Times Change...Even In Farmville: Part 11
Published Jul 2, 2008

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Welcome to part eleven of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I say at the beginning of every part, please take the time to read the previous parts before this one if you haven't already done so or I'll...I'll gah I've ran out of threats but you're scared of me anyway right? Yeah...

Hi, it's Chris again. You're still following what's happening? I'm surprised but hey, I guess that's a good thing! In the last part, Arch and I had a minor falling out (if you could call it that) after Adriana tried to come on to me! Of course it didn't take long to see who was in the wrong, with Javier's help of course! It certainly made the remaining days of the holiday more awkward but we had a good time anyway!

Welcome to part eleven of "Times Change...Even In Farmville". As I say at the beginning of every part, please take the time to read the previous parts before this one if you haven't already done so or I'll...I'll gah I've ran out of threats but you're scared of me anyway right? Yeah...

Hi, it's Chris again. You're still following what's happening? I'm surprised but hey, I guess that's a good thing! In the last part, Arch and I had a minor falling out (if you could call it that) after Adriana tried to come on to me! Of course it didn't take long to see who was in the wrong, with Javier's help of course! It certainly made the remaining days of the holiday more awkward but we had a good time anyway!
"Chris! It's time to get up now. It's two in the afternoon! Chris!"

I could hear a familiar voice repeating my name and as much as I tried to ignore it, it's source showed no signs of giving up. I wanted to sleep but I knew I wasn't going to get the chance.
"Ah good you're finally up!" Mum smiled, sitting herself down on Brad's bed, which she had just finished making.
"Yeah...flight must have tired me out!" I replied, gazing round at the familiar but blurry surroundings as I stretched and yawned.
"You went straight to bed as soon as soon you got back!" She replied, wiping her forehead.
"Yeah...I can't even remember getting back. You look more tired than I am though!" I told her, watching her catch her breath.
"It's been the same for weeks. I'm going to put both your dad and I on a diet. I've put on five pounds since you left! it's not good enough, we're not doing enough excersise."
"Why does day have to..." I began to ask.
"He just does"

I laughed to myself.I was glad to hear Mum's moaning.... For now anyway.
After a quick shower, I got dressed and decided to make myself something to eat. I found Mum in the kitchen cleaning. If anything could be said about going on holiday, it made you appreciate home even more! "Where's Brad?" I asked her as she turned around.
"He's with his boss. Apparently they're going out to see the house today to make sure he likes it. He said we could visit later in the week or something. I wasn't really listening." She sniffed.
"What day?" I asked.
"Tuesday afternoon, he'll pick us up and drive us back."

So much for not listening! I thought to myself.
"I never expected to lose you both so quickly or so soon." She sighed. "Bigger and better things though!"
"We'll still visit..." I said, trying to cheer her up.
"I know but it'll be different. We always knew you weren't cut out for this place but Brad was meant to stay and run things. Your dad's still upset about it but he'd never let on."
"He'll be in and out of the village all the time though..." I said, feeling guilt rising in my stomach.
"I know...look at me getting you worried. Just make sure you do well and who knows, you might meet a decent girl there!"
"Yeah...I'm going to phone Gill to see how everyone's recovering from the holiday.."
"Gill.... you missed your chance there, your friend is a lucky boy!"
"Yeah I guess... anyway, I've better phone her.
As I went to pick up the phone, it started ringing on it's own. Managing not to drop the phone by surprise, I asked who was calling. "Don't sound so shocked, Chris! Someone out to murder you or something?" Came the familiar voice.
"Hi Arch! Sorry, I was just about to phone Gill." I replied.
"Way to make me feel wanted!" He joked.
"Still recovering from the flight?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm just up. Mum couldn't hold Paige off any longer. Nice to know I'm popular! Coast's clear if you want to come round."
"Your dad's not in?"
"Football match. With any luck they'll kidnap him and make him mascot or something! Come round any time you like."
"Need time to get ready?" I asked.
"You've seen me looking worse than this!" He laughed.
"Great, I'll be round in a few minutes. I guess I should talk to you about something anyway."
"Ah, I can imagine. I'll see you in a few then!"

I'll call Gill later, I thought to myself.
When I arrived at Arch's, I was greeted with a hug from a rather enthusiastic Lousia, resulting in a face-full of red hair. "How was the holiday?" She beamed. "Arch hasn't said much about it, was it that bad?"
"Um... nothing really happened", I lied, "it was nice to get a break from this place though."
"I'll bet it was! It's very quiet around here."
"Yeah", I agreed, "We...."

At that a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me through the doorway.
I soon found out who the owner of the hand was once the surprise had worn off and we were moving towards Arch's room. "Sorry about that!" He smiled, looking slightly stressed.
"It's okay... I guess. I didn't realise you were that desparate to see me. I hope we didn't offend..."
"We didn't, trust me. She's not herself lately."
"Is something up?" I asked.
"Yeah, want to sit down?" He suggested, nodding to the daybed.

At that moment, I knew my question about telling my parents had went out the window.
I looked at Arch's face as he seemed to struggle to find the right words. Eventually they seemed to find him instead.

"My parents are splitting up." He blurted out.
"Oh... I'm sorry?" I murmered, not knowing quite what to say.
"Over me. I guess I should be happy but I'm far from it." He replied, his voice starting to shake.
"It's not your..." I started.
"I know, I can't help how I was born," he rolled his eyes, "heard it so many times!"
"But you can't."
"Try telling my sister that. She thinks I should have kept my big mouth shut. She's probably right."
"She's only twelve." I said, trying to make him see sense.
"Exactly! And this will be the second time she'll have to move because of me!" He snapped, his eyes growing red.
"Move? Where?"
"Oh just somewhere smaller on the outskirts of the village. Mum can't afford this place on her own. She'll go to the same school and everything but I still feel like crap because of it."
"You'll still be going to college right?" I asked, suddenly realising he might not be able to afford it.
"Yeah, Dad's still paying to get rid of me. One good thing he's done."
"Come on", I said, putting my arm around him. "It'll all work out."
"I guess..." He sighed, smiling properly for the first time since I arrived at his house.
"Hey!" I added, pulling him tighter. "By the time we're at college we'll probably both have messed up families!"
"Make me feel bad!" He laughed. "That's two families I've screwed up!"
"Don't say that, if it wasn't for you, I'd probably still be waiting for the 'right girl'!"
"Implying something?" He grinned, biting my ear.
I left Arch's before his Dad got back to rain scowling doom upon his family, making sure to get one last hug out of him.

"You know you can phone any time right?" I told him.
"Yeah. I should be okay though." He smiled.
When I returned, I found my parents and Brad in deep discussion, Brad was frowning and Mum's face looked as if she had been crying. Brad wouldn't have said anything, he promised he wouldn't...then again he seemed to think I had been leaving it too late. Maybe he thought it was for the best. Was it? "Oh, Chris..we didn't expect you. We've heard the news." Mum said, smiling weakly.

At least she didn't seem angry. It was now or ever I guessed.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't even know it was possible until I met Arch and it all just happened and it made sense because you kept going on about 'the right girl' andI wasn't interested and now I know why and...." I was talking a hundred miles an hour until Brad stopped me in my tracks.
"Chris, Susan's pregnant."
"Oh...okay. I'll be in my..."
"No you won't Chris. What the hell are you on about? What's this boy got you doing now?" Dad growled.
"I....I..he's not got me doing anything! I want to do it, I'm.....well I'm gay, I've said it now.
"I knew he was trouble the minute he set foot in here!" Mum cried, her face redder than before.
"You're what!?" Dad shouted.
"You heard me." I sighed.
"What? Is being normal not enough for you?" Dad asked, standing up to face me.
"It's not about that...." I muttered, looking away from him.
"It's all about that!" He shouted. "You seem to think you're due bigger and better things than the rest of us!"
"No I...."
"Well it's not bigger or better. You're nothing but a stain on the family if you decided to choose"
"It's not Chris! It's that boy he's been hanging around with!" Mum shouted from the sofa.
"It's nothing to do with Arch! He just helped me work it out for myself. This is me, like it or not!" I yelled, feeling my face grow hot with anger.
"If that's how it's going to be then I guess you're not our son anymore." Dad said stiffly, straightening his back.
That one particular comment seemed to hit Brad pretty hard, causing him to practically leap across the coffee table at Dad. Shaking, I turned away as he began to argue with Dad for possibly the first time in his life. I had ruined what was possibly one of the happiest days in his life and he still defended me.

"You can't just get rid of him when you feel like it!" He snapped. "There's nothing wrong with him!"
"Haven't you just heard him?" Dad said, half-laughing at Brad. "He might be after you next."
"Oh don't be so stupid! It suits me better for a start. He's not a different person, he just knows what he likes now. You should be happy for him."
"Happy that own son likes doing...that? You really are thick!"
"I might be thick but I think you beat me at it." He shouted back. "Look at him. He hasn't changed."
"So why has he been arguing with us and lying so much lately?"
"Oh I don't know. Nerves? Fear that you'd turn on him like you did?"

"Don't accuse me of turning on anyone! I'm in the right here." He snapped back.
"How not? One of my sons is doing something completely unnatural, you expect me to accept it?"
"Yeah because it's not unnatural, it just happens sometimes."
"Oh don't tell me you are as well" Dad said mockingly.
"You know fine I'm not but he is and he's as much your son as I am. End of."
"Once he goes to college, he won't set foot over this door until he's normal again."
"I was never your idea of normal!" I shouted from the other side of the room.
"You were fine until..."
"No! I wasn't. I just didn't know."
He made his way over to me and, look on his face aside, I took this as my last chance to talk him round.

"Dad, I'm still the same person I was, I just..." He cut me off.
"Once you go to college, that's it! We're finished with you."
"How can you just get rid of me?"
"Look what you've reduced your own mother to", he said, looking over at mum with her head in her hands.
"I know this isn't my fault, I was..."
"Yeah we know, born this way. Pull the other one. I want to look at you as little as possible between now and when you leave. Are we clear on that?"
I lay on my bed for hours, listening to Brad fight my corner as it grew dark outside. I felt both relieved that it was finally out but also sick at the thought of never being welcome in the place I had called home for my entire life up until that moment ever again.

The argument seemed to come to a head and then turn quiet very suddenly. I braced myself as I heard footsteps coming towards the door.
I let out a sigh of relief as Brad entered the room. I smiled at him and he made an attempt at a smile back but just looked exhausted.

"Sorry for ruining your moment." I said, remembering what he had actually been telling my parents.
"Don't worry about it. You really thought I would tell them?"
"I don't know, I.."
"Don't worry about it." He smiled, hugging me tightly. "I'm there no matter what happens."
"I know."
"So did they come round at all?" I smiled hopefully.
"Not really. I just managed to persuade them to let you stay until college starts." He shrugged.
"Hey! Don't look so worried, you've got a whole new start at college, they'll come round eventually" He smiled, seeing my change in expression.
"What makes you so sure?" I sighed.
"Okay I'll tell the truth, I'm not but you can't just sit and wait for them, you've got other things to do."
"You're right. I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Well I do have some uses!"
"If you say so!" I laughed.
"I'm still stronger than you for a start!" After telling my parents, I spent as little time in the house as possible. Any time I did spend there, I could guarantee, I'd be sitting in one room while they were in another whispering(although not quietly enough) to each other about what could have went wrong, how Arch was to blame for it all or anything else that came into their heads. When I was in a good enough mood, it amused me slightly but most of the time, I just felt like an outsider and alone in my own home. It just so happened it was one of those days when the constant sniping through the wall got to me so without another thought, I headed over to Gill's. I found Gill lazing under the tree in her garden looking more than bored. I shouted her and headed towards her as she stood up, squinting at me in the sun. "Chris!" She shouted, practically swinging from my neck.
"Uh..nice to see you too!" I laughed.
"Sorry!" She grinned, regaining her balance. "It just seems like ages. What's been happening?"
"You really want to know?" I grimaced.
"Well yeah of cour...what's happened?" She said, seeing my facial expression.
"Nothing much, parents just hate me," I sighed.
"Oh, they found out then..."she said quietly.
"Come on inside and we'll talk about it, I'm turning the same colour as my hair out here anyway!" She smiled.
" I just blurted it out and screwed up Brad's news." I told her.
"Wow, great time to tell them." She replied.
"Hey, you're meant to be being all sympathetic and stuff!" I mocked offense.
"Sorry! I know but god...nice timing!"
"Still," she continued, "it could be worse. Look at Arch's parents.
"True. Hopefully they'll come round. My parents *and* his dad."

Gill turned around and saw her mother enter the room from the kitchen.
"Sorry for barging in on you both but I couldn't help but overhear about your parents." She said.
"Oh..." I replied, "it's alright, early yet I guess."
"That's true, there's time yet," She said, sitting down, "you know you're welcome around here any time, love."
"Thanks, I appreciate it." I replied.
After spending the morning with Gill, I decided it was time to head back home. I was sent off with yet another choke-hug and felt ten times better than I did when I arrived. The rest of the day was spent in my room making mental lists of what I'd need for college and occasionally daring to imagine what life would be like living with my two best friends. Strangely enough, the continuous whispering through the wall might as well have been non-existant. I had other things to think about. Better things. The day before college had arrived at long last and since I would be sleeping over at Arch's that night, we decided to make a day of it and head into Bluewater, one of the neighbouring towns to get some much needed time alone together. I made the effort to wear the clothes Arch picked out for me on our first shopping trip to prevent my usual clothes from burning his eyes.

"I think these would look good on you!" He smiled enthusiastically, holding up a pair of skinny jeans that would make most men cry.
"Just no. I'm not really for preventing bloodflow in that general area and I don't think you would be either." I grinned, giving him a knowing look.
"Well If you put it that way...."
When we left the shop, Arch decided to let me in on a little 'surprise' had had in store for me.

"I know you'll probably moan but I've booked you in to have your hair done before college!" He told me, waving his hands about.
"Really? Um..why?" I asked.
"Well you know I love you for who you are but I just felt that it would... you know help you take your mind off of things and cheer you up a bit..and make you look even better."
"I guess..."
"Well come on, your appointment's in half an hour!"
When we arrived at the salon, Arch introduced me to his stylist, Tamzin and before I knew it, I was being led to one of the chairs. I couldn't help but wonder what I was letting myself in for.

"First we'll need to work out what kind of style you'd like." She smiled. This caught Arch's attention and he was over by our side as if by magic, offering ideas.
As soon as Tamzin started cutting, I knew I wouldn't see the quiff for a long time. "You look great! Don't worry about it!" Arch smiled as I examined my new hairstyle in his bedroom mirror.
"I guess it'll just take a bit of getting used to." I agreed.
"Who knew you had that much hair in that nest of gel!" He laughed.
"Still, I think she's managed to make you look even hotter!" He grinned, pulling me close to him.
"Glad you approve" I smiled back.
"I think we can safely say you've left Farmville already."
We were pretty much left to our own devices apart from the occasional(frequent) visit from Paige coming in to say how much she'd miss Arch when he was away. I smiled to myself, glad that they had obviously patched things up yet realised how much I'd miss Brad and worse, my parents, although I wasn't ready to admit that one for now. Dinner was quiet as well with Arch's dad absent. I felt slightly guilty as if it hadn't been for me, maybe he would have been around a bit longer. Arch obviously still felt guilty on his part because he still blamed himself for splitting his family up. Paige however was simply in a mood because she didn't get to go to college! The tense feelings at dinner seemed to vanish as soon as we were back up in Arch's room.

"Last day of freedom!" He smiled broadly, taking hold of my hands.
"Or the first." I smiled back.*

*HFO's note: Hey I had to put a vomit-inducing line in somewhere!
As Arch slept happily, I couldn't quite bring myself to do the same. My mind was racing. Soon I'd be in a new place with new people and best of all, I'd be there with two of the most important people in my life. When I eventually did drop off to sleep, I had the same smile on my face.

---End of part 11---

Omg I'm still alive! Can you believe it? Sorry for the huge wait. I've been flitting from place to place and from relationship disaster to relationship disaster(believe me, I'm all set to do my own version, "Times Change: HFO Moves On To Girls Because Men Are Too Confusing"...anyhoooo). I even considered giving up Chris and Arch but nope, they're back and I've stabbed my writer's block and I'm happier for it! Sorry again and thank you so much for still following the story! HFOxx

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#29PhatnoteJul 3, 2008

I'm so glad that you could write again, especially with these two crazy boys.

I've found that the best thing to do when things get tough and confusing in real life is to get back to my writing. Non-sim that is, since I just started sim writing on Saturday. haha

Anyway, I hope things look up for you, keep smiling. Great chapter!!

#30simboy161Jul 3, 2008

Well this certainly makes up for that WAIT\:eek\: jkjk I suppose Chris's parents had to find out sometime, I didn't expect them to react like that! Can't wait for the next one\:rah\: xx

#31lordeverglotJul 4, 2008

Hey,Great story!!!! Finaly,i was waiting fo mileniums LOL

p.s. what you wanted to say, when you sad : Times Change: HFO Moves On To Girls Because Men Are Too Confusing" ?

#32seelindarunJul 5, 2008

So much conflict in this one, but a nice segue into the college years! I didn't know if you were going to continue with this series past Chris' departure for uni, but I'm thrilled that you are! \:wub\: Ugh, and yes indeed, men are infuriating! \:mad\:

#33lab9132003Jul 5, 2008

Nice part can't wait for the next\:rah\:

#34jennnnnie02Jul 7, 2008

\:D i love these stories. hopefully chris' family chills out about it because they should just be happy that he's happy, like brad is. great stories, you definetly shouldn't give up! \:rah\:

#35josh1092Jul 11, 2008

AMAZING chapter! Wow, Chris's parents hate him for being gay? And I can't believe Arch's dad! That's really not fair. I hope they get to college soon so they can be away from them....or will the tables turn? I can't wait to see more! =]

#36S.CainsJul 27, 2008

Arch's mum is the best sticking with him even though it meant the breakdown of her marriage. But kids are more important. \:D College life is going to be great for them a lot more freedom to explore. Although, I think Chris may have some problems with staying faithful. There are a lot of boys in college \;\) Great update - i don't mind that it took so long \:D

#37joker52455VIPJul 31, 2008

this story was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! there aren't words for how good it was and I truly mean it. I took some time to read (due to procrastination), but I read ALL the parts (so don't eat my babies) and it was definitely an extraordinary story that no one should pass up \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#38newbie.t.Aug 2, 2008

NO!! Bad parents! Actually, I love that it's not like the Waltons, so much more realistic! I love this story! Even though it's been over six months, it's amazing how easily you slip back into the characters. Love it! \:D

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