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The Wedding Shop 05
Published Oct 19, 2013


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The Wedding Shop

Chapter 05: The Big Sister: She Sees Everything!

The Wedding Shop

Chapter 05: The Big Sister: She Sees Everything!
-Calm down, Miss Benneth, please, you need to calm down!- Sarah, the doctor said.

-That man is getting me upset! He is a danger to my sister and me!- Kayrel just yelled, but the two doctors just smiled.

-He is Doctor Egan M. Ryan, He is the owner of this hospital, the Ryan Memorials Hospital- The doctor said, Sarah, the redhaired doctor was a little anxious.

-Is that so?- Kayrel asked
-Ma'am, please, just take a walk, your sister won't wake up to the next few hours, go home, change clothes or something, we will call you if something goes wrong with your sister- the doctor Ryan just said and Kayrel started to walk away

-I will find out what is going on with yuo, Mister Ryan- Kayrel replaid as a threat
-Being outside will make my mind cleared... I have Christine's Wedding, Constance wants me to plan her wedding too and i have a lot of bachelorettes for next month, My sister is my assistant, my best friend and my confidant...- -What will I do without my sister?- Kayrel asked to herself and a single tear just roll in her cheek, she just feel like fainted

-I need to call Christine, i can't leave my sister in a hospital, i will pass her wedding to one of the other wedding planners i know...
-Hi, Christine! Is me, Kayrel, Yes, I have a little tiny problem, Yes... My sister, well, she is in the hospital and... Oh no, i don't need anything right now, is just that i can't take care of your wedding right now, i need to take a break right now...- Kayrel just said with a happy voice -This day and the bachelorette was so fatiguing- Constance said with a satisfaction in her voice.

-Yes, you made a joke to Kayrel, that has to be so fatiguing- Darrell said while watching tv

-You gotta admit it, she looked so great and wonderful in that dress with her schocking face, jajaja- Constance laughed so loud.

-The phone is ringing- Kenny said with a serious face like he was feeling something.
-Yes... Kayrel! Hey, what's up?... aja... Is Karina ok?... Ok... Oh! don't worry, no, no, no, i just postpone the wedding, i won't marry without my best friend and maid of honor there, i'm sure Kenny will understand... no, don't say anything, i call you later- Christine just said being kinda sad. -Kenneth, i just have to tell you something... is about Kayrel- Christine started to say.

-Don't worry honey, i understand- Kenneth just said- We can find another maid of honor...

-Oh! no! is not about that! I will postpone the wedding, i won't get married without my bestfriend and is my last word!- Christine just said being childish, Kenny fearing a break up just hold her between his arms
-don't worry, honey, we can postpone the wedding, i think everyone will understand, Karina is a friend of yours too- Kenneth said

-thanks for understand, honey, i will make a quick trip to visit Karina and Kayrel- Christine said.
But Kenneth just smiled and started to walk away to make a phone call, Christine just watched the t.v. -Yes, im serious about that... i know you are coming here today, i just... ok... whatever...- Kenneth said with some fear -What do you think, Bruce?- a womans voice sound in the limo

-Is a little impediment, madam, but i think you will find the way- the driver said.

-Next house to the left, Bruce- the woman's voice ordered.
-Oh! You are here, Georgette!- Kenneth just said

-Oh, my dear! I missed you a lot- Georgette Cunningham said

-How was your trip? It was pleasant?- Kenny asked

-A lot-
-Oh! my future sister in law!- Georgette said holding Christine

-Are you ok? how was the trip? Are you tired, hungry, anything?- Christine asked trying to be a good hostess.

-I'm fine, my dear- Georgette answered
-Let's get in, do you remember my brother? Darrell?- Christine asked, but Georgette just hug Darrell with some flirtation

-Of course, you are so lovely, Darrell- Georgette said kissing him in his cheek

Constance just felt jealousy
-And this is the other bride, the one is trying to steal my beauty Christine's all atention- Georgette said looking at Constance

-Well, i... just... well..- Constance started to said but she just stutter

-Oh! Im so sure that you are hungry, let's go to the kitchen- Christine said with a lovely and singing voice
-I will make the dinner- Christine said going to the fridge

-Let me help you, honey- Kenny said, but Georgette just called him.

-Is ok, Kenny! Come on here, She can handle by herself, is just a dinner for six- Georgette said
A few minutes later...

-Postpone the wedding? And what for? Who died? That's the only reason to postpone a wedding!- Georgette said.

-Is the maid of honor...- Constance started to said but Georgette just interrupted her.

-We can find another one- Georgette said with a fancy and elegant voice
-Oh no, is not that, she is my best friend and i will wait for her to be in my wedding, she planned the wedding anyway, we will wait for her- Christine said, and Georgette just smiled. -Of course, my dear, is your wedding and you can make it whatever you wanna be- Georgette answered -Did you know that there was evidence in the city that vampires exist?-

The chat just change the subject to avoid confrontations.
Meanwhile, in the hospital:

Kayrel is using to the elevator to see her sister in the upper floor.
-Don't worry, Doctor Ryan, Miss Bennett will be ok, Doctor Spencer will take care of her- -That two doctor, and that Sarah... why they are always togheter?- Kayrel asked to herself, but keep walking towards her sister room Karina was resting in her room after the surgery, she was peaceful and with the effects of the anestesia, she doesn't feel any pain. -What can i do for you, Karina? How can i take care of you? You always took care of me since our parents just passed away and never noticed what kind of labor just did for me- Kayrel asked for herself, but then she realized something

-How i will pay for everything?-
-Hello, Doctor Warren, Can i ask you a question?- Kayrel asked

-You just did, Miss Bennett- Doctor Warren just answered, but Kayrel was not funny at all. -Well, whatever, tell me, Miss
-When the bills will...

-Oh! Doctor Spencer! Just in time, Miss Bennett had some questions for you- The Doctor Warren just said, but Kayrel just ran to her sister's room when she saw with the corner of her eye the someone just entered to her room.

-Miss Bennett!- the Doctor Warren Yelled
-What is he doing in there!! Who does he think he is?- Kayrel yelled, but the doctor Spencer just walk to her. -Please, Miss Bennett, This is a Hospital, and you're still very noisy- Doctor Spencer said with a lot of fun.

-What are you laughing about? My sister is in there with a dangerous man and a surgery in her head!- Kayrel yelled losing her cool.
-Please, be calm, listen, Do you relly think Doctor Ryan is a bad man? Look at him, he is standing next to your sister looking at her and reading her studies, What are he doing?- Shane asked

-Trying to guess how much money i owe to him- Kayrel answered with a broken voice.

-No, that's not the right answer, and maybe he has to talk to you- Shane answered trying to calm down Kayrel, but she was upset.
In Margain's House:

-This is your room for now, there are two beds, but you can sleep in whatever you want it- Kenneth said.

-Sweetie?- Georgette call him, and Kenneth just turn around
-Yes, Georgette?- Kenneth answered

-Are you crazy?! That wedding should be done as possible!- Georgette yelled

-I know, but...

-Shut up, Kenneth! You just have one thing to do! One thing to do! And that thing was...
-Married with Christine Margain, but, Georgette, We do have this little impediment...

-A maid of honor with a sick sister? What kind of impediment is that? You don't have the pants in this relationship!- Georgette yelled and Kenneth just trying to calm her down-
-I have a card that i still can play- Kenneth said

-Talk to me- Georgette said lying in the bed

-That maid of honor, she has many debts in a hospital and some other bills, we can buy the shop...

-We don't have money! You need to get married with the Margain's Girl so we can have their heritage...

-I know, but also, i have a plan about it, and is so wonderful that the maid of honor is the best friend of Christine, you have to listen my plan- Kenneth answered

-Keep talking, sweetheart- Georgette said.
-Oh! Doctor Ryan! Can you talk with Kayrel right now?- Doctor Spencer asked, Kayrel just turn around to look at him

-Kayrel? I'm Miss Bennett to you!- Kayrel yelled.
-Miss Bennett, you are so upset today, can we talk for a minutes without you being so rude with me?- Doctor Ryan asked being kinda polite -Oh! Do you want me to be polite, kind and nice with you? You are the reason i'm here, my sister was ok, i don't know how she got involved with a man like you...- Kayrel complained.

-Please, just listen! He have something really important to tell you, about your sister- Doctor Spencer said, but Kayrel was so upset.
-Please, Shane, tell her everything...- Dr. Ryan said, but Kayrel got upset again.

-Tell me what? Aren't you my doctor, Doctor Spencer?- Kayrel asked, but Shane kept silence.
-Can you listen very careful what i'm going to tell you? I know you are a little upset about your sister and everything...- Doctor Spencer said trying to calm down Kayrel. -Am i Upset? Oh! You don't have an idea about how much upset i can be! My sister just got surgery, she is in a bed and i don't know if she going to be ok or what! Then, i have to pay for every cent that she has to use for her medical atention, and maybe! just maybe! i will need to sell my shop!- Kayrel yelled.

-You need to rest, i already send you home to take a bath, change your clothes, that will be clear your mind and be open for what you need to know- Doctor Spencer said.

-You are not my father or something like that! But fine, i will change my clothes, in fact, i need to check some things in the shop. But! If something is happening to my sister, you two will pay for everything! I will sue you!
Kayrel just went away.

-She is some kind of girl!- Doctor Shane said.

-Yes, she is, Karina told me- Ryan answered.

To Be Continued...

Thanks for all the CC Creators, you are amazing guys!!!

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