Yours - Chapter 6
Published Mar 16, 2015

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Hello everyone! Finally chapter 6 is here, I'm so sorry for the long delay :'( With this we have half of the story! TADAAA! Sorry, the pics are unedited because it was late and I didn't felt like editing 44 screenshots. They look good, I promise.

Anyway, I'll try to keep the story updated whenever I get some free time ^-^

Enjoy this!

Hello everyone! Finally chapter 6 is here, I'm so sorry for the long delay :'( With this we have half of the story! TADAAA! Sorry, the pics are unedited because it was late and I didn't felt like editing 44 screenshots. They look good, I promise.

Anyway, I'll try to keep the story updated whenever I get some free time ^-^

Enjoy this!
It was late morning when I woke up, but I was not on my bed. My head was resting on someone's arm, who was also hugging me from my waist. I couldn't move. I looked up to see that someone's face.

''Oh my god...'' I muttered when I saw it was Seth. ''So it was not a dream...''
I put a hand on my forehead to check my fever. It didn't seem like I was sick anymore. That was a good thing. Now I had to improvise something to get out of the couch without waking Seth up.

I looked at him again, swearing on my mind. Well, unless he was cute asleep. I was good not to hear his complains all the time.
I tried to pull my leg off his.

''Hmmm...'' he complains.

''Don't wake up, don't wake up...'' I whisper. He just hugged me tighter. I sighed, relieved. Oh my god if he was awake to see this... he's face would be quite funny.

'Okay, let's try again...' I thought. I moved my leg again, aiming to put my feet on the floor. I looked up to check on Seth. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. 'Oh, damn', I thought. I was expecting him to complain, to put his always-there grumpy face, to push me away from him...

But he just stared at me. He started to move slowly, helping me get out of the little hole I was in.

I was not expecting that.
He was still silent when we were finally sitting down.

''Well, I'm... sorry for that'' I said. It sounded more like a question, but I thought that was what I had to say.

I did not receive any answer.

''Mmm... are you okay?'' I asked.

Again, no response.
I could feel the tension in the air. I didn't understood what was bothering him. Why didn't he say anything? Was it something I had done or said?

Okay, yes, I had kind of forced the situation the day before, but to be honest, I was so tired that I didn't even thought it mattered. This morning, I believed I had dreamed it all.
All of the sudden, he stood up, went to the door and walked out of the apartment.

What was wrong with him?

I sighed. I didn't know why, but my chest hurted and I felt the urge to ran off the apartment to ask him about it. Because I wanted to know what was happening, and I couldn't stand feeling guilty about his mood.
''Okay, just breathe. It can't be your fault, you haven't done anything...'' I said to myself. It felt kind of weird, but I needed to hear those words.

I decided I had to do something to occupy my time until Maya got home.
I had already eaten my lunch when Maya arrived.

''Hello, gorgeous'' she said as she walked through the main door. ''Feeling better?''

I just nodded, concentrated on the book I had started reading just to keep my mind busy.

''Oh oh. That's your concerned face. What's wrong?'' she asked.
''Nothing's wrong. I'm perfectly fine'' I lied.

''Yeah, sure you are'' she crossed her arms, frowning.

''Whatever. What about your day?''

''Marvellous, but I bet you don't care right now, so tell me what happened'' she said as she sat beside me on the sofa.
I kept my mouth shut.

''So I guess Seth didn't do his assignment well'' she said.

''No,'' I looked at her and closed the book'' he did it pretty well, in fact''

''Then what's bothering you?'' she kept pressing.
''I just... ''I tried to make up an excuse, but I realized it was better to tell the truth. She was my friend after all. ''Something happenned...''

''OH MY GOD. YOU KISSED. TELL ME YOU TWO KISSED'' she said, excited.

I frowned at her.

''You're kidding, right? Why would we kiss? He doesn't even like me'' I could see the disappointment on her face.

''Why wouldn't he like you?'' she asked. ''And what happened?''
''Yesterday I was so tired, that I kind of made him... sleep with me on the couch'' I said. ''He was acting so weird this morning. He didn't even open his mouth to say something before he left. I just don't get it''

''What's wrong with him?''

''I wish I knew'' I sighed.
''Don't let it bother you, Jamie''

''I just want to know what do I have that's bothering him all the time and changing his mood...''

''Jamie'' Maya interrupted me '', there's nothing wrong about you. You have no fault in this. Is just his way of... being. I guess''
''No one is like that'' I argue, ''there's no way to be happy with that attitude''

''Maybe he is not happy''

''That's not true. I have seen him happy''

''Then maybe there is something wrong about him'' she said.
Maybe she was right. Maybe there was nothing wrong with me, but with him. But what was it? What was bothering him so much?

''I think you're right'' I admit.

''Good. Then we're done with throwing the fault at you, you hear me?'' she asked with her authoritative tone. I nodded. ''Okay, now, what are you gonna do about this?''
''Do I have to do something?'' I asked, confused.

''Of course you do! You two are supposed to be friends, and if there is something bothering you about him, you should speak your mind!''

''What? Do I really have to do that? He's gonna get mad...''
''And since when do you care about that? You have always said what you think no matter what, you've always defended what you think it's fair even if someone 'gets mad' ''

''I guess you're right''

''Then what are you waiting for? Go dress up!''
''So I just go and tell him everything?'' I asked.

''Yes. Do you know where to find him or you need me to use my contacts?'' she said, as if she had many contacts, when it is just Joey the one she would call.

At this time of the day, when there's no work to do since they are changing the floor at the library, there's just one place he can be in.

''I think I know where he is''
''So, go on, you have work to do!''

''Thank you for this, Maya'' I said.

''I can't let my best friend torture herself with bad feelings'' she answered. ''That's what friends are for. Between other things, of course. Now, go dress up!''

I nodded and walked to my bedroom.
I left the room when I was ready, and found Maya cooking something.

''You're gonna stay here all day?'' I asked.

''Nope. Joey's gonna take me to some local free concert, but I'll be back by midnight, don't worry''

''Okay, then... I'll call you later'' I walked to the door.

''Have fun!'' she said when I went out of the apartment. Only Maya could wish me to have fun in this kind of situation, but I love her for it.
I started preparing a long speech so I wouldn't be wordless when I finally faced Seth. The elevators doors opened and I went in with a heavy breath.

''I'm ready'' I said to myself.
Sun was starting to hide when I was out of the building. What if he wasn't there? What if he had decided to go elsewhere? After all, if I knew something about him, is that he's quite umpredictible. I rode my bike through the bridge, already seeing the always-deserted park at the end. From there, I couldn't say if there was someone there or not. But I had to go, just to try. I left my bike near the road and walked to the bench. There was someone sitting there. I stopped breathing for a second. Suddenly, I didn't remember anything of the speech I had been preparing. ''What do you want?'' Seth asked.

Damn, he had heard me. Well, then I didn't have the surprise element. I could go without it, never mind.

''I'm here to talk''

''I don't want to talk. Leave me alone'' he answered. His adorable accent didn't matched his piercing words.

I took a step forward, trembling.

''I'm gonna speak my mind, you want it or not, I don't care'' I closed my fists.

''Okay, then'' he stands up and walks till he's right in front on me, clearly pissed off.

''I'm tired of your attitude'' I said.

''I'm tired of you trying to fix my attitude'' he attacks back.

''I don't do that! Why can't you see I just wanna be friends with you?''

''What if I don't want to be your friend?''

My chest couldn't hurt more. I had a mix of feeling inside me, I didn't know what to do.
''B-but... you were the one who said...'' I muttered.

''I say many things I don't mean'' he said.

I remembered how he had hugged me yesterday to make me feel better, how he had laughed and smiled to me. Who is the real Seth, yesterday's, or today's?
''One thing you should know about me, if I tell you to leave me alone, you should do it'' he said.

I was speechless. For the first time in my life, there was nothing I could say. I didn't understand anything. Then I remembered all the things I had done with him, all we had talked about, and compared it with the person he was being now, and I started getting angry. I didn't deserve being treated like this.

''It's a shame that I'm not leaving'' I said.
''Jamie...'' he tried to tell me to go away again, but I interrupted him.

''I don't buy it. Anything you just said. You wanna hurt me? Well, you did. Congratulations. Because I have been all day thinking that something must be wrong with me, that I hade done something to make you be this way. But you know what? There's nothing wrong with me. And I'm done torturing myself about it''
''I...'' he tried to talk.

''Shut up, I'm not done yet'' I continue. ''I'm not going to pass another day feeling bad because of you. I have done nothing, and still you treat me like... I don't even want to say it'' I swallowed. ''You know, it's fun because I even thought you cared about me. But you don't, not even a bit. And I'm done with you''

He stayed silent. We remained like that, looking at each other, five minutes. Suddenly, his expression relaxed and his shoulders stopped being tensed.

''Jamie I... I don't know what to say'' He said. I clenched my teeth. ''I... I can't believe you feel that way... It's so far away from the truth'' I opened my eyes widely. Wait what? ''You have no idea how much you can affect my emotions, I think I l...''

Suddenly, an irritating song started ringing, interrupting him.
He took his phone off his pocket.

''Continue. You... what?'' I tried to make him kept saying what he wanted to say. The conversation had changed his path and I wanted to know where it was going.

''Wait a second'' he touched the green phone on the screen and take it to his ear. ''Who's this?''

I can hear someone talking on the other line. Judging by the voice, it's a woman. Between all the words, I could understand one: hospital.

''Did she just say hospital?'' I asked, worried.
''Ssssh'' he shut me up. ''Yes. I'm Seth McKenzie. I live with him. Yes. What happened?''

''Seth, tell me they are not calling from the hospital''

If they were, Seth and that woman were talking about Joey. Something might had happened. And Maya was with him.

''Seth, please...'' I begged.

He looked at me with a concerned look on his face.
''Yes, I can take that'' he continued talking on the phone.

My heart beated faster and faster against my chest.

''What's going on?'' I insisted.
''Are they okay?'' he asked.

That stopped my breath. 'They'. Something had happened to Maya. I was sure.

''Please...'' I muttered, to whoever that wanted to listen to me.
''I don't know any friend of hers, sorry'' he ignored me.

''Tell me you're not talking about Maya'' I shocked my head. I felt dizzy all of the sudden. If he didn't answer my questions soon, I was gonna pass out.

''Where?'' he asked to the woman on the other line.
''I'll be there in less than an hour. Thank you. Good night'' he hanged up the phone.

''Who was that?'' I asked. My heart was beating fast but also skipping beats every time I thought something could have happened to my best friend.

''No one'' he lied.

''I know you're lying''
''Jamie, I have to go. I promise we'll finish that conversation'' he said. Then he started walking toward the road.

I stood up there, watching him go. He was lying, I knew he was.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing. Seth turned around and looked at me.
I looked at the number on my screen, although I already knew who was calling.

''It's the hospital'' I said out loud so Seth could hear me.
''Don't answer'' Seth said.

I moved my finger slowly to the screen.

''Jamie, everything's fine. Don't answer the phone''

I touched the green icon and put the phone in my ear.
''Hello? Jamie talking'' I answer the phone.

Seth was looking at me with a expression that I didn't understand. It seemed like pity.

''Hello miss. We're calling from the hospital. Do you know Maya Jones?'' said a woman in the other side on the line.

I breathed heavily.

''Y-yes... Has something happened?''
''You were the first on her emergency contact list''

The word emergency started sounding in my head like an eco.

''You know any way we can contact her parents?'' she kept asking.

''I... I could call them'' I offered, my voice trembling.
''That would be a great help, miss''

''What... what happened?'' I asked again.

''She had a car accident'' she said. I was not concious of Seth walking to me. Nothing seemed to cared apart from Maya. ''She's in Bridgeport's hospital at the moment. Can you make it here?''

''Of course. I'll be there'' I talked, but it was as if I was dreaming and another person was talking with my voice.

''Jamie... ''Seth said, but I could no longer listen.

I just could feel the pain.
That's all for now dearies! :D

Sorry for this kind of cliffhanger I've left you in hehe. Hope you liked this chapter, I'll try to submit next one as soon as possible ^-^

Thanks to all the CC creators for their amazing work!

Have a nice day ♥

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#3Lily-chanVIPMar 17, 2015

You are hurting my feelings, Sil!!! How can you possibly think of doing something like this?! Hurt them both - AND your readers to a point where an immediate update is necessary? shame on you! ahaha \:D OMG I loved this chapter!! \:D \:wub\: \:wub\:

#4PEIjemMar 17, 2015


#5katwoman3Mar 18, 2015

Ahhhhhhh! Bad, bad cliffhanger! \:o What happened to Joey and Maya? OMG are they going to be okay? *bites nails* You really should post the next chapter ASAP, because I want to know about them! In the meantime, I applaud Jamie for telling Seth the truth, and letting that all out. He needed to know...and it seems he shows his liking someone in a strange way. I wonder why he keeps trying to push Jamie away? Hmmm.... MORE PLEASE!

#6WinterjusticeMar 18, 2015


#7sweetwilightMar 18, 2015

OMG!! Cant 't wait ♥

#8du12bakMar 20, 2015

I really like your stories \:\) \:rah\:

#9behemoth_blueMar 25, 2015

Gaaaah, Sil, again you do it!
I loved everything about this chapter; the beginning with Jamie and Seth, Jamie dishing it all out to Seth, Seth almost confessing that he's in love with her... and then... THE cliffhanger.
What is going on?!! What happened to Maya and Joey?!
And it was so cute how Seth tried to protect Jamie from the truth, but come on, Seth, it was never going to work. Hahaha, I have to agree there with freerealms, especially with that "YOU MAKE IT ALL UP WITH YOUR BRITISH HOTNESS!!" comment. LOL

And I just have to add that the screenshots are really gorgeous. \;\)
Can't wait for the next chapter, Sil!

#10NisukiSep 14, 2015

Please. Suki wants to wake up in Seth's arm as well. Though, Seth's acting so... so.. He probably noticed how much he has fallen for her now. Hohoho.
Maya's so sweet and positive! Good that she got Jamie all fired up again =)
*facepalm* He actually was there on his spot, lol!
*throws table when Seth's Phone went off* TALK ABOUT BAD TIMING.
Wait what, hospital??

#11wasabichiNov 30, 2015

wa...wa... what happened? at that very moment!!! uggghhhhh....
oh, Seth, why do you have to be so.... so.... difficult!
and Maya and Joey?! what were you two dooooingggg???
sheeeeeesh! off to the next chapter! \:\)

#12MaePerezMay 8, 2016


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