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Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to introduce my new story - Hidden. This will be one of my shorter stories, there will only be two or three parts. It's a little different to my usual stories and I really hope you will enjoy it!

I would also like to thank Cyclonesue for her wonderful 'junkyard' sets which gave me the idea for this story...I couldn't have done it without them :D


Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to introduce my new story - Hidden. This will be one of my shorter stories, there will only be two or three parts. It's a little different to my usual stories and I really hope you will enjoy it!

I would also like to thank Cyclonesue for her wonderful 'junkyard' sets which gave me the idea for this story...I couldn't have done it without them :D

The night sky was as black as a panther's fur, blanketing the town in darkness. If not for the large, luminous moon, the towns people would have had to rely solely on man-made light.
The wind howled and the air was thick with the threat of rain, causing a rush as people hurried to reach the safety and warmth of their home.
On the outskirts of town, though, where it was darkest, this unpredictable weather was welcomed. It kept prying eyes away from the house which sat alone. The 'haunted house'.
The yard was strewn with useless items: flat tyres, old crates, broken chairs and stagnant litter; the grass was a dull brown in most places and there were shrubs growing everywhere, out of control.
Many people believed this house to be haunted, especially young children, and rumours had circulated for years questioning the sanity of its inhabitant.
Only those who had been living in Riverview for longer than twenty years would possibly remember the woman the town now called 'Merdusa'. Even then, chances would be slim.
Back then, she had been a happy newlywed and proud new mother to a lovely, little girl. Blessed with a beautiful family later in life than most, she took nothing for granted.
But then tragedy struck, and it struck very close to home. No one saw her again after that and details of the tragedy were never spoken of for fear of an unknown threat.
But there was a young girl in town who was full of curiousity about this woman who no one knew.
Josie MacIntyre was bright and bubbly with a smattering of freckles across her nose. She was curious about everyone and everything, and fearless of nothing. To say her boundless energy and questions exhausted her parents was an understatement!
On this particular night, with the wind whistling past the windows, Josie approached her mother who was about to clear the dinner dishes.
Her mother smiled down at her daughter and knew a question was coming. "Yes, sweetheart?"
"Why does the lady in the haunted house stay inside all the time?" Josie asked, her brows furrowed.
A small sigh escaped her mother's lips. "Josie...I thought we went over this already? I don't know why she stays inside but I'm sure she has her reasons. We can't be sticking our nose in other people's business, ok?"
"But, muuum," Josie replied. "What if she wants some friends but is too scared to come out?"
Her mother shook her head, she knew what her daughter was implying. "No, Josie, you're not going there. Do you hear me? If you get anywhere near that woman's house, you will be grounded. The last thing she needs is more children pestering her."
Staring out her bedroom window later that night, Josie cast her eyes to the full moon. Most nights she could be found here, by the window, as her imagination flew her into outer space; it was her dream to one day walk on the moon.
Tonight, though, her thoughts were firmly clasped on the woman and the haunted house. She wondered if she was looking at the moon, too, wondered if she had dreams and wishes just like everyone else.

Davina stared up at the moon through her small window. In this lifetime of loneliness, it was the one thing which had been her constant, her friend. Just the knowledge of its presence high above her was enough to let her eyes rest, if only for a few moments.
It wasn't long before even the slightest noise awakened her senses, though. A cat's cry, a tree branch scraping against the house, a rubbish can falling over; it all caused her heart to beat with extraordinary speed and a thin film of sweat to spread over her face.
It didn't help that children were drawn to her house out of curiousity. They would constantly try and get as close as they could before they were spooked by the slightest of sounds - Davina never even had to make an appearance which, she guessed, added to the mystery.
Although she knew they were just young children, probably acting on dares, they spooked her as much as she spooked them. The only difference being that she did nothing to provoke it; besides being different, of course.
For twenty odd years she had lived this way and she wasn't about to let some snotty nosed children change that. Not that they could; her fear of the outside world was all encompassing. The last time she had taken more than three footsteps outside her front door was longer than her memory cared to recollect.
Maybe things would be vastly different had her life before all this gone to plan. But nothing in Davina's life had ever gone to plan so she had stopped wasting time thinking about what could have been a long time ago.

By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, Josie was glad to see the end of the school week. She loved school, was always eager to learn, but the weekends provided her with a chance to explore the outdoors and that was just as fascinating.
As she walked to and from school everyday, she usually made good time each way. On this particular day, though, there was no reason for her to rush so she sauntered along the footpath appreciating the beautiful afternoon.
Josie's mother had left that morning for a weekend business trip and although her father had been told to be at home when Josie got there, she knew he wouldn't be. He would be working late, like he always was.
Without realising it, Josie was walking further and further away from home and closer to the edge of town she was meant to keep away from. And when she finally did realise where she was heading, she did not turn back.
The sun was slowly setting by the time she reached her destination, the colours of sunset casting an eerie glow on the house partly hidden before her.
It fascinated her, the haunted house. Whether it was the mess that framed it, the mystery surrounding its occupant or purely the fact that it was out of bounds, she stood in awe. It was strangely beautiful and she couldn't help but be drawn in.
Tentatively, she crept closer. Adrenalin rushed through her as her conscience reminded her she was going against her mother's orders.
If you get anywhere near that woman's house, you will be grounded.
Josie shook her mother's voice from her mind and concentrated on picking her way through the litter scattering the yard.
She stood at the bottom of the stairs and gazed up at the house. It was blanketed in shadows and Josie's imagination went into overdrive thinking about what could lay inside; a pile of dead bodies, a whole family of cats, a trap door that led down into a secret chamber fit for a king...and maybe there was king!
Chuckling, she discarded these very unlikely scenarios and pushed herself up the stairs to the front door.
She had always credited herself for being fearless but even Josie had to admit that she was feeling quite anxious about what she was about to do.
I could turn back right now, she thought to herself, and no one would even know.
Even as the thought passed through her mind, she knew she wouldn't turn back. She never chickened out of anything and this was something she needed to do, wanted to do, more than anything.
Before she could think about it any further, her hand flew up out of her control and knocked on the door several times. She stood there, waiting...but nothing happened. Five minuted passed...still nothing.
Maybe, she thought, all these rumours had been completely fake all along to keep children away from an abandoned house. Maybe she had fallen for the oldest trick in the book.
Suddenly, just as Josie was about to turn away and walk back home, a gruff voice sounded from the other side of the door.
"Go away."
Josie's eyes grew wide. "Uh...hi! My name's Josie, what's yours?"
"Go away," the voice repeated.
Josie sighed. "Please, I just want to be your friend. You don't have to be scared of me."
More silence followed.
"This is private property."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to trespass," Josie said. "But, I don't have any friends, either. My mum says that I'm just too smart for everyone my age. I wish I wasn't, though. I just want to speak to you, that's all."

Without warning, after what seemed like an eternity of silence, the door in front of her creaked open a few inches and Josie seemed unsure of what she should do next.

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#40liljojobubblesApr 4, 2010

Wow!! This is the first story I've read on TSR and I've got to say it was great!! And very good use of cyclonesue's work. I can't wait for the next part to come out!!! (:

#41mkaye9Apr 4, 2010

That was amazing (:

#42veronica55Apr 5, 2010

Woot ! Great start \:\) Heheheh creeeeeeppyyyy lmao i am looking forward for the next part. \:\) Congratss !

#43kanzenApr 6, 2010

oh shammie that was superb! I love every part of it *_* your writing and grammar are also top notch XD

#44FantasyPearlApr 10, 2010

That was a SUPER start to your story, good job! I'm quickly going to go on and read the second part. \:D
peace  -xx-  FantasyPearl

#45anura32Apr 11, 2010

I love it...

#46ohgodcaitlynApr 13, 2010

5.0! I cant wait to read the rest of the story.

#47jonialNov 10, 2010

Nice, i rated this 5. off the the next chapter\:D

#48muiseDec 28, 2010

nice, love it \:\)

#49SuperbiaJan 31, 2011

Oh great story! Off to the next part!

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