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New contest launched!

The next Flip This House contest has started. Take part to win free access to TSR's premium downloads or content from the EA Store.

Read the full details on Degera's Blog and discuss the competition in this forum thread.

Good luck!


Problems with email

Email services are now functional again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this problem may have caused!

Account Security

TSR members are being targeted in the community by people trying to cause trouble. Please remember that nobody from TSR will ever ask for your password for the site. If anyone approaches you on Facebook, Forums or Chat, claiming to be from TSR and asking you for your login details, do not give them out!

Passwords stored at TSR are encrypted. Staff, Admins and Mods do not have access to your passwords used, but not all sites work that way. We strongly advise that you use a different password on TSR to any other website, mail account etc. This is good practice for all sites, not just ours.

We take safety and security very seriously and are verified and certified daily by Norton Secured, powered by VeriSign (click the logo at the bottom of any page).

Safe Surfing Simmers!

Artist news

We have a new batch of artists to announce today. Please welcome the following artists to our teams:

Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- minicart

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Majuchan
- Lolahh16
- Dux12
- rmm1182sims3
- sherri1010
- spacesims
- danielaoecksler
- tolina

Make sure you check out their latest and upcoming creations and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

TSR University announced!

Have you ever wanted to mesh, downloaded the tutorials and just get lost? Do you have the desire to make Custom Content for your game and just do not know where to begin? 

We are now offering 3 slots for those willing to study and learn together with our best artists via Skype. All for free of course. Who knows, maybe you will be our next Select or Featured Artist!

Learn more on this page and apply now!

Clothing filters improved

We have (finally) added the attributes for clothing back as filters on the site. Just wait for the cached pages to clear and you will be able to filter all clothing by gender, age, style and type. This works different for Sims 2 and Sims 3 however. For sims 2 you need to use the subcategories to narrow down your search results, while in Sims 3 you can use the filters to narrow down your search. Enjoy!

Illuminated Sims 3 Mouse Giveaway

I have seen reviews of the MadCatz Illuminated Sims 3 Mouse before and from what I recall, most reviewers commented on the failings of the main feature of the mouse, that being that it changes color based on the mood of your Sim. Well, not anymore!

The folks over at Madcatz have sent us a Mouse to take a look at. They seem to be having a push on promoting this product now that it's had a software fix and is becoming more widely available. I have been playing with the mouse recently while giving the Showtime EP a run for its money and I can say for sure that with the new drivers, the mouse performs like a charm, with a little touch of Showtime magic rubbing off on this comfortable to use, laser mouse.

Inside the mouse is a Plumbob which lights up either red, yellow or green depending on the mood level of the Sim you have selected. On the side of the mouse is 'The Sims' logo, adding to its charm and making sure everyone knows you're a true fan if the game.

The Illuminated Sims 3 Mouse is now available to buy worldwide for $24.99 from GameShark (UK £19.99, Europe €24.99).

Better still, we have 3 of these multicolored rodents to give away to our visitors, courtesy of MadCatz UK. There are two ways to win one. Post a comment here telling us why you would like a MadCatz Illuminated Sims 3 Mouse of your own. Two randomly selected members will have a mouse shipped to their own front door. You can also head over to our Facebook Page and 'Like' the post there to be in with a chance of winning the 3rd of our free giveaways. Or try both (though we are limiting one win per person either way). Due to me being off on holiday for a couple of weeks you have plenty of time to click and post. The draws will take place on the weekend of May 5th/6th. Good luck!

Visit the MadCatz Store on GameShark.

Download the latest 32 and 64bit drivers here.

Assigning Joints in TSR Workshop 2.0.39

Exciting news for TSR Workshop users! We have just released a new version of Workshop that handles up to 3 joint/bone assignments. This means no more running your object though Milkshape for those of you who do not like or want to use Milkshape!


This TSRW Enhancement will work for any 3d program that can export .obj format and has been tested for objects with up to 3 joints/bones in Wings. This will allow you to bypass Milkshape completely for most common meshes if your program handles .obj export.

  • .obj import
  • Assiging the vertices to the joints in TSRW now, no having to use Milkshape for your most common meshes.
  • In Game tested for up to 3 joint/bone assignments using Wings. Should work perfecty with any program that supports .obj export.

Get TSR Workshop

You can find the new version of TSRW here: TSR Workshop 2.0.39

How To Assign Joints in TSR Workshop

Read the new tutorial Assigning Joints in TSRW on our wiki!

How To Create A Coffee Table in Wings 3D

Now it is possible to create objects with only free software for The Sims 3. If you always wanted to try creating objects make sure you read Angela's new tutorial on how to Create a Coffee Table in Wings 3D.

Download buttons

The beloved download buttons are now back on the browse page for our subscribers. Just hover an image and you will get them and can thus download straight from the browse pages like you're used to. We hope you enjoy those changes and let us know if there's something else you're missing.

v8 fixes so far

We've been busy fixing bugs and making changes based on user feedback.

Things we have fixed:

- To avoid confusion, clicking the image in browse view no longer opens the quickview for non-subscribers, it takes you straight to the download page instead.

- Activate free subscriber days is now accessible from the account page in the bottomright box (granted that you have any that is).

- When you sign up for a new account and click the activate link you end up on our new welcome page that will help you get started using TSR (

- Direct links to view an artists downloads is now added to the minisite index pages, instead of only being accessible from the artist menu.

- Reported search problems on the download pages have been fixed.

- Fixed so that you could actually download the free "Today only" creation as a non-subscriber.

- Fixed screenshot and story submissions.

- And of course lots of other bugs you probably never knew about :)

Things we are working on:

- Adding direct download links to the browse page for subscribers (they will appear when you hover the image).

- And lots more.

Consider v8 a foundation for a new, improved and more modern TSR. We will continue to tweak the site for the best possible user experience. Since the launch of v8 we have seen signups increase a lot and the subscription rate is improving as well. Overall we are very pleased with the new site so far and with time we hope all of you will be as well. Not everyone likes change, but sometimes it's inevitable. Enjoy your weekend!


1. Where are my Kudos!??
Kudos are being replaced with our new Awards system. While it is not yet functional, it will be soon, and we know you're going to love it. If you earned enough Kudos for Free days, _you can still use them_ but you need to do it within the next three weeks or they will expire. (To use them go to If you were using Kudos for minisite perks, they are no longer needed. Now everyone has their own profile page!

2. A profile page?
Yes, now everyone has one. To access your page, make sure you are logged in, and click the 'My Profile' link in the top left corner of the TSR page.

3. Can I customize my profile page?
To some extent, yes. You can add a banner image, post in your blog, fill in your 'About Me' profile and feature your creations (if you have any). There are plans to make a few tweaks in the future, such as letting users decide what content to display, but the main focus for the coders right now is bug fixes, so that will have to wait.

4. How do I customize my profile page?
Once you are logged in, you can hover your mouse over your username in the top left and see the menu of actions available. Click on "My Account" and you should see areas for personal information, updating your blog, uploading a banner image, etc.

5. How do I download?
If you are not a subscriber, you will need to click on the Name of the Download located under the preview image. It will open the Details page where you should see the download button under the image. This is just like it was in v7 where you had to click the 'Show Details' link, except now you're clicking on the name itself. If you are a subscriber, you can click the preview image, which will open a Quick View popup with a download button.

6. I'm on an Featured Artist's minisite and I can't find the downloads...
Across the top of the page you will see a row of links. It should have the artist's name followed by Downloads then Studio then the envelope for private messages and so on... click on the word Downloads, choose the game if necessary and then you will see all of the downloads by that artist.

7. How do I sort the downloads?
When you access a page listing several downloads, you should see a Toggle Filters button on the left. Click that button to open up the filters menu.

8. I think I found a bug, what should I do?
Report anything that isn't working by either opening a ticket in our support system, or by posting it here on the forums - You can also leave comments or suggestions on the forums.

Welcome to a NEW Sims Resource!

Many, many months in development, Version 8 of TSR is now live! Created from scratch, designed from the ground up using the latest technologies and software and hosted on our new Cloud setup, Version 8 is the slickest, fastest and easiest to use version of the site we have ever had. The site is already bursting with new features but there’s more to come during the coming months too. Let us run you through some of the changes:

Index Page & Navigation

The new index page focuses on the latest and greatest creations from our Featured Artists and lets our regular visitors find exactly what they need quickly. For Subscribers, the Featured Items area now shows more content with larger previews with a handy thumbnail of the latest 8 featured creations as well as the current most popular subscriber downloads.

Page navigation at the top of every page has been carefully designed for quick page loading, a clutter free clean menu system and to allow you to switch sections of the site with as few clicks as possible. Some sections of the site have been reorganised, such as moving Tutorials into our Sims Wiki.

Today Only

This cool new feature replaces the free days we used to give away with Kudos. Every day a new Set or creation is plucked from the subscriber only section of the site and offered for free! You can see which amazing creations are to be set free in the coming days too, so be sure to check back regularly to build up your own collection of premium content if you are not a Subscriber. Remember, if you just can't wait, you can unlock the entire database with one of our Subscription models.


As we have removed the old Kudos feature from the site we have introduced a new and exciting way to encourage our members to actively take part in our community. Awards will be given to members who engage in lots of different activities on the site, which will be proudly displayed on the new Profile Page. These range from submitting, downloading, posting in Guestbooks and Comments and many, many more. The feature is still being developed at the moment so a placeholder is shown on the profile pages. This will roll out in the coming months.


Subscribers are our power users and this new feature is designed specifically for them. While browsing our enormous databases of downloadable content, simply clicking the preview image of the item you are interested in pops up in a clean lighbox with all the info you need about the creation, its creator, more images, included items and those all important download and basket buttons so that you can grab content in 2 quick clicks without even leaving the browse pages.


The Profile Pages are fully featured and include things that were previously earned through Kudos, giving everyone the same feature-rich 'home' on TSR. Showcase your creativity and get great feedback from our community of dedicated Sims players that make up our ever growing 'family'.

Feedback and bugs

There may still be some errors for some of you, even though we have tested this site for quite some time including the public BETA. A requirement that comes with TSR v8 is that you need a modern browser. We will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 and below - you will need to upgrade to version 8 or above (9 is recommended). Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox we recommend the latest versions, although most versions will work fine.

If and when you encounter errors and bugs, please report them by sending in a support ticket. Our team will then create a ticket in our task management system to ensure it will be taken care of. For general feedback and discussion (and bugs if you prefer) we have a temporary forum dedicated to the Version 8 bugs/feedback which you can find here.

If you have serious issues at any time using the new site, or if you want to use up your old Kudos, the old version can be reached for a limited time at

Enjoy the new site!

Artist news

Today we have a new artist update for you all. Many inactive artists have been removed to make place for fresh talents. Did you miss Newsea's hairstyles? We have found a perfect replacement with the same style and high quality! Together with Cazy and Ulker they will provide you with all hairstyles you can possibly want on a regular basis.

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Skysims
- Buffsumm

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Illiana (welcome back!)
- SimSylvia40
- dorienski
- Visiona
- Rirann
- Flovv
- bukovka

Sims 2 Select Artists:

- micha89
- Lolahh16

Check out their old and new creations and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Cloud move completed

The last pieces of TSR is now successfully moved into our new state of the art cloud facility at Amazon. You should notice by now how much faster the site is in every way. This means we are now doing the final touches to version 8 of TSR, a huge facelift that will further improve your experience here. We hope to have a public beta available within the next few weeks.

*updated* Artist news

We are happy to announce the next round of artists here at TSR. Please welcome the following great talents to our teams:

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Pyszny16
- Lulu265
- MaddenPro

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Easthaven
- Trustime
- Brown Sims
- Jindann
- mrsimulator
- The Jockey
- beo2010

Sims 2 Select Artist:

- txprincessshan

Check out their recent and upcoming creations and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Forum Restructuring

Today a lot of work has been done on restructuring our forums. The change to Invision was a bumpy one but is now complete, including all attachments. Many bugs affecting member login have been fixed and all seems to be stable now.

Work has therefore begun on restructuring the forums and removing or merging many old sections to try and make the whole thing easier to navigate. The 'OT and Chit Chat' forum has been removed. We have a chat room, and social networking has come a long way since we started that forum so it’s a bit redundant now. The game help sections have been moved into their game specific forums so that if you are a Sims 3 player you should find everything now under one roof. Mac threads have been merged into General Discussion in all game sections but with shiny new Mac 'Prefixes' on those threads, something you will start to see more of as we continue to develop the forums.

If you consider yourself a power user, don't forget that you can change the skin of the forums from the TSR design to the IP.Board design by changing the theme with the link in the bottom left corner. This also provides a search feature which is still missing from the TSR design.

Further changes will be made over the coming days as we slowly move content out of forums we wish to retire, while maintaining the wealth of knowledge and information these old forums contain. TSR's forums are the oldest existing Sims forums online with history going back 12 years to before The Sims was released!

More details will be posted as we add new features to the forums over the coming weeks. Visit the TSR Forums.

Happy New Year!

It has been a year full of fantastic custom content, the birth of many new talents in our ever evolving community as well as unforseen surprises such as the Pets patch and the following custom content dilemma. A couple of developments worth mentioning:

- We have seen our Facebook page grow from a couple of thousand fans to closing in on 60 000 as the year ends, and growing quickly much thanks to our daily lotteries and many great updates. 

- We have established a new support and submission team that has greatly improved our customer relationships and also made sure all submitted custom content works as expected, much thanks to extensive testing.

- We have begun moving the entire site into the cloud, a move that will be completed by the end of January 2012 and greatly improve site speed and uptime (2011 has been a shaky year!).

- We have moved the entire forum to a hosted solution on a new and modern platform. The forum is also prepared for the release of TSR v8 with a new modern style and the new header and footer.

- The submission pages have been transferred into the cloud and updated to suit the upcoming release of TSR v8 with a new style throughout and the new header and footer.

- We made a big change to our download archives, setting 87 000 Sims 2 files free and over 11 000 Sims 3 files free.

- We now host over 800 000 downloads for Sims 1, Sims 2 and Sims 3. A big majority of those files are free for everyone to download!

- The Pets expansion came out and ruined a lot of custom content. Thankfully our skilled programmers released a tool called Rigfix that helped many thousands of our users fix their downloads.

This is just a summary of noticeable happenings throughout the year. The biggest change is yet to come really soon in the coming year, namely the full release of TSR v8. We have been working diligently behind the scenes redesigning every portion of the site and introducing many modern elements into the site functionality.

Also coming back next year is our large collaborative themes, this time taken to a new level. Our first theme will be an entirely new world complete with custom content, stories, scenery, movies and tales to draw you right in and give you an opportunity to experience it all yourself thanks to extensive installation instructions.

And as usual we will continue to expand our artist teams and introduce new talents to the world of custom content. We have many great artists who are blooming under the supervision and guidance from our fantastic Featured Artist team in our popular Skype discussion groups.

We look forward to another successful year with you and wish you all a Happy New Year!


A Christmas Toast!

Here is our official Christmas Toast video created by Minraed and Gissence, with custom content from our amazing artists and a speach by yours truly :) Go to to watch the video. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

We wish evereyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We have an exciting year ahead and you have probably already seen a glimpse of it with the newly redesigned submission system. Version 8 of TSR is just around the corner and we can't wait to unveil it to you all :)

In the meantime, enjoy all downloads we will provide throughout your holidays!

Ho Ho Ho!

Ooops! Looks like we did it again! Our Christmas spirit is high and we continue with our massive giveaways. Today we have set no less then 11,000 Sims 3 downloads free, both new and old content from all our artists. You'll find everything from hair by Newsea to sets from all our object and clothing artists as well as lots from our well known builders. Take a dive into our massive archives and get yourself an early christmas gift from us here at TSR!

Change to our downloads pages

As we move towards more free content we have also changed the way our downloads pages work for non-subscribers. In order to download a creation you will need to visit the details page and download from there. Only subscribers are able to download from the browse pages from now on. This is also in preparation for our upcoming version 8 release of The Sims Resource which works the same way.

Christmas comes early!

Ti's the season of giving and here at TSR we are in the mood for sharing something with all our Sims fans! To celebrate this christmas season we have set no less then 65% of all our Sims 2 subscriber content free. That's a total of 87,000 files! You will find great free content from all our well known superstars such as Windkeeper, Murano, Cashcraft, Cyclonesue, Ulker, Liana, Shakeshaft, Xandher, Shino&kcr, Angela, Mutske, Sims2sisters, AnoeskaB and many more!

Take a look in our huge Sims 2 downloads database and enjoy the free downloads. This change is permanent, so tell all your sims 2 loving friends all about it as well!

We have more surprises coming up in December so stay tuned!

TSR welcomes Cazy

It is with great pleasure we welcome our new resident hair artist, none other then the well known Cazy. Cazy and our sweet Ulker will provide you with all hairstyles you desire. Check out the first release from Cazy here and be sure to keep an eye out for many more to come!

Artist news

It's been quite some time, but we are happy to announce a slew of new artists!

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- fredbrenny
- lillka

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Severinka_
- Minicart
- Punisa
- Demented_Designs
- Canelline
- DarkNighTt
- Philo
- Screaming_Mustard

Sims 2 Select Artists:

- Djeranotjuh
- Maximalistka
- Sinful_aussie

Welcome them all in their guestbooks and check out their recent and upcoming creations!

Forums return on Invision!

OK, so it took about 3 months longer than it should have, but we are making progress! The TSR forums have now completed the merge from our own hosted vBulletin forums which were very old and out of date and running on our own hardware. The content has been merged into a hosted solution with Invision Powerboard, a different forum platform that many of you will no doubt already be familiar with. This will allow us to reduce our costs in the long term and remove some of the technical load on our team now that our staff numbers have reduced.

So what's new? Well, at the time of writing this, not much, but I'm working on it! You should now be able to visit the new forums from the links at the top of the site (under Community), or if not, they are here. I am in the process of clearing out some of the old, unused forums, reorganizing the ones we are keeping and setting up user groups to give you all access to the same content that you had before. This will take a few days, so don’t panic just yet if you were a higher access level than you are right now (Artists for example), I'll get to it.

We also plan to turn on some of the bells and whistles that you aren't used to from our old forums, like Topic Rating and Reputation Points, Member Ranks etc. Some people love them, some people hate them. Me? I haven't decided yet! The Live Chat will also be enabled and will replace our old, cranky IRC server.

One thing you will immediately notice is that the forums have been styled around the new, upcoming version of TSR (Version 8), with its large, bold header and footer and new navigation. Right now we are aware of some design issues around the forum and header/footer including some broken links, missing ads, images vertical instead of horizontal... but it's being worked on... honest! It's easier to start working towards Version 8 than reusing the old v7 code.

I have lots to do to polish the forums (replacing old Smilies and adding some new ones for example), and some of the layout will likely change (forum listing) but as you are all eager to get back in, we are opening the forums for you now. Have fun with them, and feel free to post your feedback and experiences here, or call in to the Live Chat and say 'ahoy hoy'.

One important note: Your old PM's have not been copied over, so if you have anything important you want to pull from there you need to visit our old forums here. They will remain online until we switch the server off in a couple of weeks.

Lastly, attachments (uploaded files) have just started converting to our cloud host. These were part of the delay as we had planned to remove the facility due to the quantity and file of attachments we have built up over 11 years. You, our community, were quite vocal about keeping them, so we looked at alternate methods of hosting. With tens of thousands of files totalling some 20 Gb they are copying over at the rate of 10 per cycle. It's going to take some time, but attachments will be turning up slowly. In the meantime it will mean missing file links. Again, anything critical, grab it now from the old forums.

Visit the new forums now!


Changes for Sims 2 downloads

As some of you might have noticed there is a problem with our sims2packs at the moment, they can no longer be installed. This is due to a bug in the program we used to create the sims2pack before they got uploaded to the cloud.

As a result we have disabled the option to download as sims2pack for the time being, if you are used to download in that format you have to get used to download as zip until we have sorted it out, instructions for that can be found here:

We have also decided it is time to retire the old download wizard (used for Sims 2) as we are no longer able to maintain it and fix bugs.

For those of you that are affected by this we are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.


All our downloads updated

We've now finished patching our Sims 3 downloads to ensure they're fully Pets-compatible. This means, from this moment on, your game must be FULLY PATCHED and up to date in order for our downloads to work in your game. It took us longer than expected due to the sheer volume of content, but thanks for bearing with us.

You've probably already noticed the growing list of "Updates" to your past downloads. You will only need to redownload the automated fixes (labelled "pets fix" in the update reason) if you did not fix your game content with our RigFix tool. If you've already fixed your own content, there is now a "Dismiss All Pet Fixes" button so you can remove the automatic update notifications and be left with updates made manually by creators.

There is unfortunately some content we have not been able to fix automatically. This mainly affects beds and bathtubs. If you experience problems with these, please contact the creator direct or use the REPORT button.

Finally, now that our content is patched, we will no longer be accepting any creations made with earlier Workshop versions than 2.0.28. If you haven't done so already, please download the latest Workshop from our Workshop page.


Notice to all submitters

Due to the problems introduced wiht the Pets patch we will in a very near future no longer be able to accept submissions of items created with TSR Workshop below version 2.0.28. We are converting everything that has been submitted so far and will do so for some time still but we want to put all of this to rest at some point :)

If you have items created with an older version of TSR Workshop that you want to submit after we have stopped accepting those you can run "Rig fixer" on it, after that you will be able to submit it.


TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer

Latest Status: TSR RigFix has been updated to handle memory errors and reported issues
                           Batch conversion of downloads on TSR has not yet started!
                           Workshop updated (update from existing tool, download page will be updated soon)

TSR staff have been working hard to fix the problems caused by the Pets EP and the 1.26 game patch (1.27 for Mac) released by EA. To enable Pets animations, EA have changed the way many objects work. Without boring you with the technical details the result was that most CC fails to work in the game after applying the patch or Pets EP.

Workshop is now fixed and exports objects which work with Pets and the patch. We will run a batch process to fix all of our existing content "server side" which we hope to start on Friday. While this process is running we may suspend Sims 3 downloads so that users don't get a mix of patched and unpatched files. This process will take an estimated 10 hours.

The new tool, TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer (TSR RigFix) is now tested, documented and ready for you to use to fix your Sims 3 Custom Content after installing Pets or patching the game. Go to the Fix Your Game page to get the tool and follow the simple instructions. By including step by step screenshots we seem to have made the process look more complicated than it really is but this should make even the most nervous PC users feel comfortable fixing their content. That said, be sure to back your game files up and use this tool carefuly (and at your own risk).

Unfortunately this tool will not work for Mac users. Fixed sims3packs can be downloaded from the site and these will work on your Mac. You could also copy your Sims3pack files to a PC and fix them all in one batch to drop back onto your Mac, so there are ways to fix your game, but not as quick and easy I'm afraid.

We will try and offer as much support as we can for this tool to our users via the Support System here at the site. Please be aware though, we might get lots of requests and reports about a common bug so generic answers and fixes might mean that you don't get a personal reply. Please check back for updates if you have problems.

Recent changes

We have now transferred all Sims 3 downloads over to the cloud and you should notice a big performance increase. If you are a subscriber and receive errors stating that content is subscriber-only, please close ALL your open browser windows, then log back into TSR. This will enable you to download again.

If you experience any problems, please log a support ticket. Our staff are ready to assist you.

This is the first step of many as we roll out our planned redesign of TSR and performance increases overall.

*update 2* Our first step into the cloud is complete!

*update 2* All Sims 3 downloads are now in the cloud and you will notice MUCH faster loading times for those pages as well. Sims 2 is underway and will be launched soon. Enjoy!

*update* Due to an unforseen bug we need to postpone this rollout a few days - downloads will resume as they were until then. We will update you when we have solved the problems.

In an effort to make TSR better we have made some pretty significant changes under the hood. We are hard at work on the next version of TSR and part of that involves moving our entire site infrastructure, database and file serving into the cloud. We decided that the downloads should be moved into the cloud also for v7 and starting today you will notice much faster download speeds and loading times on the download pages.

In the process we had to get rid of some download options:

  • We have removed the .tsr download option for sets as it was no longer fully working.
  • The option to download single item sims3pack as Zip files has been removed.

All sims3pack files are transfered in compressed form so there is no gain in keeping them in Zip archives. Sets are still downloaded as Zip archives however.

If you have any problems with our new cloud-based downloading, don't hesitate to contact our support desk.

We hope you enjoy our changes and there are lots more to come!

Artist news

We have made room for new artists by retiring a handful of inactive Featured and Select Artists from our teams. It is with great pleasure we welcome the following additions:

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- ILikeMusic640
- murfeel

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- dhylaciouz
- fantasticSims
- Echoehver
- Simphomaniac
- MissDaydreams

Sims 2 Featured Artist:

- Screaming Mustard

Sims 2 Select Artists:

- allison731
- gioiella
- lientebollemeis

If you would like to become a Featured or Select Artist yourself, simply start submitting and we will notice you.


New massive clothing tutorial

Our very own and very gifted clothing artist ekinege has created a new clothing tutorial for all aspiring fashionistas out there. The tutorial comes in PDF format and can be downloaded from here:

This is a must read for any aspiring clothing artist out there!

Recent incident with LemonLeaf

It was brought to our attention several days ago that one of our Featured Artists was accused of using textures from another well known artist in the Sims community, namely LemonLeaf. As we always do when accusations of theft are sent our way we initiated an investigation which at that time did not provide enough evidence for us to take a stand and take any action.

We have however taken this seriously, as we always do when it comes to intellectual property rights, and with the assistance of LemonLeaf and other experienced makeup artists among our team, we have now concluded a second investigation and decided to remove 12 files that are too similar to the original work created by LemonLeaf.

We thank everyone for their support and guidance on this matter and we apologize sincerely to LemonLeaf for not being able to confirm this sooner.

Artist news

It's that time of year again. We've done some housecleaning among inactive artsits and are happy to welcome the following artists to our teams:

Sims 3 Featured Artist

- Elut

Sims 3 Select Artists

- Degera
- Koposov
- chemy
- Serpentrogue
- luvnyyjeter
- jun24
- enchanting58
- zhaana
- -April-
- annflower1
- Buffsumm
- Lulu265

Sims 2 Featured Artist

- killercsaj

Sims 2 Select Artist

- stefatje

Check out their many great creations and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Forums Move *Updated*


Due to missing a critical window the forum move has been delayed by a week or so. We will update again when we restart the work.

Today we start work on the forum move which we have been working on for some weeks. The initial announcement was made on July 16th and stated that we would be removing and losing all the forum attachments. Due to member concerns we have reviewed that situation and will take on additional expense to maintain attachment hosting on our new forums, thanks to the new host also taking on extra work to enable us to do that via CDN (Content Delivery Network).

This extra work has been the cause of the delay, otherwise the move would have been complete a couple of weeks ago.
During the move, these vBulletin forums are now effectively in a “read only” state. This will allow us to copy the content from these forums without data changing, or being lost after the copy.

The merger will have some benefits like the very latest in forum software, integrated login from TSR and a few extra bangs and whistles to what you are used to with vBulletin, which we have allowed to run somewhat out of date I’m afraid.

Once the merger is complete we are going to have a spring clean with the forums, merging and deleting some of the older, irrelevant forums and creating what will hopefully be a much easier, cleaner way of navigating the forums. Once we are happy that things are working and stable we will open up the forums in their new home which will hopefully be during this coming weekend.
Fingers crossed, and we hope to see you on the very latest Invision forums soon!

Updated submission requirements

Please take a moment to read through the updated submission requirements. Especially the new image sizes and Sim requirements. You can find them all listed here:

Support and Submissions update

Our new team is now in place and up to speed on things, which we are sure many of you have noticed by now. You can expect much faster and smoother handling of support tickets, both site and submission related, from now on. We hope you will enjoy this development and the positive changes it brings along. Well done Cyclonesue, Riccinumbers, AnoeskaB, Murano, Fredbrenny and Angela!

TSR Wiki Town Life Update

The TSR Wiki has been updated to include a page of the Town Life objects. As part of the extensive Object Catalogue for The Sims 3 and all the Expansion and Stuff Packs, this page gives you the statistical details of the 41 new objects that ship with this latest EP. See the TSR Wiki Page for details.

Artist news

It's time for a new sleeve of artists to join our teams and a handful of inactive artists to leave us. Please welcome the following:

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Bluella
- D3VV

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Ellemieke
- Ray_Sims
- MaddenPro
- apple0990
- tolina
- melisa_inci

Sims 2 Select Artists:

- killercsaj
- millyana
- Dasha0510
- CHocoLlate
- Weeky
- Zodapop

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