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An Apple A Day - Day Four
Published Nov 8, 2009


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When we left off...Apple had just met Envy Irish, another Greenie who shares a similar past with Apple.

Freddy agreed to find employment at the Science Facility so that he can try and find out more about Apple's condition.
Freddy Doesn't like Envy, he is worried that Apple is going to get hurt somehow by this stranger.

When we left off...Apple had just met Envy Irish, another Greenie who shares a similar past with Apple.

Freddy agreed to find employment at the Science Facility so that he can try and find out more about Apple's condition.
Freddy Doesn't like Envy, he is worried that Apple is going to get hurt somehow by this stranger.
When Freddy got home from his walk, he entered the lounge room only to find Apple and Envy sitting together and laughing like old mates.

'I spoke to Jon, he said I can start Monday.' Freddy said.

Envy stood to shake Freddy's hand, 'Thanks Fred. We really appreciate it.'

Freddy scowled. 'I'm not doing it for you! I'm doing it for Apple.'

Apple shook her head and glared at Freddy. 'You are so rude sometimes Freddy. I really don't get you, I finally have an opportunity to find out more and you are being all sour about it. I'm going for a shower, when I come back down, you better be behaving more civilly toward Envy. He hasn't done anything to warrant this from you!'.
As soon as Apple was out of earshot, Freddy turned to Envy. 'Listen mate, you better not hurt her. She means everything to me. One slip up and you'll have some pretty big muscles to deal with.'

Envy laughed. 'Oh man, I'm so scared! Don't worry, I wont hurt her. You're just paranoid.'
The next day was Monday. Freddy went off to start his first day at the Science Facility and Envy had the idea that they should look for similar articles and stories as their own, on the net.

'Great idea!' Apple Agreed. "I can't believe I never did any of this earlier. I really hate computers though.'

Envy smiled. 'I'll do all the work then.'

They searched for a few hours before finally stumbling across an article from 1999.

Emerald Clover, of Riverview, was discovered unconscious in Shamrock park early this morning. She claimed she felt fine, despite the fact that her skin, hair and eyes had turned green. Further investigation in required....

Apple gasped. 'Shamrock Park! That's so close! Were you living in the park when this happened?'

Envy shook his head 'No, I would have remembered something like this. Lets see if she has a Sim_Book profile, maybe we can find out more about her that way.'
Envy typed in the name Emerald Clover and her Sim_Book page popped right up.

'She moved to Sunset Valley.' Envy said.' Maybe we could look her up in the phone book and see if she would mind if we came to visit her sometime?'

Apple nodded. 'Look, she has a green daughter! How can it be a genetic thing? How odd. Life must be hard for her, a green child and no partner! We should definitely go and visit her.'
When Freddy came home that night, Apple ran outside to tell him that they found a third Greenie. She wanted to tell him about the Green baby, but he was in a foul mood.

'What a terrible day, I already hate it there. I can't believe you made me do this, Apple.

'MADE you do it?' Apple yelled. 'I didn't make you do anything, you decided to do it yourself!'

'In theory, yes, but you BEGGED me and if I didn't do it you would have moped around and made me feel guilty anyway so I didn't have a choice. I'm just saying I hate it and I don't know how long I can put up with it.'

Apple stormed into the house and upstairs to bed.
Freddy just sighed as he made his way into the house.

Envy was in the lounge room. He smiled smugly at Freddy and started to head out to the room in the garage but Freddy stopped him.

'Think this is funny do you? Things were going great before you showed up. I told you, any trouble and....'

'Yeah, yeah.' Envy said. 'Any trouble and you'll maul me. Whatever. But, if you do that, Apple will leave you.' He calmly walked out the front door, leaving Freddy steaming in the lounge room.
A few days later, Apple decided to make an appointment with her doctor. The tension around the house was unbearable and the stress was making her feel sick.

The doctor performed a few tests and left the room to check out the results.

'Congratulations Miss Harvest!' The doctor said as he came back in the room, 'You're pregnant!'

Apple fainted and woke up on a bed in the recovery room. She turned to the doctor who sat nearby. 'I'm pregnant!? Will my baby be green? I had no idea I was pregnant at all!'

'I don't know if the baby will be green, unfortunately we would have to wait for the birth before we knew anything about how your condition has affected the child.'

Apple left the doctors office feeling completely shocked.
Meanwhile, at home, Envy was snooping through the entire house.

'Where is it? It has to be around here somewhere.....' he muttered to himself.
When Apple got home, Envy was in the lounge listening to some Michael Jackson on the stereo.

'So,' He said. 'What did the doctor say?'

Apple burst into tears. "I'm pregnant!'

Envy rushed to her side. 'Shouldn't that be good news? It is Freddy's isn't it?' He joked.

Apple giggled. 'Yes, of course. I just don't want my baby to be green, I couldn't do that to Freddy and I definitely couldn't do that to an innocent child!'
'Apple, if Freddy really loves you, it wont matter and the child will be brought up with so much love!'

Apple hugged Envy. 'Thanks, I feel a bit better, I'm so glad you turned up when you did!.'
Apple was having a cat nap when Freddy got home from work. As usual, Envy was waiting for him in the lounge room.

'I know something you don't know!' Envy boasted.

Freddy rolled his eyes. 'Meh, like I care, it would be wise for you to stay out of my way. I mean it when I say that you'll be sorry if you do anything to Apple.'

'Well,' Envy said, 'Like I said, if you do anything to me, Apple will get rid of you, and that would mean you wouldn't have her OR your unborn child anymore.'

Freddy was taken aback. 'My unborn child? Apple's pregnant? Why didn't she tell me?'

Envy shrugged. 'Probably thought you would get mad at her or something, all you ever seem to do is yell at people and cause conflict. All because you're totally paranoid!.'
Apple woke as Freddy entered their bedroom.
She smiled at him. 'I have some really great news, babe!'

Freddy gave a curt nod. 'You're pregnant, I know, Envy told me. I can't believe he knew before me!'

Apple was shocked at Freddy's reaction to the news. 'I was just so shocked, I had to tell someone. I'm sorry.'

Freddy started to yell. 'It's not good enough, Apple! I'm your boyfriend, I love you and here you are just disappointing me. I've been putting up with this ridiculous plan you have going with Envy about getting back to normal, but it's just NOT going to happen. You know that. Let's just get on with life.'

Apple slapped Freddy across the face. 'How dare you! If you were like me, you'd definitely want to get back to normal. I have hope now. I'm happy for once.'
The two got into bed and Freddy apologised. 'I'm sorry Apple, it's just the stress from this new job. I'm not very good at it, I have no interest in it. I want to make you happy.'

Apple accepted his apology but was still a little irked. 'I have something else to tell you. Today Envy and I found another Greenie. A young lady from Sunset Valley. She had her accident at Shamrock park though, in 1999.'

Freddy looked puzzled. 'Isn't that where Envy lived?'

Apple nodded. 'Yeah, but he said it was before he lived there.' She took Freddy's hand. 'Please try and be more amicable to Envy. He is my friend.'

Freddy tried to give her snuggles but she just didn't feel like it right then. She told him to lay off. Freddy turned over and pretended to be a sleep. How did his life become so complicated so suddenly?
A few weeks later, it was finally time for Envy and Apple to visit Emerald. She had been excited to hear from them and told them they were very welcome to visit.
Sunset Valley was hours and hours away so Apple and Envy decided it would be best for them to go and stay a few nights.

As Apple got the last few things she need packed, Freddy pulled Envy aside. 'Remember, no funny business.'

Envy laughed, his usual reaction to Freddy's confrontations. He mocked how childish Freddy seemed. 'By the way, if I do anything to Apple over the next few days, you wont be able to help anyway. Ha ha. Have fun alone while you work your crappy job. I'll be having the time of my life in Sunset Valley with your beautiful girlfriend.'
As apple left the house to jump in the waiting taxi, Freddy gave one last attempt at warning her about Envy.

'Please be careful, I just don't get a good vibe from that guy.'

Apple smiled and gave Freddy a hug. 'You don't have to worry, silly! I'll be fine. I'll see you in a few day, okay? I love you.'
'Love you more.' Said Freddy, feeling downtrodden.
'Love you most!' Apple added happily.

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and climbed into the taxi. Freddy looked on solemnly as the car disappeared from view.


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#11Midnight222Nov 9, 2009

You have done a great job in making Envy unlikeable! I wish Apple would treat Freddy with more respect .... especially after everything he has done for her! Hopefully she will wake up to herself and see what a moron Envy is and what a great guy she has in Freddy.  I look forward to the next chapter! \:rah\:

#12MangioNov 9, 2009

Poor Freddy. He really is a nice guy trying to protect her \:wub\: Envy is so cruel at times. Hope Apple will come to understand soon before something bad happens. \:rah\: cant wait to read more

#13IllandryaNov 9, 2009

Great chapter  \:rah\:  Everyone's already said it - Envy is DEFINITELY up to something. What was he looking for in the house? As for Apple - I want to sit her down and give her a good talking to and tell her not to fall for Envy's line. Freddy is the real deal!

#14fredbrennyNov 9, 2009

I don't know. Maybe Freddie is the one who isn't really cool. His reactions are envious and not mature. Why? But I can be totally wrong (I know I have been IRL... in the past about men... LOL)\:D

#15sims3sam227Nov 10, 2009

love it!!!\:wub\:

#16candy820Nov 12, 2009

Another great part!!! I Love it.\:D  Waiting for the next part.\:D  5.0\:D

#17CamCo9Nov 15, 2009

You are an amazing story writer! Well done, cant wait for more \;\) !

#18DuncXNov 16, 2009

Wow, I have just read all four chapters at once and I love it! I am also eager to know how they all turned green. I must agree though, I am not trusting that Envy guy one little bit he is definitely up to something. I feel really sorry for Freddy, he is so obviously in liove with Apple and so deserately worried about her. The poor guy is really stuck in the middle bless him. I am hoping the baby will help to bring both Freddy and Apple closer together, I fear this will not be the case though. \:\(  Looking forward to the next chapter. \:D

#19DragonQueenNov 22, 2009

\:eek\: Ooohhh, I smell trouble!  Wow!  Can't wait to read the rest of it!  Another excellent chapter of a great story!  \:rah\:

#20ohgodcaitlynMay 19, 2010

You know, I'm really starting not to like Envy. I hope he doesn't hurt Apple shes so nice. Freddy can be a jerk too but he is still trying. I still hope Apple can get back to normal!

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