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An Apple A Day - Day Three
Published Nov 8, 2009


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Enter the world of Apple Harvest - a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Apple was in her garden, when she heard a noise behind her. She turned to find another Greenie, just like herself, but male!

Enter the world of Apple Harvest - a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Apple was in her garden, when she heard a noise behind her. She turned to find another Greenie, just like herself, but male!
'I'm sorry I snuck up on you, please don't be afraid of me, I don't want to hurt you, Apple.'

'Who are you?' Apple gasped, 'You've been following me, why? What do you want?' She felt stupid for even asking, it seemed quite obvious that he would want to talk to her considering they were both green!

The man smiled. 'I noticed you a few weeks ago and was so glad. I have been so lonely for so long, I didn't know there were any others like me out there.' He held out his hand. 'My name is Envy Irish.'

Apple shook his hand briefly. 'I think you better come inside.'
Apple retrieved some left over salad from the fridge and the two sat on the porch together.

'How did it happen to you? When did you turn green?' Apple asked.

Envy sighed. 'I was thirteen.'

Apple nodded. 'I was thirteen when it happened to me.'

Envy glanced at Apple, she looked as if she were about to cry. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

'Sorry, I just never dreamed there would be another Greenie out there. Please, tell me your story.' Apple said, as she wiped a stray tear from her cheek.
I was quite normal when I was young. I had a happy enough child hood, my father left when I was nine, though. He caught my mother having an affair with a wealthy older man named Schofield Drury.
We moved into Schofield's mansion so quickly. He died less than a year later and mum was left every cent of his fortune.
'The next few years were spent alone, except when I was at school.

My mother was always busy going to parties, having surgery, who knows what else....

One day when I was walking home from school I came across a young girl. She was obviously upset so I asked her what was wrong. She said she was lost.

I told her I would help her find her parents.

We began to walk towards the police station but half way there, the girl spotted a brown van, she said it was her parents. She said she was 100% sure it was theirs.
'We stood by the van for a few minutes.
She began to cry, saying she just wanted to go home.
I told her that if she was sure this was the right van, her parents had to come back eventually. I said I would stay with her until they came back.

Then there is a blank space in my memory. I don't remember what happened or how long I was out.
I just remember standing there, next to the van again, but now, the girl was no where to be seen!

I looked down at my hands and saw they were green. I felt fine other wise though.

I think there must have been someone...or someTHING in the van and they grabbed me. I think the girl must have been an accomplice, although I hate to think that such a young child could be involved in something like this.

Anyway, I ran home, not caring who saw me and rushed to show my mum what had happened.
Just as I got to the mansion though, mum was coming out the front door. I always remember that she was dressed as a harem girl or something like that.

I tried to tell her the story. She thought I was in costume at first and said 'Envy! I told you, you're not coming to the Halloween party. It's only for adults. I'm so sick of you making trouble.'

I said that this was no costume and definitely not a joke.

Mum just flew of the hook and told me to get lost! That she never wanted to see me again.

She was so preoccupied with her life of pleasure. I was just a burden. I took her advice and left.

I haven't seen her since....'
When Envy finished his story Apple just sat there shocked. She was so lucky that her parents hadn't been as horrible as his mother!

Envy pulled out a book. 'I found this on my bed when I went to pack, just before I left my mum's place forever. I have always thought it was something to do with the incident. When I saw you a few weeks ago at the business office I thought I would do some research and found an article saying that you had been left with a book too!'

Apple went to the book shelf and retrieved her own mysterious book. She handed it to Envy.

After a few minutes studying Apple's book he gasped. 'Here! Look! Here at the back of there book there is a long number.'

Apple glanced at the number. Well, it was more a series of numbers. She then looked at Envy's book, he had the same sort of thing, but the numbers differed. 'Envy, this is probably just something to do with the publishers.'

Envy looked disappointed. 'Yeah maybe you're right. But there has to be SOME reason for the books, doesn't there?'
Apple placed her book back in the book shelf.

Envy came up behind her. 'Do you think there are more of us out there?'

Apple nodded. She had just been thinking the same thing. 'I think there probably is.'
The spoke for another forty five minutes and Envy said that he would catch up with her again if she would like to.

'That would be great.' Apple remarked 'Where do you live now, anyway? Are you far from here?'

Envy looked slightly embarrassed. 'Not far, just up the road. At Shamrock Reserve.'

Apple wasn't sure she had heard correctly. 'You live in the park?'

Envy looked sheepish, but nodded.

'Well that wont do!' Apple said, completely shocked that he had no home. 'You can stay here, there is a room over the garage.' She assumed that Freddy would be sleeping in her room from now on anyway.
After a lovely dinner, Apple showed Envy to the spare room and he got settled in.

Envy relaxed on the bed after Apple went back to the house and thought of what he could do.

He had been trying to figure out this mystery for eight years now. It was all he could ever think of. That was why he never had a home of his own. He couldn't get a job because he wouldn't ever get any work done.

He was completely obsessed with the accident.
Apple waited up for Freddy. He was working late quite a bit lately, just trying to get a good name so he would be praised more often with promotions.

When Freddy walked in the door, Apple placed a quick kiss on his cheek. 'Something very interesting happened to me today.' She said.

After telling Freddy everything she was upset when he reacted in a way she would never have expected.

He was ANGRY at her!

'I though you would be happy for me Freddy! I have always felt so isolated and alone and then along comes someone who can understand me completely!' Apple cried.

'I try to understand you, Apple. I do.' Envy yelled back. He cared for her so much, was she already slipping away?

The two were silent for a few moments before Envy spoke again, this time quite a bit more relaxed. 'Look, I just don't want you to get hurt. You don't even know this guy. He has been stalking you for the last few weeks and you just let him straight into the house? I just think you need to be careful. You know I'm around as much as possible but you also know how important my job is to me.'
Freddy went to the office early again the next morning.

Apple went out to the garden and saw Envy leaving the garage.
He strolled over to Apple and smiled. 'I was thinking last night. Do you want to find out more? See if there is a way we could get back to normal?'

Apple nodded. 'Of course, but I think the chances are slim.'

Envy smiled. "I realise that, but what if we became friends with someone at the science facility or something? They could find out some inside info for us.'

'Maybe,' Apple replied. 'But I think I have a better idea.'
Apple had been thinking the night before as well. She suddenly DID want to find out more about the accident. Now that Envy was here, it was a better time than ever before.

When Freddy came home that night, Apple was waiting for him in the lounge room.

He smiled when he saw her, the night before obviously forgotten. Apple wished he was still angry, he definitely would be after she told him what she wanted him to do.

'Babe, I wanted to ask you a favour.'
Freddy nodded and waited for her to continue.
'Well,' Apple began, 'I was wondering if your 'friend', Jon, would be able to get you a job at the Science Facility?'
Freddy shrugged. 'I already have a job Apple, I don't need another one.'

When Apple explained that she wanted him to spy for her, Freddy turned bright red.
'YOU MUST BE CRAZY!' He screamed. 'What's gotten into you, Apple? This guy turns up and now you expect me to drop my dream job just to spy on my friends?'

Apple was crying. 'Please Freddy. I'm begging you. I have to know what happened. I've been suppressing these feeling for so many years. Envy has brought them all to the surface. Please. I have to know if there is any chance I might be able to go back to normal.'

'I love you the way you are.' Freddy replied. 'I'm going for a walk to clear my mind. Honestly though. You can't just expect me to quit my job. It's the only way I will ever become an astronaut and you know how much that means to me.'
Freddy walked and walked, he had been out for hours.

He stopped to catch his breath near the lake.

Apple was crazy! But he loved her. He really was totally smitten with that girl!
He laughed to himself and shook his head before pulling his cell from his pocket.

'Hello?' said the voice on the other end.

'Jon? It's Freddy. I was wondering if you could get me a job with you starting ASAP?'

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#5martoeleNov 8, 2009

Yes, I agree with all the others. It's a very good and special story. Keep it up Bessie. \:\)

#6xxheartlessxx12Nov 8, 2009

I agree with peachy too! Freddy must love her a lot...so cute! \:D This is a really special story! I'm hooked! Keep up the fantastic job! \:rah\:

#7Jennifer_RNov 9, 2009

Oh freddy is so sweet! He's going to be a spy at the science facility for Apple isn't he. I hope he doesn't lose is chance to become an astronaut though. Great third chapter! \:rah\:  I'm off to read chapter 4! \:\)

#8lug12Nov 9, 2009

5 out of 5, on to next chapter.

#9Midnight222Nov 9, 2009

Great story ..... I hope she doesn't ruin what she has with Freddy over the colour of her skin! Off to read chapter 4 ..... keep up the great work!

#10MangioNov 9, 2009

Freddy is such a nice guy doing something like that for her \:wub\: wonders what happens next, off to read the next one \:wub\:

#11IllandryaNov 9, 2009

Great part Bess! I hope Apple realises what a catch she has in Freddy. Not every man would give up his dream to help the woman he loves.

#12fredbrennyNov 9, 2009

This is a great story Bessie! I think you meant Freddie in picture 13 instead of Envy, but that's minor! I have to run and catch part 4!!! 5.0!\:D

#13candy820Nov 12, 2009

Awesome!!\:D 5.0 here\:D

#14ohgodcaitlynMay 19, 2010

Awh, Freddy really does love her. How cute. I hope she finds a way to be normal again.

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