Fam. Galdos (Gen 4 --> College)
Published Aug 3, 2008

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I know this is really bad, but I'm sorry. I'll try to make it better on the next part. To be honest, I lost interest in writing it, so, I began just to make a lame thing ust to fulfill the handicap. When I read someone really liked it, I decided to try harder and write a better thing. This was already writen, I'm sorry, but I promise the next parts will be different. Please, I'd appreciate suggestions, and ideas of what's a good simstory, if you leave something... really, I'd be soooo thankful!!!!

(little reminder: that's baby Carrie and the one Tristan's holding is baby Cathy)

I know this is really bad, but I'm sorry. I'll try to make it better on the next part. To be honest, I lost interest in writing it, so, I began just to make a lame thing ust to fulfill the handicap. When I read someone really liked it, I decided to try harder and write a better thing. This was already writen, I'm sorry, but I promise the next parts will be different. Please, I'd appreciate suggestions, and ideas of what's a good simstory, if you leave something... really, I'd be soooo thankful!!!!

(little reminder: that's baby Carrie and the one Tristan's holding is baby Cathy)

After the baby twins were born, somehow Amanda lost her mind.

"I used to be a math professor, you know?"


"I don't know you. Why are you calling me grandma?"

"Because she's your grandkid, I'm your daughter, and you weren't a math teacher. You were a Minister, mother."

"Was I?! Oh, well... perhaps I'll remember once I try your fish... er... what's your name?"

Chris and Cory know how to entertain themselves. They spend most of their days here, at the activity table.

They're really good friends.
Because their daddy spends all the time at his computer... writing so called novels. And their big sister and grandma are always at the attic, playing together. Somehow it helps Amanda remember something. I'm beggining to think it's selective amnesia...

And Betina is always away... working... or talking to the trees... *sigh* family tradition, as always...
UH... Bye, bye, Molly... :D. I won't hear your bragging any more, cat! Hope you find a nice place to rest in the garden. NO!!! *Sniff* Well, it had to be. Good bye, Schmendrick! You were one of the sweetest cats ever. Twins birthday time... And I'll make sure this generation breaks that family "mom-grandma help" tradition... Happy birthday, Cathy! And happy birthday, Carrie!! That's Cathy as a toddler. She's a saggitarious, with beautiful light brown hair and *grr...* brown eyes. Our little heiress, Carrie, with beautiful dark brown hair and *sigh* her father's nose. Well, I couldn't have it all... Time to grow up as well, kiddos!

That's Chris.
And that's Cory. They both need some new clothes. Thank goodness the armoire is full. Anyway, it's time to let them do whatever they want to do for a while. Uh?! o.O?

"Betina, I must say something, I don't have much time left. Good bye, dear Betina. My dear daughter, I'm glad I got to meet your children. And I'm glad you got married. You know, Tristan's a good man. But I'd advice you to keep an eye open, it's in his nature to slip sometimes... as a romance sim."
"Mom! How many times have we talked about this? You're not that old, you may live still up to 10 years from now!"

*Evil laugh, followed by cold voice behind* "Wanna bet?"
"You guessed right, Mrs. Galdos. Time's up, pack your bags. You're meeting with your first and second husband right now."

"NO!!!!" yelled Betina.

"With both of them?! Oh-oh... guess I'll have some explanations to make..."

"Well, that's up to you, not to me. Last thing I heard it was "until death do us part", so I don't know if explanations are needed... Come on, off you go."


"No excuses."
So... rest in peace, Amanda. Between your two beloved husbands.

You were a great Libra, with 7 grandkids. Lived up to 80 simdays. Terribly fond of dancing and music, though it was not discovered until her last day (died a wednesday, installed free time on tuesday). Hope you don't have problems with Jorge and Genaro... >:) (joking...)
What a clever child! Good first word, sweetie.

"Bravo! That's my girl!"
Tristan! Do you really think it wise to teach your baby to walk near the stairs!?

- Hey, hush now. She won't fall over the stairs, she's unkillable right now. I could even teach her over the roof and it'd be ok!

Hey, look: I chose you, but I can still chose someone else for this work if you don't do it properly! Or even let your wife do the job on her own!

- Yeah, sure. What are you going to do? Feed me to the cow plant? We don't even own one yet!

Just you wait, [Tristan Galdos], just you wait. You'll be sorry, but your tears will be too late... *singing*
*Inner Tristan: She must have forgotten. Anyway, I think it wasn't a nice thing to do...*

I have not. I said "just you wait." It's not the time yet. You'll be sorry, believe me. I won't forget, anyway.

Right now, go on, purchase that toy shop you were planning to buy.

Don't the twins look sweet, working side by side? I love the paintings they make.

- What?! How did you know I wanted to buy the new toy shop?!

Duh! It's me, remember?
Ah! There she is. There's someone I wanted to introduce since a long time... Do you remember the one who... well, made Paulette's father abandon her mom, Hanna Tremble? There she is. This is Gloria de la Fuente, Betina's cousin. She's an expert in making everyone's life a mess... She's made Landgraab's marriage to pend by a trend, as she is the mother of Landgraab's first girl. Landgraab's poor wife doesn't have a moment of peace. And she's stolen our garden gnomes at least 10 times!!!! >:(! I'm beggining to consider feeding her to that cow plant... Hey! When did you grow up! I thought I still had time to plan a party for you!

"Nah, I don't want a party with dragons and fairies. I'm way too old. And I need to move, by the way. I can hardly wait to get to college!"

Really? :) You're a knowledge sim? :D?

"NO! I want to go to college to find all the lovers I can!"

Yep. Sad truth, for me. She rolled number 3. Romance sim. With a secondary aspiration of... Knowledge. Well, I think that will balance things a little.
Birthday time... again. Happy birthday, Cathy. What about you, Carrie? Do you want to grow up now, just like your sister? (That's the nice way to say, it's birthday time, girl, move on!)

AUTOMESSAGE: Hi, you're talking to Carrie Galdos! Currently, I'm on the zone. Sorry, I can't hear or obbey you. Please, leave a message after the tone and perhaps I will catch up later. *beep!*

My, my... Isn't that nice... *clears throat* CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Carrie jumps*

"Yeth? What happeneth?"

You were in the zone. Now, grow up!
"Yupi!!! I'm grown up now!"

You're a child, Carrie.

"That was what I meant! No more diappers, no more milk bottles, no more pureed apples!"

Say hello to school, grades, school uniforms, homework, badge-building time and... skill-building time.

"Oh-oh... Can I be a toddler again?"

Not likely...
- Hey! That's what you meant by uniforms?

Shh! It's rude to whisper in front of someone else.

- But...

Hush! Yes, that's what I meant.

"You know, our children are not only particularlly brilliant, they're also really outgoing. They have lots of best friends forever."
"That's good. We look for outgoing kids who also have great brains, mrs. Galdos."

"Well, they do have a particular sparkle of geniality. Some of them have already maxed some skills. Carrie, here, she's maxed all the toddler skills."

"The Mechanical skill included?!"

"Yes, sir."

Oh, I'm sooo proud of Carrie! There's just one little little teensy weensy detail to be ignored between her eyes and her mouth... but what's a nose compared to the rest of her? :)
"We expect your children this monday at 9.00 AM sharp, mrs. Galdos. I think they'll have a good chance. We don't accept every child, only brilliant cases, and I think your kids are those cases."

Inner Betina: Yahoo!!!!

"Thank you, mr. principal. I'm sure they won't disappoint you."
Really good. Go on, build that golden badge, as it's tradition for every heiress. And, as you're on it, build your interest in Nature. That's your predestined hobby. Go on!

"Alright, alright! Hey, just breath! Things are not that hectic... yet!"
First visit ever! I was missing the penguin, it's a great thing he finally decided to pay a visit :). We'll leave him a fish around, so he can eat it. The kids are really hardworkers: they're always making something to get more skills... Cathy just loves to study in the attic. Chris loves to work out punching the bag. And Cory is quite taken with tai chi. I must confess I hate tai chi. They are always wanting to perform tai chi and it's a headache. Betina still loves gardening. The gardener is a bad one, so she has to do it on her own, though he helps once in a while... Hey, wait a minute! Where are you!? Or more likely... Who are you with?!

"You won't tell my wife, will you?"

Oh, no, you must be kidding...
Isn't she the reporter who gave you the prize of the year?!

Not only cheating, but also with a reporter. Tristan, I'm warning you! I hope mrs. Crumplebottom's around here!

You're taking advantage that your wife is absorted with her garden!

- Yeah, I am.

Second warning, Tristan...
More teens... See what I told you? There's Gloria. WHo invited her? NO ONE! Yet she's there. Happy birthday, Chris. And happy birthday, Cory!

Now guys go and get a new look. It's time for a...
...Family Picture! Yuhoo! That's what I call a needed picture. I kind of like it... I'll kidnap the picture and put it on the custom paintings folder... What are you guys doing?!

"Sneaking out."

"Wanna come with us?"

Of course not. I have things to do here. And you do too!

"Hey, relax! We're teens, let us have some fun before college!"

OK, alright, go on. Who are you sneaking out with?

"Godo" "Lara"

To Cory: Landgraab's daughter? To Chris: That girl that used to be your bestfriend?

"Yap" "Yap"

Ok, then. :) Enjoy your night out, kids.


"Er... you know, mom noticed you went out last night. She's angry."


"Well, it's just that..." started Carrie, trying to concentrate in the sunrise.
"Hi, Cory! Heard about your sneaking out last night! Not very nice to get scholarships, if you get busted!"

"What?! How do you know I'm Cory and how do you know I sneaked out?!"

Carrie sighed.

"That's what I wanted to tell you, brother. Mom made dad call everyone in town and made a fun column about you guys on the newspaper. You know, she's a minister. Everyone listens to her and they want her help. So... well, now you know."
What are you doing, Betina?

"The girls birthday's near. I'm getting them some videogames as a present."

Are you still making fun of your kids?

"Not anymore. It was enough to see their faces the other day" *bursts out laughing*
Promoted kid = extra scholarship. Good job. Now move out, could you? Thanks :). Off to college you go. A sim less. Bye, Chris! Won't be seeing you soon! Phone down.

- Won't.

Still hardheaded... Ok. What are you gonna do?

- Gloria's birthday.

Are you taking her out?

- Yes. I want to propose to her to go steady with me.

Oh, nice... She's a nice kid, and she's the heir to the Landgraab state, you know?

- She's not owned, yet. And I don't care about her fortune.

She will get it. Trust me ;).
"Here, Glo! Happy Birthday!"

"Hey, how sweet! Thanks!"

That's Landgraab's daughter. They make a beautiful couple... Even though he has terrible genes, his daughter is not terrible, her face is actually kind of sweet.
They celebrated her birthday downtown, in a bowling place, had some hamburgers, made fun of each other and enjoyed the afternoon. Cory even dared to start a food fight. Which she loved. Cory was her bestfriend ever since they were both kids and she had a lot of fun with him (and a crush). And then, he decided to speak out. And, after some pretty sweet words nearly all men know will secure them a "yes!", he was listed no more as "single" on his profile. Despite that, he kept finding time for his job (I want that scholarship too!), and making friends with the cat that would be the father of the next generation of cats. Scholarship granted! Congrats, kid! Now, off to college. Goodbye, male cat. Goodbye, Cory!

You leave great pictures, great memories and your cat left our cat expecting kittens. Thank you :)!

Where are you going this time?!

"Downtown. Buying new clothes."

The armoires are full. Don't think I'm stupid!

I knew it...

Nice place to buy some clothes...
That's not a place to buy clothes!

"Well... I'll go into the store, later! I promise!"
Bravo! Good one, mrs. Crumplebottom!

I hope this gets worse, Tristan.

"Come on... it's not that bad. How bad could it get, anyway? It was just that old lady... that's all you've got, sim goddess?"
How about this?

Say hello to Barbara, your sister in law! :)

She doesn't seem to be too happy, hon...
No, definitely not happy at all. You looked for that yourself, you know?

"Shut up. Ouch, this hurts! Can I get something so it won't hurt anymore?"

No, you can't. Ok, I'm glad you won't be hearing this.


*turns on mental blurriness* Third call, you got the main prize: a trip to the other sim world. All expenses payed and no return ticket.
Don't try to pretend nothing happened! We both know it DID happened, you cheater!

- But I love her. It was just a slip.

Ehem... two slips, actually. You won this yourself. Besides, I'm collecting ghosts, it's the only way I can get this one... I'm sorry. Start yelling. You got that perk on your bussiness. Go on, go on.

- Can't I get a second chance?

Already had it. Go on!
Little Cathy's no longer a kid... she's a grown up teen. A knowledge teen (no surprise), desiring to move out to college as soon as possible. And Carrie rolled popularity... She's going to college soon too, but I wanted them to be old enough, so it's not so traumatic when their father passes away. Though Cathy is more interested in summoning aliens, as you can see... She'll get that scholarship and then she'll move out to college. But first... She'll attend to a funeral. Phew, it took a little longer than I expected. But he's gone, after yelling a looong time... Now I've got that ghost... :D "That wasn't nice, you know?"

Come on...

"Look: you killed me with those scissors. You've killed him with the motivation perk. What's next?!"

Er... I don't know... elevator? Flies? Fire? YOu pick :).

"What about a normal death?"

Oh, ok. Your daughter will die of old age, I promise.


You said the next one. She'll be the next sim going away.
Though she's desperate now...

I've send the twins to college and she's a widow. Poor Betina. But that's simlife. Sometimes nice... sometimes hard. She happened to find some flowers too... dedicated to Tristan. That has something to do with the pain. As if it weren't enough...


What I said it's true. I'm working on a better plot and better writing. Next part is already writen and will appear to have nothing to do, but it's important, and has to do with the improvement. And the 7th part will be the college years of the girls.

If any of you could give me some help telling me how to modify family ties via SimPE, I'd be really thankful! :D It's hard for me to know which is which (which to modify so I don't make the mother her daughter or the other way around).

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#1tiffanydenise69Aug 4, 2008

i really realy liked this story it was funny i loved the joke you made about carrie's nose both sets of twins grew up gorgeous im glad tristan's gone he was such a sleaze god job cant wait for the next part\:D

#2trinepatriakAug 4, 2008

Hi! great story! \:rah\:

#3Sxylady_1978Aug 7, 2008

good story \:rah\:

#4Lear01639Sep 9, 2008

i think Ok + Awesome

#5qasertSep 13, 2008


#6martoeleDec 5, 2009

I think that I will never be writing a legacy. You've got your hands full with it.

#7stefman99Jan 2, 2010


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