The Arrangement - Pt 2
Published Aug 12, 2020

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Lisa and Cyrus are going to be engaged today, let's see what happens. If you have no idea about this story, please read the chapter one. By the way, thank you for all your lovely and kind comments, it was very helpful for me to continue writing this story. I appreciate it very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep supporting me ~ Caroline @ Carol84

Lisa and Cyrus are going to be engaged today, let's see what happens. If you have no idea about this story, please read the chapter one. By the way, thank you for all your lovely and kind comments, it was very helpful for me to continue writing this story. I appreciate it very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep supporting me ~ Caroline @ Carol84 Lisa's parents together with Lisa has arrived at the restaurant as well as Cyrus parents, but there was no sign of Cyrus. Lisa was nervous, so she kept asking her mother and Cyrus' mother about him.

Cyrus' Mother : Don't worry dear, he will be here. He might be nervous as well or maybe he needed some space of his own, but he'll be here.
Lisa's mother : Yes, he'll be here in any minute now.
Cyrus : Err, sorry everyone. I...I...should be here 20 minutes ago, but I had to meet someone, that's why I was late.

Lisa's father : Punctuality is important Cy.

Cyrus : Sorry sir, i mean uncle.

Lisa : Thank god you're here.....
Cyrus : Are you ready?
Lisa : Yes I am, let's do it. You start, okay.
Cyrus : Yes okay.
Cyrus : Mama, Papa, Uncle & Aunty, we have come to a conclusion.
Lisa : We can't work on our marriage, we tried our best to go along, but it doesn't work.
Cyrus : So, what you all say?
Cyrus' father : Oh God! They are acting just like us. Listen my children, we did the same thing when we were in your age. Everything will work out.
Lisa's father : Yes, why don't we give them more space. Maybe you two can get to know each other more.

Both the mothers said nothing but gave them a pleasant smile.
The next day, Cyrus and Lisa met again at the same library. Cyrus loves to read, so library is his second home.

Cyrus : Hey there, what are you doing here?
Lisa : I am doing some research on something, so that explains why I am here. What are you doing here?
Cyrus : Right. Well, I love to read, and library is my second home.
Lisa : Really? I don't think so. Ha...ha....ha....
Cyrus : Yeah right. Your plan didn't work. Ha,Ha.
Lisa : My plan? Hey it was 50/50 right. Fine, now you tell me what to do.
Cyrus : Got it, I have a new plan. I am sure this will work.

Lisa : Really? I hope we can stop fooling ourselves cause I can't take this anymore. No More.

Cyrus : don't worry. I know what to do. Just leave it to me.

Lisa : Cy, what's the plan? Please, it should be something really serious.

Cyrus : Oh sweetie....err...I mean Lisa...Oh Lisa don't you underestimate me. No no not this time. I promise that I'll leave you in peace soon. Okay?

Lisa : O...Okay.
A Week later, the family gathered again and this time Cyrus has a better plan.

Cyrus' Father : So, children how's the get together going.
Cyrus : Everything is Ok for now papa. But there's something I need to tell all of you before it's....
Lisa : Err...what is it Cy, what do you want to say?
All of a sudden, a pregnant woman walked in and came towards their table. Everyone's eye was on her. Cyrus got up his chair and start explaining.

Cyrus : Excuse me everyone, there's someone I want you all to meet. This is my girlfriend Fiona. I am very sorry, but I wanted to tell before, but then none of you let me speak for myself. I am sorry Lisa.

Lisa's Father : What? How could you, why didn't you tell us earlier. Fool!

Lisa : What?? Damn you! You have cheated me! I hate you!

Lisa's Mother : Who's baby is she carrying?

Cyrus : Mine I mean it's our baby Maam, err Aunty. I am very sorry Lisa. I am so sorryyyyy.......

Cyrus's Mother : Please, please listen to our explanations.
Lisa's Father : That's enough with this family. No explanations needed. We're leaving.
Lisa : You've cheated me, you're not forgiven. I hate you! I hate you!
Cyrus' mother : No no this is not happening. Not to us.
Lisa : Take this, you deserves it. Stay away from me. Our relationship is over.
Lisa's father : Let's go Lisa, away with this stupid cheating family. Let's go.

In all this, Cyrus' father didn't say a word. He sat very silently in his chair. No doubt he was in a great shock, but deep down his heart he know that his sons will never lie and he expected some answers from Cyrus later.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Few Days later >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lisa : Finally Cyrus we did it. Oh, I am so glad this is over.
Cyrus : Yes, you did a very good acting. I am impressed. Also, we should be celebrating our break-off today.
Lisa : What a beautiful day, let's stay here till evening. I don't want to go home. Home is such a boring place.
Cyrus : Whatever you say Lisa. This is the last day we are together. Ahhh....good old days.
Cyrus :'re.... such a sweet person. It's really great hanging out with you. I don't want this to end. May I ask who's the Real Man that you were talking about?
Lisa : Err........I.....I.......I am not sure anymore.
Cyrus : What you mean? Were you in love with someone else?
Lisa : Err.......
Cyrus : What? You had a boyfriend before?
Lisa : Do you?
Cyrus : Me? Just you.
Lisa : Same here, I never had a lover before. Just you, and it's going to end. It's sad.
Cyrus : But this is what you wanted, right?
Lisa : Yes, of course.
Cyrus : Let's celebrate then.

Cyrus : To our....break-off.
Lisa : To what? our break-off.

Cyrus : Lisa, I am really sorry for our relationship to end this way.
Lisa : Cyrus......I.....I....I am sorry too....but......
Cyrus : But....??

Cyrus : Oh Lisa, I love you. I really really love you.

Ahem......break-off turns into making out.
Cyrus and Lisa couldn't part from each other. They have fallen in love with each other somehow. They spend their love in a camp at the beach. They spend the whole night together.

Lisa : Cyrus I don't want you to leave me. I can't live without you.
Cyrus : Don't worry sweetheart, no one is going to stop us anymore.

Love is patient and kind, love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.
Few days later, Cyrus went to see his brother Karl.

Karl : Hey bro, what's up?

Cyrus : Bro...I need your help. Last saturday Lisa and I went to the beach to say goodbye to each other. But instead of breaking off, we were making out. I fell in love with her bro without knowing it. Please, now that her parents won't allow me to see her, what am I going to do? This is the first time I ever loved someone truly and deeply. I need your help.

Karl : Oh God! What have you done? Kelly dear, please come, Cyrus my brother is here.
Cyrus : Hey sister in law, are you really my Kelly sis or ?
Kelly : That's enough Cyrus, it's still the same me, Kelly Raymond.
Cyrus : Hey sis, how's life?
Kelly : It's great, really great. Thanks.
Karl : Kelly honey, why don't you make some coffee for Cy and me.
Kelly : Sure, I'll be right back.
Karl : Thank you honey. Cy, isn't she adorable now?
Cyrus : Yeah.....really wow she's so.....beautiful.
Kelly : Alright don't commend too much. Cyrus still remember the guy who shouted "no way" "no way" few months ago?
Cyrus : Ha,ha,ha,ha, I sure do remember that, sis.
Karl : Bro, I don't think you can see her anymore. Her father is an austere person as far as I know.
Kelly : Here you go Cyrus, what's the problem now? Love ?
Cyrus : Sis Kelly, I don't know about love, but this feelings I have right now....makes me feel different.
Kelly : Cyrus, oh Cyrus. Love is like the air, you can feel it but can't see it.
Cyrus : Exactly, exactly. I can feel it. Oh god, I am terribly in love with Lisa.
Kelly : Here, Drink some coffee, it will make you feel better.
The next day evening, Cyrus and lisa met again at the library, their second home.

Cyrus : Hey sweetie, thanks for coming. Come here, nearer.
Lisa : I had to lie to my parents but somehow I made it. How are you Cy?
Cyrus : I am doing very much fine and you?
Lisa : I am sick of love. Now I'm Ok, cause I've found the love of my heart.
Lisa and Cyrus started to meet everyday, their affection towards each other started to grow and both of them desires to be together all the time. I will love you forever

I want to be held in your arms

I see the love in your eyes

I hear the words you speak
by Amanda Mae

Thus, love flows in their hearts.
Everything was done behind their parents back. One day, when Lisa came home late, she opened the door very quietly and tried to tiptoe to her room but she didn't expect her Father to be waiting for her at the living room.

Lisa's Father : Well, well. Look who we have here.
Lisa : Daddy, I can explain.
Lisa's Father : I didn't ask for any explanations, cause I already know the answers.
Lisa : Huh? What? How?
Lisa's Father : You were with that stupid fellow right?
Lisa : Daddy, Cyrus is not.......
Lisa's Father : Don't you dare say his name in this house. Now go to your room, and you're grounded for a week.
Lisa : But Daddy.....I
Lisa's father : GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!!!
A couple of days later, a man came to their house. He wanted to ask Lisa's hand in marriage. It was all Lisa's father's idea. He arranged another man for Lisa instead of Cyrus. Lisa was however displeased by her father's idea, but she kept her lips sealed. They talked and talked for hours and finally the man left.

Lisa finally got her chance to speak.

Lisa : Daddy I don't want to marry him.

Lisa's father : I don't like him either, what do you think Elspeth?

Elspeth (Lisa's Mum) : *Sigh* He doesn't seems to be a gentleman, we'll look for another one.

Lisa : Daddy, I don't want another man, I want.....

Lisa's father : Don't you say his name again. He cheated us Lisa, can't you see, he is not the man for you. Besides that, he is going to be a father, what else can we do. Lisa honey, don't worry, everything will work out and we'll find you a man.

Lisa : Everything will definitely work out, yes it will.
About a week later, another proposal came. Lisa's parents accepted Mr. Rahul's proposal. But Lisa loves Cyrus and she has no desire for other man.

Lisa's father : Lisa honey, we will leave you with Mr. Rahul. Get to know each other and call us once you are done talking.

Lisa : But daddy.....ok daddy if you insisted.
Mr. Rahul : Hey sweet lady, I have a big mansion and a luxury car. If you want to marry me, you must learn treat my ladies well. You just one of them, so I don't care how you acctually look like. But, you seems to be babe, hmmm.......I have just the right plan for you after we got married.

Lisa : I will not marry you, don't you ever dream of it. I have no desire for you. Daddy, I am finished here.
Lisa's Father : Ok Mr. Rahul, I'll call you and we can talk about marriage then.

Rahul : Sure, you're daughter is a wonderful girl. I promise you that I'll give her the best.

Lisa's father : Yes, I know you will, you're the right man for this family. Welcome to the Raymond family.

Rahul : Thank you sir, I'll see you later.
One day, Lisa went with Mr. Rahul. Although she hates him, but she has no choice. Few hours later, she came running to Cyrus. Cyrus on the other hand was having some time alone in the dark.

Lisa : Cy, cy!! I don't want to marry him, I don't want to marry that hell.
Cyrus : It's ok, it's ok. Come here.
Lisa : Oh no, he is here.
Cyrus : I'll protect you Lisa, don't worry.
Cyrus : You stay away from Lisa, she is mine, MINE!!!
Rahul : Lisa, get inside the car, right now.
Lisa : Please don't hurt him, please.......
Rahul : I'll show you who I am.
Rahul : Come on, stand up, Ha ha, Coward. Get up you Coward!!
Lisa : NOoooooooooooo
Rahul : Lisa, GET INSIDE THE CAR NOW!!!!!!!

Rahul dragged Lisa to his car, Poor Cyrus, all he can do is watch Lisa being dragged away from him.
The next morning, Cyrus went to his brother's house.

Kelly : Hello Cyrus, come in. How are you doing?
Cyrus : I am fine sis, thanks. Is my bro here?
Kelly : Yes he is. I heard about all your lies and about Lisa as well. What are you going to do about it.
Cyrus : Oh my, I am not sure. I am so depressed, I need my bro's help and advice right now.
Kelly : Honey, Your brother is here.

Karl : Oh My! Cyrus, are you okay?

Cyrus : Why yes, yes I guess I am.

Karl : I heard about yesterday, Cyrus the bad news is Lisa's father has fixed the wedding date.

Cyrus : What? When?

Karl : Next Saturday.

Cyrus : No, No.....this is not happening to me. No way. You have to do something to stop the wedding. Please bro, pleaseeeee.....please do it for me.

Karl : Cyrus, cyrus, get up. I'll try to do something. Ok, now get up.

Cyrus : Thank you, thank you so much bro. You're my family.
That evening, Cyrus went to the library as he always does. Suddenly his phone rang, it was Karl his brother.

Karl : Bro listen, there's something you should know.
Cyrus : What? Tell me, tell me.
Cyrus tried to reach Lisa and tell her about Rahul. Since Lisa's father has forbidden him from visiting Lisa, he couldn't contact her. He was wretched and he sat at the beach and recalled all those sweet memories he had with Lisa.

Cyrus : Oh good old days......I wish I had never fooled her parents, ahhh, her smiles, her beauty.....ooooh, the moment I saw her, I knew she was the One for me. It's been a week since I saw her and today she is getting married, but not with me. Why?? Why I had to be a fool!! Why God?? Why Me??
After a while at the beach, Cyrus came home and found his parents were are all dressed up and ready to go.

Cyrus : Are you going?

Sunnet Andrews (Cy's dad): Yes we are, Cyrus, if you think she makes you happy, she surely will make us all happy. Go and do what you have to do.

Cyrus : Really? Thanks Papa. Thank you so much. I love you guys.
It's time for the wedding.

Lisa : Daddy, please daddy, I don't want to marry him. I don't love him, daddy please.

Lisa's father : Lisa Honey, you're still young to learn the meaning of Love, eventually you will. Don't be afraid, we will be with you. Trust your parent. Kelly is doing just fine, isn't she?

Lisa : But daddy, Kelly sis wasn't in love with someone else when she got married.

Lisa's Father : Ssshhhhhh, everything will be ok. Come one now, it's time.
Here goes the bride.

Lisa's father : Lisa, let's do this.
Lisa : Okay Dad. This is for You.
Rahul : You're Mine. Ha,ha.
Lisa : We are not married yet, so shut-up. I know Cyrus will do something. You're going to hell.

Cyrus was driving very fast, he wanted to stop the wedding himself. Although he tried several other ways, but none promised him anything, so he decided to do it by himself. But all of a sudden his car stopped in the middle of the road. He became nervous, there seems to be no other way. But he never gives up. Suddenly he saw something.........
Cyrus : Yes, Yes, Yes! A zoo. Errr....but what am I going to do in the zoo? Oh God! I need a plan....A plan!!!!!! Come on Cyrus think, think hard. On the other hand, Rahul and Lisa are about to exchange their rings.

Rahul : Daddy's sweet girl, you're going to Mine......
Lisa : Dear God, please do something, I don't want to stuck with this man the rest of my life.
Cyrus : Lisa, Don't, Don't do it. He....He is a GAY!!! Lisaaaaaaaaa............

Everyone's eye were on Cyrus, they were all shocked.
Lisa : Oh My dear Cyrus, I know you'll come, I know you will. Thank you Jesus!
Cyrus : Where is he? Where's is he?
Cyrus : You!! How dare you cheat her family. I told you she is MINE, you can't have her.

Rahul : Don't touch me, there's no proof, huh, where's the proof. Look everyone, he is lying, he is lying, he is jealous.

Lisa's father : How dare you come here, You're ......You're a.....

Cyrus : Uncle, please. I have the proof, I do. I am not lying, please listen to me.
Stranger : How could you do this to me? We had a deal, how could you? How could you Rahul. I'll never forgive you Rahul.

Rahul : What are you doing here? I.....I don't know this man.....Sir, what do you want?

Stranger : I am a sir now? What's with you Rahul, we were great couple. What is wrong with you.

Rahul : No, no......I...I don't know....GET OUT JAYDEN!!
Lisa's Father : What?

Jayden : That's right, now you know me sir.

Rahul : Errr.......hehehe.......I.......I gotta go......RUN FOR YOUR LIFE RAHUL....................
Thus, Rahul ran away from Lisa's family and were never seen again.

Cyrus : My work here is DONE.
Lisa : Impressive.
After sending all the guests home, Lisa and her family came back home.

Lisa's Father : I am very sorry my darling Lisa.

Lisa : Daddy, does that mean I can marry Cyrus?

Lisa's Father : Absolutely yes.

Lisa's mother : I want 5 grandchildren.

Kelly : 5?

Lisa : Mom.....hahhahhaha

Everyone laughed. Lisa was extremely happy that night, knowing that she will be united with her true love.
Few days later, the Raymonds and the Andrews gathered again. Cyrus made his confession as well as Lisa. Their parents were very happy for them. Lisa's dad was the happiest man on Sim earth.

Caleb Raymond(Lisa's dad) : I can't believe you both did this, hahahahaha.
Elspeth Raymond(Lisa's mum) : Yeah, this is unbelievable.
Miyana Andrews (Cy's mum) : Cy, we did the same thing, but not by hiring a pregnant woman, that's way too much.
Sunnet Andrews (Cy's dad) : Where in the world you both got that kindda idea? Wow, yeah, you both fooled us.

Cyrus : I was waiting for this day for a long time, now I am really happy it's here.
Cyrus got down on his knees and proposed Lisa for the first time in his life. Look at their parents cheerful faces.

Cyrus : I give you this ring as a symbol of my love to you. With it I engage you, and give you my life. With it we will start our long journey together.

Lisa : Oh....Cyrus. Oh Lord, *sob* *sob*.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 7 days later >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cyrus : A circle is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the universe, of wholeness and perfection, and peace and love.

Cyrus : In token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love, with this ring I thee wed, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen
Lisa : In token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love, with this ring I thee wed, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

When We Became Us
by Sheene Jamila Sims

It happened all so suddenly, when we became Us.
One day we were just friends, the next we were lovers.
When we became Us, I didn't know what to expect.
Would we last or be a dream of the past?
When we became Us, I realized I had never felt that way before.
My heart had never found something new.
When we became Us, we took a chance, wishing our love would last.
Knowing that we had been hurt in the past.
Now that we have become Us, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.
You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my all and all.
You are me and I am you. Loving you forever, leaving you never.
A toast to love and laughter and, 'happily ever after.'

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lovedd it! \:rah\:

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Beautiful story!!!\:wub\: Please continue\:rah\:

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that was such a beautiful story...great work

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Beautiful! I love number 1 and 2 of this series! \:rah\: You should make a Part 3 and maybe they can have kids and tell a story on how they grow up.

#68DaishiJan 3, 2007

\:rah\: this was a very sweet story, i enjoyed it very much\:rah\:

#69BBKZJan 5, 2007

this scene with a horse riding reminds me a scene from 'Ed' series when Carol had to marry Dennis and Ed wanted to disturb them \:\) ... nice work again \:\)

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\:wub\: \:rah\:

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Great story ! Thanks !\:\)

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\:wub\: very good story\:wub\: thank you

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