Before The Fall 3.4
Published Dec 28, 2008

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Welcome to Before The Fall 3.4!!!!

Sorry it took me a little bit to get this done. School is finally over!!! I hope everyone had a great christmas! Anyway, happy reading and comments are very much welcome.

Author's Note: Some may remember Alex's little brother Aaron...I am changing his name to Robbie. As you read on, you'll understand why.

Alex and Pogue's Story

Welcome to Before The Fall 3.4!!!!

Sorry it took me a little bit to get this done. School is finally over!!! I hope everyone had a great christmas! Anyway, happy reading and comments are very much welcome.

Author's Note: Some may remember Alex's little brother Aaron...I am changing his name to Robbie. As you read on, you'll understand why.

Alex and Pogue's Story
Like everyone predicted, Pogue graduated at the top of her class. Alex had top marks and was very proud of himself for getting all the way through school. He was even more glad that he was with his one and only girl. After all the parties, they packed up and moved back. But when Alex stood outside his wasn't the same. His mom's car wasn't there, the old swing set no long stood in the backyard. Something was totally off. "May I help you?" an unfamiliar woman asked once she opened the door. Alex stared at her in disbelief...where was his mom? Where was Aaron?
"Uh...sorry...I think I have the wrong house..." Alex said confusion written all over his face.
"Are you Alex Carlson?" her question caught him off guard making him stumble a little.
" did you know?"
"Your mother told me after I bought the house that you might stop by," She said impatiently.
"Do you mind if I use your phone? I don't have my cell on me right now," He asked fidgeting a bit.
Alex walked into the house and gasped...all the original furniture was there with some exceptions. He swallowed hard as he made his way to the phone he had used so many times. Something terrible must have happened to make his mother move. "Hello?" His little brother's voice filled the phone and he sighed with relief.
"Robbie? Where are you guys?" Alex asked almost panicky.
"Alex! When did you get back?"
"Today...why is there some strange lady living in our house?" Alex asked getting annoyed which grew even more when Robbie busted out laughing.
"Oh calm down and Zakk have been dating for a while and decided to move in with each other. The house he had was way too big so they bought a smaller one together...It's really cool," Robbie explained calmly. Alex's pulse quickened. " in Zakk Wylde? Eren's dad?"
" should come over, mom's been dying to see you," Aaron said and then gave him the directions from their old house.
" how long have mom and Zakk been dating?"
"Just come over, she'll explain it to you," Robbie laughed hanging up the phone. As soon as Alex's foot touched the step of the new house, Kirsten flew out of the door and hugged him.
"Alex! I can't believe you're finally home!" She cried, embarrasing Alex a little.
"Thanks mom...seems I missed a lot," he said giving her a look.
"Come inside...i'll make some hot chocolate while we catch up," She said with a bright smile. Alex looked around the house as she led the way to the kitchen. It was a bit bigger then their old house but still pretty small. He watched his mother busy herself getting mugs and making the hot chocolate. She seemed different, you could even say glowing. There was a hint of a smile that never seemed to go away. He hadn't seen her this happy...only before his father passed away. "So...tell me about you and Zakk," he said taking the mug from her. She coughed a little, inhal ing the hot cocoa a little to quickly.
"Um...we've been seeing each other for a couple of years now."
"How long is a couple?"
"A few months after Alexi died," She said quietly. Alex could have sworn his head spun around a few times. He put his cup down and got up.
"And you couldn't have mentioned this?"
"Alex you were so preoccupied with school, Pogue, not to mention never felt like the right time to tell you. I'm in love with him and...he's asked me to marry him," She said a little quickly.
"Aren't you a little happy for me?" She asked extreme hurt written all over her face.
Alex took his mother's hand and sighed slowly,"Mom...I'm very happy for you but...I wish you would have told me."
"I'm sorry Alex...but we were both wrapped up in our own worlds," She sighed.
"It's ok...just no more suprises ok?" He laughed a little.
"I promise," she smiled.
"About time!" Robbie exclaimed coming through the front door. Alex turned to face his not so much little brother.
"Sorry but your directions were are you buddy?" He asked giving his brother a warm hug.
"I'm good, can't wait for my birthday in a few days," Robbie grinned ear to ear.
"Are you still with that girl...Carly?" Alex teased.
"Carly? You kidding me?" Robbie didn't have time to finish, the door flew open and Eren came through.
"Dad...Alex? What are...Robbie? Ok what the hell is going on?" Eren asked completely taken a back as she stared at them both. Alex noticed that Robbie got extremely quite...just kind of staring at Eren.
"Hey Eren...glad to see you got home ok," Alex smiled giving his bestfriend a hug.
"Me too...can you please explain?"
"Our parents well...they're kind of seeing each other and...kind of engaged."
"What!" She shrieked...Alex was a little relieved that he wasn't the last to know either.
"I um...bye," Robbie stuttered walking quickly to what Alex guessed was his room.
"That was weird...but yeah, I just found out too. Did you have any clue?"
"None! My dad is going to get it..."
"I thought I heard you!" Zakk grinned coming into the room out of nowhere.
"Dad! Why the hell didn't you tell me! And what did you do to your hair!" She shouted now totally distracted to his extreme shorter hair.
"I have my reasons and do not raise your voice to me...why don't we all sit down to a game and talk?" he offered.
With some persitance on Alex's part, Eren finally calmed down enough to sit down too, still pouting a bit. The parents finally filled them in on them moving in with each other and their long engagement. Eren even began to get excited she started to talk excitedly with Kirsten about the wedding. Alex excused himself to the back yard to find Robbie practicing his jump shot. He watched for a moment and then remembered his strange behavior when Eren walked into the room.
"You need more practice," Alex started Robbie enough that the ball went flying into the next yard.
"Dont' do that!" He groaned.
"What's going on with you?" Alex asked walking closer.
"Nothing...just need some practice like you said," He cleared his throat trying to avoid Alex's curious look.
"Since when did you stop confiding in me?"
" I haven't stopped's complicated," He groaned again.
"You have a crush on Eren don't you?" Alex said plainly, snickering a bit when Robbie's eyes bulged.
"Let's say that...Pogue kinda did that to me when I first realized that I liked her."
"Oh...but...our parents are getting married...that's a little weird," Robbie frowned.
"Yeah...but it's not like you're related or that you're kids...she's an adult and in a few days so will you."
" talk to her for me?" He pleaded.
"Maybe...come on," Alex laughed wraping his arm around his brother, dragging him back inside.
(Robbie's PoV)

Later on that night, Robbie watched as Eren headed home, nearly chickening out. He chased after her and nearly tripped over himself
"Hey Eren?" He stammered.
"I um...was wondering if you'd like to come to my birthday party?" He asked quickly.
"I would love too...but I gotta get going...I'll see you at your party," She smiled giving him a warm hug that nearly gave him a heart attack. Robbie's party was finally here and he could hardly contain himself. Eren seemed to be enjoying herself, laughing with her dad and hanging out with Alex. She still thought of him as a kid...but not for long. He blew the candles on his cake and felt the change throughtout his whole body. After changing into his more "grown up" clothes he came back down and saw the glint of admiration in Eren's eyes. He walked up to her more confidently.
"Hey Eren," he smiled.
"Hey! Happy birthday," She smiled back standing up. He was glad that they were at eye level now.
"Do you want to go outside with me?" He asked his nerves coming back.
"Sure," She smiled down at Alex who was grinning like an idiot at Robbie.
Robbie didn't know what to say to her, the practiced speech was clogged up somewhere in his head. She didn't seem to mind, just staring out at the neighborhood.
"I know this sounds corny...but would you dace with me?" He whispered softly. She turned to face him and smiled, moving closer to him.
As he put his hands on her waist, his breath hitched in his chest, waiting for his heart to explode. After Robbie's birthday, Alex went to work in finding a house. He was tempted to buy the old house but he wanted something new that he and Pogue could start a life in. He finally found one not to far way from either of their parents. The house was small but comfortable...he smiled at all the possible events that would occur in their new house. Pogue had no idea that he bought the house...she was too busy ripping her dad's head off for getting married without her. After that he gave his mom an easier time. Before he could show Pogue the house, he promised to take her to the Island of Shikoku, where her and her mother were born. Pogue smiled brightly as they pulled up to the hotel. It was beautiful and old just like the town that surrounded it. Her father had been born in Galway but his own father traveled a lot, he met her mother and ran away with her. She had died during giving birth. Pogue smiled softly as the familiar scent of Jasmines flew along the wind.
"You ready?" Alex asked hugging her. She nodded and followed him to their room.
"I'm gonna get changed...I brought you something you can fit in a bit better," She grinned. He groaned playfully as he relaxed on the bed, jet lag kicking in quickly. She grabbed her dress and made her way to the bathroom. About an hour later, she emerged from the restroom and Alex's stare made her blush. It was a traditional dress she had found in one of her mother's boxes.
"You...look amazing," He stammered getting up to kiss her but she pushed his clothes into his hands. He laughed and she watched him disappear into the bathroom.
"Thank you...for doing this means the world to me," She said hugging him tightly. He smiled and nodded.
"I would do anything for you Pogue...come on let's go sight seeing or something."
Pogue was so excited to be walking the same streets her mother had and found the same beauty in it her father did. She almost didn't want to go home...almost. They spent the week exploring the forests and going ot the local tea house to mingle with locals. They even spent some time in the gardens meditating, listening to the myths of the island. Alex seemed fond of the zen garden. On their last night there Alex walked her to the balchony, his seriousness made Pogue's heart skip a little.
"Pogue...I love you more than anything in this world...We've been bestfriends for years and you've been my girl longer...I don't ever want it to end....Will you marry me?"
Pogue stared at him in shock then she squealed a yes as she jumped into his arms. "Welcome home baby," He said as the taxi dropped them off to a house she didn't recognize.
"Home? Did you? Alex! It's beautiful!" She exclaimed turning to kiss him. That night was very restless for her but she managed to fall asleep eventually.
The next morning she woke up to Alex changing in the bathroom. He had gotten a job as a sous chef for the local resteraunt. She smiled at him, knowing that his dream to own a family resteraunt of his own was soon coming true. She went downstairs and began to make breakfast, taking a little longer than she wanted. Everything she needed was there, he thought of everything. "Knock em dead," She smiled giving him a small kiss. She was so proud of him...and was so proud to soon be his wife. She couldn't wait to tell him even more good news when he got back from work. Pogue's stomach rumbled with anticipation as she got ready to go see the doctor. "Baby! I'm home," Alex's voice echoed through the house, popping the nervous bubble Pogue had wrapped around herself. She ran down the stairs to him and he laughed at her excitement.
"Alex....I'm pregnant!" She pratically screamed not able to hold it in anymore. He stared at her for a moment before dropping everything onto the floor.
He pulled her close and she felt him shaking a bit...and she knew without asking that he was just as excited as she was.
"Looks like we need to push up the wedding date," He laughed as she nodded eagerly.
Alex stood proudly by the front door of their house, waiting for their wedding guests to arrive. Upstairs Pogue was getting ready and staying hidden. His brother Robbie and Pogue's dad Don were the first to arrive followed by the rest of the their friends. Alex glanced up at the window that was their bedroom and smiled softly, becoming more excited by the second. Pogue nervously patted down the stray hairs that threatened to pop up any second. She was fidgeting with it so much she didn't notice the door open and someone pop in.
"You look beautiful Pogue," Kiley smiled from behind her. She spun around and smiled at her friend.
"Are you nervous?"
"A little."
"No more doubts Pogue, Alex is the one. I knew it the moment you two met. You're the Cory and Topanga of Galway. It's quite sickening though," Kiley smiled a her again.
"I'm so glad you're here Kiley," Pogue smiled hugging her tightly.
"Me too...come on," Kiley squeezed her hand.
Pogue descended down the stairs and felt her throat tighten as she saw her dad waiting for her. It was just like her dream.... "You look beautiful," He whispered kissing her cheek. She smiled and nodded taking his arm, he waked down the aisle where Alex stood grinning ear to ear. The moment seemed to last forever as they exchanged their vows. Everyone listened intently and with a occasional blowing of the nose from the ladies, the ceremony finished without a hitch. "I love you so much Pogue," Alex smiled brightly at his new wife. She blushed and smiled back.
"I love you even more," She giggled as he gently spun her around as they danced.
"I beg to differ," He laughed and leaned in to kiss her. It wasn't long after the wedding when Pogue got huge. She was grateful they got married when they did. Alex was wonderful, taking care of the house and her when he was off of work. He was so excited to be a father it was making her excited as well. All too soon though, their son Josh entered the world. Both of the new parents felt so elated to finally have their child. Life was going so great for them. They spent a lot of their time in the back yard with each other. Alex tended the baby while Pogue worked on her garden. She loved that just as much as art did. Josh turned 1 and much to everyone's suprise...Pogue was pregnant again. Josh was the excited one this time, he wanted siblings so badly he even tried to name them. All in baby gibberish of course. "Soon baby...soon," She cooed to Josh as he poked her enormous belly again and again. While Pogue was pregnant for the second time, Kirsten and Zakk finally got married. Only with the immediate family present. Alex was so happy to see his mom smiling so much. He never noticed it before but his mom was rather stunning. ... Everything was moving smoothly and rather quickly. He finally got the deed to his first resteraunt and named it Lulla Bella, after his only little girl. Twins...Alex still couldn't believe Pogue had twins. Stephen and Lulla. Pogue was still glowing after she had given birth. She always wanted a big family and so did he...but three was their limit. They just thanked whoever was watching over them that they all got a long. Lulla, Josh and Stephen seemed to be inseperable. One day Pogue invited the girls Kiley and Mira over for lunch. They were relaxing out back watching the kids play and Alex help Lulla on the bouncy Llama. Mira watched them fondly, thinking of her own kids at home," Do you ever wonder if they'll form a group like we did?"
"Sometimes...I just hope that it doesn't turn out the way it did for us. With on leader rulling all," Kiley answered. Pogue nodded in agreement. The only one who could do that was a Legacy...and there were non among the babies.
Pogue got up and made her way over to Alex, rubbing his arm gently. He smiled at her warmly and took her hand kissing it gently.
"Alex," She giggled and looked over at her growing family. For once she made the right decision.
That is the end of Pogue's and Alex's chapter. Only one more left!!!!

I love you all!

Oh and....
And of computers go...I messed up AGAIN. And somehow Kiley was still pregnant when I loaded Alex and Pogue's house. Made her have the kids again and instead of having BOTH girl twins...she had one boy and one girl.....GRRRR. I am being overrun with boys Anyway, that's Miley and Bryce.

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#1MusicalDreamDec 29, 2008

Very nice! Well done!

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Awww the babies are so cute. And the story was great. I loved it.5.0 here.\:D \:D \:D

#3smiley00girlDec 29, 2008

Great part! I loved it!! \:D \:\) \:D

#4etheeaDec 31, 2008

the toddlers are really the story\:D\:P \:cool\: \:rah\:

#5etheeaDec 31, 2008

#6charrayFeb 6, 2009

Wonderful story \:\) \:rah\:

#7abugsauntFeb 18, 2009

Awesome!  Another great chapter.

#8MangioSep 19, 2009

awww...such a cute chapter \:wub\:

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