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Tumblr time.

I have two cats, and one of them loves pressing her face against my right hand while I'm using the mouse to navigate around the computer. It's cutely annoying.

So I type this with a cat watching my hands, longing in her eyes that one of them will scratch her head, to state that I've joined the Tumblr ranks (for anyone remotely curious): http://mckatsims.tumblr.com/

Why not?

I am too old for Tumblr, but I'm tempted to break down, open an account, and start posting the nine billion pics I have of my sims' adventures....


Why? Heck if I know. Why not? ;)

EA fails.

I bought the latest Store set, the one with the tea set and the cannery station to make jams and canned goods...and I have to say that the EA people clearly did not research what the homemade canning process looks like. 'Cause I nearly had a heart attack when my sim put both of her hands in the canning pot to pull out jars that had just been processed. (You do that IRL and you wind up in the hospital with 1st degree burns on your hands....)

Facepalming forever. Is it that hard to add animation?

Gawd, I hate my game at times.

Game's been running like a snail lately, so after intensive computer maintenance, and reinstalling both Origin and the base game, the game seems to be running a little smoother now. Have I mentioned how much I detest having to remain logged in to Origin in order to play the frickin' game? Thanks, EA, for making my laptop work harder than it should.... >:(

Right now I'm at the "I hate all custom content" place. It slows down everything about the game, especially the crap I've bought from the Sims 3 Store. Trouble is, I'm so used to having custom content in my game, that I don't know how much I'd enjoy playing without it. I try to limit the number of .ebc and .dbc files I have in the DCCache folder, but it's hard to do, considering the stuff I use all the time is either part of a world or a venue, where I can't pick and choose what I want to install. (Thanks, greedy Store people, for that. *snerk*) I've just tried playing with no custom content, and boy do my sims look bad, lol. I use a lot of Store clothes, so while they're all still rockin' the 3rd party custom content (no way I'm eliminating that), their clothing is sadly lacking.

Argh, why does this game have to be such a memory hog? WHY? (And don't get me started on The Sims 4, which is still a 32-bit game and I don't even know how the heck they can justify that when all other decent games out there are 64-bits and my laptop laughs at anything 32-bit....)

/end rant

Er, story?

5000 or so words into a story, and I wonder why I keep adding ideas to this already behemouth piece. (You should see my notes, seriously...) My writing muse, she dreams in vividly colorful epics. Oh well, it's not like I haven't written 50-60,000 word novels already.

I just wonder how I'll post this on TSR...or even if I will post here. The places I want to take this story, it won't be approved I suspect. :\ This might end up on my Livejournal page.


Dang it, why does Isla Paradiso have to be such a buggy world to play? I've even got ellacharmed's less buggy version of the world (via MTS) installed, and still after an hour of game play, the freaking world stutters, sticks, and lags. *throws things*

I am DONE...

...WITH WORK until August.


FINALLY I will have more time to work on stories! Yay!

Happy Dance!

Is it wrong to admit that I'm happy to see my screenshots have finally appeared as part of my profile? It'll be even cooler once I start posting stories, but that'll have to wait until the summer. The last few weeks of school are brutal.

I have a blog. Huh.

Eight weeks until summer vacation. Hopefully I'll have my story fully outlined so I can write it. In the meantime, I gotta learn how to take decent screenshots....*wishes I was a visually-oriented person*.

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Tumblr time. Why not? EA fails. Gawd, I hate my game at times. Er, story? Frustrated. I am DONE... Happy Dance! I have a blog. Huh.
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