Fam. Galdos (Legacy Fam. Gen 3.5-4)
Published Jul 12, 2008

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So, we left the Galdos family at Betina's wedding with that guy from Twikki. His name is... urgh... I forgot. Time out.

Hey! "Me?" Yes, you. What's your name?

"Tristan" Oh, thanks. That's their bedroom. I had a glitch on the lot, and had to take them from it >:(. And, as sea shore was a real headache, they always kept combing for seashells, getting sunburn or building sandcastles, I moved them to a normal lot.

So, we left the Galdos family at Betina's wedding with that guy from Twikki. His name is... urgh... I forgot. Time out.

Hey! "Me?" Yes, you. What's your name?

"Tristan" Oh, thanks. That's their bedroom. I had a glitch on the lot, and had to take them from it >:(. And, as sea shore was a real headache, they always kept combing for seashells, getting sunburn or building sandcastles, I moved them to a normal lot.
So this is their new home. Really big. I wonder why I'm never able to make a normal sized house, and even if I build a huge house, the family has still lots of simoleons (believe it or not, they have $148,537, after furnishing, buying new clothes, etc.)... This is the attic. I wanted a place to put all career rewards and other stuff. It gave me an idea. As it's really this big, this is the C generation and it's a Literary Legacy, this family kids will have names from Flowers in the Attic. I don't like the series, but the names fit... only because of the attic's size. So, those are the rooms. Left, top: parents room. Left, bottom, grandparents. Middle: some kind of a gym. The other room in the middle is a bathroom. Next to the gym, the kids' bathroom. Next to the other bathroom, a nursery. Right, top: boys room. Right, bottom: girls room. Main floor... study room (red one) and kitchen, with the dining room. And a "laundry-decorative" room. And that's the garage and the living room. As you can see, our beloved founder, her daughter and granddaughter all have their paintings here. I'm going to make Genaro paint a new poirtrait of Betina, though. I forgot to give her the "family" locket. I wonder, what's Betina waiting for here in the front yard? Anyway, let's see what everyone else was doing yesterday, I want to understand... Amanda's, as always, talking to the trees. Not a wise idea in a thunderstorm, I think... Ah, now I get it. That's why Betina was waiting on the porch.

They decided to adopt a baby, as they wanted to help a child.
Meet Paulette. A kid rescued from the Tremble nook, after a terrible life of neglect, happy to find a new family who will look after her. Hanna Tremble, her mother, gave her a terrible life, as she was too similar to her father, a man who left her after falling in love with Gloria, one of Betina's cousins, who has a mixed up life, and is well known for stealing garden gnomes in front of their owners with no repentance at all. There she is, learning to walk with her new mommy. Who had to stop the teaching progress to discover she was pregnant. When?! I didn't hear the "pregnancy bells"! And you hadn't any morning sickness >:(. Would it kill you to tell me that, so I can be prepared?

"Anyway, you were prepared. The nursery is all furnished, isn't it?"

I know, but I wanted to choose still >:(...
Happy Paulette has learned to walk.

"Tu know, twas easist to crawl."

You can't crawl your whole life, kid.

OHHHH! I hadn't seen your mom's nose like that before! Oh, no! I hope your brothers and sisters don't get either nose! :S.
Genaro is writing a novel. I don't know why, but he and Nela no longer stand each other. Well, whatever *sigh*... He'd rather write novels and paint masterpieces than be with his wife.

And she'd rather do tai chi than being with him...
This is something really strange! Tristan's studying. He's really lazy, and I want him to achieve a promotion (so he gets on top of the slacker career and gets his LTW fulfilled, I'm not really in for Romance sims getting their wishes granted, most of them are what I, personally, consider dishonest), so I'm forcing him to study all that's possible. I'm glad that, even though he's a Romance sim he has a LTW of being on top of the Slacker Career. Paulette's off to play with her new toys. She's learned everything she needed to learn as a toddler. Potty trained and taught to walk by Betina, and Tristan (amazing enough!) taught her to talk. She loves her fater. Schmendrick's scratching his condo. Reaching his old age >:)... But still one of the sweetest cats I've ever had. Molly's ignoring every single person around her. Get off that counter, cat!!!!!!

"Meow. I won't. It's MY counter, it's MY home, it's MY family, I OWN them all..." Grr... Got my eye on you, cat. Good thing you're getting old >:(...
Artemisa, Molly's little kitten (she had three: Poseidon, Hera and Artemisa, all but Artemisa were given up for adoption), is resting in a pet bed too big for her. So... what's left for poor Betina to do? She's maxed all her skills, got a golden fishing and gardening badge... and I don't think it wise to make her try to get another golden badge during her pregnancy. I have a hack installed that will make her lose her baby if she's too careless... it's better to just be in bed, you can read.

"I've read all the books you gave me!"

Here are some more. Read The Cosmic Thrilogy, it's good.

"I've read Narnia. That's enough from Lewis.Can't I have something different?"

Not even close, young lady! Go on, I'll give you The Screwtape Letters later. After you finish those four books, I'll let you read something by someone else. Mmm... would you like to read Pride and Prejudice?

"NO! I want to go fishing!"

You get tired too soon. Go ahead, open your books.
Ok, after a long time reading and having naps, I decided to let her go and stop her werewolf problem. I'm tired of having to deal with a werewolf night after night.

I wonder if it's for use during pregnancy, though...
And cooking won't do any harm as well... It's a nice idea, fill your family's fridge with leftovers :).

"And I won't be stuck with books anymore. My eyes are tired, you know?"

They don't get tired. You're a "pixel made woman". They don't get tired. But go on, do something different, while everyone else is occupied elsewhere.
Oh-oh... so that lycanthropic thing wasn't really for use during a pregnancy, huh? Ok, we won't use it again :S... Or it's just time for her to give birth? :S I hope so. It was. Close one! I thought I had overworked her at the kitchen!

Welcome, baby Chris. Looks like baby Cory is on his way as well... *sigh* we've got twin boys. I'm tired of twins :'(. And I hoped they would be girls... :'(... Anyway. Let's hope you get pregnant soon enough. We need an heiress! That's a handicap I don't regret I chose... matriarchy.
Nice... Time for Paulette to grow up. In a platinum mood :D. There she is, a little changed. New outfit (she had a dragon one... come on!)

"I DID like it!!!!! Why can't I get my lovely green dragon outfit back?"

Because you may like it, but I don't, at least not for a everyday outfit. You can make yourself a costume party on your birthday and wear it then.

"OK :). You promise?"

Cross my heart, kiddo.
Angry ghost?! Hey, Nela, come on! You can't stop being angry?! What is that you don't like? Most of your children are married (well, some are even dead...). Amanda's married (twice)! She's got *counts* 5 grandkids, there's another on the way! You got 15 grandkids! Your grandkid's married and it's going on an outing with her husband...

"That's it!"

Going out? It's going out a problem?!

"YES! You never took me and Santos out!"

Ehem... Santos and me.

"You?! What do you had to do there? I am the one who should have been out with MY husband!!"

Oh, forget it. *rolls eyes*
"So, here we are. I think you'll like the place I picked..."

Er... [i]I[/i] picked it out. It's nice, and tranquil. It's my favorite downtown restaurant.

Tristan to me: Hush! I want her to admire me.

But I don't. So, who do you think you're hushing up? Ducks will shoot to guns now? (that's a Mexican saying, I'm sorry: "ahora los patos les tiran a las escopetas?") I AM THE ONE WHO CAN HUSH YOU UP, not you!

"I'm sure I'll like it, Tristan. Don't worry. I know you didn't picked it, but I do admire you :)."
"I'm glad we had these babies, you know..."

Really? I thought you were the one who complained every night when they cried...

Weren't you the one who said that Betina needed to lose some weight now? And that the babies didn't let you sleep? And that...

Tristan: please! I really do like them, I just like complaining.

I know. I just like picking on you >:).
"Well, then, let's have another one!"

*Inner Tristan* (ARE YOU KIDDING?!)

Me: Repeat after me, Tristan:
I think "I think"
it is "it is"
a great idea. "A great idea *sigh*"

Now smile. Come on, a big smile...

Tristan to me (grinning broadly): I hate you.

I know, sweetie :).

[Note: I'm getting tired of trying to figure out how to put Tristan or someone else's dialogues while they're also talking to someone else. So, I'll use the Spanish form to make a dialogue in a story when they're talking to me while someone else's talking to them. Example:

"Bla, bla bla"
- Bla bla bla (HERE they're talking to me)]
"Let's get our picture taken! :D"
"Convince me."
"Will this do?"

Well, you know, this counts as a dream date :).

I'm glad I picked you up, Tristan, she really does love you and you love her. You won't ever be cheating on her will you?

- I don't think so... at least now I don't think so.
There! I told you it'd be updated. Now she does wears the locket, though it doesn't show now... it's too far away from here :$ Results of a little extra time while taking those romantic pictures. Ok, let's see if our heiress arrives now! :D Oh, my... Study time turned into going time... :(. I'm glad he did get to teach Paulette to study. Now she'll remember him for something.

"Time's up, mr. Galdos!"
"Are you sure, mr. Grim Reaper? You might have mixed up someone else's time... Please... I want to meet my new grandkid!"
"You will, as a ghost. Come on, let's go, there's a great time waiting for you!"
"Ok, then :)"
Study time, dead time, birthday time. It's ironic, but it all came at the same time. So, mom and grandma are taking the task? It looks it's becoming a tradition, regarding babies turning into toddlers... *rolls eyes...*

I'll make sure it disappears some time soon! You mark my words! Beware, family Galdos!
There's Chris on mom's arms. In desperate need of a new outfit and new hair cut. And there's Cory, with granny. In equal needs. Improved Cory. Improved Chris.

They both have a weird kind of look. They didn't inherited the legacy eyes *groans*

Anyway, I'm glad Barbara didn't get to be the heiress: she passed the brown eyes to all her kids. There was no real chance of them getting the legacy eyes. I hope the new baby gets them!!!! I just hope Bathilda doesn't pass the eyes. If she does, I'll end up hiting myself against the desk for a while, really angry not to have chosen her.
"Come on, Cory, just say it once! It's not hard, look: Mom-my"
"Come on, look at your little brother! He's already saying 'tweddy bwear'!"
*sigh* "Well, at least you're saying something..."

The kid has a strong character, huh?
"Let's try walking instead, ok?"
"TRAFDKJFEWI" (translation: "that's more funny! :D")

It might be just need of finding out what he needs.
OH NO!!!!!!!!!! Nose, nose, nose!!!! ARGH!!!

No fair... *sigh*

Anyway... I wonder what are those cats doing.
Your baby brother knows very well how to use his time. There he is, improving his charisma skills. "*Hiss!*"

Hey! What do you have against your daughter, Molly?! Artemisa didn't do any wrong to you!

"Meow, she's young and pretty, and I'm no longer young. *Hiss!*"

"I don't wanna study anymore! I wanna go swimming in the pool!"

Max the creativity skill and then we'll talk about it, sweetie. I want to send you to college as soon as possible, and you need to have lots of scholarships. Besides, that bookshelf that comes as a reward with the Education Career makes you learn faster.
There! Back to your reading work. "BUT I DON'T WANT TO!"

I didn't ask you, did I?

"I'd rather go to work. I wanna be a nice Education Minister..."

You are a Minister. You've achieved your LTW. BUT you are pregnant and have a maternity leave. Now, go back to your book.

Go on, it won't be that hard, you'll end up enjoying it.

"Wanna bet?"

OK, maybe you won't enjoy it.
"Well, this does look nice..."

Told you you'd enjoy it.

"Don't celebrate, yet."
"Everyone!!!! I have an A+!!!! I'm on top of the class :D!"

Congrats, Paulette :). You did make a great effort. No irony here :).
"Oh, my! I look SO fat!!!"

No, you don't. You look sweet.

Come on, only one day more to go. Then you'll be able to hold your baby and go back to work.

"I have a feeling they might be twins, you know?"

You had cheesecake AGAIN?! How come I didn't notice? Oh, yes, there it is. In the kitchen counter. Oh, no... Well, you'd better pass on the legacy eyes, or you'll have problems with me!
"There, sweetie. I might not be around for your birthday, but I wanted to give you this. I think you'll like it when you're older"

"Really, grandma?! What is it?"

"Open it on your birthday, you'll see you'll like it"
"Er, if you're done with the early birthday gifts, could you come here and help me?! This baby's coming!!!"

Don't worry. You'll be fine, you and your babies... *sigh* No more pregnancies, no more cheesecake.
There's baby Cathy. She's got brown eyes. Out of the question as heiress. *Sigh* Baby Carrie has the family eyes!!!!! I hope she passes them on. There's an heiress.

Ok, as generation four has been borned at long last, I'll stop here. I'm tired and this has been way too long.

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yeah im the first to comment and that was a great story!! keep it up.\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

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Nice story, thanks for sharing! \:\)

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okay lame story buitt,,,
lovee the picss..\:mad\: aka

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that was a good story love ur pics\:D

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nice story \:rah\:

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