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Alxandra78's Blog

New submission, finally!

Hello dear simmers,

I have been inactive for a long time now, but finally i have submitted a new set to TSR. Fingers crossed it gets approved. I have been working on this set for about a year now... not actively, obviously heh. It is tittled Ainola build items collection, including 3 fences, 1 railing, 2 trimmings for the fences, and a gable. The design is the same i posted a preview of last spring, check my screenshots.

I was hoping to finish this project during winter holiday, but unfortunately my comp fried at christmas day. Thank godness my harddrive was intact, so i could recover all my important files, including this set. For now i have to settle for my man's old laptop. I have installed most of the programs i need for creating. However, university continues to keep me busy, so its very unlikely i get another submission ready any time soon.

Wishing you a great year of simming,


My creations are NOT base game compatible

Hello dear Simmers!

I have been so busy with my studies and family life that I have barely logged in to TSR since last fall. I do apologize for not responding to your comments on my creations and my guestbook, I just havent found the time or energy.

Now I am finally getting back to the simming world, slowly. And what do I find? Issues with pets, rigfix, patch 1.29 changing the EP requirements... all which i was blissfully unaware, and now I am confused with it all. I came to the conclusion the staff has fixed my creations on the rig part.

But the site does not show correctly the EP requirements for my creations. I have quite a few EP's and SP's installed, and to my understanding now my creations requires you to have the same ones as I have for them to work.

So here is the list of the EP's and SP's you need to use my creations:

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, High-End Loft, Outdoor Living, and for some maybe Gen aswell.

That is if you have updated your game to patch 1.29 or above.

I am sorry for the inconvinience, I might redo them for base game compatible, if I find the time, and if you simmers / lot creators would like me to. So please let me know if you would like that, and which items you would like to see updated first.


Happy Simming!




P.S. I have started making new objects, this time... fences, aint that a big surprise? :P Cant promise I get them finished and uploaded tho, but atleast I have started.

Moving in rl


I just wanted to let you know I am in the middle of move in rl, and that is why I havent answered my messages in TSR, I have been simply too busy, or too tired. I will get back to you when things settle down.

Next upload

Hi there!


I posted earlier that my graphics card was toasted, and I spent alot of time trying to figure out if I should upgrade this comp or buy a new one. I was not happy at all about having to spend money on computer at this point in time, so no option seemed the right option. At the end, it turned out I didn't have to spend any money on computer just yet, as for the 2nd time, we managed to fix the graphics card by baking it in the owen! I really didnt think it would work the first time, and the same goes for the 2nd time, but thankfully my fiance thought it wouldn't hurt to try it again.

So once again, I have been back to creating. My work in progress is pretty much done,  I just need to do some final touches like setting the price and color options in TSRW, and then make some "ads". Hopefully I get it uploaded by the end of this week, before I pack the comp and move.

And what is the work in progress? 2 fences and 4 matching gates which will be uploaded as Aurora  build items collection part 2.

I attached ingame screenshot for a sneak-a-peak. The fences infront are the new ones.

Happy Simming!

WIP 260711

Shutters revision 2

Matching shutters for Rise High the Window has been updated to revision 2. Rev 2 enables 2 recolourable channels instead of 1. Also for the 2x1 shutters, the Environment score has been lowered from 3 to 2, and the price has been raised from 160 to 180, so that they match EA's pricing policy.

At this point I am unable to create anything, so there wont be any new uploads for some time, not until I get a new computer.

Graphics card toasted :(

I wanted to let you know what is going on in this end. I had major problems with my comp, the hard drive has been formatted twice in 3 days, it seems to have some corrupted files somewhere, I couldnt get my operating system to reinstall, only thing that worked was old XP. Also my graphics card stopped working complitely. At this point the only thing I can do with this computer is surf on the net. I am trying to deside which way would be best to go, to buy a new in mid price range, or to upgrade this one, as i cant seem to find the graphics card i had. I really cant afford either of the options, but might have to break the bank to get these, as 2 comps in this family is a must.

Then the other things that has been keeping me too busy to look into this computer issue. I got accepted into Uni! I am so happy and excited! I will differ from the average student tho, as I have a toddler and I am 33 years old. But better late than never, right? I have alot to orginize, like finding an appartment, day care for my kiddo, apply for student benefits, and so on, so wont be having much time for sims at this point.

Hopefully things will calm down at some point and I will be having time for my sims hobby again.

Happy simming and enjoy your summer!

Finally back to creating

I have been having a little break from creating, I just had to play Sims again with the new Gen pack. After few weeks of playing, I am ready to continue creating. My current WIP is matching shutters to the Rise High the Window add-on, and few matching curtains add-on too. When I have them uploaded, I will add a list of matching curtains to my windows on their comment sections, including EA's curtains and some of the free creations here in TSR. So if you have been struckling to find matching curtains, the help is on its way :)


Just wanted to let you know i have been making new objects, this time add-on to EA's Rise High The Window. But i have also been busy with nearing Uni entry exam, so this project has been progressing slowly. Windows are pretty much ready, but i need to test them in game, take pictures, figure out their prizes, write down info of them and so on, before i can upload them. Hopefully they will be uploaded by next weekend.

Aurora Build items Collection

Just finished uploading my earlier "work on progress" to TSR. Aurora Build items Collection includes 2 half columns, 1 column, 2 fences, 1 railing and 6 walltemplates. Hopefully it will be out by Monday. It took me longer than I thought to finish, as every time I got something pretty much finished, I realised something needed fixing, over and over again. Im still not 100 % happy with the textures, but there comes a time when I have to let them go... and boy ain't I happy I am done with these! I had some fun trying to build a house with them ingame, and I managed to achieve the look I was going for, so I am rather happy with them. I'm looking forward to see what other simmers think of them, it is after all my first ever meshing project :) Happy Simming and building!

Work on progress

Hello fellow simmers!

I am currently working on my first meshing project. I have pretty much finished a column and 2 half columns. I will post a preview picture in next few days. The plans are making this into a set of few columns, fences and wallpapers... its not set in stone yet. The style of the set is scandinavian (finnish), material wood, theme country manor.

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New submission, finally! My creations are NOT base game... Moving in rl Next upload Shutters revision 2 Graphics card toasted :( Finally back to creating WIP Aurora Build items Collection Work on progress
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