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Learning CC

Okay so I am trying to learn CC for The Sims 4 at the moment.IM not very good at it yet. Just relexing and I want to learn as much as possible.

About me

Maybe one or the other of you would like to know who he is dealing with, so I decided to write a few short sentences about myself.

I was born a long time ago, to be precise in 1960.

My husband and I were blessed with 6 children, 2 girls and 4 boys.

My oldest daughter is 35 and now has children herself, my youngest son is 19, 

still lives at home and studies mathematics as a teacher.

I'm still working and will retire in seven years when I turn 67.

Until then, I will continue to create clothing for the sweet little Sims 4 kids (and maybe one day for Sims 5, who knows)

for relaxation in the evening and hope you'll enjoy my stuff in the game.

Oh, English is not my mother tongue, please forgive the poor way of speaking. Thanks!


Sul Sul and happy simming!

02/07/2020 Update

Hi everyone ♥

Hope you are all well and just coming with a small feature to my downloads ☺

I want to introduce a little functionality for you to find my creations in game. Inspired by few other artists here on TSR from July onwards I will be including in each creations notes a small information in which category you can find my wall or floor. Sometimes it is not 100% clear where I classified the file so I hope it will help you to find it in game now. In case if that is not clear to find - feel free to just type in search tab my nickname in first and then the name of the file. ☺

Hope that will help you all ☺♥

Have a lovely rest of the week,

xx Caroll 

The way I build 🏠

I can repeat for centuries that the sims are part of my life. I felt in love with them  the very first time they popped on my desktop. One year later I discovered TSR and soon I started recoloring children’s clothes and uploading on the site. 
Today I build sims houses and I love doing it! I am not able to build all the time. I need inspiration to do it. Such an inspiration can be the desire to have a beach house because is too hot outside, or a fantastic set of living room furniture another FA has created, or tired of doing house  work I need a tiny cute house, right away.
So, I build a house as I have it in my imagination (  not using house plans probably affect the... perfection of my buildings) and then I start the best part: SHOPPING at TSR.  Every house is a unique   task. I am shopping walls and floors and furniture and carpets and paintings…. When I overdo it I use maxis content and so on.


I love using Custom Contents because the work that is done by the tsr’s artists is AMAZING.

See you around guys 🤨

PS I am sorry for the quality of my English.. I used the best translators !

Hello :)

It's been a while since I have this account ,but I never knew I could write a blog here ,and today I discovered it *.*

I really hope you all doing great ,and that you take care and stayed safe during this pandemic of Covid 19. I never expected that is going to take so much impact on our lives. I mean ,all plans for this summer that my husband and I had fell in water ,concert that I was looking forward to was canceled... so I got really sad and depressed at one point U.U

But now is a bit better...I'm trying to relax and I'm exercising more to distract myself...and I also started playing sims 3 ,so don't get surprised if I leave comments on your sims 3 creations :)

Send lots of love :)

Until next time :))

Pierwszy mod (będą lepsze)


Just in case you were hoping that I'd done with this ridiculous GARAGE series, you'd be wrong. In fact, it's about to become even more ridiculous. Meet The Love Bug Loveseat - made of garbage as usual.Love Bug Loveseat


Well still around

I have been so busy with the site that I have not had time to create anything. I hope to be involved in the Farm Theme coming in August! I look forward to doing content again, even a small bit. Happy Simming everyone.

I'm on instagram

Konnichiwa everyone, I'm more active at the moment on instagram, please follow me there: @thesimscatcher.

You guys 💖

I really cant belive this...200.000 downloads, 200.000!!! When I uploaded my first house here I would have never thougth I would get a number like this or be a select artist. It was a dream for sure I just never thought it would be possible. But here I am now and I am totally not crying writing this. So THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, downloads and thank you for loving my builds. It really means the world to me and I love you all 💖💖💖

Builds cc free

😎 ☀️🌞 HELLO SUMMER 🌞 ☀️ 😎

Hello summer!


You start with June. All these summer items are available for your sims. Enjoy!








HQ Update!

Hi! Just a quick update:

I didn't know how to make HQ textures until after I had already made a few mods, so I converted all I got so far and uploaded in this drive folder for whoever wishes to update my creations in their games.
From now on all my mods will be already submitted in HQ!

That's all, folks! :D

Unwilling hiatus

I’m sorry. I’ve been inactive lately. 

Sadly, my PC started to work quite bad some months ago, and last week its power supply exploded and I have to buy a new one.
It’s horrible because, I don’t use my PC only for my free time, but I also work with it.

Now I’m using a lended PC from my office, but it’s a really old one, I don’t have Sims neither Photoshop installed, and I can’t use them because of its old condition… Neither games nor Graphic softwares are supported (only Paint tool SAI 1, but it’s really slow and doesn’t save the DDS for the custom creations).

I hope I’ll be back as soon as possible. I miss it (in fact, I have some projects started and I was planning to upload them soon, but…)

My PC is already being repaired, but due to quarantine I think all things will take a bit longer…(yep… still in quarantine until the end of the century)

Sims3 Creations on TSR

Hello Simfriends,

i love it to creat clothing, Sims, or Lots for Sims3.

I will present, my new creations for your Simcity.

I'm on Discord!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to post here saying that I'm now on Discord. If you want an easy place to submit requests and keep in contact, PM me here or on any of my social accounts (I'm @greyzonesims everywhere!) and I'll be happy to share the link to join my channel. 


Hopefully getting 1 month Vip on TSR yayaa been wating for this day lmao

Spinning Joy WCIF list

Hey simmers!

The Small Box of Goodies #10 is done and here's the list of files used on our previews.


Rounded wall lamps from Regenerate set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Sets showcased on portraits are Donuts, Magical Place, Wanna Bite and Cotton Whisper by SIMcredible @

Kids/Teens section 


Shoes tray from Delicata toddlers set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Pig from Delicata Kids set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Rug from Delicata Kids set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Snail lamp from Delicata Kids set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Hanging chair from Delicata Teens set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Painting from Delicata Teens set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Hydrangeas from Coastal extras set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Cages from Chlorophyll set by SIMcredible @ TSR


End table from Scandifever set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Double end table from Kids Camping set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Zebra toy from Kids Camping set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Plants trio from Kids Camping set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Octopus, Ball & Dice and flowers bag from Daydreamer Playroom

Kids/Teens > page 1 > Daydreamer Playroom


Drum and folded baby blankets from Candy Covered decor

Kids/Teens > page 2 > Candy Covered decor


Clouds Pillows from Kids Camping set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Tropical flower from Natural Camouflage set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Blinds from Evening Falls set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Large Plant from Zara set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Wall magazine from Zara set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Floor lamp from Scandifever set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Cupcake decor from Tea time set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Faux fur rug and flower from La Femme extras

Bedrooms > page 2 > La Femme extras


Hosta from Erin Plants set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


Lily of the valley from Erin Plants set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


flower pot from Zone patio set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


Pothos plant from Avery set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


Croton plant from Erin set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


Short window from Vibe set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


three quarters window from Lyne build set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


curtain from Tulton set by Buffsumm by NynaeveDesign @ TSR



coming back soon?

hey guys, some of you are probably wondering where i've been... my sophomore year of highschool has been busy and i haven't had time to focus on making sims cc, like, at all. I actually DID make some, but i haven't had the focus to sit down and upload any of it and edit thumbnails. I used to work on my laptop, but now i have my own PC. i haven't redownloaded photoshop or the workshop so i am working on getting those back to hopefully make more custom content for you all :) i'm still most likely going to continue to make custom content based on fandoms and artists and such, but i'm also going to try to include some general basegame recolors as well. i haven't been active on my twitter in a while but if you can't wait for more custom content you can still follow it at @aksuallydjh. I'll make sure to post my content when I can finally finish it. thank you all and i hope you are having a good quaratine :)




Layered Belt Dress UPDATE

Hi everyone

Some of you have commented saying that you're having problems with the dress. I think ive fixed it now and updated the file. If you're still having issues please feel free to let me know. :) :)


Thank you so much for 3,000,000 Downloads! Im glad you like my stuff! Thank you for Download! Love for you all! ♥


Buy homecoming dresses and other fashionable dresses from the best online clothing store. It's worth every penny.

unique gift stores online

Realistic Harry Potter sims!

I have now uploaded all CC parts that are part of my realistic Harry Potter sims in TSR gallery. But you can download him as a ready package from my Patreon (in 3D tier).

My next sims projects:
- Realistic Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.
- Asian eyes
- African faces

new things are coming!

ive uploaded some things but they are taking very long to get accepted,rejected so be ready for some more things!.!.!

Before Decay WCIF list

Hey Simmers :)

Here we go again with one more WCIF list, now for Before Decay set:

Lantern Lamp and seeds pack from Green time set

outdoors > page 1 > Green time 


Firepit from Modern Tribal set

Dining rooms > page 1 > Modern Tribal > Brazier


Lantern cage from Spring Aroma set

under outdoors > page 2 > Spring Aroma > Lantern


Candle from Dual Channel set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Suculenta from Dual Channel set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Blinds from Evening Falls set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Hat from Tropics outdoor set by SIMcredible @ TSR


stereo from Keep Life Simple entrance set

under misc rooms > page 1 > Keep life simple > Stereo


Dessert from Cafeteria Goodies set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Fruits tart from Cafeteria Goodies set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Soda bottle from Breezy set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Plant from Keep Life Simple bathroom set

under bathrooms > page 1 > Keep life simple > Plant


Grass and cactus from Keep Life Simple outdoor set

under outdoorss > page 1 > Keep life simple


Curtain from Morning tea decor set

under bedrooms > page 1 > Morning Tea decor > Curtain


Jute rug from Young Print set

under bedrooms > page 1 > Young Print > Rug Jute


Fruits Glass bowl from Connection set

under Dining rooms > page 2 > Connection > Fruits


Hat Boxes from Go Trendy Add-Ons set

under bedrooms > page 2 > Go Trendy Add-Ons > Hat boxes


Faux Fur rug from Come Cozy set by SIMcredible @ TSR


2 teacups from Lux Radium Kitchen set

under kitchens > page 1 > Lux Radium > 2 teacups


Hosta from Erin Plants set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


Flowerpot V5 from Erin Plants set by NynaeveDesign @ TSR


What version of Blender do I need for making CC objects?

I've been wanting to make CC for years and doing that is confusing to learn. I haven't been able to. I knew that it needs vers 2.7, I am not sure now. I'm hoping it's now different and I can use 2.8 beyond versions. I have a few versions in 2.8, but not much difference. Just looks different, tools being slightly resuffled into a better workflow, and some new tools.

New Brand location

Hello may have noticed that i havent posted in a while thats because ive changed my whole brand and moved to tumblr


you can find me here:


I usually use creations by following artists:


















-Merci- (TSR), 








Facial Hair: 

-Merci- (TSR), 






Skin & Skin Details: 












Katverse (TSR), 

ReMaron (TSR), 

A lucky day, 

MartyP (TSR), 



So, please do'nt leave comments with only WCIF questions.

❤️❤️ 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 MY SIMS AND COVID-19 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 ❤️❤️








👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 APOCALYPSE 2020 🏠





Мой милый мальчик

используемые моды

Я создал его на версии 1.59.1020

Reached 1.000.000 Downloads!

Unbelieveable but you guys are just so awesome people! I can't thank you enough. We reached 1.000.000 Downloads on here. ♥
I'm completely speechless and I don't know what to say, really. I thank everyone who helped, downloaded, used and whatsoever my stuff!!

My first story

this is the link of my new blog where I started writing sims stories :


first story: above the stars

Patreon Anto hair


I wanna know where i can get this artists hair 

Will the hair be released here too? Or do we have to wait for the patreon release?? It sucks to wait for so long for a specific hair. why dont you upload it here???

Vitra WCIF list

Vitra sets Where can I fimd list :

Books from Morning Tea decor

bedrooms > page 1 > Morning Tea decor > Books2


Young way wall sign by SIMcredible @ TSR


Folders, Picture frame and box from Home Office set

Misc rooms > page 1 > Home Office > Folders / Frame / Box


Jute Rug 3x3 size by Peacemaker:


Caden Frames trio by SIMcredible @ TSR


Caden Lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR


Evening Falls frame by SIMcredible @ TSR


Evening Falls blinds by SIMcredible @ TSR


Zara Pencils and branches by SIMcredible @ TSR


Zara plant by SIMcredible @ TSR


Jute Rug from Young Print set

Bedrooms > page 1 > Young Print > Rug Jute


Separator from Mix It! set

Bathrooms > page 1 > Mix it! > Glass Separators


Wall lamps from Atemporal set

Bedrooms > page 3 > Atemporal > 2 Lamps


Natural Camouflage wall lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR


Nothing to fear books by SIMcredible @ TSR


Dual channel books by SIMcredible @ TSR


Stag sculpture by Nynaevedesign

scroll down for Addons: Stag


Rover books2 by Nynaevedesign @ TSR


Scandifever Macarons jar by SIMcredible @ TSR


Scandifever Sculpture by SIMcredible @ TSR


Keep Life Simple bathroom glass divider by

under bathrooms > page 1 > Keep life simple > GlassDivider


Calligaris welcome letters by SIMcredible @ TSR


Spring Aroma flower in a box by

under outdoors > page 2 > Spring Aroma > 3 flowers


Spring Aroma cushions by

under outdoors > page 2 > Spring Aroma > cushions


My Essay mug by SIMcredible @ TSR


Solatium pouf by SIMcredible @ TSR 


Influence of some poses on custom mermaid tails

A cordial greeting. It seems appropriate to share an observation, I do it with respect. I have analyzed some poses for the sirens of sims 4, which are published on the internet. These poses were generated from a base: the mermaid dummy  (made by EA games).

   The creators of the poses modify the shape of the tail, it looks great, but this produces an important limit.

  Pose, shape or posture will be compatible only with the siren tails of EA games, or compatible with the tails (slightly modified) from this base, but WILL NOT APPLY TO NEW TAILS OF SIRENA.

   Because by modifying the tail from this base, the bones of the sims are being automatically ruined, the feet and legs of the avatar are deformed on a large scale. These destroyed bones will be revealed, deforming the new varieties of tails that can be created.

In effect, these poses will not be compatible with other siren tails.

   Therefore I suggest creating the poses using (as a base) a human body of the sims and not the body of the siren, in the way that you can take care not to alter large-scale or destroy the bones of the avatar. So,  poses WILL BE COMPATIBLE WITH ANY FORM OF TAIL for sirens. Would be great.

Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience, and for some possible errors in the narration, I don’t speak English.

suggestion to create poses of mermaid

♥♥♥ THANK YOU ♥♥♥

Hello ♥

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported my work and downloaded any of my files recently and in the past.

Thanks to you I have just reached 1 milion downloads! ♥

I am truly speechless and honoured to have so many of you liking my work. 

Much love,

xx Caroll 

I'm Back!

After a long hiatus, I am glad to be back to the world of Sims. I had purchased Sims 3, and it was no sooner had I uploaded it that an unfotunate incident happened with my computer. Long story short, it took a while for me to get hardware that would handle the game, and by the time I did, I was too busy to play or create for the Sims. With things as they are with the pandemic, I have so much more time on my hands and thought I would put it to good use. 

I've spent the last few weeks learning all over again how to build in Sims 4, and I must say...EA has done some wonderful things with build mode! Things we used to have to fight to build are built into the capabilities of the game. I'm impressed!

I've submitted a build just this morning...hope to have it accepted soon. I won't spoil it, but I'm excited, and I hope you love it!

All the best,


Worki'n on project

I'm working on something new, something big, and I decided to write something because I'am rock'in it, you know.... rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks everyere. Rocks and pools. 

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