Do You Ever - Chapter IV
Published Apr 26, 2012

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I know it took me way too long to get chapter four submitted but I've been so much busier than usual. I hope you will like this chapter as much as the previous ones :)

I know it took me way too long to get chapter four submitted but I've been so much busier than usual. I hope you will like this chapter as much as the previous ones :) Johnny walked in to the veterinarian center. He cam into a well lit room with light blue walls and a light blue linoleum floor. On his left side was a waiting area and to the right a reception with a girl in pink nurse uniform and blonde hair.
“Hello how may I help you?” the blonde woman smiled at him.
“Hi, I was wondering if Dr. DiRosilia is in?”
“Yes, she is doing an operation at the moment. Do you need to book an appointment?”
“No, I just want to talk with her.”
“Oh, in that case, she wanted me to say this to everyone who came in because of the add with no pets. It was not an add for dating. It was an add so people with pets could bring them here to be treated.” She tried her best to look stern but Johnny was sure he was not the first man who had had the opportunity to talk to Dr. DiRosilia in person.
“Oh I'm not here for the add, I'm here because I met her on Saturday night and she asked me to drop by.” Johnny gave the receptionist his best smile, and she was almost convinced, she opened her mouth to ask him to be kind and leave but before she had the time to do it Johnny continued
“Can I wait for her?” he said and looked in her eyes.
“She is going to be in surgery for a couple of hours, so you might still want to go..” The blonde woman tried, she wished that the man would leave because she knew Dr. DiRosilia was not happy about the four last men who had waited for her so she was going to be furious about this, the fifth man.
“No I'm fine, I'll just sit here and Dogs world” Johnny said and sat down on the sofa and opened the magazine with a happy chihuahua on the cover. The receptionist looked at him with a slight panic in her eyes, if only the men would be here for her, she would be thrilled with happiness, and this guy was certainly the best looking one.
After a couple of hours Dr. Bambi DiRosilia Caffarelli came out from the door behind the reception.
“Jennifer is my next appointment here yet?” She asked her blonde receptionist as she put some papers into the paper tray on the reception desk.
“No, but there is someone else.” She pointed to the waiting are on a sleeping man on the sofa. Bambi followed Jennifer's finger and recognized the sleeping man in the waiting area, it was the guy she met in central Riverview on Saturday night.
“I though I told you what you were supposed to say to all the people who came in with no pets.” Bambi said as she walked around the counter to go to the sleeping man.
“I know but he said you met on Saturday night and you asked him to drop by.” Jennifer looked at her feet, she couldn't believe how stupid she had been, of course they hadn't met on Saturday night, the guy had probably just lied to her so she wouldn't chase him out. Bambi felt like she was getting a slight headache, she knew that Jennifer wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and knew that anyone could tell her the most stupid excuses and she would still believe them. She took her hand of her forehead and looked at the sleeping man. She took a deep breath and said:
“Hey. Hey you.” She said and there was no response so she poked him a little and then she got a reaction. Johnny looked around he wasn't sure where he had fallen asleep but then she saw that girl, his dream girl with beautiful big brown eyes.
“Hey Bambi.”
“What are you doing here Jamie?”
“Johnny” He smiled
“Whatever, what are you doing here?”
“I came to see you”
“Leave, now.” She said and turned around.
“Wait Bambi!” Johnny said and stood up. Bambi turned and looked at him.
“It's Dr. DiRosilia for you” She said and gave him a stern look. Johnny loved the hot-headedness in Bambi so he smiled.
“Why not Caffarelli?” Bambi looked astonished for just one second until she got the same stern look on her face.
“I use my mother's maiden name.” She replied quickly. As soon as she had said this she regretted it. This guy had done some research, but why. Should she call her father to tell there was a guy stalking her.. Bambi's thoughts were interrupted when Johnny continued.
“Go out with me. Then if you don't want to do a second date I'll leave you alone for eternity. Or I just might have to get a dog to come see you here” He grinned at her. Bambi wished that the same thing she had told those four previous guys would work on this one as well.
“Well here's the thing. My father wants to know every man who wants to date me, so before you meet him I simply just can't.” She said and opened the door to the examination room. “And Jennifer, no more petless people waiting here, and let me know when Mrs. Mayson arrives with Prince Sparkles.” Johnny looked at the door which closed behind the woman he had fallen for so hard.
“I'm sorry Johnny, but if it is any consolation, I'll go out with you.” Jennifer looked at him with admiration, none of her boyfriends had ever been this passionate and she really, really wanted to date this guy.
“Thanks Jennifer, but I only want her” Johnny said and turned around to leave the veterinarian center.
Kade looked from the open garage door as his son's bright blue BMW pulled up to the garage yard. He stood there to wait for James to walk over. He had always though James had an unusual taste in clothing, hair and vehicles but he wasn't worried since the women seemed to love him, even more than his younger brother Karl. James was wearing a army green tank top and light blue baggy jeans.
“Hi son!” Kade called.
“Hey!” James called and walked over to him. “Slow day?” He asked looking at the two cars in the garage that needed fixing.
“Yeah, Karl hasn't come yet but Adam and Keith are here.”
“James was surprised about the two men being at the garage, of course they worked with repairing cars but it had to be something special since, his father wouldn't have pointed out this if he wouldn't have something important they needed to talk about.
Two African American men were sitting in the small kitchen which had one refrigerator, microwave and a table with four non matching chairs. James followed Kade in there and one of the men put his cellphone on the table.
“It goes straight to voice mail.” The slimmer man said.
“Fine, we talk without Karl then.” Kade said with a business like voice. James sat down on one of the chairs and looked at his father.
“So what's the big news?” James asked.
“I think there is someone who is not loyal to us.” The three men sitting, looked surprised at Kade.
“Who” The slimmer man who's cell phone lay on the table asked.
“Our supplier?” James asked with disbelief in his voice.
“Yes.” Kade said with certainty.
“What makes you think that?” The bulkier man asked.
“Carter called. He found there were some weird bill's that Ross had brought to him and said they were from our share for the bought and sold goods. I called our distributor in Sunset Valley, who hasn't talked to Ross in eight weeks, the same goes with the distributor in Bridgeport. My conclusion is that he has an alliance with the Caffarelli distributor or even worse the Caffarelli's.” When Kade finished his speech all the men were thinking over what he had said. It was true that Tom Ross, their supplier might be buying guns from the Caffarelli since his mother had been Italian.
“Are you sure about this?” James asked.
“Yes I put those two new kids to check his calls and follow him around, they followed him into a south Riverview bar where he was talking to some italian guy.” Kade replied, he wouldn't told this to anyone if he hadn't been sure about Ross being a traitor. James knew Ross well, he knew Ross had always felt a little weird since his father was African American who worked for the Calhoun's but his mother had been Italian. She had died in childbirth and the ties to the Italian population in Riverview had been broken after her death. His father had married an African American woman who had been Ross's stepmother and he had grown up among African American kids. Could Ross have betrayed them?
“Who do you want to take care of it?” Adam, the slimmer man asked while looking at Kade.
“Put Baker on it.” Kade said and turned around to go into the small office, the room next to the kitchen.
“No.” James said and stood up. Kade turned around to look at his son. He knew James was kind of soft, but a threat in the business needed to be taken care of. Maybe James was not a good match to become the next boss.. Kade knew he himself was not as good a boss as his brother had been but since there was no one else to take over the family business after Marlon had died he had had to put aside the softer side of himself against his will. He had hoped James would be more like his uncle Marlon, and intelligent boss with no sympathy for traitors.
“I'll do it” James continued and saw how Kade's eyebrows raised.
“You?” He asked with astonished expression on his face.
“Yes, I'll take care of Ross tonight.”
“Okay, it's a done deal then.” Kade said and left the room.
Frank was sitting in Don Caffarelli's car, it was classic car like those that were driven in 1940. It had been custom made, the exterior was from and original ford Anglia where as the interior was new with all the modern technology car's where supposed to have. Frank enjoyed driving it and he knew the Don rather sat in the back than drove it himself. They usually didn't talk when they were driving somewhere for business but this time the Don broke that habit.
“Did Bambi agree to go on a date?”
“She went to help her mother when I was about to ask her.” Frank replied with a glum voice.
“I'll talk to her” The Don said as he looked out from the window.
“No Don Caffarelli, there is no need for that. I just have to accept the fact that she doesn't want to go out with me.”
“Bambi does not know what she wants, she thought she wanted to have a major in art and I told her she wanted a major in medicine.” The Don said with a voice that made no one want to argue with him about the matter.
“But she's a veterinarian”
“Yes, she has a strong mind of her own.. She didn't want to become a human doctor, but being a pet doctor is better than an artist.” Frank smiled to himself as when the Don said this. Even the Don couldn't fully control his youngest child.
Frank pulled up on the driveway to a nice suburban house. He got out of the car and and saw the Don's body guards pulling two houses behind them. One of the men got out from the car with a newspaper under his arm, he walked to the park across from the house that Frank and Don Caffarelli were visiting. The body guard gave a slight nod to Frank as he sat down on a bench where he had a good lookout. The other bodyguard remained in the car. Frank walked over to the other side of the Don's car to open up the door for him, but the old, his boss had almost got out of the car by himself.
“Don, you should not come out before I open the door for, you there might have been an attack.” He said with a worried voice.
“Did you see anyone tailing us?” The Don asked with his calm voice.
“No I did not.” Frank said as he tried to look around for a car that he had seen during their drive there but there was no other cars except the body guards car, and he knew that DeGioia, the body guard in the park wouldn't have given him the sign if there had been a car tailing them.
“The Calhoun's do not have a reason to tail us” The Don continued when Frank didn't reply.
“Not yet, but if they found out about Ms. Roberts they will” Frank said and followed the Don who was approaching the house.
“Well we have to hope she really loves her son and mother.” The Don said calmly as he took the few steps up to the porch. Frank did not reply he had checked up with Sadie Roberts late last night, and so far she loved her son and mother and he was certain she would do anything so her son and mother would be safe.
Frank's thoughts were interrupted when a very slim Italian woman opened the door. She was smiling at the two men.
“Don Caffarelli and Frank Ottati, please come in” she said and let the two men in. She showed them to the living room. “Would you like something to drink, tea, coffee, soda?”
“No thank you, Mrs. Esposito” The Don said as he sat down on the stripped sofa. “We are here to talk to your husband is he home?”
“Yes, let me get him for you” She said and turned around to go upstairs. Frank and the Don heard her call for Kevin. Not much longer after that you could here a man coming down the stairs in a light blue tucked shirt and straight gray pants.
“Don Caffarelli” He bowed his head a little. “And Frank Ottati, what a pleasure this is, let me just get my wife and daughter going to the park so we can talk business”
“Of course” The Don answered and looked at his hands which were resting in his lap. Frank stood on the left side of the Don and looked at Kevin who was trying to hurry his wife.
“It was nice seeing you Don Caffarelli and Frank Ottati” Kevin Espositos wife said with a beautiful baby girl in her arms as she walked out the door. The Don looked at his most trustworthy underboss Kevin Esposito who looked at the door that closet behind his wife. Kevin turned to look at the Don and sat down on a stripped armchair.
“What can I do for you Don Caffarelli?”
“I want you to listen, I have plan to get the police of our backs and a way to get them to focus on the Calhoun instead.”
“Are you not concerned that the Calhoun's will retaliate?”
“No, my plan will make the Calhoun family structure weaken, and it will become so weak and confused that the Caffarelli family will become stronger than it has ever been and we will be able to take over central Riverview as well..”
“How?” Kevin looked devious.
“Let me tell you.”s The Don said with his calm accented voice.
Karl had spent the entire day with Sadie doing nothing until she had to leave for her waitress job and he was left alone. He should have gone to the garage today, but he was still bitter from last night. He had brought Sadie over to meet his parents and his father had ignored her. He had started that brawl about Drake. Karl was ashamed of his father because Sadie had to see all the drama Drake and Jenny brought to the family, he had to see how vulgar his father could be when it came to family.
While Karl was thinking he realized that he should call Joey, he was his best friend and he was the prison coordinator, he needed to know what the deal was. Why was his father so concerned about when Jenny last visited that thug who had forced himself to their family. As far as he knew she hadn't been so attached to Drake ever since he was put behind bars.
Karl walked back to the bedroom where he had left his cell phone and pressed the number 4, which was Joey's speed dial number. He listen to the familiar beeps. He was wondering what took Joey so long to answer he was a man who always answered the phone as soon as it started ringing.
“Hi man, haven't heard from you in a while” Joey's familiar voice sounded through the speaker.
“Hi bro, I've been a little busy. How's things with you?”
“Good, good, I've been busy but having lots of fun.”
“Good. You know I actually called to ask what's this business with Drake?” As soon as Karl had mentioned Drake's name Joey got awkward.
“Karl. I don't know, I don't know why your dad wants me to get him out. I thought he was pleased when Drake was put away.”
“He wants what?!” Karl said with rage in his voice.
“You didn't know?”
“No, he wants Drake out? Why?"
“I don't know man. He called me yesterday and asked me to check when Jenny last visited him and then he told me to start working on figuring out how to get Drake out but told me not to do anything before he gave me the green light, and he gave it a couple of hours after the first call.” Karl was thinking this over. He knew Joey knew him well enough to let him think this over for a while.
“What have you done so far?” Karl asked after a while
“I cleaned his prison records, the guards were easy to convince so he looks like he has excellent behavior, but I can't change very much else since there are all the documents about what he did..”
“Is it enough to clear his behavior?”
“No, I think we need to bribe the warden and hire a lawyer, and maybe even the judge so he will fake Drake's papers so I have to ask Kade how much money he is willing to put into this.”
“Okay, I have to talk him as well, don't call him before I let you know, I want to know why he wants Drake out, because I think he should stay where he is.”
I hope you enjoyed chapter four and I will try to get chapter five submitted as soon as possible, hopefully it won't take as long as it took for this chapter! Until then please rate and comment, thanks.

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#1martoeleMar 29, 2014

It's getting better by the chapter! Wonderful those 2 families trying to be the boss of the complete neighborhood! Good job! \:rah\:

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