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The Wicked Wait-CH 4
Published Apr 7, 2013

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Hi everyone! I have a confession: a small part of this chapter actually frightned me a bit as I was writing it. For this one "scene", I had to sit in the dark, with my jerk of a cat staring at my closet, imagining what scary things were going to jump out and grab me, just to get a feel for what Evie would be feeling. Anyways, hope you all get a little bit scared too, if not, let me know, and I'll try harder!
XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! I have a confession: a small part of this chapter actually frightned me a bit as I was writing it. For this one "scene", I had to sit in the dark, with my jerk of a cat staring at my closet, imagining what scary things were going to jump out and grab me, just to get a feel for what Evie would be feeling. Anyways, hope you all get a little bit scared too, if not, let me know, and I'll try harder!
XOXO Alessa
Sophie was pulling out her special pajamas, the ones she uses when she's having someone sleep over. I try to contain the sigh that manages to escape my lips. This is going to be another horrible, awkward night where I'm going to have to put my ipod on full blast, and pray that I fall asleep quickly. She lets us know that she's going to change, leaving me alone with Aiden. Rather than to look at him, I start searching for my ipod. He calls my name, and repeats it louder when I don't answer. He quickly gets the hint, asking if I'm angry with him.
"Why would I be mad Aiden? Because you wouldn't leave me alone all night? Or I don't know, maybe because everyone kept calling me your girl? And what about Sophie huh?" Not to mention pulling me away from James. He exhales and runs his fingers through his hair. "Evie, I'd rather you stay angry with me, it would be the best for you, but I know you want me to explain. Sophie likes the attention, likes turning guys down. We both know that, but you, you hate it. I was doing it for you."
"I never asked you to do anything for me! Don't be assuming these things! You don't know me," I say angrily, too stubborn to admitt he was right about me.
I stare him down, and instead of arguing as I expected him too, he apologizes.
"I'm sorry. I thought I was helping."
My anger quickly disappearing, I turn away again, not knowing how to reply.
"What are you looking for?"
"My ipod. I don't want to listen to you guys go at it, and I'm not sleeping somewhere else with someone I don't really know."
"So you expect me to sleep with her tonight?" He asks, completly surprised, and I turn back to him with the same reaction. "Well yeah. You're with her, I'd just rather you don't do it right now."
"I won't." He says, and I narrow my eyes. Nothing about this guy is making sense.
We continue to study each other curiosly, until Sophie returns in her silky nightgown, expecting Aiden to drool. Instead his eyes never leave mine, and I can't believe how the more I spend time with him, the more I find I am wrong. I don't know wether to be frightened or fascinated. I believe James believes what he was telling me, but Aiden and ghosts? That just doesn't make sense. The guy in front of me seems so sure of himself, to be involved with such nonsense. Sophie clears her throat, and Aiden finally turns to her.
"Oh, I guess you're going to bed already. I'll let you sleep then," he says, causing Sophie to drop her jaw.
"Wh-what? You're not staying? You don't have to leave."
"See you tomorrow Sophie," he replies, ignoring her, but gives her a quick kiss, and a nod goodbye to me.
We watch him leave, both of us equally baffled.
"What just happened? Did he actually just leave me to sleep alone? Who in the world is this guy?!" Sophie asks, jaw still to the floor. I only manage a shrug, wondering the same thing. Who was he really? Even as I get in bed, I continue asking myself that question.
Unfortunately, I only manage to sleep for an hour. I'm not even sure how it happened. One minute I was closing my eyes, the next I was overcome by an uneasy feeling, like when you walk into a room after people had just been talking about you. I lie in bed, looking around myself, as my eyes try to adjust to the darkness. It's strange how everything suddenly became grim. What James had told me about the fraternity house being haunted, and Aiden being the cause of it, starts frightening me at that second. I can't even begin to imagine why someone would play with the ouija board. I've always heard it was an invitation for something to latch itself unto you, that you open some kind of door. I place my head in the pillow, desperately trying to shake those thoughts away, but the heavy pounding of my heart sound like muffled footsteps in the room. I sink deeper into the covers, wrapping them around me as tightly as possible. With the lights off, everything seems menacing, and I can't help but look around, wondering if something will reach out for me. I start noticing the shadows that are cast with the moonlight coming through the windows, and I know our minds can play tricks on us, but I know I am not imagining the figure by the doorway. It was darker than the darkness itself, no recognizable features on its face. My heart skips from the rapid pounding to a complete halt. I shut my eyes quickly, praying with all my might that when I open them, the shadow will not be there. Though its gone when I look to the doorway again, I still feel it watching me. I sit up slowly peeking over the sheets, wondering where it's now at. I sit, contemplating wether to remain in the safety of my bed when I can't find it, or run for the lights. Feeling like something was near me, I shut my eyes, and throw the covers off of me in one quick motion, before jumping off the bed. My eyes scan for Sophie's nightlight, noticing it was near the door. We had never used it before, but I was suddenly desperate for the darkness to end. Before I can take a step however, I find myself covered in dread. By now, my palms are sweaty and my heart is once again beating furiously against the air I try to get in my lungs. I let out a quivering whimper when I feel what I had been most scared of. A bone-chilling breath on the back of my neck. Too overcome by that unnerving sensation, I bite my lip painfully, paralyzed in shock by the mere thought of what could be behind me. It hindered me from turning around or even calling out to Sophie, who whispered Aiden's name in her sleep.
"Aiden?" I repeat, breaking out of my frozen state. Sophie stirs in her bed, her face twisting into a frightened expression.
Everything immediately changed when I said his name. The feeling of being watched by something unseen, slowly went away, like a fog being lifted. I exhaled a breath I didn't know I was holding in, and sit on my bed leaning against the wall. I grudgingly look around the room, waiting for the dread to come back, but it doesn't. There's only a sense of calmness, and I no longer feel the need to turn on a light. Eventually my eyes start getting heavy, and I drift off to sleep. I sleep in most of the morning, grateful that I only have an art class that afternoon. The notification light on my cell phone is blinking, and I get up, expecting it to be from Sophie. I look over at her bed, notice it's made, so she must be in class already. I check my phone, smiling to find there are three missed texts, and a missed call. One was from Sophie, that she was in class, then having lunch with Aiden. The other text was from James, who was also the one who called. He apologized if I was still sleeping and to call him back when I get chance. How did he get my number? Maybe Dez asking Sophie, or something. The other text was the one that made my hairs stand on end, realizing at what time it had been sent. It was from Aiden, an hour after he had left, around the time I had woken up in fear. The text simply said 'sorry, I'll let you sleep now'. I almost drop the phone, and rub my eyes wondering if I had read wrong. I stare at the text, for a long minute before laughing nervously. He must have meant about the party and for interrupting my sleep with his text. That must be what he meant right? I grab my toothbrush, and head to take a shower, before I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. With my yogurt at hand, I grab a bowl, and find that my other roommates all seem to be gone. I'm actually surprised to find Dez there, in one of the tables. She looks up from her book, and grins at me.
"Hey doll. I'm starting to think I should really change dorm rooms," she says with a wink, and I smile with an eye roll.
"Hi Dez. How come you're here?"
"Study group with Lucy," she replies nodding to the girl besides her, one of the roommates that I hadn't met. She looks up at me, before looking back down to her book. What was her problem?
I join them, and take a bite of my yogurt, ignoring Lucy.
"So what happened with you and James after I left you two alone?" Dez asks raising her brows.
"You and James? So you're not with Aiden?" Lucy asks, relief spreading on her face, and I shake my head at her. I hope this is the last person I have to explain to who Aiden is really dating, and why he said that to the guys at the frat house.
"I knew he was a sweet guy. You're friend is a lucky girl," Lucy says, with a sad sigh. I get the strong impression she was enamored with Aiden.
Dez looks at her like she's crazy, and turns to me lowering her voice. "Evie, I don't know if James told you about Aiden. The reason they don't even talk anymore?"
"Yeah James mentioned it."
She nods, and glances at Lucy who had closed her book, and was listening very attentively.
"Hey how about we go get some coffee after your done with your yogurt?" Dez asks, eyes widening and darting to Lucy. I nod, understanding she doesn't want to say anything else in front of her.
"Great. I have a class soon, wish I could join you girls," Lucy groans, and Dez winks at me again.
Since Dez warned me she had a lot to say, we decide to walk to the coffee shop.
"So first things first, why didn't you want Lucy to come with us? She likes Aiden doesn't she?"
"Oh god, yes. She's all obsessed with that creep, and that's cause he rejects her daily. She's probably going to tell him we were talking about him, just so he'd look at her," she replies, with a frustrated sigh.
"So we're going to talk about Aiden?"
"Hell yes. But first, James. He wanted me to butter you up so that you won't reject him again when he asks you out. I shouldn't have told you that, but whatever, he knew it was a probability. Anyway he told you about how the frat house got haunted right?" Great, not this again.
"Well Evie, I'm going to tell it to you from the beginning. No interruptions please," she says, narrowing her eyes.
"So, I know James for a while now, and I've known Aiden for about the same time. James was actually the only one in the frat house who didn't make fun of him. He was always trying to get Aiden more involved in stuff, who was always a loner. They became pretty good-not friends, acquaintances, but still Aiden would never take him up on his offers. So I try to break his hard shell by inviting him to hang out with me, until he finally gave in. I tried to show him how to tag, but the kid just ended up painting his face, and then he stopped being around me. He would just mutter all the time, though, never looking anyone in the eye." She stops talking to see if I'm still with her. "Anyway, one day I barge into his room, just to see if he wants to watch a movie, and I catch him with a ouija board! He throws it under the bed, and doesn't even look at me, and I could tell he was ashamed or emberassed. He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that then right? But, I thought it was awesome! I love the occult. I've been dying to see a ghost for so long, and I asked him to let me play and he just muttered for me to leave. I had to go get one of my own! But, I never had anything weird happen to me like what happened with Aiden."
I nod, now becoming intrigued.
"This is why he creeps me out Evie. I was going to pick up my spray cans from James, but as I pass Aiden's door, I hear him talking to someone in a rushed voice. I stop because this kid doesn't even have friends, who would he be talking to? So, I place my ear to the door. Now, you have to know that the voice Aiden has right now, wasn't his voice back then. Before, he had this annoying, nasally one, like the one they use for the typical nerds in cartoons. So anyway, I hear nasally Aiden ask 'But why not now?' and he sounded pretty desperate. Then, I hear a male answer. He had a deep, sexy, raspy voice. The one Aiden has now. He said 'not now, but soon. My friends tell me there's a girl listening in.' So I jump back, pretending I was about to knock, and nasally Aiden ask what I wanted. I make up wanting to go eat, and he refuses again. Before he shut the door on me, though, I had peeked in, and there wasn't anyone in the room with him!" Her eyes are wide, completly wrapped into her own story, and I can't help but smile. "That's a good campfire story, Dez, but what are you trying to say? That he talks to himself, he's crazy, or that he talks to ghosts?"
"Evie, he was talking to someone who wasn't there! And then that guy said his friends told him I was listening to them! There was no one around me, how could he know I was there? What if he had ghosts watching me? I felt watched Evie, and I was freaking out. I thought maybe it was cause I felt guilty for listening in, but I'm sure there was something else with me."
That made my heart hammer in my chest. I had felt watched the first night after I had just met Aiden. When I told him about it, he had immediately asked if I had felt the ghost. "Why are you telling me this? Cause you want me to stay away from him? Is that why James told me all this too?" I ask, getting strongly suspicious.
"We think he's trouble Evie. There's something seriously weird with him."
"But why are you telling me this and not Sophie? He's with her, and actually, he told me he wasn't interested in me, that this was all about her."
"What? That's exactly what he told Lucy. He said that he was looking for someone else, but that she should be grateful it wasn't her."
"Well that is weird, but I guess we're just not his type or whatever. Maybe he has a thing for blondes? I don't know, but all this supernatural stuff, I just don't know what to think about that. I'm a skeptic you know." I say, and she frowns.
She throws her hands up in frustration. "Fine! How about this? He's dated a few girls since he's become all hot or whatever, and they all have a lot in common. The girls all have similiar, questionable backgrounds. They're not bad people, but have messed up in the past, and they're known for being passed around, if you know what I mean. He didn't go for Lucy, who's innocent in a sense, and inexperienced. Maybe he just doesn't want to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with sleeping with someone so pure."
This angers me a bit, because I know there's no way I will just magically become dependent on the guy I give it up to.
"So I talked to these girls, and they all said he was perfect. He was everything they wanted, although they all wanted a different type of guy. Like one wanted a bad party boy, and one wanted a sensitive, quiet guy. So Aiden must be a chameleon or something. Where was I? Oh yeah, the girls all had a great time until the date was over, and he was dropping them off. Two of the girls each said they remember looking at the time, and complaining it was too early. So, he drops them off and as they go in for a kiss, they close their eyes, only to open them and find they're in their dorm room..alone. The girls who had checked the time, said only a few minutes had passed, but they all get told by someone that they saw them pass out, and Aiden carried them into their rooms. He comes back out right away, it's not like he takes advantage of them, but it's freakin weird isn't it? Then, they talk to him the next day, and he tells them they're not what he was looking for, but that they should be grateful for that. What the hell is he looking for in a girl? And why don't these idiots realize he's been warning them?"
Hadn't he tried to warn me too?
By now, we've reached the coffee shop, but chatting in line, we realize both our classes are starting soon. We take our drinks to go, and it turns out we're headed to the same building. She uses the extra time to implore me to take this seriously.
"I know what will convince you, we should try contacting the spirits," she says like it's the most logical thing to do.
"Are you serious? Didn't you say you tried, and it didn't work? Maybe because it's all make believe."
"No Evie, maybe it's because I was by myself. More people means more energy for the spirits to draw from."
"I don't want the spirits to draw anything, thank you very much," I reply, and she laughs. "Oh come on! I tried asking your friend Sophie, but she told me I was weird, and you can convince her! She's the one dating ghost boy. Unless you're scared.."
"Sophie thinks everyone who's not her or dating her, is weird. And no, I'm not scared. I just think it's a waste of time."
Few minutes later, I finally reach my class, grateful hers was a few doors down. I don't need her trying to drill the idea of contacting whatever, into my head. She warned me she was very persuasive though. After my art class, I walk out only to find James waiting for me. How do these guys keep tracking me down? I bite my lip, remembering Dez had mentioned he wanted to ask me out.
"Hey Evie."
"Alright, don't freak out. Dez texted me that you guys walked over here, and I've just been peeking through classes to see which one you were in. When I found you, I decided to wait," he grimaces as soon as he's done. "Ok, that sounded less creepy in my mind."
I agree, and he laughs.
"I was actually hoping you wanted to get something to eat, with me."
Oh no, he was asking me out again. How do I turn him down gently? "James, this is going to sound dumb, but I-I don't date," I say, looking away.
"What? How come?"
How do I begin to explain that the word alone scares me? "I-umh...I-I just..." I stammer, and he places his fingers under my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. "It's alright Evie. You don't have to explain to me, if you don't want. Let's just go as two friends then. I'll even burp the alphabet to make it as undate-like as possible."
I give him a small smile, and accept.
"I'll even make you pay your own food if you want," he offers with a grin.
We end up eating hot dogs in a place nearby, where true to his word, he burps the alphabet.
"That was disgustingly impressive," I say, and he grins. "Thank you, I have many hidden talents, just so you know." He winks, and I take a bite, trying not to laugh.
"I hear Dez tried getting you to contact Aiden's ghost friends."
"She told you already? I told her I didn't belive in that, but she's stubborn isn't she?"
"Yeah. Wait, you didn't believe me either? I didn't tell you that just to have something to talk about Evie. He's..I don't know what it is, just tell your friend to be careful."
"I'm sorry James, really, but you can't ask me to believe in something I've never seen or heard before, myself."
"Then spend the night at the frat house. We'll have a scary slumber party, but don't worry, you can share my bed," he teases.
After more teasing, he gives me a ride to my dorm, and walks me inside.
"You shouldn't have walked me this far. It's not a date you know," I tell him with a shrug.
"I know. That's why I invited myself in." I gasp, and he grins, before noticing some of my roommates playing games on the big screen. I tell him to join them while I go upstairs and drop off my stuff. He leaves, without having to be asked twice.
My smile drops as I reach the room, to find Aiden and Sophie on her bed. Being unnoticed, I freeze wondering how to get out without interrupting them.
"Sorry! I'll just go back downstairs. James is.." I blurt out, stopping only as I realize Sophie was going to bomb me with questions. She throws Aiden off of her, and drops her jaw.
"Evie you're on a date? Did James call you, I gave him your number you know. Is he being nice, oh my god! Where you going to bring him upstairs to the room? Aiden let's go!"
"What the hell Sophie? No, I wasn't. I- Just get back to making out!" I tell her, groaning into my hands.
Aiden props himself on his elbows and smiles. "You and James? I should've introduced you days ago." I can't even look at him, I'm humiliated having just walked in on them, and he's just laying there in her bed, when he looked better in mine...
"I gotta go." I stammer out, ignoring Sophie's squeals that I finally have a boyfriend. I need to get out of there and get away from what I had just been thinking.
I join James downstairs, playing football, and even finish watching a movie, before we realize we're the only ones there. I was alone with James. It hit me suddenly, and my palms got sweaty.
"James? We have a class early tomorrow, you know."
"But I drank too much to drive home," he pouts.
"You drank soda you loser!"
"Yeah, and what if I have to use the restroom Evie? Then what am I going to do?" He asks sarcastically.
"Besides, who am I going to cuddle with over there?" He asks, his voice lowering, and he leans in. I turn to him, all humor gone from his eyes. His caramel eyes, that I feel myself melting into. "I guess you'll have to stay then," I hear my voice whisper in response. His eyes widen slightly, in surprise, and I can't take back the words even if I wanted to, and I don't. I meet him the rest of the way, and place my lips on his. His mouth responds with equal eagerness, and he pushes me quickly on my back. Holding himself off me, I reach up to him, desperately trying to show him that I don't mind if he gets a little closer. He kisses me more roughly then, one hand wrapped in my hair, the other traveling up my thigh. My breathing matches his, uneven, and I realize it doesn't make sense to decline him on dates, and be edging him on to do something I've never experienced. But that doesn't stop my hands from pulling him in. Unfortunately, my roommate freaking out, does. James bolts off of me, falling to the floor, as I laugh nervously and try to recover myself. Ben looks at us like we're insane, and starts apologizing. "Sorry guys. Didn't think anyone was down here. I'll just, carry on!" He leaves and as James picks himself up, I turn to find Aiden standing in the doorway. His expression unreadable. James trips on a soda can, hitting his knee, and my attention is brought back to him. After making sure he was okay, I turn back to find Aiden wasn't there anymore. "Ow. That's what I get for making fun of you," James says rubbing his leg. I don't answer, wondering if I had just imagined seeing Aiden there.
"Hey you okay?" James asks, and I smile quickly. "Yeah, just tired, I should go to bed, though."
"Yeah, okay," he says, pulling me up and holding my hand, we walk to the front door.
"Thanks for the non-date," I say, and he grins. "Sorry Evie but you kissed me, I think it was a date."
"Well, you tricked me with your come-hither eyes, doesn't count as a date."
He kisses on the sensitive spot under my ear, and I shiver. "Goodnight Evie," he whispers seductively, and leaves with a wink.
The lights in my room are off, and not wanting to disturb Sophie, incase she's sleeping, I leave them like that. I squint in the dark, kicking off my shoes slowly, when I hear sounds I'd rather not have heard. She wasn't alone in her bed. I scowl and fight the urge to yell at her for not letting me know. I find my ipod, shove the headphones in, and try not to groan. This was a million times worse, knowing Aiden was with her a few feet from me. They knew I was here, they knew I knew what they were doing. It is so humiliating. With Led Zeppelin blasting away, I climb into bed, and take my pants off under the covers. I can't believe I didn't even get to change into my pjs. Remembering I hadn't removed my makeup, I reach for the wipes on my desk, careful not to look at them, and wipe my face furiously. I'm so angry I'm stuck in here with them. I can go back downstairs, but sleep where? I take a deep breath, and move my toes in sync to Imagine Dragons' "Demons". The beat causes me to momentarily forget where I was, but my eyes pop open when I feel it again. Someone was watching me. I remove my earbuds, and automatically look over at Sophie's bed. I can hear Sophie's recognizable snoring, but Aiden is awake, and looking at me. With the moonlight, I can see the reflection of his eyes, knowing he's watching me too. The zebra comforter around him makes me almost smile, but his face has no trace of humor, and I swear he looks sad. I hear him humming to the song that was playing, and I can't believe he can hear it. I sit up in bed, trying to hear what he's now saying. No, not saying, singing. He stops, as soon as he sees I'm about to open my mouth.
"Sleep Evie, forget this," he whispers, and I obediently lay my head back down, my eyes fighting to stay open, but losing.
He slowly starts becoming blurry, as I start drifting into unconsciousness. I manage to place my headphones back in my ears, but the ipod has somehow turned off. My limbs feel heavy, and I don't have the strength to turn it back on. I hear him singing again, more softly this time, and I might have imagined what he sang. It probably didn't have that sinister meaning to it, I could've been hearing things.

♫ When you feel my heat look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide... Don't get too close, it's dark inside. It's where my demons hide.. ♪♫

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martoeleSep 12, 2013

I have picked up reading this story where I left it due to real life stuff. It really is an interesting story. I'm dying to know more about this Aiden boy. Is he perhaps a vampire? \;\)

AnchieTkd Jun 4, 2013

O MY GOD!IT'S FREAKING SCARY!THE SONG!OUF,I think I become obsessed.I'm still in the beggining of the story but I don't want to read chapter 7,it won't be interesting if I don't read all.Evie is very pretty,did you make her on your own?I have couple of her hairstyles. \:ph34r\:

taj39759 VIPApr 21, 2013

Oh my goodness. I was on edge with each page!!!

fruitopia VIPApr 13, 2013

Great chapter

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