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Published Mar 9, 2016

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Thank you all for still reading, and I know I've mentioned this before, but I would really appreciate it if you took the time to check out my new The Wicked story over at It's mature, and has adult content so just putting that out there. I'm under the name Tessa Crane and the story is called Here Comes the Wicked. I really hope you'll check it out, drop by to say hi, and let me know what you think. It follows Meena's story, though it's different from the one I've posted here. Please check it out, it would mean the world to me :)

XOXO Alessa


Thank you all for still reading, and I know I've mentioned this before, but I would really appreciate it if you took the time to check out my new The Wicked story over at It's mature, and has adult content so just putting that out there. I'm under the name Tessa Crane and the story is called Here Comes the Wicked. I really hope you'll check it out, drop by to say hi, and let me know what you think. It follows Meena's story, though it's different from the one I've posted here. Please check it out, it would mean the world to me :)

XOXO Alessa
“And she’s still there? You’ve left her with him?” Vala’s shaking hand spill some of her coffee. She doesn’t notice or waits for me to answer. “Talia, what would people say? Matthias was the one who wanted the two of you to move in together. I was against it! Living together before you were married? I suppose everyone who matters already knows you’re not worthy of wearing white on your wedding day, but at least this way, you wouldn’t let Eden’s girlfriends step foot inside your house!”
“She’s not his girlfriend. I told you. She’s a friend.”
“Do I look stupid to you? I’ve heard of my son’s lovers, but the fact that you’ve let one sleep in your home, is unbelievable! If you don’t get rid of her before my husband finds out-“
“-she’s leaving soon, and she’s not Eden’s anything. She’s my friend,” I repeat. “Vala, I came here to ask for your help. I'm asking you, your son's asking you, to please tell Matthias that Ava is not with Eden. We’ve heard the rumors. Everyone is doing a lousy job of whispering when we’re out together but nothing is going on between them.”
“The three of you have been seen everywhere together. Of course rumors are going to start!”
“Do you really think I’d be stupid enough to accompany my fiancé and his girlfriend on their dates if they were really going on dates? You know me, Vala. I would not have been quiet about this. You’re going to be my mom-in-law. I would’ve come to you right away, as I’m coming to you now. Please. Talk to Matthias. Ava is just my friend. I don’t want him to be upset with Eden.”
She studies me for a long time and finally smiles. Her aura now said she was somewhat pleased with me.
“You’re protecting him?”
“He’s there when I wake up, and he’s there when I fall asleep. I’ve learned to care about him,” I smile sweetly and know I’ve done what I came here to do.
“So? What did she say?” Eden was cooking when I got home.
“She’ll talk to your dad about it. We’re expected at dinner. Everything’s good. What are you making? Where’s the girlfriend?”
Ava was in the shower meaning we had time to talk so as he cooks, he thanks me for going to his mom and as much as him being nice was freaking me out, I manage to smile back at him.
“Ava won’t want you tagging along with us anymore. I’ve tried to convince her that keeping you happy means that I can be free of you that much faster,” he says, almost shamefully, and I sigh.
“I guess she’s not thrilled about keeping your forbidden love a secret?”
“Grow up,” he says, but with a smile, and feeds me one of the waffles.
I realize how weird this all is as I chew. I’m having a nice moment with my fiancé when his girlfriend is taking a shower after gods know what they had been doing all morning.
“That’s uh..pretty good. Anyway, the whole town is in our business as usual and they still rightly assume she’s your girlfriend. We have to get her out of here. Like yesterday.”
He laughs suddenly, and I ask him what his problem is. Did he poison the food? Was this his master plan all along?
“It’s just that the whole town knows we’re engaged, and now that Ava is my girlfriend, and they still think Alain is your boyfriend.”
Oh, I overreacted.
“That’s not funny!”
He laughs again, and this time I join him.
“This is weird, isn’t it? Us being nice to each other?” I know I’m ruining the moment but it had to be said.
“You deciding to help me after how I’ve treated you, opened my eyes.”
“Opened your eyes? Okaaay.”
“I’m serious,” he smiles as I grab a plate. “Thanks again. I think anyone else would’ve gladly reported this to my father to get the ‘other woman’ out of the way.”
“Yeah, well, I’m the ‘other woman’ in her eyes. I don’t have anything against her. I don’t want her to get hurt, but we’ know.”
“Still engaged,” he finishes. “We’ll figure a way to get out of this.”
“Finally. Something we agree on,” I sigh, and he smiles. “By the way, Alain is in Bridgeport.”
“I know, and I’m not asking him for help,” he replies stubbornly. Well, moment’s gone.
“Why not? He’s already over there. He can find a place for Ava, go to her old apartment, and move all her stuff to a new place. You just have to ask him, and-“
“-I said no, Tali. Him and I have never been on good terms.”
“That’s cause you’re a jerk. I’ll ask him for you,” I reply as he grabs some waffles for himself.
“I don’t trust him not to tell my parents. He’ll use any bit of leverage to try to get my dad to help his family with their lack of powers.”
“He won’t do that. Stop being so damn paranoid. You trusted me, didn’t you?”
“Yeah and I’m trying not to distrust how easily you agreed to help.”
“I told you. Until we can come up with a plan, it looks like we’re going to get married no matter what, and if I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, I want us to at least be friendly roommates.”
He smiles as he sits across from me. “So the fact that you’re going to Bridgeport for a few days has nothing to do with it?”
“She’s coming with us?” Ava was suddenly there, towel wrapped around herself. “Why the hell is she coming with us?!”
“Because I’m with child,” I say, pushing my plate away. Ava gasps while Eden tries to explain that I was only joking.
“You’re not funny,” he frowns.
This was news to me.
“What the hell is going on?” Ava yells, and I turn on the TV while Eden scowls at me.
“I’m not helping. Your girlfriend. Your problem,” I say, checking the weather in Bridgeport. We’d be leaving soon. I couldn’t wait. I had packed my entire closet and made Alain promise he’d take me to hottest night club. Moonlight Falls was way too traditional and had spells around the edge of town to keep any supernaturals away. It was rumored that vampires would burn as soon as they stepped inside our humble little town. Bridgeport was different. Clubs were owned by the vampires! Werewolves were free to go in! All were welcome! There were so many choices for me to find trouble.
A little help?
“What now?” I groan, but Ava was crying again. She wasn’t so good with keeping her emotions bottled up, but at least she helped with making my aura lessons easier. Thanks to the last two days I had been forced to spend with her, I’ve been getting a better grasp on what the aura colors mean, and how to block them. I was blocking hers right now. She didn’t understand why her perfect boyfriend couldn’t shake off his ex. I was the bad guy. I was the one who was stopping them from having a relationship. I did feel bad for her, no matter what I told Eden about not feeling sorry for either of them.
I don’t know what to do, Eden.
“Why don’t you just leave him alone?” Ava asks me between sobs. “I’ll give you the money. I’ll...I’ll...please, just let him go.”
In panic, Eden had told her I wanted his money. That he owed me money his parents had made very clear he wasn’t entitled to until he married. He had to marry me to pay me off. Of course, she hated me.
Eden? Do something!
What am I supposed to do, Tali? Tell her the truth? My father will hurt her.
She’s hurting now! Look at her!
Tell me what to do then!
Ava runs out of the room in tears. I had complained to Eden that he should’ve gotten a stupid girlfriend. This one was observant and had already brought up many times before that Eden and I had silent discussions.
We did it again.
We still are.
“Now what?” I ask him, audibly this time. “I shouldn’t care, but I don’t want her to think that way about me. She’s not so bad, just caught up in our freakin mess. Maybe Keene can help? Convince her to understand that I come in peace? That you just have to keep your relationship a secret until you’re in Bridgeport?”
“I’m not having your little teacher mess around with her mind!” He runs his hands through his hair and groans. “Fine! Ask Alain for help with moving Ava’s things to the new apartment.”
“What new apartment?” I laugh sarcastically. “Of course you already had a place in mind.”
“Will you ask him?”
“Say pretty please.”
He didn’t say pretty please, but I told Alain he did. Alain was very surprised to know that a Sage, not just any Sage, but Eden Sage wanted his help. He agreed to do it, and didn’t have to be told to keep it all a secret, despite Eden intruding into my head and reminding me to say it. Ava’s stuff was already packed in her old place, Alain just needed to hire the movers or move it himself to the new love nest Ava would share with Eden. Ava had cried herself to sleep by the time I was done talking to Alain. “I thought that would comfort her. Knowing you got a place for her and everything,” I tell Eden as he crashes down into the couch beside me.
“She doesn’t like being treated like a mistress.”
“Time to go talk to your parents then? Now that she’s asleep?”
“Yeah,” he says without making a move to get up. “Remember that you need to look like a good girl, and be on your best behavior.”
“And you remember you need to keep your dad’s wandering eyes away from me.”
“I won’t let him make you feel uncomfortable,” he promises with a tight smile, placing a hand on my knee as he gets up.
Now he was the one making me uncomfortable. Maybe that wasn’t the right word. Whatever it was, I didn’t like it.
“Remember,” Eden says as we walk towards the front steps of his parents house, “agree with whatever they say, but don’t over do it. We have to act as if my father’s idea of forcing us to move in to that tiny apartment was the perfect plan and now, we couldn’t be happier. We’re in love. We have seen the error of our ways-“
“-yeah, yeah. I got it. Calm down.”
“I need you to take this seriously,” he places a hand on my shoulder, and I immediately stop.
“I am.” Before I think of shrugging his arm away, I remember Vala was probably watching and lean into him instead.
We’re starting then.
Yes, so smile big for momma.
You’re making this weird.
His hand makes its way down my back to lead me inside. I hate that I shiver.
It’s cold out tonight.
I told you to bring a jacket.
Oh, shut up and open the door.
- - - - - - -
“Teresa? Ah, yes. She’s about fifty years older than you. Why do you ask?” Maurice’s eyes weren’t on me but at the pool table, thinking of his next move. His face didn’t show suspicion or distrust at all. Why would he? I was only asking him about a vampire I had slept with. Nothing more. I was right to be curious.
“She was here a few nights ago. Seems nice.”
Maurice laughs. “Nice? Sleeping with her was nice? Well, as long as you’re out there socializing.”
“Yes, I’ve realized I can’t just stay here and drive myself crazy with thoughts of the demon. It’s better for me to get out and socialize, as you say.”
“Good to hear, Ezra. Your turn.”
“What for? You always win. Besides, I’m supposed to be meeting her in a few minutes.”
“Are you dating, Ezra? Is that what you’re doing? Wooing her?” He laughs again.
“Is there something wrong with that?” I ask.
“Don’t be so sensitive. I was simply amused by the idea of you wooing Teresa. She’s got a bit of a reputation.”
“That doesn’t bother me, and who am I to judge her for that? I’m the idiot who fell for one of The Wicked.”
“Not this again,” he says, shaking his head. “Go woo Teresa. Don’t think about the past.”
I give him a reassuring nod. “I’ll try.”
“He said that about me?” Teresa grins. “So he knows who I am? That’s so cool.”
“It doesn’t bother you that he knows you by your reputation for sleeping around?”
I ask her as we walk down the street.
“Nope. As long as he knows me. Unless..does that bother him? Should I attempt to be more...unexperienced? Is that possible?”
I grin. “It doesn’t matter to him. Once he sees I like you, he’ll like you too. Just give it time. We’ll convince him to let you run your own establishment soon.”
She kisses me with gratitude. “Now, let’s go inside. There’s someone I want you to meet.”
- - - - - - -
“That’s out of the question,” Vala dismisses us quickly and calls for Hilary, the newest maid, to set dinner already.
“Mother, if you would just let us explain,” Eden says.
“We’ve been giving this a lot of thought,” I add.
“I should’ve known this was your idea.” She was accusing me? “You want to take my son away. I thought we were just getting to be good friends, Talia. Why would you betray me this way? What have I done to deserve this?”
I want to punch her so bad. Just punch her and watch her head spin round and round...
“Mother, this was my idea. Not Tali’s, and she doesn’t want to take me away from you. We’ll only be gone for a few days. We’ll come right back. Bring you a few gifts? What would you like from the city?”
“Why do you want to leave me, Eden?” She wasn’t crying. No where near crying, but she was trying so hard to. It was hilarious, but I’m supposed to be on my best behavior. Instead of laughing, I place my arms around her.
She freezes under me and I pat her back all sweet and gentle.
“Vala, if it makes you this upset, of course we won’t go.”
What the hell do you think you’re doing? The point was to convince them to let us leave.
I’m smothering her with love?
“That’s right, mother,” Eden says, now throwing his arms around her and thank the gods because I couldn’t stand hugging Vala any longer. “We’ll stay right here. We don’t want to make you ill or something. In fact, we should make a call to Dr. Grant. You don’t look so well. How old are you now?”
I smile behind Vala’s back and Eden is grinning too.
It didn’t take Vala long before she wiggled out from under him. “This has nothing to do with my age! Matthias, aren’t you going to say something?”
My father-in-law had been watching us closely since Eden and I had said we wanted to be allowed to go to Bridgeport as some sort of pre-wedding honeymoon. He hadn’t said a word so far. Not that Vala was letting anyone get a word in.
Now, he simply leaned against the wall, arms crossed, and eyes narrowed. “And Ava? You’ll be taking her along with you, I assume?”
“My friend, yeah. We wanted to give her a ride. I’m not letting her take the bus again. She was almost robbed.” I do my best to sound convincing.
“I see. You drop her off, and then what?”
“What do you mean?” Eden steps in.
“I mean, we’ve all heard the rumors going around town. That you’re having an affair with her. Humiliating Tali, yourself, this family. Do you want the council to pay us a visit?”
“They won't come because none of it is true,” Eden shrugs.
“It better not be, son.” Matthias wasn’t buying it as much as Vala was. She was nodding in agreement with her baby boy.
“Matthias? It isn’t true,” I say and as much as I hate having his disgusting eyes on me, roaming all over me, I wanted to get out of this damn town. “Eden and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but over these past days, we’ve really attempted to make this work.”
“Yeah. We’ve been together since birth. We hated each other because of it, but we understand you want the best for us. You see something in us being together that while we don’t see it yet, we will. We want to be together, like I said, make this work. We’re just asking for a chance to get away from everyone-“
“-see! You do want to take my son away from me!” Vala sobs out.
“Let her talk,” Matthias replies harshly. “Tali, you were saying?”
“Uhm, I was saying that we wanted to get away from everyone’s eyes always on us, judging what we do, always in our business. In Bridgeport, no one knows us. We can really just be ourselves, get to really know one another. Start over.” I take a deep breath and let him process this. Hell, I even let him eye me up and down without so much as twitching.
Damn. Nice little speech.
I know! Right?
You almost had me believing it. Almost.
Yeah, well, anything to give us a chance to get out of here for a while.
“Do you see that?” Matthias asks Vala who had been scowling.
“See what?”
What is he talking about?
I don’t know but he’s grinning.
Is that good?

Matthias gestures at me and Eden. “They’re having one of their silent conversations. They’re in each other’s heads. They haven’t done that so frequently since they were kids. You two remember that?”
Eden and I shake our heads simultaneously.
Matthias grins. “You two spent all your time together, never making a noise because all your conversations were silent. You loved having your own little world, apart from the rest of us. I can see that you want it to be that way again, and it makes me glad to see it.”
“You’re giving them permission to go?” Vala was looking at her husband as if he had grown an extra head. Not that he needed that to be any more repulsive. My father-in-law was making to throw an arm around me. No, please don’t. I’d have to take a shower after this. This man really did like his women young, but why me? There were so many willing to sleep with him just to get him to fix their problems, whether it was financially or it required him to use some forbidden black magic no one else dared to use. He could have any of them. Why go after the one engaged to his son? It was disgusting. It was... Eden pulls me away from Matthias and into his own arms. I had never been here before. Not that I hadn’t ever been hugged by a guy. I had dated, secretly of course. Even tried dating Alain but that was uncomfortable for us both. I just hadn’t ever been hugged by Eden before. It was strange but in a good way. His eyes were on mine. They were so blue. Looking into them made it hard to breathe for some reason. Maybe it was because he was staring right back. Studying my face, looking for something there. Maybe it was because he had saved me from having to end up in his disgusting father’s embrace. Oh no. It was a damsel in distress thing. The feminist in me wanted to shove him away, declare I’m my own woman who didn’t need his help, but the romantic in me...nope. I’m shutting that side up. Don’t even think about him that way! Your fiancé is off limits! - - - - - - -
Teresa’s witch, Zeke, was late, so while we waited Teresa filled me in on the female witch in Moonlight Falls. Her name was Talia. She was being kept a secret by the most powerful family there, the Sages. Matthias Sage was the one who ran the town. He wanted the girl for his son, or for himself, of that it was still unclear.
“What do the witches in the city think he wants with her?”
“I dunno. Zeke says that a long time ago, the families of Moonlight Falls got tired of basically having to answer to the council for everything so they purposely started having kids with non-magical people so their children wouldn’t have to be under the council’s eye. Now that there’s not too many witches born, they’ve turned to Matthias to help them with that. He has this agreement with the council or something that he’s the only one who can do black magic. Or he’s the only one brave enough to displease them.”
“It’s like a group of witches that decide the rules for them. Those who disobey are burned at the stake!” She laughs and while I don’t know if she’s telling the truth, I really didn’t care.
“This Matthias has the whole town in debt to him then? That’s why none of them tell the council about the witch girl that he wants for himself or for his son? Is he the reason she's a witch?”
“Looks like it. Oh, here’s Zeke!”
Zeke seems naive, and easily manipulated. He makes his way straight to Teresa, embraces her, and only after she kisses him and has to actually turn his head towards me, does he realize I’m there.
“Maurice’s Ezra?” He asks me after we shake hands.
“He’s my maker, somewhat,” I answer. “Is that a problem?”
“Not at all, man. Teresa’s told me that if I help you, you help her get a club of her own. You a man of your word?”
“Yes, I’ll talk to Maurice about it. How are you going to help me?”
“Ever heard of a summoning spell?” He grins.
“I’m a vampire, not a witch,” I remind him, and he laughs.
“I told you about his attitude,” Teresa tells him with a smile. “Ezra doesn’t joke around too much. He takes being a vampire very seriously.”
“Did you bring me here to make fun of me? Or are you going to help me?”
“I’ll help you, relax.” Zeke sits down across from me. “I’d gladly mark you with a daylight tattoo but it comes with a pretty big price, and I don’t know you at all. I’m not going to get into that. The only way for you to get your own is to trick a witch into helping you.”
“What exactly happened with the witches that you’re siding with the vampires?” I pry.
Teresa laughs, and says she’s going to get us all drinks. Zeke watches her go and turns back to me with a smile. “I got into a bit of trouble with my kind. They don’t like me very much. That one,” he motions to Teresa, “saved me. I knew what she was since I met her, but it never mattered. I love her, and she’s turning me soon.”
“Is she?”I raise a brow skeptically, but he doesn’t see this. His eyes are still on the vampire that was using him.
“Teresa told you about the Moonlight Falls witch. I wanted her to keep that to herself but she really wants to run her own place and that’s where you come in,” he shakes his head. “I’m doing a summoning spell to bring the Moonlight Falls witch over here. I’ve met her once before while I was down there. I heard about her, got curious, then came right back. That Matthias is one scary dude. Anyway, you’ll get a chance to meet her once I summon her here. Then, you help Teresa get on Maurice’s good side. Deal?”
“You have a deal,” I shake his hand again.
“Good. Another thing,” he says standing up to help Teresa with the drinks, “you need to work on your charm. You have to make this girl fall in love with you. It shouldn’t be too hard since she’s been trapped in that town all her life, and a city guy like you is all a small town girl wants, right? Just play up on that whole mysterious, dangerous guy vibe you have going on, and she’ll fall just like these Twilight-obsessed girls always do.”
He doesn’t give me a chance to respond before he says, “Oh, and you’re meeting her tomorrow night. I’ll summon her, and give you a call as to where to go. Good luck.”
- - - - - - -
“That went well,” Eden laughs as we walk to the car. “I thought my mother’s head was going to explode when my father got us the room for three nights.”
I nod.
“You were great, you know that?” He asks, and I nod again. He continues on that way even as we reach our house. I don’t think he even noticed I wasn’t saying anything back.
“Thanks again,” he says when we’re outside our home.
“I mean it,” he smiles and gives my hand a squeeze. “You didn’t have to help me, and you did. I know you’re getting a trip out of town, but it means a lot to me that you actually helped me despite...well, everything. How I’ve treated you when none of it has been your fault.”
My hand seemed so small in his. It had always been that way, back when he used to hold my hand all the time when we were younger. When did that stop exactly? When did we start hating each other?

He was running up the steps now. In back of Ava.
“..nothing. Okay?” He followed her into the living room. His aura was bright pink as it usually was when he looked at her, but Ava couldn’t see what I could. She was shaking her head stubbornly.
“Tali?” Eden calls me over.
“Can you please tell her that-“
“-I know what I saw-“ Ava starts to say.
“-but it’s nothing like that with me and her. Tali and I are not together. I’ve never loved her. I love you, okay?”
I hug myself as he hugged her, assuring her that she was the one he loved. Stating once again what I’ve always known. Eden has never and will never love me.
I clear my throat awkwardly and they both turn to me. “Ava, uh Eden’s telling you the truth. There’s never been anything between us.”
“See?” Eden caresses her cheek. “We don’t feel anything for each other.”
“Then why is she still going with us to Bridgeport? Why can't we go alone? Why does she always have to be around?” She asks him, biting down on her lower lip, as if I’m not standing a few feet from them.
“Okay that’s it,” I say.
What are you doing now?
“Ava, we didn’t want to tell you this because it’s not very safe for you to know, but since you’ll never have to step a foot in this town again, lucky you, I guess what’s the harm in you knowing?”
“-it’s not like you won’t tell anyone if it means getting Eden in danger and in trouble right? Here’s the thing-“
“-we’re witches.”
Ava rolls her eyes. “Right.”
I tell her to give me a second while Eden tells me to shut up, and tries to explain to Ava that it’s just part of my bad sense of humor. He’s interrupted by the thunder and lightning that was followed by the lights going on and off.
“I’ll let you explain that to her,” I tell Eden without bothering to clear the sky. Ava was staring at me like she was debating on whether to first make the sign of the cross in front of me or to first yell “back foul beast!”
“Tali, what the hell?” Eden was yelling.
“Whatever. I’m going to Keene’s. Ava’s your problem, not mine.”
Not my problem at all. I did what I had to do. I helped him convince his parents to let us go to Bridgeport, I helped him get Ava safely away from this town. My job was done. I was going to Bridgeport. I was going to meet someone new, forget about my messed up life, this whole Eden situation...or not. Maybe just have a good time with Alain. Go dancing. Go bowling or something. Doesn’t matter. Either way, Eden Sage will be the last thing on my mind.

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#1freerealmsMar 12, 2016

Tali is always beautiful! I still hate Ava though.

Tali is a way better person than me. I wouldn't have helped Eden cause he was so disrespectful it made me want to punch my laptop when i saw his face. He still irritates me with his lies to Ava about Tali. Why Tali gotta be the bad guy? Tbh if Ava had kept coming at me the way she did with Tali she would have gotten struck by lightening a long time ago. Eden wouldn't have tried those lies cause I can't control my emotions and would've stomped Ava on that beach in the beginning then gone ahead and told him to touch me cause if he did I'd be tellin his daddy on him.

#2freerealmsMar 12, 2016

Im also happy to be in the first to read and comment :P

#3WintersmithVIPMar 16, 2016

Eeew! Matthias wants to throw his arm around Tali really grossed me! Eew, eew, eeeew!!
And I'm actually starting to like Eden. I'm still mad at him for treating Tali the way he has, but he's not that bad.
I like where this story is going!

#4MaePerezMay 12, 2016

Cant wait for the next pleaseee

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