When Your Friend Lives Too Far Away (2)
Published Aug 22, 2008

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Hi again. Welcome to Part 1 of my story. If you haven't read the intro, I suggest you read it now because you may get a little confused with things.
I give credit to all the CC creators for their beautiful content =)

Hi again. Welcome to Part 1 of my story. If you haven't read the intro, I suggest you read it now because you may get a little confused with things.
I give credit to all the CC creators for their beautiful content =)
It was just a normal day, I was lazing around on the couch watching TV, texting my friends and waiting for James to get off the computer so I could speak to Georgina on it. The phone rang, I took no note of it. It was probably for Mum.
"Nekeisha," Mum called out, "it's for you."
"Who is it?" I called back.
"Don't know," she said, "I think it's a boy."
I walked to my room and picked up the phone.
"Hello?" I said curiously. What boy would be ringing me?
"Hi," the familiar voice said, "It's Kane."
"Oh, hey," I said, "What's up?"
"I was wondering if Shekira was around," Kane said, "She hasn't called me for days!"
"Really?" I said, it sounded really unlike Shekira. She's obsessed with Kane and every conversation she starts begins with something about Kane. She always calls him, too. "That's odd."
"Yeah, I know." Kane said. "Has something happened to her or something?"
"Yeah, well, she hasn't been over to my place for about a week. Maybe she's gone out somewhere?"
"No," Kane said, "she would've told me."
"Hmm," I said, feeling suddenly suspicious and worried at the same time about Shekira, "I don't know. We'll see her at school tomorrow."
"I don't know," Kane said, "Oh, and I have something to tell you. Something I've been keeping from you for years."
I was silent for a few seconds. What on Earth would've Kane been keeping from me? "What do you mean?" I asked. That sounded so dumb.
"You'll find out," he said quickly, "Anyway I've got to go, bye!"
"Bye." I said with a smile and hung up the phone. I started to think less of Shekira's whereabouts and more of what Kane's secret was.
I lay on my bed and thought silently about both Kane and Shekira, as well as a little bit of Jacob. Where could Shekira be? What happened to her? What is Kane's secret? Has Shekira moved away? Does Jacob really like me?
Then I snapped out of thinking about possibilities for those questions. What use was wondering what Kane's secret is when I'm going to find out tomorrow? Maybe he's going to answer all my questions about Jacob and maybe he'll find out about Shekira. But then I moved onto another subject, how in the world did Kane get my number?
When my family sat at the table and ate our lunch, I was feeling so curious about Jacob that I decided now was the time to ask both my parent's opinions on how to tell if a guy likes you.
"Mum, Dad," I said, "I have a question."
"Fire ahead." Dad replied.
"Go on then." Mum added.
"Ok, well there's this really cute guy at school and I was wondering if you could tell me like... a few ways to tell if a boy likes you and how can you get him to like you."
"Woo! Nekeisha loves someone!" James said.
"Well it depends on the boy," Mum said, "If he's shy, get him to open up to you."
"Be yourself," Dad added, "That's all you need to do."
"I know, but what are some other things I can do?" I asked anxiously.
"Laugh and smile, boys love happy girls, and be confident." Dad said.
"Ok." I said as I gobbled up my hamburger and ran off. "Thanks. That lunch was yummy."
That night before bed I went on the computer to speak to Georgina. I hadn't spoken to her for the whole day.
Quiche: OMG GINA!
Quiche: Wot up?
George: I ish in luff <3
Quiche: =O Omg wif hoo?
George: Joor... mum x]
Quiche: =OO She luffs joo tooh ^^
George: xD Nars. I luffs... Amfiny <3
Quiche: ^^ Dat is... hawt. x]
George: Aw pizzle. I gawt tooh goes x[
Quiche: Aw. Joor a pizzle mizzle Dx
George: Bay xoxo I luffs joo
Quiche: HATE JOO.
I laughed to myself and signed off and went to bed. I was getting tired anyway
I was woken up early that morning from an SMS from an unknown number. I made my bed and decided to read the message. It might be from Shekira.
hi wat u up 2 girl lol wake up! skwl time! lol bye xx
I had no idea who it was, but I decided to give a friendly reply anyway. It was probably one of my friends who just got a new number or something. Or maybe it could've been a wrong number.
hey! lolz kk c u there hehe bibi xx
I decided to gussy myself up for school after I had my shower. I wanted to look for Jacob and just in case I meet any good looking boys (better looking than Jacob, that is). As I was doing so, I couldn't help but wonder who the mysterious SMSing person was. I'll have to ask around at school today to find out who it was. When I arrived at school, there was no sign of Shekira. Michelle wasn't at her table, but I swore I saw her walking around. She often comes to class late.
I looked over at Kane and smiled. "Looks like Shekira's not going to turn up today." I said, then wiped my smile off my face with sympathy. He used to hate it when Shekira was away.
"Yeah," he called across the room. "She's as bad as Jody!"
Jody is Kane's cousin who was in our class 2 years ago and she only went to school at least once a week and she never used to do any work when she did.
I laughed. "I reckon!" I joked. I was surprised Kane was making a joke out of Shekira not being at school.
I sat in my chair for a while, and there was still no sign of Shekira or Michelle. Mr Tellerman was about to mark them off as absent.
"Ivy," I said, "Do you know anything about Shekira or Michelle's absence?"
"I think Michelle said that she's going to Perth or something," Ivy said as she tried to remember, "I think she said Shekira's going with her."
"That's odd," I said, "Shekira didn't tell Kane or me about it. I doubt that sort of thing would be a 'last minute' thing."
"Well," Ivy said, "you know what their family is like. They're always making last minute decisions."
I nodded and looked towards Mr Tellerman. I felt a bit awkward, like someone was watching me. I looked around the room and I saw Meadow scowling at me with hatred for some reason and I saw Jacob staring at me, he looked away pretty quickly too.
Just as Mr Tellerman was about to ask if anyone had seen Michelle this morning, she walked through the door.
"Michelle," he said as if he had been expecting her the whole time, "Do you have a reason for being late?"
"Yeah, Dad went to Shekira's house to pick her up, but she wasn't there, then he went to the shop and bought some milk." Michelle said casually. I noticed Kane's eyes light up when Michelle mentioned Shekira, then they dimmed down a bit when she said she wasn't home.
"Do you have any idea of why Shekira might be away?" Mr Tellerman asked, aiming the question at me and Michelle.
"No," I said, "I have no idea at all."
"Nope." Michelle said.
Mr Tellerman stood up at the front. "Now class," he said with a smile, "We are about to go out for fitness. Did everyone remember to bring their bathers?"
"Yes!" The class chorused.
"Good," he said, "Now, everyone, we're going to make our way to the pool, calmly, like a proper year 8 and year 9 class should. Clear?"
"Clear!" Kane and Jacob called out.
"Let's go." Mr Tellerman said.
After we had all changed, we lined up along the edge of the pool. It was getting pretty dark for some reason, and it was really cold, but Mr Tellerman still made us do swimming. We had to line up in 'girl, boy' order, but since we only have 2 boys in this class we had to go in 'girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl' order.
I was checking out how hot Kane looked without a top on. Then I realised what I was doing! I was checking out my best friend's boyfriend! I felt so guilty but he's just so good looking! Then I looked away and looked at Jacob. Now that's what I want to see.
"Stop staring at me like that," Jacob said sounding serious, but I knew he was only joking. "I know I'm hard to resist, but please, you're giving me the creeps!"
Me, Ivy and Michelle laughed while I could tell Ashlea and Meadow were jealous of the attention I was getting.
"Oh, Kane!" Meadow suddenly yelled out. "You, like, touched my butt!"
"What?" Kane said back surprised. "I didn't touch you! Why would I want to?!"
Me and Michelle cracked up laughing while Meadow put on a fake cry. I knew she just wanted some attention, I was checking out how hot Kane looked and I didn't see him touch her butt. Kane held his hand up to his mouth and he had one hand on his stomach, acting like he was about to spew.
"He really held my butt and I don't know why!" Meadow cried in distress to Mr Tellerman, who didn't believe a word she said.
"And pigs fly." Mr Tellerman said sarcastically.
Just as we were about to start the lesson, I heard footsteps behind me.
"Aah!" Mr Tellerman said, sounding happy. "Shekira, you're just in time."
A smile crept upon my face. I was happy to see my best friend at school; I had so much to tell her about what happened on the weekend and in the morning when she wasn't here.
"Hi everyone." Shekira said with a big smile on her face and with a lot of confidence. I could tell something had changed about her, but I wasn't sure what.
"Shekira, could you please change into your swimmers? We're about to have swimming." Mr Tellerman said politely.
"Sure!" Shekira said as she ran towards the changing rooms.
Once Shekira had got dressed, we all had to line up, dive into the water and race against the person in the line next to us. We didn't line up very well, but we knew who went when and against who.
First it was Kane's turn to race against Meadow, which is very odd because Kane is probably the most skilled swimmer and Meadow is probably to worst.
Meadow and Kane raced as Shekira and Ashlea got ready to race against each other.
"Go Kane!!" Shekira called out happily.
"Go Meadow!" Ashlea called out.
"Go Kane and Meadow!" Shekira called out again. I was shocked. I thought Shekira hated Meadow with a passion because she thought she was trying to steal Kane away. Now I was suspicious of what had happened to the old Shekira.
Ashlea and Shekira readied up as Kane and Meadow swam towards the side. I was surprised to see that Meadow came shortly after Kane in the race, she's usually really slow.
I waited for Ashlea and Shekira to go so I could ready up against Jacob. I wanted to look good in front of him so he would realise how smart and pretty I am and take me to his castle far, far away in the middle of the most beautiful city.
I really need to snap out of these daydreams...
I smiled at Jacob as we stood on the diving board. "Good luck," I said happily.
"You too." He said kindly and smiled even more than me.
I blushed lightly. "Bet you can't catch me!" I said and dived in as fast as I could.
After swimming Kane came up to me, unexpectedly, and whispered something in my ear.
"I have 2 things to tell you," he whispered, "One thing I have wanted to tell you for so long and another I don't haven't had the guts to tell you until now."
"Ok." I said.
"Well the first thing is that Jacob --" Kane whispered as Jacob crept up to him and coughed as if to say 'Hello, I'm here. What are you saying about me?'
Kane suddenly stopped and looked up at Jacob with a smile that said, 'I'm sorry, I didn't tell her anything!'
"Um..." I said. "Ok..."
Our next class was maths, which had a lot more people in it. I was in the same class as Meadow, Ashlea, Shekira, Kane, Ivy, Jacob and Michelle. Since it was a new year, there were a lot of people I didn't know. I sat next to a girl named Angela; Ashlea sat next to Shekira before I could get there.
As soon as I sat down, Angela started talking about something.
"You're that Nekeisha girl, right?" She asked, using a lot of animations with her hands, as if I was deaf.
"Yeah," I said as I nodded. "Why?"
"I've heard HEAPS about you!" Angela said, really expressing her point.
"Ok," I said, "Cool. What sort of stuff have you heard about me?"
"Like... your two timing business with Kane and Jacob... and all that other stuff." She said.
I made a weird 'what-do-you-mean' look at Angela. "Huh?" I asked.
"Oh..." She said, "Maybe it's just a silly rumour. Well, everyone knows about it."
"I would never go out with Kane," I said, "and Jacob would never even look at me like that."
"You know what?" Angela said as if she was about to change the subject.
"What?" I asked.
"I heard Kane Chaker is cheating on Shekira Colby with Meadow Thayer." She said with wide eyes.
"Really?" I said, acting as though I believed it.
"Yeah! Even ask Meadow!" She said with a huge smile.
"That's not true," I said, "Kane hates Meadow."
"Oh," Angela said, "Well, that's what Meadow said. I think Meadow really is a liar."
I coughed, trying to hold in my burst of laughter because of Angela's naiveness and dumbness. "She is," I said, "She really, really is."
As Angela was blabbering on about all the rumours she had heard in her life (including the ones from kindergarten), Kane got up to get something and Meadow jumped out of her chair.
"Wait!" She yelled to Kane.
"What?" He asked.
She suddenly grabbed his hand and tried to do something with it to make it look like they were a couple. Kane, with his quick reaction, suddenly pulled his hand away before she could touch it and made a surprised and embarrassed face.
"Babe!" Meadow yelled, making sure the whole class heard.
"What is wrong with you Meadow!" Kane yelled at her. "I thought I told you..."
He suddenly stopped, probably realising Shekira was in the room and whatever he said to Meadow, Shekira would've heard.
"Oh my God!" Shekira shrieked. "You keep off my boyfriend!"
Shekira leapt out of her chair and yelled at Meadow. "Don't you have enough boyfriends? Do you need someone to make out with? Does your whole life revolve around being like that? I hope you grow up to be a fat slob and never have any boyfriends!" She screamed, making sure Meadow's 3 boyfriends in the room could hear.
Meadow was slapped 6 times across the face and then Shekira stomped on her foot. All the girls in the room applauded in Shekira's honor, as they had dreamt of doing the same.
Then they started throwing paper and pencils at Meadow. One pencil nearly went down her throat and another almost poked her in the eye.
After everyone had nearly settled down, a girl called Sally got up out of her chair and shoved Meadow.
"Keep of my boyfriend as well!" Sally yelled at Meadow. This caused a lot of confusion in the room. I was beginning to think Kane was as bad as Meadow, but only in a boy version.
Meadow ran out of the classroom in tears and, me being an affectionate person, I walked out after her.
"What's the matter?" I asked caringly.
"Everyone hates me!" Meadow cried. "I don't know what I did wrong!"
I decided not to roll my eyes, as that's what I'd normally do in a situation like this, but I really thought Meadow had a reason for the things she does. "But you have to know what you've done wrong, you're the only person that makes your decisions." I said, sounding just like my mum.
"I don't know why everyone has to go and make all those stupid rumours about me," Meadow cried, "Why do all the boys have to like me so much? I feel really bad if I reject them and I'm scared they'll make even more rumours about me. I don't know how to control relationships!"
"Look," I said, "If it makes you feel any better, I'm on your side. I know you're not all those names the girls say about you."
"Thanks so much!" Meadow said as she suddenly hugged me. "You're the best!"
Just as Meadow hugged me, Shekira, Ivy and Ashlea burst into the corridor.
Ivy gasped and Shekira almost immediately started a lecture. Ashlea just stood there with a disgusted look on her face.
"You traitor!" Shekira yelled angrily at me. "You betrayer and, what's more, you're a LIAR!"
I was spun out by how angry Shekira had been today. The old Shekira was hardly ever angry and she was always so nice to everyone, even the people she hated most.
I turned around and rolled my eyes at Shekira, not saying anything.
Then, just as I was about to say my few words after Shekira had finished, Meadow decided to stick up for me.
"Just leave her alone!" Meadow yelled.
"Why should we?" Ashlea said, joining in.
"Because she has done nothing wrong!" Meadow exclaimed.
"She has," Shekira said, "She betrayed us and lied to us."
"How did she lie to you and betray you? Hm?" Meadow said, half calmly. "Do you even know what those words mean?"
"Of course we do!" Ashlea yelled.
"She lied to us because she said she hated you with a passion and would never talk to you, and she betrayed us by being friendly to our worst enemy!" Shekira said.
I stepped in. I had enough of the stupid little fighting.
"Shekira," I said, trying to stay calm and mature. "I never said to you that I would never talk to Meadow. I never said I hated her with a passion. Hate is a strong word, and I definately don't hate Meadow."
"Ugh," Shekira said putting her hands up. "I've had enough. I'm leaving. Nekeisha, we're not friends anymore. Got it?"
"Pfft," I said, "I'm sick of you anyway. Why would I want a friend that thinks every boy likes her and is all up herself? Meadow is more of a friend than you are."
"Hey..." Ashlea said. "Wait a minute, Nekeisha's right. Shekira, you are a selfish little child and you need to grow up."
"I'm not taking any sides," Ivy said, "I'm outta here!"
Ashlea crossed her arms and made a sour face at Shekira. "You can leave now. Bye bye." She said rudely and turned around and laughed to me and Meadow.
I looked around the room guilitly, feeling sad that I had lost a friend and that I made someone upset. But, Shekira needed to learn that not everything is about her and that all the boy's really don't like her.
You don't realise how much that annoys me!
At lunch break Meadow, Ivy, me and Ashlea hung out near the pool. I kept looking over at Jacob, who was on the other side of the pool hanging out with his friends.
"Then Kane was all over Shekira... and I was like, OMG." Ashlea was saying.
"Hey," I said, changing the subject. "We should ask the boys over there if they want to hang out with us."
"Yeah," Meadow said, "Good idea."
Me and Meadow ran over to the boys. They were talking about cars or something and when they saw us they stopped.
"Hi," Meadow said.
"Hi..." Kane said, sounding annoyed.
"Do you guys want to hang out with us girls?" I asked with a smile.
Jacob looked up at me and smiled, and before anyone else could decide as a group, he said, "Sure."
One of the boys, Randy, kept looking up at me and then at Jacob and making weird faces.
"So," Ashlea said as the boys sat down. "Who would make a good couple?"
Jacob looked at me and blushed and looked away quickly.
"I know," Kane said. "I think Meadow and Randy would make a good couple."
Randy made a funny noise and Meadow blushed.
"I think Nekeisha and George would make an even cuter couple," Meadow said, "No wait, let me take that back, I think Nekeisha and Jacob would make a sweet couple."
I looked at Jacob, blushed and bit my lip shyly. He looked at me with one eyebrow up. "No way!" Jacob said. "No... no way."
I rolled my eyes and looked down with disgust.
George saw one of his other friends and ran off to hang out with them, as he was getting bored of all this 'lovey dovey' talk.
"Meadow," I said, "I think you should rephrase that. Me and Jacob would NOT make a good couple. Not at all. Not one bit. Please, just choose someone who is at least a bit good looking?"
I didn't mean to say any of those things, they just came out. It was like back when I was year 7 when I used to call him ugly all the time. I did it because I was sick of him being so rude all the time. I thought he learnt his lesson when Ivy slapped him across the face in year 6 for calling me ugly. Obviously not.
Jacob just sat there silently. He had no comebacks. Maybe, for once, he had actually taken a step back and looked at how much his words hurt me, and maybe he realised if he kept treating girls like this he would end up with no family to keep him happy apart from his mum or dad.
He looked around as if he had something to say, but didn't want to say it because someone would laugh.
"I'm sorry, Jacob.." I said finally. "I didn't mean to say that. It just came out."
He looked down at the ground, "It's ok, I understand," he said maturely, "I shouldn't be treating you like that. I'm sorry. I really am."
I was amazed that Jacob had actually grown up into a caring man. I was speechless. That was the sweetest thing I had ever heard from a boy like him.
When we were bored of sitting outside on the wet grass and it was getting cold outside, we decided to all run into the lounging room near the nice toilets.
"Ok, I've got something to tell you all," Randy said, "Don't tell anyone, but, ok?"
"Whatever." We all said, we knew whenever Randy said not to tell anyone, it was just to get our attention.
"Ok, well I've been cheating on Ivy with Meadow," he said sounding really serious.
Kane made a disgusted face as if to say 'what-would-you-want-to-do-that-for' and Ivy and Meadow just looked at him like, "What!?"
"Kidding!" He yelled like he wanted the whole school to hear.
"Ok, whatever," Meadow said like she was really bored, "I've got a dare for Ashlea and Kane."
Ashlea's eyes lit up when Meadow mentioned Kane. Ever since she was year 6 she had been majorly crushing on Kane and her main goal in life was to get Kane to dump Shekira and go out with her. Kane would always say stuff like, 'Yeah, I'll dump Shekira next week on Tuesday,' but he would never go through with it.
"I dare Kane to hug Ashlea like he means it!" Meadow called out, sounding like she wanted Shekira, who was on the other side of the school, to hear her.
Ivy started chanting, "Whooooo," and everyone else just looked up and smiled with entertainment. Jacob's smile is so cute... I hope Meadow gives me and him a crazy dare like that...
"Why don't we play 7 Minutes in The Toilets?" Ivy suggested. "You know, like 7 Minutes in Heaven, except in the toilets. It will be fun!"
My eyes were wide open. I had a huge smile on my face. This would be my chance to get close to Jacob and then finally make my move, then he'd make a commitment to me and we'd stroll away to a big mansion and live happily ever after...
I really have to stop those daydreams. Seriously.
Everyone but Kane agreed to play. Kane said he wouldn't be able to resist doing something to at least one of the girls and he wouldn't know what to do if Shekira found out he had been cheating on him. Even though it would be Ashlea's dream come true, Kane wouldn't be very happy.
"Come on, Kane," Ivy said, "It will be fun!"
"Fine..." Kane said, just to keep Ivy happy; everyone knows how much of a nag Ivy is, "I'll play."
"Yay!" Ivy said, "Thanks!"
"I'll be the bottle!" Meadow said.
"What do you mean you'll be the bottle?" I asked.
"I'll have my eyes closed and someone comes up and spins me around and around until I land on someone."
"Ok," I said, "I'll go first to go with someone, so I'll spin you."
I got up and spun Meadow around. As I was spinning her around I whispered, "Make sure you land on Jacob."
I spun her around 5 times and luckily enough she landed on Jacob. Score!
Me and Jacob walked to the toilets as Meadow looked at me hopefully. I could hear Ashlea saying how she heard me tell Meadow to land on him, and Randy was saying how he wanted to go with me. Once me and Jacob were in the bathroom, I started talking.
"I got this weird text message this morning," I said, "It was like, 'Oh hi Baby you got school today lol xx!' and I was like, 'Um righty'o then'."
Jacob acted like he knew exactly what I was talking about but decided to keep it to himself.
"Do you know who it might have been?" I asked Jacob.
"If you promise it only stays in this room," he said, "Promise?"
"Okay, what is it?" I asked anxiously.
"That was Kane," Jacob said, "he got your number from me then he asked Shekira to confirm it was the right number."
"Oh what the hell?" I said. "Why?"
"I have no idea," Jacob said, "But I think he's got the hots for you."
I noticed at the end of that sentence he rolled his eyes, as if to say, 'but-I-liked-you-first-and-he's-supposed-to-be-my-friend'
"That's like.. really creepy." I said.
"Tell me about it!" Jacob exclaimed. "But you were even worse back in year 7!"
I laughed. I always used to text him when he gave me his number and I was like a mad stalker. "I know, I was young. You can't blame me!" I giggled.
"I have a question, though," Jacob said seriously, "Do you still like me? It's what everyone's saying."
I stuttered. I felt like I had to tell him the truth but I wanted to lie about it as well so he wouldn't go all shy like he did when we were in year 6 and 7.
"No, I like Jacob B." I said really quickly. My eyes weren't even on him when I said it.
Jacob laughed. "He doesn't even live here anymore!"
"I know that!" I laughed nervously, trying to stay cool. "I'm just messing around with you."
"I don't care who it is that you like, anyway, I just want to know if you still like me." Jacob said.
I took a deep breath. "I d --" I said.
"Time to get out you two love birds!" Meadow called.
Thanks so much, Meadow, you saved my life.
"Why don't we just pick the people, like Nekeisha, since she was the first person chosen, chooses the 2 next people to go in together. It's faster and easier." Kane suggested.
"Good idea," I said, "Ok, I pick Kane and Ashlea."
Ashlea and Kane got up, and just as they were about to go in the bell went off to go back to class.
"Great timing..." I heard Ashlea mutter.
The End... for now.
Tune in for When Your Friend Lives Too Far Away (2)

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#1shelllharnAug 23, 2008

hey hun i think its arealy good story i enjoyed all your pics and everything were done to perfection loved it keep it up xxx\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: p.s doesnt it make u mad when people read your story but dont leave a comment if it is good enuf to read it should be good enough to comment lol anyway hun if you have time my new story has just come out Love Hurts plz read it and tell me what u think xxx

#2Hunter_13Aug 23, 2008

it was awsum, 5.0 \:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:D\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

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