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The TSR CC Manager is a VIP membership only tool for easy downloading and installing Sims 4 and Sims 3 creations. A short explanation and the download link can be found here:

This page is ment for providing help with any issues that can show up with the CC Manager.


Important folders and files

The CC Manager will add several folders to your Sims 3 or Sims 4 folder. Those should not be removed as long as you wish to keep using the CC Manager and/or the CC you installed using the CC Manager.

The folders that are added are:

- TsrDownloads. In this folder the downloaded files are stored.

- TsrDbSims4 and/or TsrDbSims3. Removing this folder will remove all info the CC Manager has about the installed CC. You can no longer manage installed CC if this folder is removed. It should never be removed, unless the advice during troubleshooting is to remove this folder.

- Mods/TSRLibrary. In this folder you will find the merged package files that are created by the CC Manager. During troubleshooting it can sometimes be needed to remove these files. The folder itself should not be removed.



To make the CC Manager function correctly, the path must be set correctly to your main Sims 4 or Sims 3 folder in your Documents folder. The path (for Sims 4) will usually look something like this:

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

You can see and change the current path under the Settings button.



Database import problems

If importing the database from the old (Chrome) version of the CC Manager is not working, then the problem often seems to be a memory issue during the export of the database. This is mainly the case when a large amount of CC has been installed with the (old version of) the CC Manager. This problem can't be solved directly with the CC Manager, since it is a problem that is showing up in the outdated version of the CC Manager.

To make sure you can continue using your CC with the CC Manager, you can start a fresh install of your CC with the new version of the CC Manager, using your Download History page on TSR:


Can't see previously installed CC in the CC Manager

With the CC Manager you can only manage CC that has been installed using the "Install with CC Manager" button on TSR. If you have previously downloaded CC on TSR and placed in manually in your Mods folder, then it will unfortunately not show up. But you can use your Download History page on TSR ( to install them again with the CC Manager. In that case it's best to remove the other (previously downloaded) files from your Mods folder, so there will not be any conflict between those files.


Red warning message in the CC Manager

The red warning message about files that are broken or missing can show up when one or more files are corrupt or have been removed from the Mods/TSRLibrary folder.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

- Check the Mods/TSRLibrary folder. If there are still (corrupt) files in there, remove them

- In the CC Manager (Library tab) Select "Show disabled"

- Select all items

- Click on "Uninstall" at the bottom.

- Click on the Sims 4 (or Sims 3) button at the top again. The red warning message should be gone now.

- Go to the Downloads tab, and install the CC again that you wish to have installed

You should now have a fresh install of your (previously downloaded) custom content.


Database corrupt/Manifest file missing

 This error message can show up if the Manifest file has been removed from the TsrDbSims4 or TsrDbSims3 folder or the file has for some reason become corrupt.

If you still have the file (for instance because you temporarily moved it to a different location), then place the file back and start the CC Manager again. The CC Manager should now function again.

If you don't have the file anymore, follow these steps:

- Remove the TsrDbSims4 or TsrDbSims3 folder (depending on which version is showing the problem) from the Sims 4 or Sims 3 folder.

- Start the CC Manager again. The CC Manager will generate a new TsrDbSims4 or TsrDbSims3 folder.

- Unfortunately all database info about your installed CC will now be lost. To re-install your CC through the CC Manager, you can make use of your Download History page on TSR:


CC not showing up (correctly) in game

If the CC that is installed with the CC Manager is not showing up at all or not showing correctly, then the cause is often that the use of CC needs to be enabled in the game options, or a specific expansion pack or mesh is needed. For more info about this subject, take a look here:


Game crashing

When the game is crashing after installing something with the CC Manager, it's possible that there is an issue with one of the installed files. In some cases we've seen that the problem can also be caused by an issue with the Resource.cfg file in your Mods folder. Since that last problem can be fixed in an easy way, it's good to start with checking for that first.

- Go to your The Sims 4/Mods folder in your Documents.

- Delete the Resource.cfg file you see in that folder.

- Start the game again, making sure to NOT first start the CC Manager before that.

This will force the game to generate a new resource.cfg file, which will fix the crashing if it has been caused by an issue with that file.


If that doesn't fix the problem, then it could be that there is an issue with one of the installed files. The cause is however not always easy to find. It could be that a specific file is outdated after a game update. It's also possible that there is a conflict when 2 versions of the same file are installed (one as regular package file and one through the CC Manager). If there is some difference between them (because the creator has updated the file), then this could cause a conflict. It's also possible that for some reason the merged package files have become corrupt.

To fix this problem, follow these steps:

- Move all your CC (including the TSRLibrary folder) from your Mods folder to a safe place on your computer. Keep the Mods folder itself and the Resource.cfg file in place.

- Start the game. This will make it clear if it is a problem with the game installation itself, or a problem with installed custom content. If the game is still crashing without any CC, then the problem is not related to CC. Try a re-install of the game in that case.

If the previous step showed no problems with starting the game, then the cause of the game crashing is related to one or more CC files.

- Move your regular (non-CC Manager) CC back to your Mods folder, and start the game again. If the game is crashing, then the problem is caused by one of these files, and not by the CC that is installed with the CC Manager. To find the problem file, trial and error with groups of CC, until you find the file that is causing the problem.

If the previous step showed no game crashing, then the problem CC should be amongst the CC that is installed with the CC Manager (or there is a conflict between 2 versions of the same file). Continue with the following steps.

 - Move the TSR Library folder back into the Mods folder.

- Start the CC Manager and make sure you have the Library tab opened

- If you have any CC installed in the Mods category, select the Mods catagory in the list on the left. Select all creations there and click on uninstall at the bottom of the screen. Mods (like careers and new traits) can after a game update sometimes cause game issues, so it's a good thing to start with those when trying to find the problem file.

- Start the game. If the game is no longer crashing, then one of the just uninstalled files was the problem. You can keep them all uninstalled, or you can try to find the problem file by trying and error. To do this, install a few of them at a time in the Downloads tab, start the game and see what the result is.

If the previous step still caused a game crash, then it's one of the other installed files that is causing the problem. Continue with the following steps.

- At the Library tab, uninstall all CC in the CC Manager

- Go to the TSRLibrary folder and remove all files from that folder. 

- Go to the Downloads tab in the CC Manager

- Start installing some items again from the CC that you wish to have installed in your game.

- Start the game and see if the game is crashing or not. If the game is not crashing, then the problem file is not in the group you've just installed.

Continue this trial and error method untill you find the problem file. Once you have found that one, uninstall it and also make sure to remove it from your TSRDownloads folder, so it will not be used again in the future.

The file could in this case be a file that got corrupt during downloading, it could be a file that is conflicting with a different file that you have in your Mods folder or installed through CC. Or it could be an issue with that file on TSR. For that reason, please also use the report button for that creation on TSR, so that our submission team can check this creation for any possible issues.


Other possible issues

 - The CC Manager doesn't have a fixed limit of the amount of CC that can be installed. But when the amount of CC is extremely large, then it's not impossible that an issue could show up.


 - An issue that has been reported a few times, is the CC showing double in the CC Manager. At this moment we're not sure yet of the cause of this. But it seems that it's mainly a visual bug in the CC Manager. A possible solution for this could be unistalling and installing the files again.


If you need any more help with fixing an issue you have with the CC Manager, then please contact us through support:

To make it possible for us to help you with fixing the issue, please include the bug report you can see after clicking on the "report a bug" button in the CC Manager, and let us know the TSR username/login email of your VIP membership account and let us know what exactly the problem is. Then we'll try to help you fixing the problem.










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