MediEvil 2 Episode 2: Dark Alley
Published Sep 9, 2008

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MediEvil 2 Episode 2: Dark Alley

Hello, and thank you for all your lovely comments on the last episode, I appreciate them all! This epsisode is where the story gets going, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

MediEvil 2 Episode 2: Dark Alley

Hello, and thank you for all your lovely comments on the last episode, I appreciate them all! This epsisode is where the story gets going, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for reading!
Grastion: I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually relieved to be in Syever. Grastion: What's this place called, anyway?

Atra: Yug Port. And there's no need to thank me.

Grastion: For what?

Atra: Paying the captain to sail faster.

Grastion: Uh. That.
Grastion: Do you know how incredibley rude that is?

Atra: We got here faster because of me.

Grastion: No, we got here faster becuase the captain couldn't stand you. You can't just buy people all the time.

Atra: I really hope you're not lecturing me on manners. Because then I have two words for you: 'pot' and 'kettle'.

Grastion: Look, it's been a long day, and as much as I'd love to stand here and argue, I have neither the time, energy nor enthusiasm. Where do we need to go?
Atra: See that castle over there? That's Lady Grey's palace.

Grastion: So we see her, you make friends, talk politics, then we get out of this country?

Atra: We'll see...

Lady Grey: Welcome to my humble home... Atra: My Lady Grey, we thank you for inviting us into both your country and your home. It is a great honour to meet with- Lady Grey: Please, Portia, there's no need for formalities here. I would rather we speak like friends.

Atra: ...So would I. In that case, you may call me Atra.

Lady Grey: A beautiful name. Your mother picked it, no doubt. And who is your friend?
Grastion: Hmph. 'Friend' is going a bit far. My name is Grastion, acolyte of the prestigious Holy Order of Light.

Lady Grey: Oh... I see...

Atra: I apologise for my... 'colleague'. I'm afraid he has no manners.

Grastion: Says the one who forced me to sleep on deck on the way over here. Just so she could have her own room. Do you realise what sea air does to this armour?

Atra: Like I said, sorry about him.

Lady Grey: No need to apologise.
Atra: I was shocked to hear about the death of your husband. On behalf of all of Roser, I offer my deepest condolences.

Lady Grey: ...Thank you. I appreciate that. I won't say it hasn't been... hard. But when Morena chooses a time for someone to leave, we must all accept it. No matter how difficult it is to say goodbye.

Grastion: Hmph.

Atra: You have my deepest sympathies.
Lady Grey: You've grown so much since the last time I saw you. Such a beautiful young woman.

Atra: Oh, really, I'm not...

Lady Grey: Of course you are. You look just like your mother. Oh of course, that was the last time I saw you...

Atra: Mother's funeral...

Lady Grey: She'd be very proud of you, you know.
Lady Grey: I hope you understand why I wasn't able to be present at your father's funeral...

Atra: ...I loved my father very much... but... I understand how much pain and suffering he brought because of the Great War.

Lady Grey: I'm sure you loved him. But my people lost too much. It would have been improper of me to show my sympathies.

Atra: I understand.

Lady Grey: As you can see, ruling a country is quite a balancing act. Constantly judging who to please and who to upset.
Lady Grey: Of course, you'll find this all out when you are crowned Queen of Roser. Your Coronation can't be long from now...

Atra: Uh... there's no rush...

Lady Grey: I see. Well, at any rate, it will be an occasion to look forward to. With a half-Syevery Queen on the throne, the relationship between Syever and Roser will be much improved. It will surely be a time of peace.

Grastion: With her in charge? Peaceful indeed...

Atra: I will do my best... but like I said, there's no rush...
Lady Grey: I have to say, I'm quite surprised... Usually heirs to the throne are clambouring for the crown.

Portia: To be honest... I'm dreading it. The idea of being Queen... of having to do what everyone else wants you to do... I'd rather not be told what to do all the time.

Grastion: Why am I not shocked?

Lady Grey: That's quite understandable. It's a big responsibility. I was exactly the same. But you have to face it. And in the meantime, your half-sister is doing a fine job as Regent, especially given her... 'unorthodox' background.

Atra: Honestly... I'd rather Releena was Queen. I want to do my own thing.
Atra: Speaking of which... Lady Grey, what can you tell me about Mordecai the Great?

Lady Grey: Where did you hear about him?

Atra: A little fairy mentioned him...

Lady Grey: Well, he was Lord of Syever 450 years ago. One of my ancestors, and the greatest ruler in Syever's history.

Atra: What do you know about his magic...?
Lady Grey: Atra! I never would have thought you'd get sucked into that!

Atra: What do you mean?

Lady Grey: Mordecai was indeed a great user of magic. But his works were lost hundreds of years ago. Every few decades there's a new hunt for his tomes. Groups of people scout the country high and low, until they realise they've not got a hope and give up.

Atra: Where are his tomes?

Lady Grey: If I knew that, I wouldn't be sitting here, I'd be rolling around in my magically created sea of gold coins, with a perfect figure and an all-male troupe of fan-wavers massaging my bunions... Look, all I know is that the four tomes are supposed to be on this island. But it's a big place.

Atra: What would happen if you could find all of Mordecai's tomes?
Lady Grey: No one's ever managed to do it. You'd be lucky to find one. But Mordecai was a very powerful man. I imagine if someone could find his tomes, and then actually work out how to use them, they'd be very powerful indeed...

Atra: I like the sound of it...

Lady Grey: Mordecai was a great man, though. If the tomes were to find themselves in the wrong hands... let's just say that would be less than good. But this is all just speculation. You really don't need to concern yourself with all that.
Atra: Actually, I was thinking... I might stay in Syever for a while. It wouldn't hurt to get to know the people a little better. And it's important for me to see as much as I can if I'm going to be queen.

Lady Grey: That sounds like a very sensible idea. How long were you thinking of staying?

Atra: Oh, maybe... a few weeks?

Grastion: Excuse me? Oh, you have got to be joking! No way, I am not staying in this Etain-forsaken hole any longer!

Atra: You don't really have a choice.
Lady Grey: Grastion, was it? I take it you are not enjoying your stay?

Grastion: No offense, but this country isn't exactly my cup of tea.

Lady Grey: I'm well aware of how the Holy Order of Light feels about Syever. Your forebears were instrumental in the 'cleansing' of many of my people.

Grastion: I'm sure they deserved it.

Lady Grey: ...Then I'm pleased you will be staying here. It will give you an opportunity to change your mind.
Lady Grey: I must warn you, however, not to voice such strong opinions in public. It could be detrimental to your health...

Grastion: Just as I thought, the people of Syever are a rabble. Present company excluded.
Lady Grey: Thank you.... May I ask what exactly you have against the people of Syever?

Grastion: They are enemies of my goddess, and therefore enemies of me.

Lady Grey: Worshippers of Morena do not hate Etain, we just believe in doing things a different way. Perhaps you will come to see that.
Atra: My Lady, I must apologise once again for...

Lady Grey: As I said, no need to apologise. Just be aware that outside of this palace, I cannot protect you.

Grastion: I'm not surprised.

Lady Grey: In Roser, you have laws to make everyone good. In Syever, the individual makes the choice.

Grastion: I bet that works excellently.

Lady Grey: It's true, some choose to be evil. But at least good people here are good because they choose to be, not because they are forced. That to us is true goodness. Anyway, let's continue this discussion over dinner. I find it hard to philosophise on an empty stomach. Come, let us eat! Atra, we can discuss trade rates. I feel both our peoples would benefit from lower wheat tariffs.

Atra: Thank you Lady Grey, that sounds lovely.
Atra: I cannot believe you! Do you try to be such a pig, or does it just come naturally?!

Grastion: What's all this about staying here for a few weeks? Where did that come from?!

Atra: I can do what I want!

Grastion: You could have discussed it with me.

Atra: Whatever, Blondie. I'm not done with you. I can't believe how rude you were. She's one of the most powerful people in Omnia! Now, we are going to have dinner, and you are going to be civil!

Grastion: But-

Atra: No buts! Be good, or I swear I'll put earwigs in your codpiece. Civil!

Grastion: ...Fine.

Atra: You know, I have to admit, I'm actually impressed... Grastion: How do you mean?

Atra: You were really well behaved over dinner. I'd even go so far as to say... gentlemanly. I was actually not ashamed of you!
Grastion: Why are you surprised? I'm not a savage, you know. I can be a well-behaved guest.

Atra: How come you're not like that all the time? You were so hideous to Lady Grey before, but over dinner you practically charmed her knickers off.

Grastion: Well, I wouldn't go quite that far. But as a priest you have to be civil. Besides, you did well too.

Atra: You think? I was really nervous.

Grastion: You did fine.

Atra: My goodness, maybe there really is a person underneath all that metal.
Atra: You know, it's a bit early to be turning in for bed. I think I might sample Yug Port's nightlife a bit first.

Grastion: Sounds like an excellent idea. Where shall we go?

Atra: 'We'? Hahaha! Oh no, I don't think so! Look, no offense, but I'm not spending the evening with you.

Grastion: Why not?

Atra: You're still a pompous git.
Grastion: Atra! This is not a safe place! I'm your bodyguard, I'm supposed to protect you!

Atra: I don't care! I want to do my own thing!

Grastion: But, what if-

Atra: That's an order!
Grastion: Just so you know, if anything happens to you, it's now officially not my fault!

Atra: Whatever! Just go and polish your mirror or something!

?: Hmm......

Man: Excuse me Miss...? Man: I couldn't help but notice you seemed to be sitting on your own. This may be quite forward of me, but I do believe a beautiful lady should never be left unattended. May I join you? Atra: Well... uh, since you asked so nicely... okay.

Man: You have done me a great service. To be permitted to sit with such radiant beauty as yours is quite an honour.
Atra: Oh, really, you don't mean that!

Man: I would never lie. Oh, but please excuse my rudeness! My name is Volodya. An absolute pleasure to meet your aquaintance, Miss...?

Atra: Oh, my name is Atra.

Volodya: Atra? Your parents were wise indeed to pick a name as beautiful as their daughter.

Atra: Oh, stop!
Volodya: I take it you're not from around these parts, Miss Atra?

Atra: Oh, no I'm just visiting. I'm from Roser, actually.

Volodya: I hope you are enjoying our country. Syever is full of wonders as exotic as your eyes.

Atra: Yes, thank you. I am quite enjoying myself actually.

Volodya: Wonderful. And are you here with anyone else?

Atra: Well... No. Just me. Wouldn't want anyone holding me back.

Volodya: I quite understand!
Volodya: I wonder, perhaps you would like someone to show you around? I would love to show you my place.

Atra: Oh, I don't think so... I'm not that kind of girl...

Volodya: Ah, forgive my rudeness! I did not mean to insult you so! But you misunderstand, I propose only to show you around, give you a feel for Yug Port.
Atra: Well, in that case, I'd love to. Thank you, Volodya.

Volodya: Oh no, Miss. The pleasure is all mine...

?: ............

Grastion: Wonderful... Grastion: If anything happens to Atra, I'll have my head put on a stick. Or worse... exiled! Barmaid: Welcome to the 'Krasnaya Ploschad' sir. May I get you a drink?

Grastion: Um, okay. Can I have a glass of white wine?

Barmaid: I'm afraid we don't have any Lemondian drinks in stock sir.

Grastion: I don't know why I'm surprised...

Barmaid: You're not from around here, are you? You look quite Svalgardian to me...

Grastion: Goodness, no. Do I look like one of those barbarians? I'm from Roser.

Barmaid: Of course, I should have guessed. Well then, may I recommend our local drink?

Grastion: Why not? I just don't care anymore... Sweet Etain, I've lost the will for wine!
Barmaid: Here, try this. Be careful though. It packs more of a punch than wine.

Grastion: ......Eurgh!

Barmaid: I did tell you it was strong!

Grastion: Tastes like.... paint thinner!

Barmaid: In the chyornsky tongue it's called 'little water'. Vodka.

Grastion: What on earth is it made from?!

Barmaid: Potatoes.

Grastion: That's it. From now on, I'm asking before I eat or drink anything else. I dread to think what I've already ingested.
Man: Excuse me...

Grastion: Yes?

Man: That armour... I'm sure I've seen it before...

Grastion: No doubt you have. This is the armour of the prestigious Holy Order of Light.

Man: The HOL?!
Barmaid: You're one of the HOL?

Grastion: Yes. And proud to be so.

Barmaid: They caused a lot of trouble for us during the Great War...

Grastion: I'm well aware of that, but then I'm sure nothing happened to the Syevery that they didn't deserve.
Barmaid: How dare you!? That's for my father!

Grastion: Uh! Please control yourself, woman!
Man: I think you should apologise.

Grastion: Apologise? For what, speaking the truth?

Barmaid: How dare you show your face around here, spouting such hateful rubbish!

Man: That's it, I've heard enough.

Grastion: What are you going to do, dent my armour?

Man: No, but my brother is.
Big Strong Scary Man: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Barmaid: Teach him a lesson!

Man: Give him a souvenir to take back to those HOL pigs!

Grastion: GAH!

Volodya: That's it... further down there... Atra: Um... Volodya? I don't think there's any view of the town this way... It looks more like a dead end...

Volodya: That's because it is.

Atra: What?!
Volodya: A nice quiet place where I can feed in peace. No one to disturb us. Atra: Volodya... what are you doing?! What's happened to your teeth?! Volodya: Shh... just relax... All I'm going to do is bite into your neck and drink your blood. Mmm... you will taste exquisite!

Atra: Volodya?!

Volodya: Shhh....

Atra: Get away from me! Get off!

Volodya: Aw, nowhere to run, and no one to save you... Hahahaha!!
Volodya: Hahaha- URK!

?: I don't think so, you piece of-!

Volodya: AAAaaaaaaaaa.........
Atra: ....What....what just happened...? Who was that? Who are you? Where is he?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

?: My name's Murk. That was a nosferatu. He was going to attack you, like he's probably already done to dozens of others. I put an end to that. See this dust? That's him. Answer your questions?

Atra: I.... I..... don't....

Murk: Oh no, don't worry about thanking me. No problem.
Atra: I... I mean... thank you...

Murk: You know, you should never let boys lead you down back alleys, nosferatu or not.

Grastion: Atra?! What are you-?! Run!!
Atra: Grastion?!

Murk: Your friend?

Atra: Where are you going?!

Grastion: Just RUN!!
Barmaid: There he is!! There's more of them!!

Man: After them!!

Big Strong Scary Man: RRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Grastion, Atra and Murk: AAAAH!!
Atra: Grastion, WHAT have you done?!

Grastion: There was a misunderstanding!!

Murk: Quiet!! Go right, quick!

Grastion: Who are you?!

Murk: Just do it!

Atra: I can't believe you! Atra: Can't I leave you alone for one minute?! I turn my back, and suddenly the whole town is baying for your blood! And you know what, right now I know how they feel! As if having some wierdo trying to bite into my throat wasn't bad enough, oh no, I've got you to put up with! Grastion: I told you we shouldn't split up! What did I say? I said we should stick together! Isn't that what I said? But oh no, Princess Pushy had to get her own way, AGAIN! Never mind anybody else! Grastion: And what were you doing down an alley?! What do you mean someone tried to bite you?! You got in trouble, didn't you?! I told you! I leave you alone for five minutes, and you're sneaking down alleys with who-knows-who! What if something had happened to you?!

Atra: You mean like being chased by a mob? I'm fine, aren't I? Murk saved me.

Grastion: Who?
Murk: That would be me.

Grastion: And who exactly are you?

Murk: The one who just saved your behind.

Grastion: Yes, well... I could have managed on my own.

Murk: Oh, I bet. You've done an excellent job of getting along so far.
Atra: Murk saved my life.

Grastion: Well isn't Murk fantastic? What's this about someone trying to bite her?

Murk: A nosferatu.

Grastion: Pardon?

Murk: A person cursed by Morena. Pure evil. They have to drink blood to exist.

Grastion: I've never heard such ridiculous-

Murk: I think Atra can vouch for the fact that I'm not lying.

Grastion: And how do I know you didn't just set all this up.

Murk: To be honest, I don't care. I'm off.
Atra: Wait! Where are you going?

Murk: Who knows. I travel around Syever. There are more of those things to destroy.

Atra: You hunt nosferatu?

Murk: More than just them. Syever is a dark place. There's all sorts of evil creatures. Someone has to get rid of them.

Atra: So you know about them?

Murk: That's my job.
Atra: Maybe I could use your help...

Murk: I'm sorry, but I'm no bodyguard. I have fiends to kill.

Atra: We're looking for Mordecai's tomes. Perhaps you could help us? As a guide maybe?

Murk: ......

Atra: I'm sure we'd come across plenty of nasty things. And really, would you feel safe with HIM as a bodyguard? I can pay you.

Murk: Hmm... There's bound to plenty of evil drawn to Mordecai's tomes....

Grastion: Atra, you're not seriously suggesting we take him?

Atra: Yes I am. If you'll agree, that is?
Murk: Why not? Just promise me one thing.

Atra: Anything.

Murk: We find anything evil... I get to destroy it.

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#22eshuffSep 14, 2008

sorry I'm getting here late...but I loved it! Of course! Not sure any one army is going to be enough to keep Atra out of trouble! Great, wonderful, stunning shots and the characters and story line are unique and well maybe I'd better stop\:D ! What can I say. I love your writing!\:rah\: \:wub\:

#23HellfrozeoverSep 14, 2008

Ooh I'm really getting into this already. I love Atra's personality. and with Murk, I can almost forgive you for the lack of Swindle x

#24leifofdelSep 14, 2008

Excellant story, love all the action and suspense. Volodya was quite the sweet talker. Looking foward to more.\:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

#25wwechick38VIPSep 15, 2008

wow this is fantastic!! awesome job! \:\) \:\)

#26sabsiix33Sep 15, 2008

great \;\)

#27xgxdxSep 16, 2008

This is getting better! You're such a good writer and you have improved a lot! \:rah\:

#28skyblue7377Sep 21, 2008

You make ever character seem so takes a huge amount of talant to do such great work

#29Sep 29, 2008

Ooooooh...Verrrry good, but I'm afraid to like Murk just yet...I know it's those eyebrows \:rolleyes: This is taking a very interesting turn!! Loving every minute of it \:D\:wub\: \:rah\:

#30Dec 4, 2008

Tony, this was terrific. You KILLED ME with the character names. All the ?s and the "big scary man." Brilliant. Beautiful shots, too. Like the others, though, I do miss Swindle. But knowing you, I'm sure he'll turn up. \;\)

#31fabrizioammolloAug 2, 2009

It seems like an epic adventour have just began...

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