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To my friends and downloaders

I know, that nowadays I have not too much time to be around here, but now I read about the changes with the site, and I think it means the end of my uploads to my little site after so many years to be a member here.

I absolutely understand, that the number of uploads need manage in some way, but it means, that I'll have to stop to uploading my creations here, because nowadays I try to create my sims/lots without any custom content/pattern - the reason: some CCs causes problems for my game, and they raises the file-size too much, so I started to use only official patterns recoloured by me.

I've never spammed the site with random-button-created sims, I work with them for hours to make them perfect in my eyes without any mod or custom stuff. I know that there are some good sim-creators who use CC and work hard with their sims, but I've seen too many sims-uploads, which looks better only because of the used custom content - without them these sims have only a usual simface in the original sim-bin.The situation is the same everywhere, most popular downloads are always full of custom content - althought they look nearly the same, because of using the same skin, hairs etc. - but it seems, that this is what people need. Probably I'm a bit old-fashioned.

I made some celebrity-sims too, still has another one which I planned to upload soon, but maybe I won't do that, because I made it without any custom content at all.

I understand, that this is a custom content site and people mainly searching for CC here - so I accept, that this is not the place for me.

Thank you for all your support - comments, thanks and downloads - you made on my creations.

Happy Valentine Day - lingerie-set! :)

My Dear Friends! :)
I'd like to wish you a very Happy Valentine Day with this (mainly) pink lingerie-set - files are available in my studio on the EA-site.

Pink lace - lingerie - set 2 - by imogerPink silk - lingerie 1 - by imoger

Pink lace - lingerie 4 - by imogerPink silk - flowers 2 - by imoger

Pink silk - flowers - by imogerPink silk - flowers 3 - by imoger

Pink lace - lingerie - set3 - by imogerPink silk - lingerie 2 - by imoger

Pink lace - lingerie - set 1 - by imogerWhite lace - lingerie 1 - by imoger

Pink lace - lingerie 5 - by imogerPurple flowers - lingerie - set 1 - by imoger

Suburbia village - 4 houses on 1 lot

I created this little village some months ago, but didn't uploaded still. But some days ago I finished with the pictures too, and here it is. :) I know, it's not the best time to publish this village, because everybody play with Late Night modern apartments, but I think, it's very uncomfortable to play with those high towers, because it takes a lot of time to get home with low needs, and a little bit hard to follow my sim on the streets because of them.
Please, see the pictures, download if you like and tell me what you think about it. I put a lot of hard work to create this lot, and used some new ideas with the furniture. No custom content, and only 2 free items from the store eco-pack.
I hope you like it. :)

I'm in a bad mood

...because of those people, who don't have only some seconds to write feedback or press the -Thanks- button to approve of others hard work. Why is it so demanding? I know, other creators - much better than me - have also only about 5% -Thanks- of the numbers of downloads, but it tells all about people, who grudge some seconds from others, who spent a lot of time to give them something free. I hope, I will be more optimistic soon... then I will upload my creations again. Sorry for boring you...

new girls

Two new sims - as you can see at my screenshots - Adriana Lopez and Megan Fox. Adriana is dedicated to the dearest Martoele, to say thanks for the beautiful saarong. Both sims wear the gorgeous store hairstyle, which I gave as a gift from a nice member on the sims3-site: Alexurt1. Thank you friends! :)


Late night and Medieval

Just read about the new EP and the Medieval game, and I'm so excited.

There will be a lot of new feautres in this new EP which I'm waiting for - maybe they will give back the sims2 feeling which I really love. As I see this will be a mix with TS2-Nightlife and the PS2 Urbz, which was my first simsgame, and I loved it, but hate the looong loading screen... Just a few new items and options which I waiting for: new clothes, jacuzzi, lift, new building options (half wall, pool), and new tool to customize the sims in the CAS - etc. Maybe everybody will need lesser CC in case of theese. The game is so vulnerable with custom content, and I've already lost a lot of own content because of them.

As I see, the Medieval game will be a little bit similar to Dragon Age (also EA-game), which is a really great RPG, I use some names from this on my sims: my avatar's name is Neria, she was my elven mage in Dragon Age; and Anora comes from there, too.

Just wish more time to play and create for myself.


Sometimes it's "hard" to stop when you create something. Is there anything that I would change on the model or on the lot, or this is the best version and I finished them? There will be some sims here, when I cannot decide myself, so I will submit both of them, so the choice is yours, which version you like.

Some new sims for your town

Till I get some inspiration for creating a new lot, let me introduce two simladies from my game: Amber and Nadine - they looks really pretty, see screenshots please.

New lot

After some starter lots, I'm working on a modern luxury house, with a lot of exciting point and idea. As I wrote, I work slowly, but hope you'll like the final result. Maybe I will wait for my Ambitions-copy - I will get it this weekend - and add some new features. Because I don't have too much time to build - my little son gives me a lot of work :D - I hope, I will finish this project next week.

Starter lots - Riverside and Kiwi

Riverside and Kiwi are both starters, but they are different in and outside.
Riverside is a pretty cottage-style lot, fully furnished, but with the cheapest items. If you are looking for this kind of challenge, this lot is perfect for you to play: everything is included, no store, no custom content, you will get everything like on the picture. But when I played with this lot, I found a little bit hard to enjoy everything in my sim's life, because she was always tired, hungry, missed fun and some comfortable objects - like a good shower. But I saved some money for decorating the garden.
So, I tried to create an easy-to-play lot, a non-usual starter with high level objects, where my sim can get a little more free time. I used highest level stove, and nearly the highest fridge and shower, mid-level double bed, and dishwasher. TV, counters, loveseat, mirror, and other items aren't the cheapest, and added some decoration - flowers and curtains, too. I tried to save money where I can - for example I recoloured the cheapest wallpaper (swimming pool's tiles - costs only 3), and floor (costs 4) and recoloured with patterns. Of course I had not too much money for the garden, so I used "free" items to make something with it: terrain paints, a lake and some cheap flowers was the all I can do. But I think, if you want to play with a starter, that's not the most important thing. When I finished, I moved my sim in it, and she felt much better! That's what I wanted to see.

*Known issue: bookcase is not working with the wallplants above, so please move it to another place. In my game I use a desk under this, and it works well although there're nott too much free place between the wallplant and the laptop.

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