All That Lies Ahead...02
Published Mar 3, 2010

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Welcome To Part 2 Everybody, I really enjoyed writing this chapter, I hope you all enjoy it as well. Comments and feedback are of course always appreciated. :)

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*


Welcome To Part 2 Everybody, I really enjoyed writing this chapter, I hope you all enjoy it as well. Comments and feedback are of course always appreciated. :)

* Without all the wonderful CC this story would be IMPOSSIBLE, I thank all the new creators & original creators for their wonderful talent.*

The day was dull, the sun was hidden, no wind blew, the clouds were gray, and Grace hadn't felt any type of sadness inside her. Here she was, sitting here at her mother's funeral and she couldn't find it in herself to shed a single tear. She was quite positive that her body couldn't generate anymore tears after spending years of crying over how miserable her mother had made her life. Why would she cry over someone she barely knew? Someone who ruined her life at such a young age, and who didn't provide her with the love that she deserved. Every minute that passed Grace had become more and more restless, this was the last place that she wanted to be. She didn't care what the Reverend was saying or what the voices around her were saying either. It was a small ceremony being held considering that her mother didn't get out enough to meet anyone throughout her life. The Reverend had went on and on, ranting about how glorious Heaven was, and how her mother wouldn't have to suffer anymore. "She's in a better place...." He had kept saying. He had made heaven sound like such a paradise, but Grace had doubted that her mother was in heaven. When the ceremony had finally ended Grace didn't say a word, or even take the time to look around at anyone who was there. She just got up, adjusted her dress and was about to head on home until she heard a young woman chatting behind her. The voice didn't sound familiar but she was talking like she knew who Grace was. Curiosity overcame Grace and she decided to stay a bit longer to see if the woman would approach her.
About a few minutes had passed and a young woman who looked about the same age as Grace had eventually approached her. The woman's features were noticeably beautiful, from her dark brown chocolate eyes, smooth light brown skin, and her shiny red hair. But who was she? Grace had wondered.
As she stuck her hand out for Grace to shake it she had revealed a beautiful white smile behind her red lipstick. "Hi, you must be Grace. I'm Olivia Reyes. I'm really sorry about your mother, I know this must be so hard on you."
"Oh, of course not." She said with a slight scoff. "I'm actually feeling really good, this hasn't affected me one bit."
Olivia had looked really puzzled as to how Grace had responded, most people would be a wreck at their mother's funeral and she wasn't sad at all.
"Well...Grace, that's good I guess. I didn't know her really well, but my mother did. They are sisters."
Now Grace was the one who was puzzled.
"Really? So we're related? You're my cousin and your mother is my aunt?"
"Yes. I knew who you were the moment I looked at you."
Grace's mother had never told her she had any other living relatives, and she deffinately didn't tell her she had a sister. Grace was indeed very dissapointed but she was also happy to know that she had a relative who looked nearly the same age as her.
"I'm just a bit shocked because my mother never told me I had other family members that were alive. It's really a pleasure to meet you."
"Yes, of course. I'm happy to meet you as well. If you don't mind, do you want to finish this conversation over at my place?"
"Sure, I wouldn't mind that at all."
Grace didn't own a car, and she usually walked everywhere, but Olivia did and they made their way over to Olivia's home after saying their last goodbyes and leaving the ceremony. From the outside of Olivia's house it had looked beautiful, it had seemed like her other relatives were living quite well all these years. The inside of the house was just as beautiful as the outside of the house. Everything was so neatly put together and it was such a nice home for a person living alone.
"Well, this is my place Grace. Go on and make yourself at home while I change out of these clothes."
Grace was more than happy to make herself at home, her feet were hurting her and she had gotten so uncomfortable after sitting in a dress and stilettos for hours. She made her way to the couch and got as comfortable as she needed to. There was no telling how long she would be here but she wanted to hear more about the family that she had missed out on for most of her life. Olivia had finally joined Grace in the living room after she had noticeably changed out of her clothes and let down her hair. Her beautiful red hair had reminded her so much of her mother's long red hair. She didn't understand what it was that made them dye their hair red but it fit Olivia very well.
"This is such a beautiful house Olivia, thank you for inviting me."
"No problem Grace, you're family. Are you thirsty or hungry? I can get you something if you'd like."
At the moment a drink and food were the last thing on Grace's mind. She just wanted to hear about her mother, and of course her aunt that she never knew.
"No thank you. I just want to talk more about my aunt and my mother."
"Oh, of course, of course." She said as she revealed her pearly white smile once again.
"Well, I'll only tell you what I can remember. When I was growing up my mother had been telling me about you and your mother for years but I never got the chance to meet your mother, or you. Your mother had suffered from depression and it had all started when she and my mom were little girls.... Our mothers had grown up without their father because he had walked out on them when they were very young. Every single day their mother and father argued and as each day came the arguments got worse and I might add, very physical. My mother and aunt Marylin had witnessed it all, and things like domestic violence and divorces can scar children for life.... My mother was the oldest, and she looked after aunt Marylin the best she possibly could. My mother was strong and at such a young age she could somehow deal with the things she witnessed and not let them affect her. However, it had affected aunt Marylin to the point that she had stopped talking for a long period of time. Their mother was also suffering from depression and she couldn't care for them as well as she used to. My mother had taken care of aunt Marylin and herself up until the time they were teens.... I can't remember much after that but I do know that our mothers had miraculously gotten pregnant around the same time. My mom was pregnant with me of course and aunt Marylin was pregnant with you. My mother had made sure she was going to be a better mother than their mother ever was and she would care for her child more than she would care for herself. Aunt Marylin on the other hand didn't want a child. My mother convinced her to keep her baby and she did. She kept it because my mother wanted her to, not because she wanted to. The two of them had got into an argument days before they had given birth to us and my mother never told me why they stopped talking to each other. I just know that after they had given birth they didn't speak for years after. My mother never got to see you, and your mother never got to see me. My mother told me about the little things she did find out about you and I always wanted to meet you but your mother wouldn't allow it. I had always dreamed about meeting you….I just didn’t know when that day would ever come.” Grace had sat for a couple of minutes in silence, not sure of how she should respond to the story she was just told. There were moments when she felt as if words would come out but they didn't. Not only did her mother keep this from her but she kept her own niece and sister out of her life even before she was born. Grace lowered her eyes and looked down into her lap.
"So my mother suffered from depression? Kept you away from me? And she didn't want to keep me in the first place?"
"I know it's hard to hear all of this, but yes, it's all true Grace."
"I just don't understand any of it, if she knew she didn't want me why didn't she just abort me. Or better yet, give me to your mother."
"I'm so sorry Grace."
So many things had ran through Grace's mind, she didn't understand what her purpose of coming into the world was. She wasn't wanted and wasn't loved by her mother, that's surely what it had seemed like. The only thing Grace felt she could do was return back home and think it all through, let off some steam and just let it go.
Grace looked into Olivia's eyes and realized she wasn't the one who needed to be sorry. "No, there's no need to be sorry Olivia. I owe you an apology, I shouldn't have even asked, it was none of my business anyways. Thank you for taking the time to let me know though. I will keep in touch with you but I must return home now."
"Anytime Grace, anytime."
Before leaving Olivia's home she and Olivia had exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch regularly.
Later on that day after Grace got home, she changed out of those clothes and sat outside in her beautiful garden letting the soft wind caress her brown skin and blow through her long thick black hair. She couldn't get over what she was just told, she didn't feel any pity for her mother or any type of sorrow either. Grace had practically raised herself, with no help from her mother. From the time she was a toddler up until now, as an adult. Her mother never did a single thing for her. After her mother had moved them out of the neighborhood her life had only gotten worse. Grace had no friends, she and her mother lived in a shelter, and she was teased every single day because she couldn't fit in. The truth behind the move was that they were evicted, her mother hadn't been paying the bills and eventually it caught up to her and they were kicked out. Grace was much too young to understand but she was able to cope. As a teen, Grace was a very quiet girl, and she didn't talk to everyone. She had developed hips and breasts just like women were supposed to and she was an attractive girl. She had her share of boyfriends but they were never serious relationships. She told herself that she would go to college, graduate, and find a good job and buy a beautiful home someday. Far away from her mother was where she wanted to be. An apology from her mom would've at least been nice, considering all the hell she had put her through. Grace had spent the rest of her evening sitting in her Garden thinking her life over until the sun went down. The moon was highest in the sky and the bright stars were beaming around it. Grace looked up, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it all go. It was the only way she could get over all the hurt and pain she had felt all those years. Her eyes had began to get heavy and she gently yawned. She wasn't kidding herself, she had been outside all day and it was time for her to go inside and go to bed. On her way to her bedroom, something stopped her. It was her photo album that had all the pictures she had taken when she was a little girl. Across the front of it read "Memories". She was curious to see how much she had grew up since then so she grabbed the album and got comfortable on her couch. She had instantly found herself smiling and laughing as she came across certain photos. Some moments of her life were happy ones and some moments were sad ones, she couldn't compain. Her happy moment was cut short when she came across a page that had nothing but pictures of her and her childhood friend Malik. Malik....Malik Turner. There was no way she could've ever forgotten about him, because he was her bestfriend. She had remembered how close they were, and how they did everything together as kids. He was the only one who would listen to her, and appreciate her for the person she was. She had missed him dearly ever since she moved. She had always hoped that as she got older maybe she would randomly run into him, but she never did. Sadness had soon overcome Grace, and it felt as if an electric shock had went through her entire body. Her eyes had gotten watery and before she knew it a warm tear had ran down her face. She just wanted to see Malik someday and see how he was doing. She didn't want anything more. She hated her mother for taking her away from the only person she had ever loved and ever cared about. She herself never got the chance to tell Malik how she really felt about him and she just hoped that someday she would find him, and tell him everything.

*To Be Continued*

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#8spitzmagicMar 5, 2010

Stace, wonderful chapter, It's good that she released some of those tears or more of she can set out to find her friend..looking forward to the next chapter...\:wub\:

#9IllandryaMar 6, 2010

Great chapter! I'm glad Grace has learned a little more about her past and, hopefully, in time she will come to understand her mother a little better because of it. Can't wait to find out where her life will take her now that she is on her own.

#10danitra213Mar 6, 2010


#11urm0mMar 6, 2010

Excellent part \:D

#12artsysimaddictMar 6, 2010

Oh, poor Grace! What a horrible mother, not even letting her family see her, and keeping her from everyone. In Chap. 1, I felt bad for Grace, and now, I almost cried. VERY VERY VERY emotional, very good, and I REALLY hope she finds Malik. And, BTW, very good dialogue. Loved it!

#13xoxbabyguhxoxMar 7, 2010

Awh, I feel horrible for Grace. Her mom is so stupid. I hope she finds Malik and they live happily ever after. (:

#14Jennifer_RMar 10, 2010

A great second part! Very entertaining and well written. \:rah\: I'm really enjoying this story. \:\)  I do hope that she does find or meet up with Malik again one day. It would be such a fabulous reunion. Keep up the great work! \:wub\:

#15fredbrennyMar 15, 2010

Awww... Stace!!! It is beautiful, the screens are.. I can't turn the next page to read the story. Seems to be a broken link...I have to come back and check it later.

#16LuvsheidiMar 27, 2010

This Is So Good \:\)

#17shayka1stMay 12, 2010

Awwwwwwww \:\(

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