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Melt my heart part 3.
Published May 14, 2009

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The house was not built by me, I got it from Mod The Sims and it is called d'amour French Country Chateau by Brighten 11, the sims Blake and Morgan are not made by me either, I got them from Mod The Sims as well. Blake is called Robert Hawkwood * handsome indie rocker by Kamikitten and Morgan is called Anette by Anva, Thank you to them for such wonderful creations. The other sims in the story were made by me, also I'd like to say thank you to the guys who made the custom content, clothes, hair, eyes etc, anyway I hope you enjoy the story.

The house was not built by me, I got it from Mod The Sims and it is called d'amour French Country Chateau by Brighten 11, the sims Blake and Morgan are not made by me either, I got them from Mod The Sims as well. Blake is called Robert Hawkwood * handsome indie rocker by Kamikitten and Morgan is called Anette by Anva, Thank you to them for such wonderful creations. The other sims in the story were made by me, also I'd like to say thank you to the guys who made the custom content, clothes, hair, eyes etc, anyway I hope you enjoy the story.
"Why not?" asked Blake.
"We just can't" said Morgan as she picked up her key and inserted it into the lock with shaky hands, she opened the door and Blake watched as she walked inside.
Morgan shut the door not looking back at Blake, and walked in the direction of the lounge. Blake could see Morgan through the glass of the door, he desperately wanted to comfort her, knowing she was upset, but not knowing what about. "Morgan" shouted Blake as he banged on the door, he saw Morgan hesitate.
"Morgan please let me in" he shouted again, "I just want to help, if I can".
"Go away Blake" shouted Morgan back, it was the first time she had said his name it felt strange for her, calling him Blake, she went into the lounge and sat on the sofa.
Morgan didn't answer back, so Blake turned around in frustration and slowly walked home, wondering why she was the way she was. What the hell had happened to her, If only she would let me in, I'm sure I could help her, thought Blake angrily.
Morgan burst out crying, she didn't know why she was crying, her life was so perfect before Blake showed up, things were so simple then, but now her emotions were all over the place, she needed comfort, she needed to speak to her parents. She got up and went to a door which lead to a special room behind the fire place, no one knew it was there not even Kim. Inside were pictures of her parents, there were two tables, each with an urn on. This was where she kept the ashes of her mum and dad, it felt like they were still with her this way. Morgan spoke to her mum like she always did when she had a problem, but usually it was with a book not her emotions, she needed her parents more than ever now. "Mum I've met this guy, his name's Blake and him, (the realization that she liked Blake hit her hard) I don't know what to do, I can't let him into my heart. I'm so confused, and scared, I need your guidance" said Morgan to the empty room. "Mum, dad why did you have to leave me," sobbed Morgan, wishing she could tell them things she never got the chance to say, her heart aching with the pain of losing her parents, it still hurt as if it had happened yesterday, Morgan had done so much grieving for her parents, would it ever stop. Morgan came out of her special room an hour later, not feeling any better than when she'd gone into the room, all sorts of emotions were running around her head, she felt so drained, so exhausted, she decided to go to bed. Morgan had had a restless night, she'd been dreaming about Blake again. What the hell's wrong with me thought Morgan, I just can't stop thinking about him.
As it was Saturday morning she didn't have to go into the office, which was just as well because her office now reminded her of Blake. She sighed and got up to face the day.
Morgan thought a walk might help to clear her thoughts, as she walked she could smell the fresh morning air, she loved that smell, it reminded her of happy times, her and her dad playing in the long grassy fields at the back of their house, playing hide and seek, she smiled at the memory as she walked. Before she knew it she'd walked a couple of miles, her head filled with memories of her parents and the week just gone, she was glad to see a bench, her feet were aching, she hadn't walked this much since she'd lost her parents. She sat on the bench to rest and again her mind turned to thoughts of Blake. I've never experienced anything like this before, she thought, I wonder if this is what it's like to go mad. After about twenty minutes it started to rain, Morgan reluctantly got up and headed for home. Saturday had passed by quickly and Morgan hadn't done a thing all day, except gone for the walk. She tried phoning Kim but got no reply, she must be out with Tim again thought Morgan. That night Morgan got ready for bed and lay on her bed thinking about Blake yet again. She must have fallen asleep at some point, because several hours later she woke with a start, it was 3 o'clock in the morning, she rubbed her eyes and got up off the bed. Morgan was wide awake, so she got dressed and watched a film, it was a romantic film, she didn't need reminding of that so she turned it off and headed towards her office. Maybe I could do some work she thought. She sat down at her computer. Put on her glasses and loaded up her story on the computer. Then she started to type. She thought about Blake and it seemed to help, the words flowed out from her imagination, her fingers couldn't type quick enough to keep up with the story unfolding in her brain. It was getting light, about 7 o'clock in the morning and still the words kept coming. By 3 o'clock in the afternoon she was finished, her fingers, hands, wrists and arms ached, and her back was begging for mercy, but she was done, and she felt pleased with her latest creation. She saved her work then turned the computer off, got up and went to have something to eat, she hadn't eaten since last night. It had been an unusual weekend, but come Monday it would be back to a familiar routine. The weekend was over, it was Monday morning, the sun shone on Morgan's face, what time was it thought Morgan. She sat up and looked at the clock on the wall, it said nine thirty, Nine thirty thought Morgan, she was late for work, she had never been late for anything in her life. She quickly showered and got changed and ran to the office. When she got there Blake was sitting at his desk sorting through the mail, Morgan had given him a key to the office at the end of last week now that she trusted him.
Her heart missed a beat as she looked down at Blake, "Good Morning" said Blake. Morgan could hear the amusement in his voice.
Morgan went into work mode, "I'm sorry I'm late Mr Harrison....any calls for me?".
Blake wanted to talk about Friday night but thought better of it and said, "Your publisher called, they want to do a photo-shoot for your book, I said you'd call them back".
"Thank you Mr Harrison, I'll do that now".
The day of the photo-shoot arrived, it was a ridiculous time to be doing a photo shoot at 5 o'clock in the morning, her publisher said it needed to go to print that morning and that was why it was scheduled so early. Morgan was nervous, she'd never had to do anything like this before, her publisher wanted her to be on the cover of the book, and when her publisher had seen Blake they decided there and then that he would be perfect for the roll they wanted him to play. Morgan initially refused but her publisher had been very insistant, Morgan had given up arguing with them in the end and agreed. Kim was there for support, Morgan had insisted "You'll be fine, the sooner you do this the sooner you can get on with other things".
"I don't know why they want me dressed like this, I feel so embarassed".
"It makes it look more romantic I suppose, it is a romantic story after all".
"I know but...,"
"Miss Read I'm ready for you now" said the photographer.
"Wish me luck".
"You don't need it you'll be fine".
"Ok when you're ready, give me romance and passion" said the photographer, Morgan felt awkward. Kim watched as Morgan was kissed for the first time in her life, she was a little annoyed at Blake for having a bet with Tim at the expense of her friend, she'd had a go at Tim for even suggesting such a thing, as soon as she got a minute with Blake she would have a go at him too. She just wished her friend was being kissed because she was in love and not just for a damned picture, she desperately wanted to see Morgan happy. Blake leaned in to kiss her, She looks so beautiful thought Blake as his heart ached for her, he looked into her eyes, Morgan looked into Blakes eyes and saw something she had never encountered before and couldn't quite understand what it was, she forgot all about the photograph. As Blake leaned in to kiss Morgan he realized at that moment he was in love with her, she wasn't like the other women he usually went out with, she was different, he wished they were alone. "Morgan" whispered Blake as he closed his eyes and felt her warm lips on his, he wanted to pull her to him and give her a real kiss but now wasn't the time, the kiss was fake, just a pretence for the camera, it was over in seconds. Morgan heard Blake whisper her name and she shivered as Blakes lips touched hers, she didn't know why because she wasn't cold, she was far from cold. When the photo shoot was finished, Morgan went over and asked Kim what she thought, as they were talking Blake came over. "Can I speak to you for a second?".
"What about?".
Blake looked over st Kim and said, "Can you give us a minute alone?".
"Sure" said Kim.
Morgan didn't want to be alone with Blake, she turned round to face Kim, "Stay here Kim" pleaded Morgan.
"I'll be in the kitchen, I'll make us some coffee," said Kim.
Morgan turned back to Blake, "Do you mind if I get dressed first, I'm feeling a bit cold" said Morgan.
"I'll wait" said Blake.
Blake put his tee shirt back on and went towards the kitchen, he needed a coffee but couldn't smell coffee in the air. When he got into the kitchen Kim was making a chocolate not a coffee,
"I thought you were doing a coffee?".
"I fancied a chocolate" said Kim not looking at Blake.
While they waited for the chocolate to heat up, Kim asked Blake about the bet he had with Tim.
"Tim told you then?".
" could you do that to Morgan?".
"I didn't know her when I agreed to the bet".
"That's not the point" said Kim folding her arms.
"To be honest I don't care about the bet anymore, I really like her and I want to get to know her....I know something must have happened in her past to make her the way she is".
"I shouldn't really tell you this, but....her parents died when she was 15, she's never got over it, I've tried to support her all I can but sometimes she even shuts me out, she's a lovely person underneath you just need to know when to back off, if you know what I mean".
"How did they die?".
"They were on their way to the airport, they were going on holiday for a week when a lorry crashed into them head on, killing them instantly".
"Oh god.....was Morgan with them?".
"No, she was staying at my house for the week, her parents always went away for a week without her".
Just as Kim finished the sentance Morgan walked in, she went pale as she heard Kim telling Blake about her parents.
"Kim!" said Morgan surprised.
Kim and Blake looked over at Morgan and saw the shock and anger on her face.
"How could you, I thought you were my friend, that's private, how dare you tell him about me".

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topaz27Jul 29, 2009

Amazing and terrific story, great chapter \:rah\: \:wub\:

Murphy75May 27, 2009

I hope that Morgan gets over her anger towards Blake.  Great shots too, they go so well with the captions!!\:D

MangioMay 23, 2009

Now Blake understands why...they could have a relationship know, i guess. Oh well i guess i have to wait and find out. Well i wish Kim stays a trusted friend too.

misha1013May 22, 2009

loved the \:D story...where did you get the house?

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