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Announcing the winner of our final Sims 4 Vampires gamepack - Shelby Ciarra Kirk! But wait, what's this? There was a second gamepack hiding in the wings!? Then we have a second winner, Pam Abel! Congratulations to you both! (This was a tough one, I would never have been able to choose a winner without the help of the random number generator from Math Goodies. All of your stories were great!)

Winners, please send a private message here to claim your prize.
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Posted 3 days ago

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Caitlin CurtisYou're awesome, guys! Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity. :D1   ·  3 days ago

Pam AbelYou guys are fantastic! Thank you.1   ·  3 days ago

Mônica Fernandesgente tem como traduzir para portuques8 hours ago

Maria Eduarda Coelho Paulieu tenhooooooooooooo ; s4 hours ago

Claudia EllisCongratulations!3 days ago

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Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day. ... See moreSee less

Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day.

Posted 3 days ago

We have ten winners for yesterday's Featured Creations lottery! Congratulations to Karina Benavides, Camilla Bjørneberg, Eunice Villanueva, Hoshino Ha, Victoria Daria Ochojska, Donnie Graff, Karina Abaño, Kaylee Tweedale, Claudia Redl and Starr Burst!

* Winners, please send a private message to us here on Facebook and include a link to your TSR profile page. Thank you!

* Today's photo is by IMHOsims!
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Posted 3 days ago

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Maxime Sylvain NantelVery good looking Sims. Congratulation !2 days ago

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Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day. ... See moreSee less

Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day.

Posted 5 days ago

We have ten winners for yesterday's Featured Creations lottery! Congratulations to Sarah Kloé Tremblay, Rendi Nguyen, Eunice Villanueva, Saana Kolehmainen, Marie Denise, Samii Sunshine, Sabryna Souza, Becca Schaffner, Αναστασία Μαλλίδου and Abbie Staff!

* Winners, please send a private message to us here on Facebook and include a link to your TSR profile page. Thank you!

* Today's photo is by Severinka!
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Posted 5 days ago

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Saana KolehmainenThis is so great, thank you! <34 days ago

Marie DeniseThnaks4 days ago

Rendi NguyenThank you TSR :* I'm sending my page now4 days ago

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Ladies, Gentlemen and Sims of all ages - all of the prizes in our Sims 4 Vampires Gamepack Giveaway have been awarded...except one. So we have one last Vampires gamepack that needs a home.

To enter, post a comment on this thread and tell us how long you've been playing the Sims and which Sims version is your favorite and why. One winner will be randomly selected from all the entries on Thursday, February 16, 2017.
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Posted 6 days ago

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Pam AbelI'm 67 years old, have been playing for 9-10 years, I play everyday, I'm mostly housebound, and sims is my main entertainment. I love 3, but since playing 4, I love it the best. I mostly build and decorate, I'm a cc junkie. Lol 4 seems so much easier to build and decorate. There's some things I miss, I think they could have added to 4. But, the sims, themselves, are so much better! And I looooooove the toddlers! I should add, I only have base game and get to work.19   ·  6 days ago

Shelby Ciarra KirkI've been playing the Sims for about 6 years. I am still starry-eyed about Sims 2 since that was the first version I've played. I owned every expansion for 2 and spent days and nights creating elaborate stories and characters. Once I discovered how many mods there were, I never looked back. I recently caved and moved into the 21st century and got 4. It's got the charm of 2 with insane new capabilities. Since I'm still new to Sims 4 I have to say 2 is my favorite. I love reading the hilarious things people have done with their Sims and I love creating crazy characters. I am, however excited to try 4, especially with the Vampire pack because I remember this one game where a vampire in 2 fell in love with me and would invite himself over.... Even in broad daylight. I yelled at him until he hated me... No means no!1   ·  6 days ago

Natalia SemeniukI've been playing since the beginning when I was about 10-11 I think - my cousins and I had one PC between us and would all "share it" to play Sims 1 - meaning we fought each other a lot and I remember there being a lot of crying when the PC was switched off! Thankfully now at 25yo I can play Sims (1-4) whenever I feel like it! :D3   ·  5 days ago

Kim-chii Anh NguyenI've been playing sims since S2 and by far S3 is my top fave while S4 is second because S3 had so much potential and most of the expansions were really enjoyable like Seasons, Generations, etc. I really enjoyed having the color wheel when customizing just about everything and I truly wished that came back for S4 and other things as well. S4 comes in second because I feel as though it needs more potential especially if some expansions came back and I know it would take awhile but it would be something worth looking forward to or even playing. S4 does have better graphics than S3 and I haven't had a lag or crash problem (yet) but S3 will by far be number one since I literally spent a lot more hours on there than I did with S4. Sims is just my escape from reality since all I do the majority of the time is build something for hours and create characters that I would normally use for Roleplays. It's my comfort zone and I'm really grateful that Sims has been created.1   ·  6 days ago

Claire Carson-Jones❤I have been playing since the first sims game was released 17years ago. It is still with me today at 28 years of age! My best friend introduced me to the game when her older brother bought it and i have been hooked ever since. We are still best friends now! ❤I have collected every sims game to date, always managing to earn money some how as a kid- just so i could buy the latest expansion. I haven't bought vampires yet due to money going to bills, it would be great to win this thank you Dag Dag X🤗6 days ago

Vickie Cagleive been playing since sims 1and i love each edition in different ways.....1. i miss making magic and the 2nd world earning potion ingredients (especially the risque dressed characters) sims2. i liked all the new faces and being abled to really create myself in the game and pets! sims 3 loved loved loved Horses! learning to ride was fun and seeing all the wild animals was good sims 4 i love the new ways to build houses but i wish for more color choices and the wait for toddlers was annoying but still LOVE the Sims but to name my favorite well it all started with Sims 1 and a much needed escape from reality1   ·  6 days ago

Rachael BlacherBeen playing since way back when in 2000. Sims 3 and Sims 4 are tied at my favorites. S3 was full of immersive gameplay and gave you tons to do and explore. Problem was it was pretty damn ugly looking and ran like crap even on the nicest of systems. S4 runs smooth like butter even on my crappy little laptop and the entire visual aspect of it is beautiful. It just lacks S3's variety and gameplay.2   ·  6 days ago

Kirsty EyreI've been playing the Sims for 15 years, I had the very first Sims game for Christmas when I was 10, I remember getting caught up in the game play and enthralled with it, so much so that I had every single expansion pack for the first game, every expansion for the second game and most of the ones for 3 and 4. So far my favourite has been Sims 2 Seasons as it added an element of realism to an already enticing game, although Pets is a close second as I'm an avid animal lover.5 days ago

Lisa CastelijnsI've been playing the sims for about 11 years (I'm nearly 21). I remember being with a friend when I played it for the first time. I was so jealous of her so I bought it too! I had all the expansion packs of TS2 and I loved it. My favourite is probably TS3, I still miss some features sometimes. But I have to admit TS4 is obviously more beautiful and I really love CAS!! So it's hard to choose. I would love to win this pack because I love vampires 😍6 days ago

Meghan Louise VarleyI've been playing the sims since mid 2000. Started with the sims 1! Personally sims 3 is my favorite because of the ability to create custom color combos on nearly everything with the create a style tool. The ease of creating custom floors, walls and patterns!!! I have played all versions of the sims!! I'm hooked. TSR has been my go to for cc since TS2!6 days ago

Alexandra BărdaşI've been playing Sims for like 4 years, cause my parents couldn't afford buying me and my sister the game, and since I started work I've managed to buy Sims 4 and offer my sister the best gift for her birthday. Except sims 2, I've played every one of them, but no expansion pack, so from them I choose 4 cause is awesome in creating the character, in building the houses, and you even got apartments, so yeah, much more fun in 4.5 days ago

Esteban OsnayaI've been playing the Sims for a solid 10 years, I started with the Sims 1 and have played all the titles up to the Sims 4. My favorite Sims game is Makin Magic. There was something so different in adding magic to the sims world, like it made it more than just be successful and have a big home and be rich thing... I remember spending hours in Magic Town, saving coins to buy a house there... I love the sims!!6 days ago

Egizia CoppolaI played the sims since i was in elementary school, so at least 14 years ago. My neighbour gave me his installation cd for the sims, and from that day... I've never stopped! <3 My favourite sims game? I can't choose. Probably the first, cause I discovered a new world <35 days ago

Hannah Elizabeth HollandI can remember play as a kid with my sister! I'm 26 now so I think I've been playing since the beginning. For nostalgia, I really have to say that Unleashed was my favorite expansion. I'm from the south where zydeco is huge and to have zydeco music in Simlish was such a memorable thing! I remember the first time I played it, I was at my dad's house and he got a huge kick out of the music! I'll forever remember that music. ☺️ I do really love the Sims 4 though. It runs smooth, looks great, and I love the emotions. I can't wait to see what other expansions are released! Fingers crossed for pets! 🤞🏻5 days ago

Sarah De JongheI've been playing since the original Sims, shortly after it came out (I was 15-16). My best friend at the time bought it and told me I had to try it. My oldest nephew has been hooked on watching me play with the "wee people" since he was 2. He's now almost 12, and I cannot watch him play because the kid is crazy neglectful of his Sims' needs!!!! lol My favorite is definitely Sims 3, but toddlers in 4 is making it a very close second. I liked the camera controls better, and being able to customize the neighborhoods by adding/removing/relocating lots. 3 just seemed to have everything, the cars, the bikes, the woohoo spots! And I know we always start again with nothing when they release a new version. I'm sure they'll build it back up, make it better than it was before, and blow my mind... but it always takes forever :p5 days ago

Allie WhiteI started playing sins after sims 2 came out. A good 15 years ago at least. My favorite is the supernatural and island paradise from sims 3 and so far for the sims 4 I love city living. I own almost every expansion except a few here and there. I'm still waiting on the vampire for sims 4. Waiting for the bank to fill up again but that'll be a while since Christmas did a number on us. Yikes!6 days ago

Cassie Lynn VanScoyocI've been playing Sims since Christmas of 2008 when I got my very first Sims game, Sims 2 Pets for the DS!! And I've been undoubtedly addicted ever since!!! Currently, I haven't stopped playing Sims 4 because I love discovering new packs and expansions and everything else Sims 4 has to offer!! But I'd have to say that my all-time favorite is the Sims 3, because of Seasons, Pets, and roommates. I'm so sad that Sims 4 doesn't have pets or roommates, but it doesn't stop me from playing for hours on end every single day!!! 💖💖💖💖6 days ago

Karolina MisztaI play Sims since I am 9 yrs old = since the very beginning! I always loved to create big families as well as amazing housing for them! My fav version... If game would be stable i'd say 3, but I like 4 the most as it is pretty challengimg in compare to others.5 days ago

Jenna RussellI'm 27 years old and have been playing sims since the original sims! I've loved every one, it's so hard to pick a favourite! Moving to sims 2 from the original was an amazing jump! (Aging up!) But also sims 4 with the emotions...I feel like I can't go backwards and not have that now. Although i would really like to play sims 2 again! I'd love to play all the expansions that I missed out on in sims 3 too. I have all the expansions for sims 4 and love the new vampire pack but my 8 yr old son has recently started playing the sims and I honestly couldn't be happier! To sit and sim side by side is an amazing also means buying all the packs again eventually as he sees me with cool different content and wants some of the action! The vampires pack is the one he wants most and is saving up for. You'd absolutely make his day if you picked us! Xxx Ps. Thanks for the toddlers!! I didn't even know I wanted them back that much until they came back! They are so cute! My son now has a deep appreciation of what it takes to raise a child! Haha 'Mummy, she's so angry! She's hungry, dirty and tired!' :) x5 days ago

Laura PriceWell, my God complex started with SimCity in 92, so when TheSims finally came around I was all for it and started playing right away. So I guess that means Ive been playing around 17 years. My favorite was SIms 3, even though it was laggy and glitchy, the ability to have horses and the awesome building made the game for me. I play sims 4 everyday, have a story, love doing challenges and have finally started creating custom content....better late than never !! Good luck everyone!5 days ago

Lucinda Muris-EleveldI've been playing since Sims 1 and still play. Now my 12 year old daughter plays as well and we have all the packs except Vamires. She would love to have that one as well! I love all the versions but enjoy the way you can really modify your Sim in Sims 4.5 days ago

Casey Anne LittlechildI've been playing the sims since sims 2. I do love the sims 4, but I think my favourite is sims 3 as there are a lot more interactions you can do that you can't in sims 4. I always enjoyed teaching teens how to drive and being able to walk around the world with a baby or toddler in a stroller. And also in the CAS screen you could change the fabric of clothing and slightly alter a sims hair colour.6 days ago

Françoise WalterSince 13 years I hace been en playing. I immediately liked it. Like playing a dollhouse. Btw I'm 57. Oh I was 'out' for a few years because I had a computer meltdown beyond repair. But I'm back! (My brother gave me his old computer😙) I'm totally in love and hooked again. In Sims 3 and 2 I liked vampires. So yes I would like to win this pack. Now I'm playing with toddlers. I like them. And pose making (a breastfeeding mum and her todd ) Sims3 I liked the CASt to make everything fit together. I miss this in sims 4 but it has some advantages on the other hand. But I'm hooked again and sometimes I have to do some reallife things- you know the drill - cooking&cleaning, work, which I tend to 'forget'.3 days ago

Jamie GouldI've been playing since the Sims 2. My sister had the sims 1 but I was too young to play so I watched her. There are things from both 3 and 4 that are my favorites. I wish I could just make my own game from all of the features I like from 1, 2, 3, and 4.6 days ago

Caitlin CurtisMy father introduced me to the Sims 2 when I was young. I remember sitting over his shoulder and watching him play the game, and helping him create Sims and houses. It wasn't until he bought some more expansion packs for me that I really started to play. The game is my all time favorite! My favorite Sims version would be The Sims 4, because I love the cartoony look of the game. It's bright and colorful, just like how my childhood used to be. It brings back a lot of memories for me. My favorite expansion pack so far has to be Get Together! It's pretty fun. =) (Proud member of The Sims Resource for 7 years!)6 days ago

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Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day. ... See moreSee less

Look through the album and click 'Like' on your favorite creations. Winners will be chosen randomly on the following day.

Posted 7 days ago

We have ten winners for yesterday's Featured Creations lottery! Congratulations to Jami Sewell, Melanie Pranke, Julie Engfer-Slack, Julienne Difuntorum, Courtney Shull, Himawari Yu, Phoebe Bjerring, Amanda Patterson, Tasha Jones and Nicole Sulliman!

* Winners, please send a private message to us here on Facebook and include a link to your TSR profile page. Thank you!

* Today's photo is by Chuvadeprata!
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Posted 7 days ago

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Yvonne van Langeveldwat een mooi foto6 days ago

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Announcing the winners of our Sims 4 Vampires gamepack giveaway! Congratulations to Ava Baxter, Saana Kolehmainen, Rhiannon Pooler, Tiffany Laurie, Jade Lee, Ciara Sims, Sabrina Öertling, Mariah Rose, Mariannette Crespo and Eleonora Laghi!

Winners, please send us a Private Message here by Wednesday, February 15 at 10 PM EST. If we don't hear from you by then, your prize is forfeit and will be awarded to one of the other contest entrants.
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Posted 1 week ago

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Rhiannon PoolerI went ahead and replied via private message. I'd forgotten I'd entered the contest, and went ahead it bought it. So feel free to give mine to someone else. Thanks for picking me though!9   ·  1 week ago

Spirit LeeAwwh I missed my chance to win this ;-; I didn't even knew u guys did this2   ·  1 week ago

Anastacia TisdaleHi, your site says it is not secure and after I went into it without realizing my computer won't work. What's wrong with the site?1 week ago

Jade LeeThankyou so much. I really appreciate it. I have sent my message x1 week ago

Chad Robertsstick with sims 3, this is ridiculous, and noone has even tried to help me yet.1 week ago

Ava BaxterThanks so much! I've just sent a message but it says it hasn't gone through yet!1 week ago

Amy ChapmanI still only have Sims 3, is Sims 4 worth?1 week ago

Saana KolehmainenThank you so much! 😍1 week ago

Mariah RoseThank you so much! ❤️ I sent a message1 week ago

Chad RobertsIt is war now...I am soo upset.1 week ago

Karma Nicole AdamsDarn :(1 week ago

Karma Nicole AdamsCongrats all..1 week ago

Nicole YangCongrats <31 week ago

Ciara SimsAhh I'm so excited thank you so much!! <3 I sent in my message :D1 week ago

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Today is the last day to enter our Sims 4 Vampires gamepack giveaway! Original Post - ... See moreSee less

The Sims franchise has been around now for 17 years. To celebrate, The Sims is throwing a weeklong party, with a free patch for The Sims 4 and daily giveaways on Twitter. Here are the details - But you know what this means? It means The Sims Resource has also been around for a really long time. You know what else has been around for a really long time? Vampires. That's why we're giving away 10 copies of the new Sims 4 Vampires game pack! Want to be entered to win a free copy of the Vampires game pack? We want to see your TSR website! Every registered user gets his or her own free site, where you can post a banner image, an avatar image, fill out 'About Me' questions, write a blog, show off in game screenshots and more. So here's what you need to do: - Log into your account on TSR. (Don't have one? Create one. It's free.) - Click Account at the top of the front page. - Click Show Profile. (Need to add images, etc, then click Account Settings.) - Copy the link from your profile page and paste it here. (If your profile is a vast wasteland of nothingness, you might want to spend some time personalizing it! If you're posting a new banner or avatar image, it may take up to 6 hours for them to appear, since those images are cached. So don't panic. There's plenty of time.) The ten winners will be chosen randomly among everyone who posts a profile link, on or before Friday, February 10 at 10 PM EST. Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 11th.

Posted 1 week ago

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