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I'm BACK + Emma Stone

Hello! Hello! Sorry for the hiatus. 

So I'm back creating sims again. Took a month-ish hiatus as i realised my sims were looking the same everytime i tried creating a new one. Tried again a day ago and it turned out i'm back in the game. 

Upcoming Simmies...

So i've been watching alot of movies during my month long hiatus and I realised a few things. Emma Stone is da BOMB! DA BOMB i tell you! And i was quite shocked that no one has tried to create her in sims 3 yet. Woah! So I'm gonna do it. Already halfway through and tweaking some features so expect to see her in sim form soon. 

Also look out for Amun, the male model sim I've made a reference to in several of my sim descriptions. 

If you remember Dunarmis' story, you'll recall she talked about a presence who was watching her. Stay tuned as I figure out how to bring the presence to life in sim form. 

Child Sim

So there seems to be a lack of custom child sims online at the moment so i figured maybe I should give that a go. OMG... the lack of cc in general for child sims is astonishing. Are children sims really that unpopular? I mean i know they only go to school in the game and can't have a relationship or career but really? Wow. Anyhow. I'm modelling this little girl after barbie. Haha. So she'll be my very own mini barbie. Nope.. not kelly.. just barbie. 

Missing in Action

Hey everyone. So sorry for my lack of uploads recently. This school internship/ work attachment is killing me. I'm on xmas break at the moment though so will finally have time to upload several of my sims that I've been making for the last month or so. 

Thanks everyone who wished me merry xmas and left amazing comments on my uploads and guestbook. Hopefully you'll like the new simmies as much as i enjoyed making them. 


Stay tuned!


Asian Sim

So I've finally decided to try my hand at an asian sim again. I remember i did a chinese girl awhile back though it got removed here on TSR because the skin i used went MIA a few months after upload. Darn. 

Anyhow... i've made a few attempts and am quite happy with the result though I'm still wavering between a modern day Chinese girl and an ancient chinese girl. All these condor heroes tv series got me pumped. Haha. 

If anyone reads this do let me know if you have a preference. Mainly it's just the clothing and hairstyle that'll be different. Maybe the makeup abit. 

P.S if anyone is curious about the progress. Feel free to check out my one and only screenshot thus far. 

Missing in Action + Clothing issue

So sorry everyone for my long hiatus from creating sims. In actualy fact, i haven't stopped making sims.. i just quit uploading them for awhile. For some reason I've had what I call SIM's BLOCK, which is actually the equivalent of writer's block. Started on 14 sims.. ended up with 5 incomplete sims.. trashed 2 of those and now I'm working on the remaining 3. Look out for some new sims this week. Will be uploading this week for sure! They're almost done.. just abit more tweaking. 

One more thing though. I noticed comments in regards to my choice of sims clothing. Just to clarify though.. i don't actually put in much effort into picking clothing for my sims. I focus mainly on the sims themselves. Sometimes a particular piece of clothing i see on TSR inspires me to create a sim and thus i use that item of clothing for my sim. Other wise, i mostly use basic clothes in CAS. Also, i only toggle ONE set of clothing. This could be either the daily wear or the formal wear. I leave the others random. This is cuz I only need one set of clothing to take pictures for the look. 

I take it that whomever downloads my sim will want to put their individual stamp of character on him or her and will thus want to customise his or her wardrobe. Why them should i make my downloads bigger when some people may not want the clothes that come with the sim? 

I do hope you understand why i haven't added in pretty clothing to my sims. It's to make it more friendly to those who want to save space and also gives people the option to download their own outfits for the sim. 

I'd also like to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments you leave on my sims. It really makes creating sims fun and lovely when i see that all of you guys like the sims. Also, it gives me a good ideas as to what looks people may like so that i may take it into consideration for the next sims i make. 



ONLY Base Game Installed!

Hey everyone.

So there seems to be some confusion when I upload my sims. For some reason they all have World Adventures listed as a requirement. Just to clarify, I do not have any expansion packs installed at all when i create my sims so they are base game compatible. Hope this post helps. I put *only Base Game installed* in the note section as well as description of all my sims as well so just look out for those though i think it's safe to say that all my sims will be base game compatible since i have no intention of getting expansion packs anytime soon. My poor wallet can't take anymore. Haha. 



Back to Sliders

So I've begun working with sliders again, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how one sees it. Just thought I should list out some pros and cons of using sliders as well as address the issue of my sims looking "too different" compared to the picture of them shown without CC. 

Pros of Using Sliders:


  1. Sims won't have a generic look since there are more things to toggle with. Chances of them looking similar will be significantly reduced. Also for some reason sliders allow sims to look so much more realistic. (:

  2. Which brings me to the next point, more realistic sims and maybe more celebrity lookalikes. Let's face it, it's nearly impossible to create a celeb lookalike without sliders. They end up looking so different you can't tell it's them unless they have the same name. 

  3. Selfish reason: I feel happier with more stuff to toggle with. Haha. Sorry, it's true. I get so annoyed when my completed sims feel like they're missing something. Maybe the nose wasn't right and no matter how i toggled with the default sliders it wouldn't look right. (True story)
Cons of Using Sliders:
  1. One more thing to download for those interested in my sims. Sorry you guys. 

  2. It's hard to keep to TSR's 7 external cc limit when you really want to put in perhaps some realistic pores or awesome stubbles from other sims 3 artists around the internet. 

  3. Dumb reason: I forget which slider I used to change the jaw line or jaw height. All the time. And then I end up having to try and get it back to the same look cuz i went and played with the wrong slider. 
Ta-dah. Look! They're even! :D Anyway, to address the issue of my sim looking "too different" from the without cc picture... 

I tend to use alot of external CC though I do try to use the ones found on TSR so as to limit the downloads from external sites. Sometimes though, it just doesn't fit the sim I'm creating and I have to search for external sources. I take pride in my sims and really can't see myself substituting something I think is a perfect fit for something else just because it can be found on TSR. Sorry you guys. I will try my best to stick to TSR downloads though I doubt it's going to be too successful. There's a whole digital world of sims 3 cc waiting to be discovered and explored! (I'm so dramatic *rolls eyes*) But yeah, you get my point. 


My Sim-Making Process

Just so start off, I DO NOT COPY sims from other artists.

I do not actually look at any sims when browsing for sim related cc. In fact, i do not know of any circumstance where I have actually searched for sims yet alone downloaded them. 

Please do not accuse me of stealing the works of other artists. I respect their rights and personally i respect myself too much to resort to stealing work that is not mine and passing it off as my art. Yes, I consider making sims an art so obviously i take it very seriously. 

Here is my sim making process:


  1. I take a random sim from CAS, usually the one that appears immediately when you enter CAS, and the first thing I'll do is change his/ her skintone. I try to vary my choices so that my sims won't have a generic look to them. Also, it gives me the chance to play around more since different skintones have different highlights and shadows. 

  2. Next I put the sims' hair up into a bun that does not obstruct any part of the face. This will give me a somewhat neat "canvas" to toggle with. I also remove all makeup and put on my chosen contacts (which i also try to vary from sim to sim). I also choose the eyebrow that I prefer (i try not to use the ones I have used before). 

  3. Next comes alot of toggling with the sliders. ALOT ALOT of toggling. 

  4. After I'm satisfied with the look, I begin choosing the type of makeup I want for her and applying it. This may change how certain features look so I may have to go back to toggle with the features sliders again later. I usually do not put the opacity of the makeup at 100% unless it's for lipstick.

  5. I go back to toggle with the features' sliders if necessary and then it's on to hair and hair color. I choose the hair style to fit my sim's faceshape and features. I usually have a few hairstyles downloaded on standby and if those don't fit her, I go out searching for more. Hair color is also chosen to fit the sim I'm making. I may have a hair color in mind but more often than not I change it to suit the sim and not the other way around. 

  6. For clothes and accessories, I usually keep my sim free from accessories with the exception of extra lashes as i don't want the sim file to be too huge (one less thing to download ^^). Clothing-wise, I prefer full outfits also because of me being lazy and wanting one less item to download. 

  7. I bring my sim into game mode and start taking pictures. I always check to see if the pictures turn out good and if there is something that doesn't look good I go back to CAS and toggle somemore before going back to game mode to double check. 

  8. After everything is settled and finalised, I go to CAS again and remove all CC not from TSR before exporting the sim. The file is then uploaded into a vanilla game to check for errors in file before being submitted to TSR. 
Hopefully this explanation of things will prevent further accusations of me stealing sims from artists. 
I repeat that I do not and will not ever steal as I have too much respect for myself and the other artists to do so. 

I may sometimes look at pictures of celebrities, models or people to get a feel of what I want for my sim but never do I look at sims to make a sim. Hopefully that came out right?

If you have any issues with my sim perhaps looking like other sims to you please do drop me a private message instead of making public accusations in the comment section. It's not very nice, especially when it gives others' the wrong idea of me and diminishes the work I put into the sims I make. I do not make the habit of deleting comments as i feel that it's wrong to do so but please be nice about it and at least have the decency to tell me in private before flinging out wild accusations.

Thank you so much! 


Sims Game Maintenance + Update

Hello again. For those of you who have been following my previous posts as well as waiting for new sims, thank you for your support and I apologise for the wait. It seems my sims 3 game has crashed on me (again) so I'll be needing to uninstall and reinstall it before I can get back to creating more sims. I haven't had much time to do that yet because of school but here comes the good news!

I'll have plenty of time the next couple of weeks so look out for more new sims! 

Will upload at least 2 this coming week while I work on more. 


In Progress

So it seems that school has finally caught up with me. I'll be super busy this week though I'm currently working on several sims at the moment. Why several? Well, i seem to have something of a "sim creating block" at the moment, rather akin to the more common "Writer's block". After finishing up on a sim, I end up feeling like something's missing. Perhaps it's what I'd like to call the sparkle in the eyes or the magnetic attraction but whatever it is, I'm not too happy with it. 

Hopefully things will clear up by Friday and I'll be able to submit them then. 



P.S. I'd also like to thank everyone for leaving all the kind comments and congratulations on my creations and guestbook. It means alot to me that you guys like my work. It also gives me a gauge as to how you guys like your sims. Haha. 

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