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This weekend

I have 2 more mods coming out, but I need to take a little time to figure out why others that I submitted are causing TSR testing team game freeze/crash issues.

It's my second rejected submission since I have started and I've got to set up a vanilla game for testing. It's weird, I do indeed have some mods installed, though removed a lot upon starting this project, to shorten the loading time for the game since I need to start it up every time I make something new. I had no idea it could cause inaccurate results when testing a new mod, to have other mods in the game at the same time.

There are lots of little things about making good mods that are important, that I hadn't come across while trying to learn. Not to say it isn't out there, but it might be a little hard to find. Maybe I will keep journaling the process so it could possibly help somebody else? 

I am so thankful to all the people who downloaded my published mods and to the people who left me such nice words, thank you!

I'll be setting up a second game without any added mods, to test one cc mod at a time and just hope I get the same error so I can figure this out. I've got other items I would like to share.

Have a great weekend everybody! Happy Easter!

19/04/2019 Update

Hi guys!

I want to wish everyone Happy Easter / Passover - whatever you celebrate! 

I have a little bit different post today - I want to share a news with you guys. 

From today onwards I also start to upload my lots to my newly created Tumblr profile. Before any creation will be published here - around 24 hours earlier I will publish a new creation with a download link. I am currently waiting for a Simshare account approval - if I fail to get an account, probably I will share my downloads on Mediafire or Workupload. 

There will be also a possiblity for supporting my work by donating. IT IS NOT OBLIGATORY, but will be deeply appreciated and cherished. All the info how to help me you will find under "Donate" bookmark at the top of the website. 

*Click here to be redirected to*

Happy Easter everyone 

xx Caroll91

My laptop vs The sims 4

Hi, I have one really interesting story for you guys. So I bought 2TB usb flash disk, but my sister has a boyfriend and he is really good at pc and laptops so he took my usb flash disk and try it on his notebook. He fouds out that the usb is not 2TB but only 32 GB sooooo.....I am really sad about it, because I tried like thousand times to download The Sims 4 before he told me that. Now I know why it didn't work. But for my luck, my sister is so nice and she will give me her hard drive and she will help me with downloading real working full version of The Sims 4 hurraaaay!!!

So wish me luck guys.



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wow good happy

Since last year incredible 90k downloads have been added. 
I thank you from the heart, that you like my houses and stuff so much. In the last few months I did not have much motivation to do something with sims, but that motivates me to do more. 
Thank you very much :)

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Oh my God. It's already 2019

It's been several years since the last time I opened my account.

I've been busy with fixing my life, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to finish my stories. I feel so sad.

Playing sims and creating stories was actually my escape mechanism from my life and reality.

That's why I created Erin from Message in a Bottle.

Like her, I feel so lost that time and I was wating for my Jasper.

It's bittersweet.

I love them would like the chance to continue and finish their story.

I don't even know if those amazing people who read and appreciated my works could read this, but I still want to thank them.

For the past years when I stopped playing Sims 3 due to game problems as well as with my life, I kept on writing. As much as I love my previous stories, it didn't change the fact that some parts are needed to fix, it made me cringe. xD

Right now, I am writing some of novels.

If I were given a chance to write Erin and Jasper's story, I'd gladly do it.

There's still so much left untold.

There's still so much of Erin and Jasper that needed to be told.

There's so much more stories to tell.

And I'm seriously thinking of a way to get a hold of those who wanted to know the end of this story. And with that, I know I'd be able to give you the END.

Again, for those who read and supported me way back years ago, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Yours truly,


Two Years

Today marks the two year anniversary of uploading cc!
Time truly does fly by so fast. This year has been a rollercoaster, and full of ups and downs. A lot of things went crazy, but a lot of amazing things also happened. free gift codes generator

At points I felt like quiting making cc all together, but something kept me going. And I'm so grateful I did. 
Making stuff for you guys really does make me happy. Being able to share my unique style with others who have the same interest is amazing. 

I don't like to look at the numbers aspect of things, but this year I surpassed 3 million downloads. That is insane. Never did I imagine I'd be where I am today, and I'm forever grateful for all the love and support you've all given me. free gift cards generator

My content has improved a lot this year, and I'm excited to see how things look like a year from now. free gift codes generator

Being 16 years old, I still have to figure out the balance of school and sims, but I still try to keep my happy medium. I just want to bring you guys new content as often as possible. I can't speak for the future, but I will try my hardest to make this new year the best we've seen yet!

It's time to leave all the negativity behind, and welcome the new year with open arms. 

Thank you guys for making this all possible for me. Literally none of this would be possible without you guys!

Love you all, and here's to two years!

~ Emma

submitting to TSR

Well have to say I'm pretty disappointed right now.  I have used TSR for years and played sims since Sims2.  Always just a downloader, never a submitter.  So I finally tried submitting an item.  Just a simple collection of paintings done by a well-known artist.  I made them for myself using Sims 4 Studio (great program btw) but thought others might enjoy them as well. free gift code generator

The process to submit an item was absolutely horrendous.  I read up as much of the help I thought applicable before hand, tried to fill out the submission forms, only to find out there were issues with my images (wrong size).  So went back, re-did it all, and again, an issue (I had to upload my package to another server before it would go to TSR???)  Ok fine, so I went and added it to Google drive, along with my photos, gave the right permissions.  I had to then resubmit my submission because of course each time the form on TSR reset it did not save what I had already put there in the way of a description, title, etc.  So needless to say I spent several hours on this, only to still get rejected over the name which was exactly as TSR asked, descriptive of what it was... I mean how many ways can you describe a set of pictures by the artist (I got some message about not accepting created by but I didn't say created by... I did include the real life name of the artist who deserved credit for his work!)?  Something was still wrong somehow with my pictures even though I used TSR's criteria and looked at the page preview and it all looked fine. free gift card generator

So I give up.  I found this whole process difficult, confusing and extremely frustrating.  I guess the same folks who are always submitting, will keep on, but until TSR gets a bit more friendly toward newbies, I won't be trying this again.  Bad form TSR. free gift code generator

Best Sims 4 Mods

Try out the best sims 4 mods from the Sims 4 mods collection that will make your gaming experience more fun. We have described how to install best Sims 4 mods in your game and also the list of mods you should try out with enough information.

Sims 4 mods nexus - Emotional Inertia

Sims are an emotional in nature, and their moods flip like a light switch. By just doing the basic activities—having an good meal in a well-decorated room—will fill them with joy for a few hours, but then the feeling will vanish. If it is not according to your taste, or if you think the system is just too easy to control, then you might want to download Emotional Inertia.   

Sims 4 mods - Get a job

Modders every week add new careers to ModTheSims, so if you’re ever need inspiration on which direction to steer your Sim in, give it a browse. The visualisation behind them is impressive, and most of them give you a fully-fleshed out path to follow. If you want to become a bowling champ, game developer, professional hacker or private investigator, you can now follow your dreams. This mod comes into Sims 4 career mods. Here, like transforming our sim from a basketball draft pick to league MVP in the SBA Baller career. online video downloader

Sims 4 mods nexus - New personality traits

The Sims 4 has very long list of traits that change the way a Sim behaves, and just because they’re relatively easy for modders to create you can quickly expand that list through custom content. Gamer trait, for example, it lets Sims to improve their gaming and programming skills faster, while the Functional Robots will be in group of traits that lets you spawn human-machine hybrid Sims, or just full-on robots who must have to visit a recharging station in every few hours. backlink

Leather camera case store

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Time to Bounce Back

For the past year I put it upon myself to upload once or twice a week. I have honored that commitment for the whole time i have been on here.
Well all up to two weeks ago. A lot of things in life started to stack on me, and time seemed to be slipping away. Every second it felt like I was trying to do something. 
I realized that this would probably be the cause of my first upload miss. But one week isn't too bad, but then the next week came and I was still lacking content to post. 
I really did feel bad, becasue I view this as sorta a job in its own way. Not doing anything for it didn't feel good one bit. I value you guys so much and want to keep makig content for you guys, and not being able to accomish that was upsetting. 
gift card generator
The thing is, I think this slump is finally going away. All the big events  that cause my lack of work have passed for the time being. It really feels great to say I believe I can return back to posting for you guys! Blue skies are to come! No more rain clouds :)
free gift code generator
The past month or so hasn't been all terrible at least to say. Like I am offically 16 years old! I could drive a car legally now, well techincally. I still have no idea how to drive, but that topic is for a different day! 
free gift card generator
Until then, I hope you all are doing great. And I look forward to uploading for you all one more!
See you this Wednesday,

Links to all the CC I used for 'Rylee Bales'


-------------------------------- Here, on TSR --------------------------------

  • Madlen Lorine Boots   } Click
  • Madlen Cosette Shoes   } Click
  • PS_PiercingSetN03   } Click
  • PS_PiercingSetN10   } Click
  • PS_AnimaChoker   } Click
  • PS_Eyebrows_N139   } Click
  • Toksik_Trendsetter Necklace   } Click
  • Metens_Wisteria Dress   } Click
  • [broken CC] WINGS HAIR TS4 OS0514 F   } Click
  • WINGS HAIR TS4 OE1221 F   } Click
  • Ade_Darma's  Ade-Olivia  Hair  } Click
  • Screaming Mustard's  [ Figment ] - Glossy Lip Colour   } Click
  • Christopher067_Lovato_Necklace   } Click

 _________________________Outside of TSR__________________________

  • Crypticsim's Tumblr  saffron liner ("The Goddess Collection"?) & mirage lipstick ("Chantel Lipstick"?)


(Please Read) Select Artist Congratulation's!

Thank you all that wished me congratulation's on becoming SA! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, though I can't keep up with who I have thanked personally and who I have not, but if I didn't not personally thank you I'm so so sorry... But this is my TTHHHAAAANKKKKKSSSS TO YOU!!!! 

Becoming S.A(Select Artist) Give's me the opportunity again to show you how much i've grown from five  5 year's ago.. 

Saying that i got asked to become a SA again just show's my work truely stand's out and i'm so excited to show you all the new JS! 


Love you the most,


Dj Sumbody Ngwana Daddy

Hello? My Name is Dj Sumbody Ngwana Daddy

Im from South Africa


In South Africa, Ngwana Daddy means Someone's daddy


Love here 

Visit my Blog

Hi for all,  I am building a blog inspired by the construction and design of lots for the sims4, I hope you can take a quick look at my blog and leave a nice comment of the designs I have made.

02/04/2019 Update

Hi guys!

I just quickly wanted you to update that 2 new creations are on the way ☺. 

They are both a single / couple-friendly lots with and no CC. I thought that in the meantime I am waiting for an approval from TSR Team I show you some sneak peaks:

Sneak Peak 1

Sneak Peak 2

Sneak Peak 3

Right now I am working on a bigger project inspired by one of the Featured Artists I look up to. The house will be quite a large one, and pretty much having some summer vibes. It might take me some time to submit it so expect it to be on my profile around 2-3 weeks time. It should be Base Game Friendly ☺.

If you have any ideas what would you like to see next on my profile - feel free to write me a pm or comment below. 


Have a lovely day everyone,

Caroll91 xx 

A-Reece Reece Effect

Does anyone Know About A-Reece's Reece Effect

Contempo Fireplace Set, March 31st

Hi y'all,

My Sims 3 Contempo Fireplace set is scheduled for publication on March 31, 2019. It's a contemporary set, which features a fireplace and bookcase unit and 8 new objects, and an older object updated from the Sims 2 game, books and bookends. The new meshes are a fireplace and bookcase unit, a long stack of books, 2 decorative plates, a large jug container, an ornate wall mirror, fireplace screen, and a stack of wood with fireplace tools.

The fireplace bookcase unit has 35 slots for decorative objects. I hope to release Contempo Fireplace, Part II very soon. I wanted to release the set before Christmas, but I got super busy during the holidays and I had a few health issues with chronic laryngitis. I've been on voice rest for months and I'm someone who loves to talk and socialize, but I'm slowly getting better.

A collection folder is available for the set at Media Fire, here. So, place a couple of comfy chairs (from my Pretty Little Stuff set) before the fireplace and grab a good book to read. Enjoy!

Take care,

Carolyn a.k.a Cashcraft



Future of this profile

I am working on a TON of recolors and retextures. I recently download Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets pc game and will be tranfering some of the textures to the sims game. So look forward to that!!! All these textures are old (like from early 2000) but I'm literally going in and revamping it'll take a while. I'm not doing all, just the ones I feel like are awesome and can add something to the game. But trust me its still gonna be a lot. Right now I'm going through everything, so just sit tight. If you have any idea lemme know! <3 byyyeee

New walls coming soon

I have much more time for creating now and am excited to be adding more custom walls for the Sims 4.

Many of my walls have custom crown molding created by me to enhance their beauty.

I hope you enjoy my creations. As always I ask that you do not clone them, modify them, or upload them to any other sites claiming them as your own.


Content Creators, AKA- CC


 I am Marianne. I am from Canada. I LOVE the Sims game and have played since it first came out many years ago.

I am incredibly appreciative of all the work that the CC's do. I always try to say thank you to every person I download content from.

If I didn't say thank you, please note that it wasn't intentional and I am very thankful!! 

Thanks again!! <3 <3 <3 



what a blessing surprise to log in TSR today and see this huge milestone ♥ more than 250.000.000 downloads of our creations!!!  *wow*
Without your love, your appreciation, your lovely comments and support this milestone would never be possible to achieve!
We feel so blessed for having you near us :)
Please feel deeply embraced and feel also our sincere love!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for enjoying SIMcredible!

Much love in your way ...always ♥

Creation submissions

Hi guys! 


This is my first blog post with updates. From time to time I will be letting you know about changes in my creations. This week's update is about how often you can expect the new houses / community lots as well as some graphic changes. 


For first - THANK YOU  for 20k downloads. I would never expect that someone will like my lots that much when I started to create housing for sims back in the time when Sims 1 was popular. It means a lot for me, and actually encourages me to create more for you. The Sims 4 is such a great platform to create, and doing it for others give me a lot of joy and fun. 

Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I will be uploading 1 lot a week for a while. Until August/September I have a lot of travelling and personal things to do I cannot put more time into creating. Also some of the creations are also ready for a download after a week of me submitting it to the review team. This week I won't be able do nothing new as I travel abroad. Expect the new (modern) house lot by the end of next week or a little bit later (all depends when it's going to be approved for publishing). 

Lastly I uploaded a brand new banner and avatar to my profile to live up the appearance of my page. I hope you like it :).


That's it for now, and have a great week,

Caroll91 xx


Hello Everyone, Greetings From South Africa

I have decided to go on a 90 day no beard shave challenge.


Who's in?

King Wave Better Luck Next Time

Account recovered

wow... I finally have access to my account! 

a while ago I deleted the email I had connected to this account and then I forgot my password to TSR. So I had no way of resetting my password! 

Remade my email and now I have access, am really happy

Hope to be creating some new things again. Ugh, I'm so happy!! 

My First Post In March

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My stage name is Ellee Pandahouse

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Its been years...!

It's been years and here we are still loving The Sims Resource, its's CCs and Artists... :D I am thinking about creating another story line using Sims 4.. 

Modern Laundry Part 4, March 10th

Hi y'all,

Modern Laundry Part 4, is scheduled for publication on March 10, 2019. This Sims 3 set includes 10 new objects for the laundry, which are a workstation for the stackable washer and dryer, rolled bath towels, laundry detergent, oxi 28 stain product, rolling basket, a pile of clothes (for the rolling basket), spray stain remover, spray bottles with caddy, a trio of vintage containers and a trio of vintage containers that are recolorable.

I had a lot of fun creating the set and I hope you enjoy it! An updated/revised Modern Laundry collection folder ( is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Thanks for downloading my creations, I really appreciate it, and Happy Simming!

Carolyn a.k.a. Cashcraft


mooie broek

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 Hey All, will be available shortly Hogwarts at the races. but if you can't wait to see how it looks inside, waiting on your channel Shark Sim ( there you can see how it was built and more review :)



Buy Tactical Gear

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New upcoming house for Sims 4

We are traveling to Dubai. Featuring a open concept plan with large rooms, a pool, a private study, 4 large bedrooms, lavish bathrooms, private terraces. The home is finished with marble flooring and stucco walls. Your Sims will love this Dubai inspired home I have created. Will soon be available here on TSR




 Started 19/02/2019 

I'm back!

Oh my gosh I finally have access to my account! 

Basically a while ago I deleted the email I had connected to this account and then I forgot my password to TSR. So I had no way of resetting my password! 

Remade my email and now I have access, whoooooo! 

Hope to be creating some new things again. Ugh, I'm so happy!! 

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