need him so much that I'm ready to do more than just kiss him, but I couldn't give in so easily.
"No," I mutter, my voice betraying how desperately my body wanted him.
"Now," he orders, growling against my ear. I shake my head, no longer trusting my voice to not admit that I'd do what he'd say. His tongue sweeps along my jaw, forcing a whimper from my throat. He chuckles, the sound of it vibrating in me. "Well, I want to kiss you. I want to kiss every part of you, but I can't trust you, can I?"
"Yes," I gasp, "you can trust me."
He was going to kill me, and I wanted nothing more than to be wrapped up around him. Hating him could be easier. No emotional attachments. No falling for him all over again. Just one night that wouldn't mean a single thing.
I was at the mercy of his mouth. He teased me, holding back what I wanted from him. He had me wrapped around his finger and he knew it. It was time to take back some control. I push him back by his shoulder, already my plan back firing. I could feel the strong muscles under my hand, and I couldn't even jerk away. Damn him. A corner of his mouth lifted, forming my favorite smile on him, and I exhale sharply. I say nothing more as I start unbuttoning his jeans, the mischievous smirk still on his beautiful face. The second we stepped inside my bedroom, we attacked each other. We battled. Neither one of us wanted to submit because we knew that when it was over, we'd go back to pretending, trying to convince ourselves we hated the other. We wanted to be able to say "you didn't even make me feel good" in the inevitable fight that would follow. The end result was both of us collapsing into a sweaty, exhausted and utterly satisfied mess. He took me to a place of euphoria only he had been able to take me to. Warm tingles shot through me, spreading and coaxing every inch of my body and wow did it feel good. The sound of his voice took me deeper into relaxation, lulling me more than the strongest alcohol ever could. I had felt his soul again. I wasn't afraid because it was so beautiful, and it was in me only for a brief second before I shut it out. It had ripped my body like lightning, but I was careful to keep my eyes shut tight. He wouldn't see the silver in them ever again. I was shaking with both contentment and exhaustion. I welcomed both with open arms because in the morning, I would wake up as the demon he most hated. I couldn't say anything to him as we lay in bed. What could I say? That it was amazing? I finally felt your soul after exhaustingly searching for one like it?
He had assumed I had fallen asleep. I let him think that as he sat up. In the reflection of the window, I catch him staring at me, and although I wanted to beg him to get back in bed, I silently watched him get into his jeans. When it hit me that he was going to leave, I bit my lip. He wasn't going to see me cry. He wasn't going to know I loved him.
My head snaps towards her when she starts crying. It kills me knowing I'm the reason for it. I want to lay besides her, and reassure her that I would never bring any harm to her. I would rather die than hurt her, but damn. How did I fall in love with a demon? I couldn't even look at her. It was hard not to cry as well. I wasn't supposed to let it get this far. The plan had been to confront her, give her a chance to explain, convince myself into believing her, and then go on with each other's lifes like we had done before. How did I mess up so badly? Why did she ever waste her time on me? Why hadn't I left as soon as she had told me?

More angry at myself than I could ever be at her, I grab my shirt off the floor and leave before I could hurt her anymore.
I cried as much as I had cried when he had first left me. The non stop dreams of him shook me awake everytime I'd start to drift off to sleep, until I finally threw the covers off of myself.
I replaced the sheets in the middle of the night to get his scent out of my bed, but it was all around me. I could smell him in my skin. No matter what I'd do, he was right there with me. I was left fighting sleep, staying awake until I couldn't fight it any longer. As I made breakfast, Lydia didn't have to press me for information. I offered it all on my own. Out loud, I asked myself how I could have just slept with him. How could something that's supposed to make you feel so complete make you feel so empty?
"I have a feeling you're not talking about the vampire," she sighs. "Let's hear it then."
"I know you're getting real tired of my drama," I tell her. "But I really think it's better this way. Right? It's supposed to be better. I can't be in love with a hunter. We're not right. It doesn't make sense. We should hate each other. I should move on, and hate him."
"Yeah?" She asks as I turn off the stove.
"Yeah, mostly because of what The Mother said," I answer. "There's no point in me loving him if he's not going to be around for much longer. I mean, if he didn't hate me. I tried to stop it, to help him, but it's just not possible. I don't want to accept it, and a part of me still thinks The Mother is horribly wrong, but she's never been wrong before."
"Stop what?"
"I can't help him! I can't stop him from dying! She's forbidden me to tell him, she says she has to be the one to do it, but I can't just wait for it to happen! If only there was someone with the kind of power to keep him from dying. Someone who-" I stop talking and she rushes towards me.
"I know who can help," I whisper.
"I'm so lost. Explain!"
"The Mother said she saw Trouble dying! She said she saw his death, and not the witches, or anyone I've asked, can help! I've asked around with the supernaturals, and some have offered to turn him, but he would never agree to that. I don't know why I didn't think of it before!"
I was almost jumping up and down. I couldn't get the words out fast enough. Who else had shown power others shouldn't be able to have? He wanted something from me, and I wanted something in return.
"When were you planning on telling me what Meena really was?" I ask James as soon as I was through the door. Before he has time to pretend like he doesn't know what I'm talking about, I tell him I know she's a demon because her daddy was a demon once too. I tell him I know all about the supernaturals and all about him. He was shocked of course, and demanded to know how I knew. I told him it didn't matter. I only wanted Meena to be stopped.
"I've been checking on her. I'd know if she did something," he starts, but I reassure him she's more dangerous than he could've imagined.
"Two night ago she put someone in a coma. It'd matter if there was someone actually in the body, but the spirit who inhabited it for a brief time burned out. Not like he didn't deserve it. He had jumped into the first vacant body he found. The original owner's heart had stopped for a few seconds, and the spirit saw his chance and took it. You want to know how he was able to do this? First, let me tell you why. He wanted to meet Meena. He wanted to impress her and get on her good side because she had the power to turn him into one of her kind. Or at least that she happened to be very close to someone who did possess that power."
He didn't seem to know where to start. "What? Hold on. How do you know all this? Have you been following her?"
"No. I'm the one who told the spirit where to find her."
"You did what? Why?"
"You really do have a lot to catch up on. Where have you been lately? Isn't this what you expected from her? To gain followers? She's the next one in line to the throne. You know Abaddon has been after her since she was born. He's coming to collect her soon. She's showing too much potential. Because she was raised into the human world, she knows how to handle all of you and get under your skin, excuse the pun. She won't be a failure like her father. She was born a demon. She has it so easy. She just needs to be guided." And I'll be the one to do it.
"What are you talking about, son?"
I groan at the word that made me want to rip my hair out. He was so incredibly stupid.

Please, don't hurt him.

Oh, there you are. I thought you had left.
"Theo, what's going on?"
"Why did you erase Meena's memory of you? So she wouldn't tell her parents what you looked like? So they wouldn't figure out who her little guardian angel was? You were making sure she was going to be good, so you thought your job was done until Theo brought her home. She was a good girl back then, but it was different when you saw her next to your son. It became your worst nightmare. He might repeat the past, and make the same mistakes," I say, and he stumbles back. "Yeah, I know," I continue. "I'm just curious. You've been watching over her and her mother all these years, making sure no harm comes to them. You even helped her reject Abaddon when she was just a child, and by the smell of your little potions upstairs, you're getting ready to help her again. What's wrong? Your memory charm is weakening, isn't it? Want to know why? Because Abaddon is back. He kissed her. Took the spell right off her Himself. Crazy isn't it? Shadow Man?"
"I don't understand-"
"-you really don't. You have been so busy trying to keep her away from your incredibly naïve and sheltered son. You haven't even found Shade again have you? Aww, he doesn't answer your calls? Doesn't feel you summoning him? Well, that's what you get for conjuring up a demon. The Wicked don't like being told what to do."
"-James, really? You're just like your son. I don't know who to feel more sorry for."
"You're not my son," he says weakly.
"Finally! No, James, I'm not."
"-I know a lot about you," I grin.
"Why are you here?"
"Still in denial that me being here is your fault? You called a demon to lure Meena away from your son."
"Not to possess him! Where is he?!" He yells. Theo was screaming inside, and I laugh. They sound so alike when they scream.
"James, you can't be as stupid as you look. You have to know you can't control the demons you call on. Oh, fine! I'll answer the question you're dying to ask," I say. "I was simply watching, wondering why you called a demon. Witches don't want anything to do with us, so why would one call? Then, as you waited, not too patiently I may add, for the demon to show, I followed your son. I met Meena. That's when it clicked. That's why you called. You wanted one of her own kind to lure her away from your boy. You didn't want him to make the same mistake you did, and let me tell you this...I was fascinated by the girl who didn't know she had already been chosen by Him!"
James is sitting now, unable to find the strength to even hold himself up. I roll my eyes, and continue. "Naturally, I needed to find a body. So silly of you to think that Shade was the one you had summoned. Anyway, I couldn't just take over any body. So, I thought to myself, how funny if I inhabit Theo's? He had to let me in first, or provide a window. Just a small, open window, and when he did, I climbed inside."
"She broke his heart, James. Just as you feared. Meena broke Theo's heart. That's when I made my move. When he was vulnerable. Because of that first real heartbreak. That horrible cocktail of pain, rejection, and unrequited love. It damages the soul the most, and now here we are. He's in here. Poor thing. I guess I was lonely and wanted a roommate. You want to know the real irony in all this? When you called, you specifically asked for Meena to not be hurt, physically at least, but she hurt him. The innocent child you tried to protect, hurt your son, but you know she's not so innocent anymore, James. She's accepted what she really is. I don't get why you don't want to hurt her. Is it because you still love Evie? That's why you married so soon after she had Meena. It's why you sped up Theo's birthing process with your little spells and charms."
Oh, this was hurting Theo as much as his father. I had to refrain myself from squealing.
"You didn't love his mother but you knew you'd love your child, if only he or she would be born sooner. You were losing it, James. You wanted to love someone other than Evie. You put a bit of your soul into your son. It killed his mother, a horrible accident, but you had the son you wanted. You were going to raise him right, and give yourself a second chance, but Theo never showed that he was a witch. That part stayed with you. He was just good, kind, honest. Everything you believed you were before meeting Aiden and Evie. You wanted Theo to be the one to fight evil, so that no one else would go through what you went through, but he was just a normal boy. A normal boy who fell in love with the worst kind of person, if you can even call her that." He looked stupefied. As numb as Theo was. I grabbed the pathetic man, that seemed to have aged ten years since I walked through the door, by the shoulders and shook him. "She hurt your son, James! What are you going to do about it?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The problem was where to start. None of the supernaturals knew anyone named Dominic. I asked around if there was supposed to be anything else more powerful than one of The Wicked, and an extremely old Night Child named Maurice, pulled me aside. He had become Ezra's mentor in a way, and taken him under his wing for some reason. Ezra himself wasn't sure why, but he wasn't the type to refuse a chance to better himself. By better, he meant being as human as possible for someone like him.
"You need to stop asking questions that will get you in trouble. What exactly are you looking for?" Maurice asks me while Ezra hovers protectively nearby.
"I have a friend that needs help. He's dying, and I-"
"-little girl, I've told you time and time again that nothing can stop death. I've offered to turn him for you, but you say he'd rather die. Then, let him die."
"No! Look, I know it's been a really long time since you were human, but do you remember how-"
"-how it felt to be in love? I do, but time heals all wounds. There's billions of people in this world, I never believed there was only one soul mate for every person. I've had many myself. You're incredibly young. I assure you that you will fall in love again, no matter how much you think otherwise right now."
"I didn't say I was in love," I tell him, and he laughs.
"You're not fooling anyone."
I automatically look at Ezra who gives me a small smile.
"Especially not him," Maurice whispers. "Let it go, little girl. The only one who can stop death is Death himself, and trust me, he's an immature, spoiled brat."
"You mean Death is someone you can actually meet, and talk to?"
"Please leave it alone, Meena," Ezra says. "You're wasting your time looking for something to stop the inevitable."
"Listen to the newborn. Abaddon is not someone you want to call on," Maurice warns before making his way to some vampire groupies.
Abaddon. At least I now had a name. "He's not saying anything else, is he?" I ask Ezra, who had been watching me earnestly.
"Why are you here, Meena? No one knows anything, and I trust Maurice when he says not to go looking for Aba-what's-his-face. Go be with the guy you're so desperate to save." He quickly looks down, and says that that came out wrong, and he hadn't meant to be so insensitive.
"Oh no," I say, and he darts his eyes to mine.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm starting to like you."
He grins. "I like spending time with you too. What few hours I have until the half-breed gets sleepy."
"Shh!" I cover his mouth. "You're the only one who knows about that."
He laughs, and flips my hand over to kiss the back of it. I'm startled, not by his sweet gesture, but by the fact that I had welcomed him to do it.
"I know. I'm the one who promised to keep your secret," he continues as if he hadn't just heard my heart skip a beat. "I'm not going to betray you. You do trust me, don't you?"
I take a long look at his handsome face, from his unnaturally glowing eyes, to deadly sharp fangs, but knew the answer right away. "Damn you, Ezra. I do."
It had taken more convincing than I would've preferred, but I was good at what I was, and Bree was sitting far too comfortably in Theo's living room. He had been screaming in my head, and when he wasn't, he had tried to beg, and make bargains, both for his father and the little wolf. Shutting him out had been easy until he had seen her walk through the front door, admiring his baby pictures. He seemed to have gotten louder, but no matter. I was doing what needed to be done.
"I can't believe she's one of those things," she says with disgust. "And that I actually fell for everything she said!"
"It's not your fault. They're just great at making you doubt yourself," I tell her, bringing her lips to mine. Theo fumed inside me.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have believed her. How could I have trusted her over you?"
"I told you, I forgive you. I'm just glad you gave me a chance to explain."
"But why didn't you ever answer my calls if you knew she was lying?"
Wasn't she the clever one? "Right. I want you to meet someone," I say as James comes down the stairs.

Don't make him do this! Please!
I had ordered James to put on a happy face for the sake of his child, but he failed at that too.
"Bree, this is my father, as you can tell from the most uncanny resemblance. Almost as if we were the same person."
"Oh. Nice to meet you," she extends her hand, and he reluctantly takes it without meeting her eyes.
"Did you make that call, father?" I ask him, and he nods, still refusing to look at Bree. She notices, and raises her brows at me. "The reason I wanted you to meet my dear father was because I had a question I wanted to ask you. You see, he has doubts."
"O-okay?" She darts her eyes between the both of us.
"Oh, don't worry! I'm not asking you to get married or something. Relax," I laugh and she chuckles nervously.
"You're freaking me out. What is it?"
Theo was holding his breath, so to speak.
"Was I?" I caress her cheek, and she leans in before looking over at James.
"What did you want to ask me?"
"If you loved me." My reply takes her back, and she chuckles nervously again.
"You know how I feel about you."
"So, you do love me? A lot?" I tease, and she smiles.
"Yeah. What's going on?"
"I just want you to say it."

Don't do it!
She can't heeeeeear you.

"You want me to say that I love you?" She asks.
"Yeah. Say it."
"I love you," she says, looking confused now.
"See James? I told you I had her right where I wanted. Don't shed any tears for this one. I long ago could've taken her soul."
"Wait, what?" Bree chokes out, and James steps back.
"I'm sorry," he tells her. "I had to. For my son."
-please stop-
She asks what he's talking about, she's panicking now, but I could see she still wanted to believe she was safe with me. I reassure her she's wrong. She should've trusted the half-breed. Not me.
"Carreau? Damn it, James. I thought you said you called her."
Bree once more asks what's going on, and I tell her to shut up while I call out once more.
"Who is that?" Bree asks softly. She was stupidly fighting against the little voice that was begging her to run away.
-I'll do anything, if you just-
"Someone to take...oh. She's coming. Finally."
"Take me? Take me where?" Bree was on the verge of hysteria and kept looking at James who couldn't help her even if he had wanted to.
-Please, Verin! Please-
James hung his head in shame as I explained to Bree that Carreau wasn't there to take her anywhere.
"I'm the one that's going to take you," I smile, holding her shaking body.
-Let her go!-
She was too afraid, too confused, and in shock to say anything.
You're weak, Theo. You can't stop me.
"I couldn't just kill you, little wolf. It would cause too much trouble from the pack, and since you love me-"
"-I don't!" She sobs out, shaking her head stubbornly. Theo sobs along with her as she realizes what's going to happen now.
"Yes, you do. It's okay. It won't hurt, and Abaddon isn't as evil as everyone says He is." She was fighting and tried so hard to push me away, but I held her effortlessly in place.
-Damn it! Let her go!-
"Don't worry about Him, sweetheart. I'll take over soon. I'm not such a bad guy. We had fun, didn't we?"
She screams when she feels Carreau approaching. Theo cries, and I feel him kicking with all he had to break free. James chokes another apology, and I give Bree a parting kiss as I suck in her soul. Theo's pain was as intense as hers. She twists and turns through me, clawing for an exit that won't come soon, and I moan in ecstasy as her soul further withers in pain. I was going to enjoy carrying her until we reached Abaddon. Theo was looking for Bree but didn't know where to start. She was in too much pain to notice she had a cellmate, let alone one who was so in love with her that he was fighting with everything he had against the demon that held them prisoners in his own skin.
It was beautiful.
So much desperation, and torment from them both.
Carreau opens the eyes of her new body, and laughs. "I like her. She's pretty."
"I knew you would. I saved her just for you," I sigh, still high from the battle inside. "Now, go make yourself useful and give her pack trouble. I don't want to hear from them or you again. Got it?" I tell her, caressing her new face.
"Sure thing!" She grins, and skips to the door.
"You did good, James. Now, excuse me while I deliver Bree to her new home. Oh, and I'm thinking we'll get tacos for dinner, so don't trouble yourself with cooking. Is that fine with you?" I ask him, and he clears his throat.
"Yes, Verin. Whatever you say."
"Damn right."

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#1taj39759VIPMar 23, 2015

sssssssoooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood! My birthday is coming up and this is the start of a great birthday.

#2loryram2Mar 24, 2015

Oh, my....I am in shock , little heart needs a break \:wub\:
Too much greatness to take in \:cool\: I have hate/love relationship with Verin/ Theo, really, (sigh)

#3WintersmithVIPMar 24, 2015

Fastened my seatbelt...check. Drank my coffee before forgetting it again...check. You've done it, I needed tissues!!! And I don't cry that easily, but I felt really sorry for Meena and Shade and I hoped it was going to be: and they lived happily ever after. But it wasn't. And now Shade is going to die?! No, no, no, no!
Okay, enough ranting for today:P. I love where this is going and can't wait for the next chapter.

#4freerealmsMar 25, 2015



SHADE!!!! WTF!?! THAT NIGHT DIDN'T GO AT ALL HOW YOU PLANNED IT B!! YOU WOOHOOED HER!! THEN LEFT OUT THE BABY BOO LOVE!!! YOU BABY BOO LOVE HER DON'T DENY IT YOU COWARD!!! Like freakin Romeo and Juliet with yall and a million other things going on.

VERIN!! You are just amazing and answered so many questions that I had since the beginning man THANK YOU! I don't care if you the bad guy in this, I thought it was hilarious that you wanted to drag Meena by her hair. You are one of my favorites and I hope you don't suffer to much in the end.

JAMES WTF!? NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HAD JUST LET YOUR SON B WITH MEENA UNTIL HIS HEART BROKE ON IT'S OWN! But you did bring Shade into all this and I love Shade even though he bein a idiotic coward right now. Plus you did save Meena when she was a little girl. YOU GOT NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF BUDDY VERIN IS RIGHT ABOUT THAT!

BREE YOUR A FREAKIN WEREWOLF WHAT IS GOIN ON WITH YOU!?! I blame your stupidity when you butt could have ran. If I was you as soon as I felt something was wrong I would have been gone so fast my shadow wouldn't be able to keep up (I'd b half way to Hawaii just in case my shadow asks).

Theo I didn't really have much care in the world for you but I think thats part of the reason why I like Verin so much. Sorry buddy you got in the way of my baby boo love soooooo you got cut plus the girl you loved got cut to. Hey but look on the bright side you get to talk to her until she goes to the pit of flames forever \:\).

#5behemoth_blueMar 27, 2015

Alec \:wub\:
Ezra \:wub\:
Verin !!!!! \:wub\:
Meena & Shade \:wub\:

OK, now that that's out of the way...
Shade is dying?!?! From what?!? Why?!!!
So James really is the Shadow Man. I don't know why I thought it would be someone with powers matching Abaddon's... But wait, wasn't it implied that the Shadow Man is Shade's father? Or did I miss or misunderstand something...
Speaking of Abaddon, is he going to save Shade?!?! And ask something ridiculous from Meena in return? Or will Lamia intervene?

And I just have to repeat one more time: Verin \:wub\: - so awesome and entertaining. He is definitely my favourite character in the story.
Great chapter!!! \:rah\:
Can't wait for more!

#6AnchieTkd Apr 2, 2015

This chapter is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I have really enjoyed it. Cannot wait for another one. Meena is so beautiful, glad she' s back to normal. My fav photo is no.44. Good job! \:D

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