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Lotus Forest
Published May 13, 2021

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The Lotus a story of life unravels.

The Lotus a story of life unravels. Rocko: Well, that was the worst bus ride I have every taken! They just drop me off anywhere they like huh! Wait a minute where the heck am I?? This place is so strange but it is beautiful like a wonderland garden. hmm.. I wonder if anyone lives here. No there couldn't be could there? I don't think they'll mind me coming in. Rocko: This is so weird. Where on earth am I?! After a couple of hours looking for any sign of life it turned to night. He thought he might as well get a good nights rest so he went to sleep on the ground thinking no one would notice him. Roset; Well, well, now what do we have here. An unsuspected person in my home how strange. I thought no humans were left in this world after the Locus Explosion. hmm... Maybe I haven't been in touch with the rest of the world in the past 250 years. I guess I will leave him to be till he wakes up. Rocko: Wow, my neck hurts. I can't believe it is still so late. Maybe I should check this place out a bit more. Rocko: Well, this side has nothing I should go check the otherside. I want to be sure there is no one here. Rocko: Geez. I really don't think there is anyone living here. I wonder why. This place seems like a wonderous and dreamy place to live in. hmm...Very strange indeed. Rocko: EEhh,.. wawa wait who are you!!
Roset: I am Roset of this Lotus Forest. And who might you be?
Rocko: Well I am Rocko a citizen dropped off of a bus here.
Roset: Really what a strange idea you have there, because no one can get to the Lotus Forest unless they have perished from there orginal life.
Rocko: WHAT!!
Roset: Oh I am just kidding don't be so tense geez take a joke!
Rocko: That isn't funny.
Roset: I am sorry.
Roset: I haven't talked to a real person in 250 years.
Rocko: Your 250 years old, I wouldn't have guest that.
Roset: Oh that is so sweet thank you!!-I feel a bit younger now...
This is such a strange place. How can Roset stay looking young and be over 250 years old? I need to keep my head straight. I am going to wash my face. Ahh, this feels so great. It feels like this water is cleansing my soul. Roset: Isn't it just a beautiful stary night Rocko.
Rocko: Yes, it is, And your place is beautiful too.
Roset: Well, it is the Lotus Forest and I am the keeper of it - that is why I am imortal- and still young.
Rocko: Well, that would explaing some things.
Roset: I haven't looked at the stars like this since the first day the Lotus Forest was passed down on to me. Its strange how one person can influence another.
Rocko: I'm sorry maybe I should go.
Roset: Nooo noo- I mean that in a good way.
Rocko: Oh ok
Roset: I mean that in a good way.
Rocko: What the?? I feel funny, My body is tingling all over. What is going on?
Roset: Oh my I can't believe that staying here a day in my land is granting you imortallity.
Rocko: Wow now that is awesome
Roset: No it is not because you are now bound to this forest forever!! You can't ever leave. You are now doomed to the fate I have come to live by. This is not good..
Roset: Are you actually happy?
Rocko: Well, I guess in some way I am not, but mostly I am because well, um I like you a lot and I don't mind being imortal either. So I am happy to stay with you and stay the same age with you forever.
Roset: I never knew! I can't believe this because I like you too!!
haha ah wow.
Roset: Oh, I am so happy, I don't believe this is happening in the past 250 years, I thought I had no hope in meeting anyone ever. Then you come into my life!! Rocko: Hey, I am suprised that you like me back because I was not liked by any girls in my high school classes. huh.
Roset: Your lucky you got to go to school and have lots of friends. I never got to go to school..
Rocko: Trust me your better off not going ever!
Roset: Really
Rocko: Yeah, did you know how beautiful you are.
Roset: Oh thankyou, that deserves a kiss!! Roset: Isn't this relaxing. It takes every thing off your mind. This flower supplies an amount of gardena to relax the mind, body, and soul.
Rocko: Wow, I can feel that! Now that is cool.
Roset: This hot tub has supplied me with relaxation since, I didn't have anyone to talk to till you came.
Rocko: I didn't know there were horses here.
Roset: Yeah, they are my best friends. They have been with me for only 2 years.
Rocko: They are so elegant just like you.
Roset: Ohh how sweet thank you.
Rocko: You have some very exotic plants here. Some tall, big, small, colorful, and gorgeous.
Roset: I didn't think you were a plant person. Yeah these are grown from the lotus flower. That keeps this place alive along with me the keeper. Roset: Oh my I am overwhelmed with emotion.
Rocko: Your so beautiful, I can't help myself.
Roset: aww,I'm flattered.
Rocko: May I?
Roset: yes you may.
Rocko: Dancing is one thing I know I am good at.
Roset: Really.
Roset: Milking my cow plant-Merlin. Thats a good boy. Roset: This fountain is full of people's wishes from way back 250 years ago, in my time. Even as a little girl I came here and tossed a shiny gold coin to wish for my mother to get better since she was ill at that time.
Rocko: That so sad.
Roset: Well, this fountain has granted everyone's wishes including mine.
Rocko: Wow, that is so awesome. This feels great!
Rocko: Pillow FIGHT!! ha ah aha
Roset: Hey no fair you tricked me. haah aha...!
Rocko: I have never met a person more mysterious and magnificent than you.!
Rocko: Your so flattering.
Roset: You know I could stay like this forever. As long as I am with you.
Rocko: Same here. I couldn't think of any better place or person to be with.
Roset: Hey, I need to tell you something.
Rocko: What is it?
Roset: I am pregnant..
Rocko: WHAT!! I mean really.
Roset: yeah
Rocko: That's great! Awesome!
Roset: I am so happy you are not upset.
Rocko: How could I. It means one more cute person in this wonderful place with us.
Roset: Hey, what the? How strange. I am very hungry now. Baby Rozella is born and is so cute!
Roset: Aww, aren't you just so sweet like sugar! There there your momies here.
Roset: Oh, yes your my precious! yes you are, yes you are.
THE END-stay tuned for next story...

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charrayApr 11, 2009

<p>Wonderful story \:\)&nbsp; Great job on it!</p>

jerifApr 11, 2007

\:D Great job

Jan 31, 2007

good story\:ph34r\:

civetinjaJan 24, 2007

Great story ! Thanks !\:\)

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