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I'm back

It's been over 4 years silence. Now I'm back and also going to subscribe, too. I've had problems with my Sims2 and I need some help to get things going again. I REALLY want to spend time in my Sims2 world.

I do not like the Sims 3. I have it but it's not my thing at all.

I hope to meet other Sims2 fans here again as I used to.

See you soon!


Merry Christmas an a Happy New Year 2010!

Dear All,

I have been extremely busy in the real life. My daughter hasn't been well, and since she's been ill over 2 years, it's starting to show in my health as well. I have been far too tired to do anything but what must have been done to survive every day life. I have no idea if she'll get any better in the near future, but at least I still hope so.

I have missed this community and I also have no idea how my poor simmies are doing (both sims2 and sims3). Haven't seen them for months.

I wish you all a Very Merry Chrsitmas and aal the wonderful things for the becoming New Year 2010!! I also hope to see you more often:)!!

Take care,





Thanks to all TSR artists!

Hi Everyone,

I spent some time yesterday by downloading items to my Sims3 world. Millions of thanks to Cyclonesue, DOT, Mutske, Katelys, RICCI, Simal, Shakesaft and many others!! It's so amazing to be able to get all those lovely creations to the game, it's so much more interesting to play when there's a variety of hair, furniture, décor, building itsem etc.

I really appreciate your talent!

Take care,



New Sims3 lots

Hi My Fellow Simmers!

Though I still continue playing the Sims2 I have, however, started to build more and more Sims3 lots. After I bought masses of new items from the official Sims3 site building and decorating has become so much more fun.

I have problems with TSR wizard in my Vista so I haven't succeeded to download any of these amazing creations that you guys have created. That is annoying!

Aslo, what it comes to the Sims3 gamepaly itself, I am still struggling... I know so well how to make my Sms2 charachters behave as I want but these new Sims3 "persons" are so much more challenging to handle.. or then I just simply do not know how to play!

I managed to have my first Sims3 baby boy, Raul Alicante, yesterday and that is good news. Maybe with him I'll start to learn more of the new game! He was born jus a day before her mother Raquel Alicante became old... It took so long from her to woohoo with her partner (she was a police) that I almost lost my temper!!! (lol!!)

If you care to see my new lots they are available in the official Sims3 site and you'll find them if you look for Valgrida. I really hope I'll be able to submit in TSR soon, too!

Have a great time with all the simmies - one, two or three! They are so amazing!




HHHA!!! I have it!!!

On Thursday on my way back home from work I bought myself The Sims3!
I installed it, created a sim and started to play. It's so weird with that limited selection of furniture and clutter - in my Sims2 I have so much custom content! But recoloring, which I immediately had to do, was quite easy. The game itself is different and I am not sure yet if I like all the different things. But I've only just played for a couple of hours so maybe I'll give it a try!
My first simmie was a wonderful charismatic fat lady who loves pink and has a great sense of humour. She started a military career and has done quite well so far. As soon as I get the internet connection to my new computer (it's so great, it's so perfect for playing!!!) I'll download pictures of my new Sims3 world.
I've already changed every single item to match my taste. I've recolored every dress and underwear set, every bed & linen, all kitchen items, wall papers, my simmies hair.... nothing of the base game color scheme is good for me:D!!!
I've got a great day for playing today: Me and my son are at home, all the rest are somewhere. He'll be playing the World of Warcraft in his room and on the other side of the wall I'll be in the Sims3 world exploring all the new features of the game!!

See you,


The Sims3...

This is my first blog text in EA:s The Sims3 site

"... So, well, I kind of tried to avoid this whole subject of the Sims3. For over a year I have been following the developing of the game, I've had news coming to my e-mail, every  now and then I've visited this site but I always thought it's not for me. I still don't really like the looks of the new sims. My simmies in the Sims2 look so graceful compared to these new simmies that it'll take some toime for me to get used to them.

Meaning actually that I have decided to get myself the Sims3!!!!

Now that I finally got myself a new computer - just for me, no one else has acces to it! - and it is just for playing,  I can have the game. With the old computer it was out of the question! It was far too slow even for the Sims2 and all the custom content of Shakesaft, Anoeska, Cyclonesue, lianaa, Padre, Windkeeper, perelinka, Cashcraft, linegud, Cerulean Talon, Sims2Sisters, evi, Spaik,  froilan, Steffor... I hadn't realised how much I had the custom content before I transferred all files to the new computer!

Now, as soon as I get to the nearest Sims3 Shop, I will be finding out what will the creating be like with the new game!! Since I do love to build and decorate - as I do in real life as well - I was so annoyed because in the Sims2 it was  not at all easy to make custom content by myself! I am no computer wizard so I never learned to do anything exept some recoloring of clothes. Therefore I am so amazed of the talent of all those great talented and ceative TSR-artists! It's thrilling to find them here! Can't wait what they'll have to offer!!!

I hope this will become an active & friendly forum.

See you, Valgrida"

I'm back again:)!

It's been a horrible spring. There's no other word to describe it. I was ill, my son was ill and my daughter was ill. 5 months of misery, really. It was like a Victorian play: pneumonia, hospital visits for me because I had heart problems (!!!) among other things, and some other quite serious things especially with my daugher. But it should be all gone. My daughter is so much better, my son is well and I - well - I got a medication for the rest of my life. Luckily we have all these medicines to keep us alive:)!!!

- I know, isn't is simply fascinating to hear about other people's illnessess...;D!!!

I am just about to get upstairs to my room, switch on my NEW computer and start playing sims after a LOOOONG pause!!! Alone at home, a day off, no duties today: this is great!!! I very much hope I'd be able to create a house or two to submit here. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and being so nice as to read this story of my life:D!! Again. I hope there'll be less talk about being ill next time:D!!

See you, take care! And tell me if you have the Sims3 and what you think about it!!! I keep wondering if I shoul get it or not...

Hugs my friends,





Peony Lodges published today!

I proudly present to you Peony Lodges!

After a long pause I finally managed to come out with an apartment lot! I must say that they were worth studying a bit, I mean apartment lots! I had this great tutorial by Hatshepsut (what a difficult name to write!!) "A Guide to Apartment Building" which I actually should have mentioned in the credits of the lot. Anyway, that tutorial revealed to me so many new things to take into concideration when building an apartment. I have actually always - ever since I started to play Sims2 - dreamed of a shared lot, and now I have so much fun with this EP! I also wanted to play with the lots to really find out how they function. That, too, was essential.

Peony Lodges is ideal because there is a public building in the center of the lot. In that building your sims can practise all possible skills and they don't have to spend their simoleons to buy telescopes etc. Unless they want, of course! There is a playground for chidren and a pond. The small lodges have 1 - 3 bedrooms so there's a room for a single sim, young couple or a family with children.  Or the whole family: grandparents, children, grandchildren etc. can share the same lot!! How about that?

I have tested this lot with my sims. Please let me know by PM in case there are any problems with it! My goal is to add something positive to your game, not to ruin it!!

Thank you for visting my site!! Happy simming!


Apartments, apartments, apartments!!!

Today's updated news:

At last I can tell you that thanks to an annoying flu I've actually had time to submit an apartment lot!

Peony Lodges in Dandelion Ridge is a medium size lot with four separate small houses and one house which is open for all. There your sims can practice all the possible skills. The rent scale is § 1.4320-01.608, and there's one house with one bedroom, two houses with two bedrooms and one with three bedrooms. On the lot there's a playground for kids, small pond for fishing and a barbeque for neighbours to use together. All schools are quite near as well as the grocerie shops!

My thanks again to TSRAA: Cyclonesue for the lovely pink wall color, Windkeeper for doors, Tabbylou for recolors, Sims2sisters for lovely flower arrangements and Shakesaft for great trees!!! I am so glad TSRAA-people let me use their talent!!!

I hope the lot will be approved and released for you to enjoy!


PS. I'd attach pictures but me and my computer disagree for some reason. I need to get someone wiser here to help me with this!!!


After spending some time here at TSR again I've started to figure out how things work. I've gone throught my bookmarked artists and found wonderful new itsems! I've also refound some great items that I lost in my previous computer disaster! It's been really nice to read other simmers' blogs and see how they are doing. Good news for many, that makes me happy!!!

I've been building apartments after apartments and my sims have been very patient testing the lots!!! I've used Hatshepsut's (what a difficult name to write!!!) great tutorial and I've also learnt some useful things all by myself!

I am starting to be ready to release a couple of apartments. All I need is a peaceful moment at home so that I can finish everything.

Take care,




Building and playing

Hi everyone!

For some reason this new version made the whole community look mute and deserted to me. I used to read other members' blogs, visit their sites, leave them comments. Now it feels like everyone has disappeared.

Well, maybe I should spend more time here?!

Actually I have played and built a lot recently but just for myself. I have builf apartments, dorms, hotels... I am trying to build them so good I could eventyally submmit something again after a long pause.

Happy simming, see you again!





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