The Power of Fire - The Last Choice
Published Jan 9, 2009

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Hi All,

Welcome back to the FINAL, chapter of the power of fire. Wow it's been a long road filled with so many twists and turns. If you haven't read this story. I'ts not too late, go back and read all the previous chapters. There were a few problems with my last chapter. I wasn't able to change any of it because tsr was dealing with the problems. So have another look if you want. Thankyou again to everyone who even as much as clicked on my story it all counts in the end. I wish I could hug you all. (so ill send you cyber hugs :)X< ). Best Wishes Crystal.

Hi All,

Welcome back to the FINAL, chapter of the power of fire. Wow it's been a long road filled with so many twists and turns. If you haven't read this story. I'ts not too late, go back and read all the previous chapters. There were a few problems with my last chapter. I wasn't able to change any of it because tsr was dealing with the problems. So have another look if you want. Thankyou again to everyone who even as much as clicked on my story it all counts in the end. I wish I could hug you all. (so ill send you cyber hugs :)X< ). Best Wishes Crystal.


Suddenly a bright green light filled my vision. The light was so intense I had to cover my eyes. I knew what was happening.
The light faded and I looked up into the face of my younger sister.
She smiled down at me.
"You are strong Gabbrielle, it has been a long time you've been gone, and now it's time you went home."
I closed my eyes and whispered softly into the air,
"Goodbye my love."
I closed my eyes for a split second and I felt the wind brush past my face.
Then I heard an audible voice no louder than a whisper echo through my ear.
"... goodbye my love..."
I jumped up quickly and felt a muscle pull in the back of my neck. I quickly rasied my arm up and rubbed the spot. Where had that voice come from? I looked around and saw a female jogger running past me.
"Sorry miss, did you say something."
She gave me a sideways galnce and shook her head, before running off.
I slowly stood up and faced my youngest sister. She was very beautiful. Her hair was styled unlike anything I've ever seen and her eyes. They shone bright green, they were beautiful.
She placed her hands on her hips and studied my face.
"Your Julia, right? My younger sister. Daughter of Nature?" She smiled and spoke.
"Sister. I've never met you before. You left before I was even born but I feel like a part of me that was missing has been filled. And now I will take you home with me."
I gulped and slowly nodded.
"... goodbye my love..." The words kept repeating in my head. I looked around and saw the roling hills in the distance. "My Love" that had to be Gabbi. But how? She wasn't close to me. Unless... I think my sister noticed my sadness because she wrpped her long arms around me.
"What is wrong Gabbrielle? Aren't you happy your are coming home?"
I took in a shaky breath and re-assured her I was fine.
"Well, no matter what happens you'll be home again and everything will return to normal."
I raced down the path. It was her. Gabbi, must have met her other sister and thought I had given up on her. I didn't care if I had to run home. I had to make it in time to stop her. "First thing is first. I need to set up a barrier. It's a magical barrier. No one will be able to see what we're doing. All they will be able to see is the wonderful garden you have." She smiled.
She raised her hands and a green light began to form in her hands.
I closed my eyes once the light became too bright then I opened. It looked like a garden had been here ever since this house was built. I could barely see the house through the shrubs.
Any other day this would amaze me but today I just really didn't care.
She signalled for me to come forward. I took a few shakey steps and came to a holt infront of her.
"For the portal to open you will need to sucessfully complete the three spells my sisters have taught you. Teleportation, Fire and Healing. If you complete these tasks the portal will open and you will be free to leave this world behind and live with us."
Breathing was becoming rather difficult. I had been running for a long time now. I felt like giving up but I kept going. Thats when I saw an old horse and carriage coming down the road. Probably a tourist attraction. Thats when I was hit by an idea. "First thing's first. I want you to sucessfully complete a transportation spell. There is a small Valley near here. It's called Litherbrook, im sure you know it. I want you to close your eyes and and concentrate hard. This is not easy test because you are not very skilled in this area."
She stood silently as I took the information in.
"Are you ready?"
I mumbled a quick yes and closed my eyes.
I closed my eyes and tried to fight away bad memories. I found everything worked better when I had a clear mind. Standing rigid on the cool damp grass nothing happened. I started to get fustrated, I thought this would have been easy. Yet my mind flicked back to the scenes last night I encountered with Luke. My decision was that I was going to catch a ride home in a carriage.
I called out to the driver as she neared but she kept driving past. I needed this ride. I took my chances and ran up to the horse. I waved my arms trying to get her to stop. The horse neighed and I feared this was going to be the last thing I ever did.
I closed my eyes again and suddenly I felt the earth start to spin from underneath me. I didn't dare open my eyes to see if it was working. Though I knew it was. I could hear the faint voice of of my sister calling out to me with praise. When I opened my eyes I found myself staring into one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I never knew a place like this existed. Especially not this close to me. One day i'll take Luke here, I decided. Then I felt like someone whispered in my ear.
"Who?" and I remebered I would never see him again.
I closed my eyes waiting for the oncoming impact but Luckily she must have noticed me because she pulled on the reigns and the horse came to an immediate stop a few inches from my face.
I opened one eye and jumped back. I was staring into the balzing face of a beautiful black horse.
I ran around to the side of the carriage and begged her for a ride.
"Excuse me miss, I really need a ride it's urgent!" I pulled my hand out to show her I wasn't dangerous.
"Well obviously!" I noted her temper, maybe I was a bit drastic jumping infront of her but I didn't care.
Again I heard another whisper in m ear.
"Time to come home sister." I was pulled back from my thoughts. Fortunately I was able to transport myself back easily.
When my feet we're safely back on the ground I looked up and saw the smiling face of Julia.
"Well done! I didn't think you we're going to be able to complete the spell but you proved me wrong! Oh, and I must ask who is this Luke?"
I stood back shocked how could she know I was thinking about him.
I gave her a scowl, and her face dropped I think she thought she had said something wrong but I told her.
"He's a guy... why? ... and how did you know?" Her smile re-appeared.
"I have a gift that can read minds. So I can hear then animals and trees speak to me. It also works on humans. I can also tell this Luke is causing you great distress."
I folded my arms infront of me.
"Can we drop the subject and get on with this." Impatience outlined my voice.
"Very well."
I jumped in the carriage and she scowled at me.
"Please sir I advise you not to do this again. Both of us could have been injured..."
"Im sorry. I didn't mean to endanger our lives."
"Not you you! You babbling fool. My horse Jeffery!"
I felt my face redden with embarrasment. She was one stubborn woman!
"Okay! Im sorry but I need to get to my house immediately. My girlfriend and our relationship is in danger."
Her face darkened even more.
"Very well." I gave her the address and we sped off down the road.
As we traveled down the road. She babbled on about her life and her boyfriend. I tried to look amused but my mind was elsewhere. I couldn't help but imagine the worst possible outcome. Coming home to find her gone forever. "I am indeed sure you will enjoy your next test very much. I am going to bring out a person most dear to you and your job is to heal them." I nearly burst into tears. Not again!
"Please don't harm him!" I pleaded she gave me a confused stare.
"It is not a he, but a she." I stood still... she... then it hit me.
I stood stil and then this green smoke appeared before my eyes. I tried to focus on the person. I could faintly see the hands appear. My heart started racing with joy. The green smoke disappeared and the body slowly fell down to the ground. I looked down at Amy's lifeless body. I grew excited, yet fear stil held a tight grip for I worried I wasn't strong enough to heal someone.
"You now have one minute to save your friend."
Once she said to start I immediately fell to the ground. I placed my fingers on her neck. There was no pulse. So she was still dead. I crouched on my feet and looked down at her.
"Amy? Can you hear me?" No reply came. It was time to start working some magic.
"50 seconds!" Called Julia. My heart started racing faster.
I sat down next to her and closed my eyes.
"40 seconds!"
I started sweating. I tried to block away bad thoughts. Though somehow I was brought back to the day she died. Memories coming back.
I got fustrated and went down on all fours on the damp grass. A cool sensation went through my body.
"30 seconds!" I closed my eyes tightly and tried to focus my power on her.
"20 seconds!" I grabbed her stone cold hand and squeezed it tightly in mine.
"Come on Amy, you can do it..." I murmured.
"10 seconds remaining!"
It was now or never. I concentrated harder blocking out everything.
"5...4...3...2..." Nothing was happening.
"..1" I looked down. She was still lying unconcious. I started to panic had I missed my chance.
Then this light started to appear above her.
I looked over to Julia. She was watching Amy too. I could see she was smiling. Amy was going to make it! Amy opened her eyes and smiled at me. I helped pull her up and I grabbed her arms.
"Let me look at you!" She was looking the exact way she did when she died those many months ago.
"Im so sorry Amy, both Luke and I!" She smiled and hugged me.
"Don't worry I know everything, even about your past. Don't ask me how though but I think it's time for you to go home."
I hugged her once more and I mouthed the words thankyou over my shoulder to Julia.
She smiled at me and nodded.
"Goodbye Amy, i'll never forget you!"
Amy said goodbye and took her car to her parents house to tell them the good news.
"... so I really think he's cheating on me I even found..." she continued her ignorant speech which I was paying no attention to when we pulled up outside the house.
"There it is!" I quickly pulled out my wallet and left some money for the ride and some extra to keep her quiet.
I stepped forward and hugged Julia tightly. She seemed to be suprised and just stood still, then she laughed and hugged me back.
"Thankyou Julia. This is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me!"
"Your welcome. It's good to see you happy."
I launched myself out of the carriage and ran to the house. The door was open which caught me as unusual. We never left the door open unless we were out in the garden. "For your last test I want you to make a simple fire. I know this is your strength so you won't have any trouble I suspect. Then if you complete it the portal will open for you."
"Very Well"
Without effort I felt the heat begin to burn through my fingers and take over my body. It began at the tips of my fingers then the glow burned brighter. It spread through my body and my feet we're surrounded in a ring of fire. I ran inside and called out to her.
"Gabbi! Gabbi! Im home! Please forgive me! Where are you?"
I stood quietly expectant for an answer but none came. I only heard the slight echo of my voice bouncing off the walls.
I brought my hand up and the flames soared, I started laughing. It was working I was going home! I twirled my fingers around and made patterns with the fire but then a low rumble stopped me. I searched through the house and came to a halt in the study. I looked through the window and into the garden. Garden? That was never there. My heart started racing. How did it get to be there. Immediately the fire stopped and I took a few steps to the side. I noticed that Julia was no longer standing infront of a row of vines but she had moved that when the light began to grow. I ran out to the garden. I started to panic. She wasn't there. I couldn't see anyone. I couldn't even hear anything except for the quiet chatter of the small animals that took shelter in places such as these. The light became overpowering and I shielded my eyes. Then I briefly looked up and saw it. I saw the portal. It looked like a forest.It was beautiful. My thoughts we're quickly interrupted by a familliar voice. I walked into the garden and my heart stopped. There was no one there. I started to shake. I had missed her. She had already gone to her home planet. I quickly spun around. There stood Luke. He didn't seem to see me. My heart started to race.
"Don't do it! If you say his name he will be able to see us." Julia Warned.
My eyes started to tear up.
I couldn't leave without saying goodbye?
He started to walk towards me but it looked like he was staring through me. I waved my hands and he didn't even flinch.
"Time to go Gabbrielle. If you don't leave soon the portal will close up." I was feeling breathless. I had to make my choice now.
I turned to see Julia's stern face.
"I know what your thinking. You want to marry him!" She advanced towards me, hate filling her eyes.
"He's a human! He is nothing compared to all the men in Ellevean! He is a mere mortal pathetic!"
I turned to see Luke. He was still the most handsome man I have ever met. I didn't know what to do. I knew if I left I would still love him. Though on the other hand if I stay I can marry him and have children with him. It would be perfect.
"Gabbi! Don't do it, forget him. Forget your life here and meet your family your real family."
"Do it now! Walk through the portal!" I started to worry she was yelling at me.
She must have read my mind because her face returned to a calm smile.
"Listen to me. You'll be home! How do you know your love with him will last!"
She had a point. I couldn't guarantee we would be together for ever.
I closed my eyes and made my choice. I turned around from Luke and walked to the portal. I knew that everything would work out and my life back to normal once I left earth. I would see my prents. The people who are responsible for my life.
Thats when I heard him.
I heard a muffled sob come from behind me. I bit my lip and kept walking. I looked ahead and saw Julia smiling. The sobbing continued into a desperate wailing. I bit harder and looked away. My eye's were tearing up. "NO! No no no no no!" I cried hysterically. She was gone but at least I could get the words off my chest.
"Im so sorry sweetie. I'm too late. Oh Gabbi, I love you. I don't care where you come from I don't care about anything anymore! All I care is you. But I'm too late. Im sorry! I wish things we're different. I'll love you to the day I die!" Goodbye.
I pulled my foot through the portal and felt the rush of the wind. But I stopped. I pulled my foot back in and turned around to see Luke. I couldn't resist any longer I broke out into a run.
"LUKE! Im here! I haven't left!"
He looked up and gave me the biggest grin I've ever seen.
"Gabb-" I cut his sentence short. I leapt into his arms and held on tightly.
"NO! Gabbrielle. You are making a huge mistake! It's too late for you. You will never return. Everyone is going to be disappointed!" Called julia
I turned my head stil incased in Lukes arms.
"I think you'll survive!" I called she looked at me and I gave her a wink.
She closed her eyes and the bright light absorbed her.
Luke let me down to the ground gently. He then wrapped his arms around mine. He dipped me towards the ground and brought his face close to mine.
"Im sorry for all the trouble I have caused you. I love you Gabbrielle."
Then our lips met. His tasted like sweet sugar. He kissed me passionately. I closed my eyes and savoured the moment. His arms we're gripping tightly at my waist. I could have held him till the day I died. "Did you know something?" I asked. he smiled at me and chuckled.
"What's that?"
"I think we should try that marriage proposal again."
We both started laughing.
He got down on one knee and pulled out the same velvet box.
"Will you Gabbrielle, marry me?"
I pulled the diamond ring out of the box and watched it sparkle in the sunlight.
I slipped it on my finger and watched his joyful face as I waved it around in the air. I looked down at him and winked. He stood up and again I leapt into his arms.
"So is that a yes?"
"No its not. It's a definate yes!"
I kissed his cheek and breathed in his scent.
For our wedding we chose a secluded spot on the beach. We didn't want it big and fancy. We just wanted a nice petite memorable occasion. Only Luke, Amy and I we're going to go. While we stood on the edge of the ocean. We ran through our vows, everything that had run through our mind's since we first met. The joy buzzing inside me was overwhelming. In a few minutes he would be my husband. After our vow's, Luke produced a ring and gently slipped it onto my finger. I then did the same to him. My heart started racing. It was nearly over. We were nearly about to spend the rest of our lives together. We leant in close and our lips met. I had been longing for this kiss for so long that I came to believe it would never occur. But here I was in the arms of my husband. My future finally clear. As we gazed into eachothers eyes we were abundantly glad, that even though we had had tough times. We never gave up. Now it was all worth it. The only thing that has never changed is the red pendant slung around my neck that links me to my past and shows me the Power Of Fire.


Well all thats it. The shows over. I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know if you want a follow up of what happens in their life.

Thanks crystal.

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#24QGJan 11, 2009

awsome ending! but is it really the end?? really really?\:wub\:

#25SarahspoJan 11, 2009

\:wub\:I enjoyed reading this story you did a great job, and a follow-up would be cool (if only the portal could stay open forever) oh and what does her parents look like?

#26debbie1Jan 11, 2009

LOVED IT !!! I enjoyed reading all of the story. Hope you dom a follow up\;\)

#27cep1247Jan 11, 2009

Really great story! so sad thats its over though! but please like everyone else...follow up!ddd\:\)

#28plyangel456Jan 14, 2009

I loved it! I hope that you do a follow up! I enjoyed this story A LOT! -plyangel456- \:D

#29charrayJan 14, 2009

Really, really good story \:rah\: \:\)

#30jayb04Jan 20, 2009

WOW! Great job that was a very great series thank you so much for sharing! \:rah\: \:wub\: \:rah\:

#31fairydust0524Jan 23, 2009

Great ending to a great story.

#32morganalafayJan 26, 2009

This was one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read, I really hope to see more of your work.\:rah\:

#33aburkeMar 26, 2009

This is probably one of the best stories I've read on this site. The screenshots were excellent and the story was intriquing. thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. \:\)

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